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Genius lyrics - Legend of the Liquid Sword

Stay In Line

Original and similar lyrics
[GZA] Throw down ya mic son, ya gauge is empty Plus the wack shit in the game might tempt me Quickly drop non-stop rec shot What I took on the road on the lap and desktop A mixture from up-tempo to slow grooves 8-Track figure that's mixed wit Pro Tool I rhyme wit sense the paragraph was intense Area's dense with the flow from the sentence Engine powered by five hundred horses Press by a threat of joint forces For emcee's who spit rap to cause beef Cause they depend on wild kill for fresh meat On the board, you're just a piece that's captured Weak is the land that's laying in the pasture The plug that gave ya juice, I might pull it Can't escape these endless waves of rap bullets [Chorus: Santi White (GZA)] They got no place for me In my life can't you see? I must not push or bite it tell me Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line son) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line kid) Stay in line [GZA] I'm not insane in fact I'm kinda rational Chrome-plated serrated swords slashing you I shine light to the mic That's filled with the unspoiled water that sprits with light But um, you get high of the wealth and livin' large We rely of the stealth of camouflage Cut supply lines, flood ya mans market From high altitude cover the land target Lost in the desert, the journey is stressful Where the rescues are unsuccessful They perish while they search for it, intriguing treasures Should of taken precautionary measures The rhyme with the shank in the yard that kept stabbing ya A shakedown from Alcatraz to Attica Because we rock the jails Wit it and mase write the verse on the walls of cells [Chorus] [GZA] Ya out cold, ya styles old Allah just rolled, attack his skull wit a plan less bone Hit ya king with a Check that caused directly damage ya disco tech Shoulda' Protect ya Neck [Santi White] And do they think they got me? I don't know They seen ya picture baby? Don't think so Now do your mission and while you were thinking Ain't no collision that'll stop me from screaming [GZA] Involving movements, controlling the squares that's closed in Wit impact, in fact ya zone is frozen Submerged in deep blocks of ice Sceaming a wise by the high-tech devise The slightest fame can bring pain and torture The author, who came with a burning offer Published by whoever made it must own it Is just symatomic for one chaotic moment [Chorus]

The Winged Horse

Gamma Ray "Somewhere Out In Space"
In a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, faceless magician Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of stones, shadows passing by Blood is covering the mighty walls Of those who lost their skin and bones No one ever saw the light Oh, slaves of the night There's a young man, chained on a stake Lifeless body, he has no strenght to break His shirt is bloody, his head is hanging down Decides to die, the ruler took his crown The wind howles through the emptiness A different sound as in the past Screaming echoes in the lanes Oh, victims of the pain The clouds passing by, a hole breaks the sky Light refract the dark and fills the place White winged horse, such a powerful force Gallops through the sky to break the chains The winged horse lands by the one It snorts and stamps, the escape has just begun The chains are broken, silence fills the place He backs the horse with his last ounce of strenght The white horse rears and spreads its wings To reach for the sky and search for the kings The one will lead to win at last Oh, rulers of the past The clouds passing by, a hole breaks the sky Light refract the dark and fills the place White winged horse, such a powerful force Gallops through the sky to free the land The white horse rears and spreads its wings To reach for the sky and search for the kings The one will lead to win at last Oh, rulers of the past SOLO: Henjo / Kai / Henjo / both / Henjo The kings return they're armed with mighty swords To retake the land and banish evil thoughts They fight against the shadows, capture souls of the dark might Dethrone the evil ruler to bring sun into the night The battle takes a heavy toll But they achieve what they're fighting for Now the land is free again Oh, no more blood and pain The clouds passing by, a hole breaks the sky Light refract the dark and fills the place White winged horse, such a powerful force Gallops through the sky to free the land But still at night when darkness rules again Whispering shadows creeping through the lanes Evil creatures of the expelled magician Oh, it's a fight you'll never win

What's Wrong

LOST BOYZ "Love Peace Nappiness"
featuring Canibus Tha Dogg Pound [Mr. Cheeks] One time We bless the track rush to the back it's the LB fam dogg pound we attack one time for the LP LB My family come through This who we do Group Home Universal bounce one Power moves to be made Rap game is paid Clown niggaz gettin paid it's gettin jumpin some babes The mind state steady thinkin One dutch burnin I'm already thinkin Here to lay the real I know to kill I feel the envy But those that try to bind me right behind me wit my members ??? to see right here through the violence strap but keep this hennessey and my main man's rap caught up in the game black can't explain that but longevity that's what I aim at you wanna come through and test yo fuckin skill kid I go the shit that pray the rams plus the bills sent your clown niggaz back and touch a fuckin hill me and my fam givin competition chills for from the east to the west LP all of LB now who's the best break your wins down like a pronoun on the phone touch me and my click Tha Dogg Pound throw your hands up you wanna fuckin toss I'm that guy land of the lost listen up, special wit a ??? style come wit and you'll love bein' high one 4 pound and my brotha Freaky Tah Music Makes Me High [Canibus] Yo combination of Mr. Cheeks, Canibus Kurupt Is enough to make the reels on casette tapes bust Cause none of you fools is capable My lyrical 'll knock you on the floor like a mechanical bull rhymes ricochet off the inner walls of my lungs to past the tongue faster then bullets come out of guns who wants to be the one to get struck first I bury they body on any planet except the earth I rip up, swell your lip up, it's a stick up Make put your hands up on your head like you was doin sit-ups Lost Boyz nad DPG causin trouble we Out of control like inter-voluntary hustle kid nobody else smokes more then my team 20 grams of weed and a gallon of visine yaknahme, I fly the friendly sky's when ever music makes me high Chorus: I'm so high, this music makes me high (x4) [Kurupt] Kurupt in your game, what's ya know, where ya at I'm comin through wit a mack, i'm out to get my paper back You can't harm me even if lip was froze get incinerated from verbal inferno born created get physical castrated i'm so glad i made in a world where i'm hated big time gama got the game orcastrated correct me mashin in Jags and Benzes imitatin cause youse an imitater punk jump wit kurupt and get slumped cause i dump with no question or no hesitation i'm bussin end discussion as my adrenaline's rushin or ??? your mr. cash for the capital was actual, ??? fact i use tactical skill get popped like girls tryin ta jump at the real Chorus [Daz Dillinger] Can i ride, can i rock my broads cause ??? rhymes and leathal last rhyme lines time after time i beat the hell out of a track most definitely i gets busy when we attack ????, dialogues and formats be on some ill type streets raps from way back as a child i got wilder styles i used to shine all day and a rocked the crowd i destroy and completely evaporize my opponents be on it like a hornet kickin dat in your stomach dogg gone it tell my why they wanna kill daz cause daz gets the killin and buillin cash rounds so get tell me i'll come around so get down lost boyz and dogg pound i bet ya get see me now tell whatcha gonna do a tough guy can be a dead guy when fuckin wit my crew so fasten your seat belt and see a hornets trip well me stay hardcore for whatever, whtever Chorus to fade

Morning Light

J-KWON "Hood Hop"
[Intro] Father, forgive me for I have sinned You know, we all fall short in the glory of God ya know But uh, true life is just so har you know Espically when you tryin to find a way out All I need is a sign Lord just give me a sign Can you just, just show me a sign [Verse 1] Dig it I dug it, some hate it some love it Politic in the game, I'm just a puppet for the public If I, spit it you can quote it If you, read it then I wrote it Knew it's dirty in this bitch yall let me in it so I sold it Niggas pussy (why) Cuz they givin they clothes up Sayin that they pimpin' But really givin they hoes up ()sake exactly from takin care of the family Carry a scar on my nose, that came from my granny A major player in this game Knew it since day one Lookin for shit to be the same Nigga keep waitin I done done, all I can do for the streets Humble now I'm waitin to see what the streets do for me Got a child, so I'm like payin support Still a child, now who the hell paiyn support I can slang and bang on St.Louis streets Better yet keep it grimey till I'm 6 feet deep, come on [Hook] We love gettin high to the morning light We gettin high till the morning light Gettin high till the morning light We gettin high like da,da,da Gettin high like da,da,da Da,da,da,da,da,da We gettin high till the morning light We gettin high till the morning light Till the mornig light We gettin high like da,da,da We gettin high like da,da,da Da,da,da,da,da,da [Bridge] Forgive me father I have sinned on this one Hail Mary 10 times but this aint the last one [2x] [Verse 2] Feelin strange, cuz deaths upon me Damn I should of knew man was not gone warn me Still rappin, while watchin my papers stackin Tryin to leave coke alone But the streets callin me back in And I ain't actin Watchin homie subtracting Check the murder rate I ain't lyin thats a fact and I'm from a city where they want they corners back Body bags whole tag If you don't know how to act Picture that, niggas straight scrambling for crack Baby mamas keep up drama But I love where I'm at If you ain't never been to the Lou This here lyrical too And if you thinkin bout comin then you best be good come on [Hook] [Hook 2] We nobody until somebody kills you Gettin high till the morning light (We gettin high till the morning light) [2x] [Bridge]


Company Flow
[El Producto] Do you know who you are.. Do you know who you are fucking with? Do you know the access to weapons money and power that we have? We will fucking kill you! I'm the ugliest version of passed down toxic capitalist rapid emcee perversion I'm America! Your bleeding heart liberal drivel gets squashed Wash em with sterilized rhyme patriot guided weaponry bomb from the makers of the devious hearts -- I'm America! You bitchy little tarts don't even phase my basic policy The bomb's smarter, my Ronald Reagan's crush Carter Prepare big tactics, makin young men into martyrs (Come on down!) Come to my happy promised land Smiley faced opportunity cypher and jump on the CoFlow pension plan A proletariat, crushing State of the Union between serpentine words and mass confusion of media controlled blurb advertising disillusionment Your family will love my low-rent, low-life no-brain, reality-dagger, MOVEMENT Hop over the border for amusement; try to test the waters that the other slaughter crews periodic usin You up against -- Jesus Freak, formin corporations in Young Republicans Indelible NATO force hidden agenda, puppet governments I'm lovin it! Keep the people guessin who I'm runnin with Control the population and hide behind sacred covenants Fuckin with me?!?! Means liberal wildlife burnin, gasoline seized and an automagnetic third world printed with metal plates in they knees Can't you hear the disenchanted, hide the scream of Gabriel's reflected new wind instrument, a judgment played in flat C I replace humans like robots in a GM factory (warning! warning!) Then explore metaphors to sweat shops, cause the price is satisfactory Your pious little cries of injustice get met with apathy (awww, SHUCKS!) Soak, cloak, hormone injected dairy product and conservative right-wing anti-eroticism; the poisonous resevoirs and power lines in your neighborhood cause botchilism SENSELESS! Join the census, censorship sentences sentence Triple-felon citizen paid pennance! Dissension against C-F ends in, penetentiary residence Lock em up first, then ask questions Ommision presence, my CHARM is the weapon with cameras mics and satellites that leave privacy breathless You don't even know the chemicals you've ingested Urine tested -- BEAT INNOCENT MAN TIL HE CONFESSES Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? [El-P] I'm America! I'm America! I'm America! Mr. Len, get busy on em! * DJ Mr. Len the Space Ghost cuts up God damn!! * [El-Producto] I'm America arrogant!! Terminus verbal curfew murders You either purchase my products or you're worthless, that's my servants! Don't look into the oculars of a daylight saver Erase your city head and momument defacer comprising of patriot droids, sent into the void with lead linings Employed by the bureaucrats of automatic twisted rhyme timing You're guaranteed nothing but my fat little finger that lingers one inch off of the big button -- LET'S START THIS! I'm Saran gas, hide in your apartments I'm stealth like a robot hidden in the fat asshole of Cartman And give a crippling fuck like sand sharkskin condom to your apparent vaginal problem - the hottest shit on Soundbombing I'm American til infinite justice measure to Pesticide Cemetary Invite you to cross the border then SHIT on your divinities What language is that? I'm angusih in fact, tangle with a star-spangled standard issue for crowd management Go wild and get a trial and then a hot cry to harassment by the crowd force of my mental pedestrian checker, that smashes subordinate skulls and update the file in your dental records You tryin to get a light but yet the crowd is my paid hecklers (BOO! BOO!) You just stepped into the spectrum of paranoid word wrangle Thinkin you sick with a sihlouette, burn transit cop out his plain clothes I'm America!! This is where the pain grows like poppies in a Field of Dreams I paid for, I'll burn it down if operated sloppily COPY? My economic sanction rhyme style got your syllables scraping for rice and riding in a green 1960 jalopy My favorite flavour of gas is mustard I'm fuckin a blind hermaphrodite icon and convincin you that it's justice! Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? Who's America? * DJ Mr. Len the Space Ghost cuts up God damn!! * [El-Producto] Treason will not be tolerated! You have been enlisted.. into a lifestyle that you may not change! Understand! You can't be happy.. and smile.. for the cameras! MotherFUCKER!

Love Joint

OUTLANDISH "Outlands Official"
The most incredible dame style and grace fame all up in my face pretty delicious - Cleopatra really wanna do this chapter light skin – she’s a Muslim got my mamma thinking real thoughts where’s my grandkid wears a scarf but I see her beauty with it or off don’t nobody knows the deal but me and my lord deep thoughts I filling my mind (hitting my brain) with adrenalin (like a train) like she and my child (feeling no rain) calling my name me the king – she the queen wearing my ring got me feeling so loco 24 constantly – never thought so instantly like automatically mentally lost in space but I’m fitting in perfectly feeling alive energetic like a samurai really really high got me feeling pacified keep u to my self u´re classified under my distraction I’ll be your bullet proof vest u’re under my protection Corazonado Prohibidamente enamorado Locamente apasionado Y mi sueño es Estar contigo como la primera vez Pasé lo que pasé Digan lo que digan La niña más bonita eres tu solo tu Si mi amor solo tu que conoces Mi forma de reír y mi forma de llorar Te llevo preservada en mi corazón Tengo el sabor de tus labios en los míos Tus ojos perfectos como la noche Cabello como seda que al tocarlo me enloquece No lo quiero pero estoy En la cárcel del amor Cupido me ha pillado Felizmente encadenado (Translated) Love hinted Forbidden in love Madly passionate And my dream is To be with you just like the first time What must be, must be They can say what they say The most beautiful girl, that’s you Yeah you my love one, only you know My way of laughing, my way of crying I preserve you safe in my heart I get the flavor of your lips in mine Your eyes, they’re perfect like the night Hair like silk, when I touch it, drive me crazy I don’t want it but I found my self In the love-jail Cupid has pillaged me I’m felicitously chained. I’m in deep thought I didn’t want to get caught U had me from the start hard to live my life without u U like a soul penetrating slug For which I’ll mug A deadly hug U make no sense are u for real janat ki tu hoor Chasmebadoor You’re aroma Putting newcomers in comas Ready to spend coroners Down to my last dime While other pass u around I keep u close to the last round 4 real mai tera ranhja Baby got me high like ganjha I’m elevating as soon as me and u collaborating I’m hallucinating but who cares U take away tears Enable me to face the world without fears U killing me softly with your innocent grace An amazing creature with a heavenly glow in your face I got no time to waste cause stakes are high You and I like ´Bonnie and Clyde Imagine us rise Bridge: My lady Got me feeling - got me open - got my needs All I want that she got My girl Everyday and everyway in anyway

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