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George Fox lyrics

Breaking It Slowly

Original and similar lyrics
You know how it feels to roll away like a stone And sing like a dove that's found its way home The filth on the ground or washed up on the shore We try where they've failed but they'll reap what they sow And it's the passion we feel as we run through life I hope a time will come when they realise what they've done The lone CEO, chosen for his worth To build cash-tiled walls above the smoke-stacked sky But what if you never drew your breath on a warm sun-filled day or caught all your dreams, in a season of tranquillity, tranquillity, tranquillity... They're slowly destroying what we love shakin' it, breakin' it slowly

Do As De La Does

DE LA SOUL "3 Feet High And Rising"
POS: Greetings girl and welcome to my world of phrase I'm right up to bat It's a Daisy Age and you're about to walk top stage So wipe your Lottos on the mat Hip hop love this is and don't mind when I quiz your Involvements before the sun But clear your court 'cause this is a one man sport And who's better for this than Plug One Now you don't have to worry about me squashin' other deals 'Cause they've already been squooshed Freeze a frame about moods the same which we can continue Right behind the bush You'll stay with me Eye Know this But not because of all my earthly treasures Or regardless to the fact that I'm Posdnuos But because (Eye know Eye love you better) DOVE: May I cut this dance to introduce myself as The chosen one to speak Let me lay my hand across yours And aim a kiss upon your cheek They name's Plug Two And from the soul I bring you The Daisy of your choice May it be filled with the pleasure principle In circumference to my voice About those other Jennys I reckoned with Lost them all like a homework excuse This time the Magic Number is two 'Cause it takes two, not three, to seduce My destiny of love is brought to an apex Sex is a mere molecule In this world of love that I have for you It's true (Eye know Eye love you better) POS: Now it's time to let this rhyme style Get somewhat poured in the mold Take my hand and we'll pick my plantation Of Daisies for a bouquet of Soul Life will begin at the cut of a rim Take it as filled to the rim as in brim Squeeze your stoop like Betty Boop We'll make Campbell's Alphabet Soup And spell Plug One's within Forward march is the say When transistors will play Come into bed is the mood Dolby sound will be then top crowned When I put the needle into your groove I got a good thing And in full swing I show this in gifts, words or letters But even without those three Eye know you'll be close to me 'cause (Eye know I love you better) DOVE: It's I again and the song that I send Is taking steps to reach your heart Any moment you feel alone I can fill up your empty part We can ascend 'till we reach De La Heaven And in a spin we'll hit the Top Ten Then we will meet Mr Stuckie And Pos' brother Lucky will preach Let the wedding begin Shot by an arrow of cupid Through the string of a G-clef My dear, I claim you're def And if you can hear me, by golly gee, Trugoy is ready for what you posess We could live in my Plug Two home And on Mars where we could be all alone And we make a song for two, Picture perfect things and I sing of how (Eye know I love you better)

Million To One

I know it's life When you can't seem to catch someone's eye I'm sure I'll get it right Giving it time in the hope she'll be mine Maybe there's already love by her side Maybe she longs for one night It's a million to one she will want me It's a chance of invitation or a simple goodbye It's a million to one she will love me for the rest of her life I caught a glance That was the first time Will it be the last? I have not much yet Let it all out or saying our fast Maybe she'll smile or maybe she'll laugh Maybe this dream is all that I have Sweeter the feeling The higher the hope Nothing can help me Where will I begin When will I realise, will I realise And I feel inside Won't you help me girl Won't you help me girl, say say it's my day It's my night baby, it's a million to one Don't say goodbye It's a million to one she will love me for the rest of my life

Louder Than Words

Unsung Zeros "Moments From Mourning"
Penned this one last because it was the hardest Yet it meant the most to me at the same time Feelings are tough to explain when what i feel is bigger than any word that i can find [Chorus:] So i wrote you this song To tell you i love you But I know that thats much less than you deserve It's all so much less Then these feelings i'm feeling I hope my actions speak louder than words Call me whenever, and i will come running I'm ready and waiting for ever for you I'll give you my whole heart To hold as your keepsake If you should ever need proof Remembering the times that we spent together I know how good it feels to be in your arms Im always so happy and filled up with laughter when ever i'm with you i feel safe and warm [Chorus]

How Does It Feel

WESTLIFE "Unbreakable V.1: The Greatest Hits"
[Shane:] True lovers never take it slowly When they've found the one and only Nothing can replace this feeling Knowing someone loves you It's painted with the pain and glory Taking from a known sad story Laying out my life before me Fearing the unknown Sharing never showed me much appeal And now I'm only praying it's for real [All:] So how does it feel When I hold you in my arms And you're lying next to me Never wanting you to leave Until I'll tell you how it feels To be cradled like my dreams And to know that you love me No more wasting time in asking other people How does it feel [Shane:] How does it feel [Bryan:] Forever taken you for granted You give me everything I wanted I'm so afraid that I might lose you But time will let us see If everything is real I'm feeling Well maybe we've been only dreaming And if it's gonna die to save it Cos baby I believe Nothing in the world could make it right Cos baby loving you brings me to life [All:] And how does it feel When I hold you in my arms And you're lying next to me Never wanting you to leave Until I'll tell you how it feels To be cradled like my dreams And to know that you love me No more wasting time in asking other people How does it feel [Bryan:] Woah, woah, woah [Shane:] Nothing in the world could feel this right Cos baby you're the best thing in my life [All:] How does it feel When I hold you in my arms And you're lying next to me Never wanting you to leave Until I'll tell you how it feels To be cradled like my dreams And to know that you love me No more wasting time in asking other people [Shane:] How does it feel

The Institute Of Dreams

Human nature beams for all to see, The story now unfolds. As they wonder into wonderland, Their lives, the starring role, He makes his move so carefully, As he takes her by the hand. He whispers that he loves her, So she fails to understand. Strolling lives, angellic passages, With visions crystal clear. He demonstrates his love for her. She hides away her fears. He showers her with prizes, She's the first in his love life! He piles on the emotions. But she don't want to be his wife. You and I will build a dream together, Give me your heart I'll love forever, When I hold your hand, I start to understand, What they mean when they say love. What we mean when we say love. Well now you really better love me so Or I will hate your guts??? Your mine all mine no ifs or buts, No one else must ever touch, And to you I now give all my heart, As I knew I would right from the start. Our gold band now engages us Within the institute of dreams. They ride the path towards married bliss, But soemthing's just not right. Those visions now seem so distorted, They disagree and fight. Both now miss their freedom. But this contract they've created. In acceptancve with society's morals, A tradition that's so dated. Looking back in time she thinks What's life got in store from here? Confused, twisted, sick inside He drowns in another beer. With tears in eyes he walks away He's convinced that, that is that! But absences makes the heart grow fonder, And now he begs her to come back. She finds a man to compensate He wins at home, she plays away, It's been going on a while now? All seems lost is it too late? But meanwhile he's out there finding solace with another, She holds sweet truth, he keeps dark secrets she Looks, he knows he loves her. But he also dreams up images of all the thoughts of Her he's missed, They patch it up for the umpteenth Time as this tale takes another twist. Loves a never ending question always asking why's it Wrong to hold love and feelings for more than one, And well that's another song.

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