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Genius lyrics - Words from the Genius

Words From A Genius

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: One two one two check one two The Genius in the place to be Verse One: I make the mic pump my mic makes the party jump And poison beats make hip-hoppers stump their feet kinda wild, to give off sparks But I'll still light it up when the place is pitch dark Now that you witnessed me this get this correct, rap wreck when I'm speaking it's the God projecting facts into brains of those unaware Now you're afacing the truth in the square Bitties like biting, then yo you should chew this Your man wants to beef, then we can do this Then when it's time for you to face the God I'll be giving you the whole nine yards With lyrics that breaks the laws of gravity So sweet to biters it gives them cavities And can't be healer from the strongest toothpaste So keep biting to see how the truth taste You need guidance and self-assistance Cause you lack the training to go the distance But I'll rhyme, to the fullest length And this is just a fraction of the strength Chorus: of the Genius Words from a Genius Verse Two: I'll never sweat an MC then say I wanna be him Cause he makes a hit records and flips a coliseum I learn to lead myself, not be a follower I'm not a biter, stupid rhyme swallower I created something funky fresh funky new Brothers started playing money see and monkey do Should I explain hip-hop, okay I love it Simple definition but ya still don't know the half of it All I need is a mic, a beat, then I'll step free And flip like I'm bugging off Bacardi and Pepsi Dancers on stage like Alvin Ailey While I'm deep into the roots like Alex Haley You wanna try me, and be worn and torn Step forward, I'll get on and start to born A pumpin self explanator rap Make a sucker MC like you clap your hands, while you clap the sound's intact You react like an infant respons to Similac Or then again, could have been Enfamil But for your information the rhyme is real MC's wonder what's hip-hop thunder Tell you the truth it's just One Nation Under A Groove, getting down for the funk of it Like Fred Sanford in the business for the junk of it When I'm premitted to break down a poem I'm like knotty hair rippin out teeth from a comb One by one so who you calling your troops on Ya couldn't even bust a grape, with spike boots on Biters are crooks and try to steal the stage I read em like books, flip em and turn the page I'm The Genius, you're living in deep fear Go home and write and come try me next year With stacks of rhymes or you'll be feelin ill troop You being stuck in the ice cream and didn't know the scoop Chorus (2X) Verse Three: Some say The Genius, has a style of his own And his hands are like Vise-Grips holdin a microphone Flowin smooth, with rhymes that are rough Because I can't get enough So I practice not what I preach but what I teach In which the critics say is improper speech But it's proper, only to those who understand Why I walk on stage with a mic in my hand As brothers look on, label me as a psycho Just because I'll jump on stage and grab a micro-phone From a so-called said to be MC Who admires me with jealousy and envy My rhymes are delivered with style and potential Words are flowin smoothly in a sequential Order, revealin hidden tape records Stuffed inside pockets and those I'll slaughter But I don't get upset, when you bite and steal I go home and write some ill Stacks of poetry, page after page Imagining the scen-ery onstage I catch flash-backs of the seminar As I crush the dreams of a wannabe star Self-explanatory words are shifted In a unbitten style cause I'm gifted and talented, with the lyrical ability Bound to fuck up a hip-hop facility Damaging MC's who dare to enter The center, then challenge the inventor Of an impartial rhymin status Followed a relevant apparatus The way I come off on the mic is attractive I can make a quadriplegic hyperactive With lyrics of friction causing mics to spark My style couldn't be bitten by a shark MC's don't understand the way I be bombin em Roll up and ask me what's the phenomenon First of all homeboy when I'm battlin I'm like a doctor shootin deadly insulin Into MC's like that of a syringe And dare you to seek for revenge Chorus (2X)_


Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away? Just think, what if you could just, just blink yourself away? Jeff X can rock the mic with tooth decay I be the 5 foot 7, residing at the mecca lesson south section Used to cut class in the infinite pursuit of ass Back in eighty-seven Easy with the chics I was a chocolate boy Raised in the cellar with the rhythm like Ella Walking down the streets to the subway where i lay Til the train stop then a nigga hop Used to do the pop dance to the planet rock At the block party everybody jocked [who me?] It's the MC sucka niggaz envy I got my contract in 1993 and I shall proceed Chorus: repeat 2X I shall, proceed And continue, to rock the mic Verse Two: I wake up early in the morning, I mean early afternoon Break a lyrical hymn of the stem like boom I'm flyer when I'm higher put my shit up on a tomb That nigga represented on the 28th of June I'm representing philly on the 28th of June I can make you feel that i'm a surreal cartoon with my pistol in the face of hip hop, stick in your face Because i'm on a paper chase, yes i'm on a paper chase My Timberlands are fully laced I be the Mr. Boogeyman With records from 125th to Japan I laid them play like Johnny Hathaway and shake a hand, shake a hand Your lady tried to kick it, but I couldn't play my man My niggaz is my niggaz ya see she didn't understand I shake your hand and shit'll hit the fan, just think Just think, what? What if you could, just blink, what? Just blink yourself away? Chorus Verse Three: Malik B get on the mic yo there's too much on my mind [say what?] Malik get on the mic, there's too much on my mind Johnny on the spot, got the rhythm and the rhyme Fuckin with The Roots you know them niggaz is the dime I can make a hundred yard line start to dash I can make a whole lake of fish start to splash I can make Conan and the Titans clash I can Metallica and guns 'N Roses crash Used to smash crash parties like i was disturbed Used to make plots against the herringbone herb But now, all I do disperse the verb And like a nerd i can make you say, 'He's superb' Word is perfect, never ever shall you misinterpret I move styles like bowels so now you know i'm worth it Direct from Philly, the lands where niggas scheme So you know I got the sheen in my gleam Chorus

The Biz

LIL' FLIP "The Leprechaun"
(Lil' Flip talkin) ay this is for everybody that wanna get in the rap game this is for everybody that think you just get in the rap game and blow up over night this is for everybody that think its easy to be on T.V in front of limo's and buy rolex's ha its better known as bleed and suck look (Verse One: Flip) I started rappin when I was about thirteen I was into basketball not this hip hop thing I started doin talent shows I was bein curious but I didn't know one day I would be serious I use to always freestyle until the end of the beat and I use to take my demo's to the end of my street to another local rapper I thought could help but in this rap game people all about theyself, so that made me work harder I picked up my pin all though I kinda felt bad I picked up my chin I made my own rap group Hustlaz Stackin Endz and I can't wait for me and Hump to drive a platinum benz (Chorus) its the biz (where anything can happen) its the biz (everybody and they mama be rappin) its the biz (everybody gotta shine rule one read before you sign that dotted line) (Verse Two: Flip) so I started freestylin every chance I got the word on the street was Lil' Flip is hot, I'm the hardest B.G rhymin in my state thats when C-Note let me do 'Diamonds-N-Yo-Face' song was gettin played like fifty times a day then we hit the road doin shows tryna get paid I started doin karioes tryna get out there it didn't take long for me to put another hit out there now I'm in the studio tryna make dollar bills some people owe me fa sho since they live down the street, rollers actin like they broke (man show us some love) I'm tired of hearin that shit all the time me and Hump puttin it down nigga I ain't lyin I got record labels mad cause I ain't sign some niggas stealin my rhymes but I'm still gon' shine if you can't see this biz dirty then you must be blind (Chorus) its the biz (I'm tryna survive) its the biz (man forget a ninety five) its the biz (boy the game is cursole sometimes you just can't think like the rest) (Verse Three: Hump) its a dirty game but who's to blame I'm a stay independent y'all choose the fame ain't nothin changed still workin the clock 95 made outta wood and a sun roof on top and when we sittin on ya block y'all beez in shock cause Houston got Lil' Flip like caddie have crop when you see Sucka Free give us our props cause we run this rap game believe it or not (Lil' Flip talkin) now you got two choices you can be a rapper or you can be a C-E-O either you can be with the devil or you can be with god which one you wanna be with (Verse Four: Flip) and if you ain't gettin sued then you might be suin and if your fans ain't clappin they might be booin and if you ain't gettin paid then you might not get paid I'm sorry sometimes thats how the game gets played and if you ain't on tour you might not have one its 90% business the other half fun some niggas get raped for everything they earn its just like sex with no protection you get burned (Chorus) its the biz (I'm Sucka Free) its the biz (everybody want luxury) its the biz (you know what I mean lets talk about contracts and get the green) (Flip) I got jacked for your ride its the biz I heard...a nigga usin your lines its the biz I heard...a nigga bought you a car its the biz he said that he gon' make you a star and you ain't seen no money so far thats the biz and now you know knowin is half the battle thats the biz


NAS "Illmatic"
(Right..) (Right..) Check me out y'all, Nasty Nas in your area About to cause mass hysteria [Nas] Before a blunt, I take out my fronts Then I start to front, matter of fact, I be on a manhunt You couldn't catch me in the streets without a ton of reefer That's like Malcolm X, catchin the Jungle Fever King poetic, too much flavor, I'm major Atlanta ain't Brave-r, I'll pull a number like a pager Cause I'm am ace when I face the bass 40-side is the place that is giving me grace Now wait, another dose and you might be dead And I'm a Nike head, I wear chains that excite the feds And ain't a damn thing gonna change I'ma performer () show the mic warmer was born to gain Nas, why did you do it You know you got the mad fat fluid when you rhyme, it's halftime (Right..) It's halftime (Right..) Aiyyo it's halftime (Right..) It's halftime (Right..) Yeah, it's about halftime This is how it feel, check it out, how it feel [Nas] It's like that, you know it's like that I got it hemmed, now you never get the mic back When I attack, there ain't an army that could strike back So I react never calmly on a hype track I set it off with my own rhyme Cause I'm as ill as a convict who kills for phone time I'm max like cassettes, I flex like sex in your stereo sets, Nas will catch wreck I used to hustle, now all I do is relax and strive When I was young, I was a fan of the Jackson 5 I drop jewels, wear jewels, hope to never run it With more kicks than a baby in a mother's stomach Nasty Nas has to rise cause I'm wise This is exercise 'til the microphone dies Back in eighty-three I was an MC sparking But I was too scared to grab the mic's in the park and kick my little raps cause I thought niggaz wouldn't understand And now in every jam I'm the fuckin man I rap in front of more niggaz than in the slave ships I used to watch C.H.I.P.S., now I load glock clips I got to have it, I miss Mr. Magic Versatile, my style switches like a faggot But not bisexual, I'm an intellectual Of rap, I'm a professional and that's no question, yo These are the lyrics of the man, you can't near it, understand Cuz in the streets, I'm well known like the number man In my place wit the bass and format Explore rap, and tell me Nas ain't all that And next time I rhyme, I be foul Whenever I freestyle I see trial niggaz say I'm wow I hate a rhymebiter's rhyme Stay tuned, Nas, soon the real rap comes at halftime (Right..) It's halftime (Right..) Exhale, check it it's halftime (Right..) It's halftime (Right..) It's real in the field Word life, check it [Nas] I got it goin on, even flip 'em on this song Every afternoon, I kick half the tune And in the darkness, I'm heartless like when the NARCs hit Word to Marcus Garvey I hardly sparked it Cause when I blast the herb, that's my word I be slayin them fast, doing this that and the third But chill, past to Andre, and let's slay I bag bitches up at John Jay, and hit a matinee Puttin hits on 5-0 Csudr when it's my time to go, I wait for God wit the fo'-fo' And biters can't come near And yo, go to hell to the foul cop who shot Garcia I won't plant seeds, don't need an extra mouth I can't feed That's extra Phillie change, more cash for that weed This goes out to Manhattan, the island of Staten Brooklyn and Queens is livin fat and The Boogie Down, enough props, enough clout Ill Will, rest in peace, yo, I'm out (Right..) It's still halftime (Right..) To the Queensbridge crew To the Queensbridge crew, you know it's halftime (Right..) Ninety-two, it's halftime (Right..) Yo police, police man, yo let's get ghost Halftime..

Do It

Delbert McClinton "Genuine Houserockin"
Verse 1 Well I was feeling like hell and I was not getting well, so I went in for a physical check, and when I got to the doc, it was a hell of a shock, He said boy you're a physical wreck. He said your livers all swollen and your stomachs got a hole in it from drinking too much for too long, and that's a good indication you got bad circulation cause your blood pressures almost gone. And you got no reflexes in your solar plexus when I tap you on the top of your knee, and your pulse ain't steady and your lungs are ready to collapse anytime you breath. And at the rate you're going all the symptoms showing, boy you'll never live to get old. So I came up with a plan to make you healthy again, but boy you've got to do what you're told. CHORUS If you dig it, don't do it, and if you like it better leave it alone, and if it's too much fun that ought to clue you son that you're probably doing something that's wrong. And if it feels good to you, don't let it fool you cause you're playing in the danger zone. I kept waiting and waiting for the doctor to finish but he kept going on and on. Verse 2 He told me cut out the booze and put those muscles in use and don't be smoking no cigarettes, and you know love with a stranger might be fun but it's just like Russian Roulette. Get the grease out your diet boil it don't fry it and don't you eat no more barbecue. You better get you a pen I ain't gonna tell you again cause there's a whole lot more you gotta' do. Chorus Vrese 3 He told me cut out the meat(sweets?), and don't be crampin your feet and then he pointed toward Italian shoes. And he said boy lookit here you're gonna' damage your ear, listening to loud rock and rhythm and blues. and if a rabbit won't eat it brother you don't need it, that's the rules of your new menu. I wouldn't tell you no lie cause you will certainly die and there's a whole lot more you gotta' do. Chorus to end You better stand up straight, you better lose some weight Your postures a terrible disgrace You ought to suck in your gut; you need to pull in your butt And there's whole lot more you gotta' do.

Phony Rappers

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Beats Rhymes Life"
Intro: Kamaal (Q-Tip) Phony rappers who do not write Phony rappers who do not excite Phony rappers, check it out, aight Verse One: Kamaal (Q-Tip) Yo, I was riding the train And this Puerto Rican kid said simple and plain Let's battle It kinda took me by surprised Cuz the brother was moving wit his eyes on the prize I said screw it, I ain't got nuttin to lose but um But I got to do this shit real quick so um Hurry up kid, bust your joints and then I'll bust mine And I be out cuz I got to see this hottie, he said ok Now check it, check it out, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that's what he said Then I came back and just fucked up his head Cuz yo, he thought an MC who was seen on TV Couldn't hold the shit down in New York City Aiyyo, I showed his ass, then I went off on my task To bless her ass Uptown, real MC's will hold it down Yea, yea, sonny, to the beat like that You wanna bring it to me, where you at Verse Two: Phife Dawg Yes, dread, I had a similiar situation When this kid tried to tell me I didn't deserve my occupation He said I wasn't shit that I was soon to fall I looked him up and down, grab my crotch and said balls Of course he tried to bring it on the battling tip Ay, you know me, you know I had to come out my shit Trying to lounge at the mall, meet Skef and Mr Walton Finally I banged his ass wit the verbal assault He said a rhyme about his .45 and his nickelbags of weed That's when I preceeded to give him what he needed Talking 'bout I need a Phillie right before I get loose Poor excuse, money please, i get loose off of orange juice Preferly Minute Maid cuz that's exactly what it takes To write a rhyme, huh, to school your nickels and your dimes Because an MC like me be on TV Don't mean I can't hold my shit down in NYC Phony rappers who do not write Phony rappers who do not excite Phony rappers, you know they type Phony rappers, check it Verse Three: Phife, Consequence It seems there's a sanitation, y'all full of thrash talker Sounding good but money can you feed the dog hawker Talking 'bout your mic days and your breakdancing Not enhancing, you sound tired Oh, shit, I didn't know you like to play yourself in front'cha friends Sitting there, lying to no end MC's for me make things happening Talk about a world but in a form of rapping Who will be the captain of this ship If it goes down, don't you know you have to go wit it Just because you rhyme for a couple of weeks Doesn't mean that you've reach the MC's peak Let me stop sounding all bitter Ghetto child, never be a quitter But don't be a phony in the litter Take it as a letter from the better Take it from a man who used to rhyme in busted ass jetta's C: Yo, Phife, you need a condom P: Word to God, mess around I catch Aids from Mc's being on my nuts too hard C: Cuz on my blvd you better bring your bodyguard P: And what's your blvd C: LP, I represent naturally P: So don't step on the rolly if you know that you're phony Or else I bend that ass like elbow macaroni Cuz I gotta keep it real (gotta keep it real) A Tribe Called Quest, you see we never half step C: (So on your mark) get ready, MC's be jetti Me and Phifey be on ya like Veronica and Betty Archie, Jughead, snuffing Mc's From Brainslane down to Hempstead P: Yes 'Quence, see over His rhyme style is older that a Chrysler car Nova I'm wilder then the cats from Arizona Villanova, un, un, Kentucky Whos' the next MC stepping up to try and bust me Bring him here and boy, will I ever let him have it C: And when it comes to the microphone, don't even try to grab it What?

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