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George Fox lyrics

I'm Canadian

Original and similar lyrics
I'm Canadian by George Fox I traveled ‘round the world some But I always do come back I sing my songs for the people And I'm proud to say when they ask “Yeah, Canada' that's my country It's clean, it's wide, it's fair Let me tell ya, just a little bit What it's like to be livin' there .... We got a beaver on the nickel and a Bluenose on the dime Newfoundland's always half an hour ahead of time A big red maple leaf on the flag But we don't like to fuss, we don't like to brag Got the mounties - Canadian Justice The Great One - Canadian Wayne Terry Fox - Canadian hero ... We'll never forget all that he gave Up north - Canadian Cold Front Downtown - Canadian Tire Alberta beef - Okanogan wine Oh, I'm Canadian, eh I am, on guard I stand - I feel like a winner Whenever I say .... I'm Canadian I'm Canadian, eh Gotta pull the goalie, try and tie it up in the third Don Cherry's always got the final word The Vanier Cup , Spruce Meadows and The Briar If that ain't Canadian, you can call me a liar. Just like .. Stampede - Canadian cowboys Timbits - Canadian snack “Go Hard!' - Canadian curler Sweep it for the skip, who's screamin' from the hack? Bay Street - Canadian big shot Poutine - Canadian fries The GST, and the 649 Oh, I am Canadian, eh I am, on guard I stand more than a little bit proud to say “I'm Canadian -- I'm Canadian, eh' First white men were the Quebecois Runnin' loose through the spruce Huntin' moose in their mackinaws Paddlin' the Great Lakes, thought they had it made Nobody ever left -- everybody stayed ‘Cause they loved the Grand Banks - Canadian codfish Timber - Canadian pine Birch bark - Canadian love-letter Said ‘I wanna love you on a buffalo hide' The Mickmaw - Canadian legend Iriquois - Canadian tribe Jacques Cartier - was the first to say: “Oh, I'm Canadian, eh' I am, on guard - I stand You can hear him from the banks of the old Gaspe saying: “I'm Canadian, I'm Canadian , eh' (instrumental) Oh, I'm Canadian, eh I am on guard , I stand - I feel like a winner when I say I'm Canadian, I'm Canadian , I'm Canadian , eh, eh, yeah!

Luv Ya

[J Wess repeat x2] Do you really want him or? Do you really want me? If you really want him You've got to tell me [Kulaia] I love you, (I love you) That much I know is true (So true) Yeah (So true) I need you, (I need you) I'll always be there for you (always mine *** ma) Yeah [J Wess] Hey while you rollin with him, That ain't nothin' to me, I put it down slick girl, that its somethin to see I know you bored while he chokin on the Selwyn fans That's when I creep up, no when you won't tell your man Coz you feel I'm apealin', I know the look In your eyes did the lies mine, i wrote the book An' I show you the line it ain't game it's true He ain't there for you, I'ma put the flame in you C'mon [Kulaia] I love you the way, your style It's you that drive me wild, And the sweet things you say Just makes me wanna say You've got a heart of gold, You should have got me so No one else can compete, My baby can't you see [Chorus:] I love you, (I love you) That much you know it's true (Coz I know it's true babe, yeah, and I know it's you babe) I need you, (I need you) I'll always be there for you (Coz I know it's true babe, yeah and I know its you babe) [J Wess] You're rollin' wid me cos' I treat you right, he's a fool and you know he's gonna creep at night. Then I see him around town with a flock of chicks, probably got em' on the street to clock his chips. And I heard he's a one hitter quiter in bed, I'll show you the glamour and the glitter instead. We've been down for a while girl show me a sign, then i'll show you it only gets better with time. Holla. [Kulaia] Your smile and strong embrace (ok), I fantasise a place (that's right), when we're alone and I (what's that), feel like its paradise (feel it). So nice it will be (woooh), just right baby you and me. I do for you and you do for me (sing it), your love is ecstasy. [Chorus] [J Wess] Its a catch 22 for a girl like you, I know your scared thinkin' about what the world might do. You can stay in them snuck-fit comfy jeans, or you can roll wid a rapper tearin' up the scene. Either way it was written that it's meant to be, I sense that we could raise the intensity. But its cool if you jus' wanna give me the eye, I don't know dude, your the one who lives with the guy, right? [Kulaia] Your smile and strong embrace, I fantasise a place, when we're alone and I, feel like its paradise. So nice it will be, just right baby you and me. I do for you and you do for me, your love is ecstasy. [Chorus] [J Wess repeat til fade] Do you really want him? Or do you really want me? If you really want him, you've got to tell me.

Black Winter Day

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell"
[Intro/Chorus:] Torn apart now, I cannot have this combonation And you should up your elixer Torn apart now, These are the choices we've made Do I swallow, or walk away? [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, most of my adult life I've been torn into two If you love me, then I love you and this song is for you It's tight hard when you know what you said And your shorty seein' you as an emotional wreck The closer I get, it's like the farther I feel And my heart has turned into this heavy armor and steel It's hard to be real, hard to listen to the dumb shit And I take a lot of pills 'cause it numbs shit I wish I had another path to follow Wish that I could be a man and learn to pass the bottle A graphic novel, my future a box or an urn Havin' dreams about death, but I'm not that concerned And I'm diseased, through the seasons they turn Watchin' leaves from the trees turn disease and they burn I'm eager to learn, but I'm holdin' my breath And everyday alive is just another closer to death [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I've been alive longer then I expected to be And took care of everything that's expected of me Took care of my girl and my mother I told her that I'm always here and I love her I handle shit differently 'cause I'm grown now And the truth is that I'd rather be alone now I'd rather not have to deal with the day And I hate when people ask me how I'm feelin' today My brother Rasul, we had a beef and grudge But we grew up together, cousin, so it's peace and love I wish all the best, I wish all the shine I wish I didn't wanna offer my thoughts with a nine I'm thoughtful and kind, but I'm evil alas But everything I love has turned to a tedious task I feel that life a waiting game for people to pass But nobody ever want you to see through the mask [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I don't wanna be a burden to y'all I just wanna know exactly what my purpose is for I feel like nothin' I do is ever right And that I'm actin' a fool another night And I admit, I don't take care of myself So I do a lot of thinkin' and preparing myself 'Cause the fact is my father died young and I might, too And it ain't any way to tell what I might do I don't wanna leave my mother behind I don't want for her to cry, because the struggle is mine I don't want for her to grind no more I don't want for her to work a 9-to-5 no more I ain't have to work a fuckin' 9-to-5 before So I'm tryin' to get this money to provide for y'all And if the shit ain't work out and I'm suddenly gone Just remember that the motherfuckin' love isn't gone Pazman


JON BELLION "Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1"
[Verse 1:] She's a lady when she shakes hands in the streets But she's an animal once we're up in the sheets And I never win in Mario Kart because cause she always cheats Oh but that is okay because she's D.O.P.E I have two parking tickets, she has forty-three And all my friends they love her, she drinks more than me And she really doesn't give a damn if I sing out of key So baby what it look like, you're so D.O.P.E Uh and she's the definition of my everything I want to tell her so many things Kick back, now I'm thinking about a wedding ring [Hook:] She so dope, she so crazy She's all mine so don't try to play me Cause your hands have a hold on me Cause you're so D.O.P.E. (D.O.P.E., D.O.P.E) [Verse 2:] I-I-I was trying to stick so close to the plan Couldn't find my heart than it rose from the sand So I propose a toast East Coast to Japan Give you a massage for your soul in my hands So much in common She is mos def the stars to my comet She so new age and far from the logic That I can't find love and have it for eternity Pick it up now She could rock the hippy look she so outasight I'm just glad I made the cut, I'm so samurai Everything is cool with her, she don't need no candlelight Dinner, she's a winner, we can kick it, chill at T.G.I Fridays have a 2-for-1 but usually turns into 5 Who the hell is driving home, guess we got a taxi ride Knock me out with a kiss like a jab Cause it punch-drunk love in the back of the cab And I can't feel my face But you look so damn great [Hook] [Outro x2:] D.O.P.E, D.O.P.E And I can't feel my face But you look so damn great

Fall For Your Type

Yeah, haze You are an oceans breeze, I am a title wave You every paragraph, I'm just the tittle page You have the heart I hold exactly where you desire it It's all so effortless, like what you did to acquire it Each time I find it harder just to keep my composure I'm tryina show you all of me like indecent exposure Look, I'll be the gun You be my holster I need your love, I need you closer Seems like forever when only an hour past We fallin' slower then grains of salt in an hour glass Emotions runnin' wild You are who tames them My only means for tranquility, you my sanctum And if I could I'd take your eyes and make them blend in with the stars So whenever we ain't together I'll see still them from afar But that's insane I'll do whatever just to feel you Even all of that don't come close to what I will do They say love hole the power to Fulfill you, heal you, kill you, hurt and abuse you Take away from what you use to I'm tryina paint a picture, like a canvas plain To try to put together words like a scrabble game I said I wouldn't stop until I said what I needed to right? alright let's go Look, I poured my heart out in an effort just to win you And I defy my actions solely so they won't offend you I mean I would wrestle time, even if it get re-winded Everything you lookin' for, in me is where you find it So you can stop your searchin' baby I know you hurtin' baby Your self-esteem so low sometimes that you feel worthless baby Okay, you hide it well But you know I can tell I see right threw that bullshit that you be tryina sell So let it drop, let it fall Let it blow with the wind I told you once, I told you twice and I'm a tell you once again That I'll be here, yeah said I'll be here And, if love is blind, then my mental clear And all we have is time And good intentions Fuck you brake, fuck your suspensions Put your foot up on that gas And drive 'till you don't see your past I said drive 'till your vision blurs And let my voice tell our story [Spoken words:] Fuck let them hate we where they never was And fuckin' Shakespeare couldn't of wrote a better love But people tell me that I'm trippin, I say you different And when they ask me how, I can't provide a description, you don't need one I would disconnect them all, like a broken joint Just to prove I only see you like a focal point I know that the distances, may cause complications But you make me feel good, fucked up, exonerated Still I wonder what you like beneath the shackles that you wearin' I've been longin' to release you from a load that's overbearin' Tell me, are you protected by your guard boo? Or could I blow and make it fall like cards do And I ain't interested 'till it involves you You got your doors locked and I just saw through You reached the height of loneliness, cause we all do But everything that goes up gotta fall to I always fall for your type, yeah, for your type Tell me why I always fall for your type, for your type I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type I just can't explain this shit at all, fall for your type I believe in people like you

Don't Front

JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Verse:] It all started with this patch reheard And after that it came the sexual worst I'm meeting shorty up to patch her a verse She played body and I collide With the vibe when I'm inside the walls I cut my dotties on the side 'Cause I decide that she all mine's I keep her in my eyes all the times Not because I don't trust her I just can't get enough of her On the phone late until her mom dukes Because of her, she played the hustle up And I'm like mad 'cause most Man swammin love and ain't afraid to admit it Be blowing up a lime man I swear I'm addicted, but It's all cool 'cause when I lie for ya I fool They say men lie and women lay naked that's all for me Don't be so mad after the first night Right, so what the fuck is love at the first sight If you ask me and not the stupid analogy Makes it cover flaws in the female anatomy [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] It's like a massacre when less occur I got a massive urge but I had to learn Heard you had it on locks on pass away I sat you heard sit back observe That she make me feel good Is all I ask of her And the clouds they would've known We would've crash and burn I pray long and hard Hoping things will last with her I ain't mad at her But I really wish that it ain't have to hurt Let's be blunt we're best buds Both knew our role this is more than just a crush I used to pick a rub long before I lust to touch But know I really even see it, Everybody hurt not even the Lord Force that we can keep up If you don't wanna know start campin on the love Everytime that we would kick it I make sure I had some toe I thought I knew her better than anyone would know Begged her at her friends, but home then I would take her Didn't know that she was a hoe That only wanted my paper Whenever I was with her, my mind was just relaxed Could've been the high time because I swore we were a match in I admit it girl you fine as hell Don't know your perfume but you exhert the finest smell You try to find it, I follow a trail She left a few all other aside off the jail That's all a part of the tale [Chorus:] But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Don't front though I got some weed and some front though (Don't front) Hey you know I always hunt hoes I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door Now don't front (Don't front) Don't front (Don't front) Check (Don't front) [Verse:] Hey yo don't tell me be patient With no doctor prescription Emotionally pretentious And provocative figures Should've known you missed a note Like the eye would switch it Remember hate the game But she spot in some glitches It's a simulation yeah It's demolation Take off your shirt Let me feel manipulated My heart like in Himalayas But yeah I got the slayer I'm crushing on you sweetheart But yeah I'm a player Sort 'em like I see 'em Baby let me coach you And I know I'm not the first jerk to approach you So this ain't nothing new to you, nothing unusual Nothing you ain't used to so my Nothing is useable [Verse:] We all try when you go by We all hide, trush is I'm never home And I'm calling that's where The heart lies So label me as heartless There's nothing I don't care I just learned to use my heart less The insanity and alot stress It put me in a state They just started taking the tone on me Kept the secrets from me Kept emotions how I hold belief Always kept the L so I know defeat So everything will feel much better as soon As you know I'll leave Now sure if this is the less of me You think I'm mediocre I was still body with a glove on You know I'm coma, I'm in animal pause But you got it off When it flood I used to always feel like Noah And I know I know her Had this kind of skills I have to show her I told her I'm the nigga She seein' on the posters Came back through And I put it in the hostel Just had to teach her one type Put it down, don't really give a fuck though Don't front And tell your bitch don't front though Don't front

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