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Genius lyrics - Liquid Swords

Duel Of The Iron Mic

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Ohh mad one We see your trap You can never escape, your fate Submit with honor to a duel, with my son I agree I see you using an old style, I wondered where you had learned it from You know very well, it's yours too [Yo God, it's a duel, it's a duel] Heh, by the Gods, will you show me? [buck buck buck buck buck buck ] And where do you come for? [Duel of the Iron Mic ] You come here, since you're so interested [Duel of the Iron Mic ] Fight me [In the moonlight niggaz I will strike] [What, what? Bring it!] Verse One: The Genius Yo Picture bloodbaths and elevator shafts Like these murderous rhymes tight from genuine craft Check the print, it's where veterans spark the letterings Slow moving MC's is waitin for the editin The liquid soluble that made up the chemistry A gaseous element, that burned down your ministry Herbal vapors, and biblical papers Smokin Exodus, every square yard is plush Fuck the screw-faced photo sessions facial expression leaves impressions, try to keep a shark nigga guessin Give crazy shouts Son here's the outcome Cut across the semi-gloss rhymes you floss Shit is outdated, just like neckloads of Sterlings Suede-fronts, bell-bottoms, and tri-colored Shearlings I ain't particular, I bang like vehicular homicides on July 4th in Bed-Stuy Where money don't grown on trees and there's thievin MC's Who cut-throat to rake leaves They can't breathe, blood splash, rushin fast like runnin rivers, I be that whiskey in your liver Chorus: Ol Dirty Bastard Duel of the Iron Mic! It's the fifty-two fatal strikes! Verse Two: Master Killer This is not a eighty-five affair, made clear when the Gods get on to perform storms blew up Wu's up, causin the crowd to self-destruct Killer bees are stingin somethin while I reveal Science, that's heavily guarded by the culprit Bombin your barracks, with aerodynamic swordplay, poison darts by the doorway Minds that's laced with explosive doses Damagin lyrical launcher Lunge at the youthful offender then injure any contender, testin the murderous Master could lead to disaster, dynamite thoughts explode through your barrier, rips the retina Who can withstand the astonishing punishing Stings to the sternum, shocked in the hip-hop livestock Seekin for a serum, to cure em Verse Three: Inspector Deck Adults kill for drugs plus the young bucks bust Duckin handcuffs, throats get cut when dough rush Out of town foes look shook but still pose We move lioke real pros through the streets we stroll Bullet holes lace the windows in one-six oh So control the avenues that's the dream that's sold Bulding lobbies are graveyards for small-timers Bitches caught in airports, keys in they vaginas No peace, yo the police mad corrupt You get bagged up, dependin if you're passin the cut Plus shorty's not a shorty no more, he's livin heartless Regardless of the charges, claims to be the hardest individual, critical thoughts, criminal minded Blinded by illusion, findin it confusin Outro: Ol Dirty Bastard Duel of the iron mics [The master, he must be dreaming, heh] It's that fifty-two fatal strikes [Well, if he is dreaming...] Duel of the iron mics [...then he must be asleep] It's that fifty-two fatal strikes, NUH [And if he is asleep] [then I will wake him up!] [WeahhhHAAH-HAH-HAH!] At the height of their fame and glory, they turned on one another Each struggling in vain for ultimate supremacy In the passion and depth of their struggle They very art, that had raised them through such rapiant heights was lost Their techniques, vanished

The Story

E-40 "Tha Hall Of Game"
Chorus: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on, again and again Uh, Uh Verse 1: I think it goes, ya live by the dirt, ya die by the shovel You can repent and come with god or you can know a devil You can go and get a job or you can do some federal but if I were you, I'd straighten up and do some next level I often tweek when I drive (drives) How can a small town like Thelel have all these homocides Man, fools be droppin like flies Maybe we need mo brothers sellin bean pies And it's a fool cuz everybody mama's know each other It ain't cool, but you know black folks like to act they color Wonder why all the good people get put through some many different changes of the web And all those folks that do wrong seem like they live forever I wish I can rewind time Remember when we used to get free lunch, and the city bus used to cost a dime Runnin around, talkin about you got the cooties Liftin up skirts, and touchin girl's booties Boy, take those shoes off before ya come up in dis house And whatever you do, don't you sit on grandmama's plastic covered couch Why is it that when all the homeys get togethor, we get back in the dayz And I can remember a time we get drunk somebody bring up AIDS Life is something you catch ball and give back Here today and gone tomorrow Just like that Pat yo rats on yo back (Patch your rats on your back) Take some time out yo waltz (Take some time out yo waltz) And tell your love'ems that you love em as all Chorus Verse 2: Uh, Uh fatty is the key to end all your walls Contemporary crib, cash cards and clothes But then it cause problems like guns and spids Familys fall out and don't talk for years Like my cromey (Like my cromey) They called him big breaded His first cousin set him up and left his ass for dead Churches, wakes, nothing unusual, seem like every other damn day I'm buyin and brand new suit for funerals Have yo pockets ever lost weight, and you ain't even tried Did you wonder if yo cash was on da diet See, when you're up, everybody wanna come around But when ya down, ain't nobody out there to be found If you love someone you should tell em often Ya never know when they'll be layin in da coffin Dedicated to my peoples up in jail Ya partner 40 water gotta story to tell (a story to tell) Chorus Verse 3: Takin tert da ninja out da getto (the getto) But not the getto out da ninja, give me life for 3 rocks But I won't surrender Oh he's a heven (heven), nigga da way he dress He must be dealin (dealin) how did he get that Lex Of course, if it ain't used get spokes, it's crime and coast It's all dey work Shootin shit up and actin tough, ridin around with gold n stuff It's rough How much money you earn, enough, I own my own law firm Don't need a tux, I twerks picoods and kakis (kakis) Levis and t-shirts (Levis and t-shirts), whatever the street's works (street's works) Partner doutch, you been actin kinda funny lately since you even got a few bucks But I'm still folks with some pac, remember three flies up And this goes on, again and again Dis goes on, again and again Ain't nothin changed but the tad toy Same time, different day, different star Chorus

As The World Goes Round

La the Darkman
featuring Raekwon the Chef Intro: Raekwon the Chef [La the Darkman] [what up La the Dark the Chef true scaped it right scaped it right scaped it right like white burnin in hell [flip it up like a hell on doe] yeah! yeah! [word word life La the Dark dig up to my man cuffed] Verse one: Raekwon the Chef [La the Darkman] Yo yo yo ay yo La wats up son? ay yo you read the papers two columbian niggas hit these phony niggas and every routine Chevy you call green had crazy hook up in that peice by old mean [the kids mad floor and where you had to go down killers be comin' for your neck when you're wearing a crown for five and eight cane kids ready to spray the cats got nine lives from around my way Timb boots and over Nore, two text by the door so when the Popo come I can take 'em to war] same subject, text and royalty checks plus market in the drugs he pull mad respect I gotta get mine, blast mad nines on a regular fakin' predator or player I mean this faker [who the rap mayor its me i'll be the sprayer the docs in the realm you contemplate your prayers medior right eclipse takin' in the nine-fifth all you gapin' MC's like pancakes you get flipt I got a thirty shot cliff had the grip and the hip a mad half warrior young tale from the cript, kid! Chorus: As the world goes round yo it's the same as they sayin' [Same junkies on the corners shootin' shit in their vein] Wats the deal black man must rise to the top [Representin' Darkman with this real hip hop] Interlude: And you don't stop [and you don't stop] yeah! [and you can't] and you can't stop [word up! word drop that style] Verse Two: La the Darkman You only live once execute your dreams a third real triple beam wait out my skeam for the cream my soul cracks never cure relax now bared with Wu-Tang shit and lyrical facks young black back bastard from the concrete street and never leave an houn without strappin' my hip keep peace and Don P word life tiryque I saw the million dollar show cause i'm that dog P for a dog, for a spark ready to rip you apart I was born with a gold shield over my heart so don't start none, it won't be none I'm dominatin' the screen my reign just begun I got more raw cut with the kids doin' biz you can't dig up my physical like a pyramid i'm wicked dunn star made La now ride switch to walk space fly like the starship Enterprise Chorus

Ital (Feat. Q-tip)

Verse One: Q-Tip I wanna be able to reach an mc and reach a little child in the same degree And my elders excel I mean what the hell we might as well bridge these gaps in all before we fall in the fire Black Thought: It's a million mc's upon a plan they call real tryin' to set it profess mic techniques illegit inaccurate perceptions of reality embedded in their minds thus their rhymes are discredited (check it out) Q-Tip: I use my music implemented with jewels import tools to inspire all those too cool fools who say screw school 'Cause they don't see the conspiracy that's put here to trap you and me Black Thought: Y'all know the battle leutenant be on some whole 'nother other finesse genetic they say I get it from my mother so its' inheredit- ary and very necessary to shine legendarily, heavily refined Q-Tip: Contemporaries like the Roots is so radit's like dage which bag did they come out of, and how can I get in itto win it like raffle ticket pick and if you feelin' something, guess who gets the sticking Black Thought: I got this Ital mad up close and personal the first I find to violate, I shall retal- iate with realisms for their whole local we on point like decimal Abstract now Q-Tip: MCin while I'm breathingmcin is believing that you can host a ceremony and the dough is never phony in fact, it's very therapeutic like B12 hyperdermic needle so shoot it Black Thought: Lyrically elicit upstarts the explicit most wicked seven digit mic wizardmy tongue lashes out and strikes with it just slightly might miss it when I blast through your section or district CHORUS Verse Two: Black Thought In my formitive by my peers I was influenced until the instruments of time killed the congruence I peeped the blue prints on how to make true sense of MC's which are a nuisance I know just what to do sinceI'm on another lev. brothers is fakin' jacks and think they ready for the rev. but they got a lot to learn, to make theri thoughts long term 'cause on theri short-cuts they made a wrong turn probably, timelessly I construct the firesome to rip your eardrum for many years to come professional style thinkin' rational to move wise so hard it's a wonder y'all alive... Q-Tip: ...And still breathin', niggaz is dead and not even perpetuatin' real life the shit kicked is real trife ayo they fake bleedin' It's obvious that they needin' attention feedin' they cold actin' like heathens when mics is picked up MC's scenes is kicked up like women with the gripper drinking Moet 'till they hiccup fellas hustlin' picking bricks up fantasizin' about the illest stick up but rip up the jam and we be truly impressed on stage you won't need your tef. vest only a mic with and a mic test and at your best you get blessed by the fans who profess that they can relate with the trials you tribulate or the pains you endure 'cause some cats is pure tell horors that are true but see cats like you y'all fake joints just tyo get a woo-woo the tear jerker you be that miracle worker whose miracle just ran out I think it's time you pan out or just plain fade, 'cause yo you played we 'bout to drop on you like the Everglades


featuring missjones (verse 1) time flies still remember all the good times spent trips to the beach and watchin' horror flicks even though your mind wasn't with each other you showed each other love like sister and brother when i was small everyday you picked me up from school loved you so much cause you were soulful told me everything i know from youth till i grown so why you waiting to tell me how the problems grown you died on your birthday it was my worst day call you dad know but i did it from my first day just like my dog 18 with mad cream popped out on the drug scene had cats from other teams hatin went from juvy hall to willy(?) in 6 months time Makaveli and Philli but it's hell on everybodys tell gun shots to your back on valentines day i miss you bell(?) (hook-Miss Jones) didn't we almost have it all but love was all we had worth giving the rise with you was worth the fall of yah cause loving you made life worth living (verse 2) 17 when i meet you never bet you would help me bring a life to the world and bless in you i thought we were destined to have our names tattoed but i guess your depression got the best of you with test in you things are gonna work out but you got scared and had to murk out suicied ain't the only way it's the lonely way now everybody just left me with death to except but i still had you i still had my boo we were right there at the height of everything the height of your carrer i still wear my ring you said you wouldn't leave me like everyone else one bullet took you instead infared now i can't even pick up the phone to call you damn we had it all too (hook 2 Miss Jones) didn't we almost have it all the nights we had until the moring you know you'll never love like that again didn't we almost have it all (verse 3) everbody didn't know what to do about the lost just let it past but i'll never forget death is the final set but i survive and try my best to keep the memories alive yo everbody say we be (Miss Jones) though were apart it just seems so far but i know in my heart i will always love you (repeat) hook one (Miss Jones) though were apart it seems so far but i know in my heart i will always love you (repeat till fade)

Bianca's & Beatrice's

Verse 1 I'm kickin' it with this chick up in the club I'm off The lou, and when you're on that caribou you know just what to do, I called her bianca then she said what is that bianca shit I looked and cracked a smile and said bianca means you bitch You's a biank baby, whether you like it or not but you hot especially with ex & vicaden popped. If you trippin' you can hike it and hop, cause you know what I came to do me and my villains come to strike it and stop Pipe it and prop ya leg up and get up bianca hold ya head up your sex wet the bed up, everybody's pondering wondering about my slang that I spit, you can use it when you refer to a dame or a chick Don't be trippin' about the choice of words I'm using On this script, don't step off in my face cause you Can bet that I come equipped, you wanna know what You say, to get that biank to let you blend, (what) Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn Chorus Bianca's and beatrice's are known for wetting matrices And bending over in the ill positions Bianca's and beatrice's they love the way I'm rapping this I dig'em then I plug'em and I diss'em (Repeat 2x) Verse 2 You know dat'. New brand nigga Kutt Calhoun, Who dat U know that, big lip pretty nigga with the gold teeth (Aw) Be rapping wit Tech, heard he just signed a big deal and estimated 5 or 6 million That nigga fine if he willing Imma blow his mind, BITCH!! The glit's and (all) the things in (volved) Got yo whole brain dissolved You couldn't squeeze in the drawlz If you was my dick and ballz. I tell ya man these dames are lame Greedy, raunchy and dikes A nigga gits a bit of fame and beyonkaz be like Sew yo Royal Oats, Beatrice's saying Hell yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but Kutty 'b' like Ho, no slow yo roll, bafoon to busy trying to zoom off into the (upper room) Claiming they catha-lic, licking asses, off x-stacy Weed and hashes, and hitz of acid, addressing me Just cause I rap, bitch you gittin nasty Gone wit cho nasty ass pizzazz ashy slash sassy ''B'-atrice Chorus (Repeat 2x) Verse 3 Beatrices, means more than one bianca they actresses Bring'em sex toys and guanjah we activist, ain't No yes boys we monsters and macks at this, bring your Best noise we conquer The fact is this; say you don't wanna when you want ta Relax to this, Extc & Willie Wonka we slaps a bitch Cause me and my niggas are bonkers we stacks the hits No coleco tyco or tonkas Immaculate, give the mutha fucker you honor a laxitive Cause they boo boo biting paranas my gats will spit Till you playa hataz are goners like maximus I'm a Gladiator for nah nah My raps assist the beat that's disturbing you momma They scrap to this, welcome wicked witness the trauma So clap to this while you're puffin' your marijuana Get back to this beatrices and biancas Chorus (Repeat 2x)

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