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Gehenna lyrics

Before The Seventh Moon

Original and similar lyrics
Brought by death to the edge of the abyss Fiercely thrown down into a void so cold Darkness as you knew it its nothing compared to this Going over the edge and ino oblivion On dark silken wings carried further away To a place of sadness and tranquility On a chariot of gold, the shade of a man that before the seventh moon would give his heart and soul Fire forever in the sky Fire burning the sins of my past life Fire torching my soul It is my pleasure I will never see happen With a snake wrung around his neck He leaves sadness alone in the night Feeding on sorrow, figure in black Hunters leave your home I do not belive in falling down, nor waste myself struggling with this Why do you live, why do you breathe, When you know that from whence you came You will soon return? I am trapped at the edge of existence and I beg, please cut these strings! Pit calling Chills caressing me Sight fading I am home


Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
[announcer] Mr. Len, a.k.a. Space Ghost, please commence intro Company Flow, perform, J-Treds, prepare El-P, prepare, you have approximately five minutes Fuck the bullshit, Time/Warner will fall Record labels will fall, the Earth will crumble Begin [El Producto] Enter the all city access and encounter the likes of these Regionally no one relaxes, actual No wonder I'ma type to crush contenders with pure chewing satisfaction Pervade your ultraharmonic with the back of your whole mediocre faction Sonic boom head zoom contact off antaxion Elbowed with a vacumn pure death MC's with closed captions Wind up in the willows, catch the whirling dervish Or the dead and dumb millenium is at your service Flow the plaque, instigate lyrics then backfile another MC who thought cause he was dipped in powder blue that he could rock past-el Got your hip-hop essence out of the Cross Colours catalog with analog technology Ask L. Ron Hubbard to break down my Scientology Fuckin up to the chest I bust insidious, Bad Touchin Boogie to break to bumrushin Fresh start taming biofeed this track achieves pain penicilin crack and AZT couldn't relieve Being Sizzlean I will trim the fat like Susan Powders Disrespectin burners like cap, lickin off shots from clocktowers Play ring around the dead nation The Deadhead situation, situated to see-saw creation MC's are helpless like Gadzook keep faggot like RuPaul troop to the new sensation fuck that whole wannabe gangster fascination The illusion is broke, or cock albums mispoke And got the El P rookie cards stuck in they bicycle spoke For those VH-1 crystalized pseudo rip flows Let the liquid talon soak into the seam of your coat Meet the professional dead or alive politrick technician Straight neck capital P for the deep throat dickin I was that first monkey to touch the Monolith, delinquent Up in that crack like white squaw for the weekend and I sunk your Battleship Parked in a hot zone, live to the E. Bola Manifest brain tumors through the phone as you roam in your Motorolas [J-Treds] All hail, J and El the fans rise, we got the grand prize Foes fantasize runner up, the closest they can see it because skills so lenient I've been boastin with half a flow They can't handle the whole weight son, diagnosis, bullemic believe it My best line, too advanced for Pop Warner you got cornered scouting report, can't scramble in the clutch But when I get down, it's third and inches threatenin to score How you gonna tackle the topic when you suck at two-hand touch We're too damn much for your defense break you down, zone weakens Words bring embarassment, Captains look like third string in comparison to this too well known to kick fat flow And beat suckers straight up and down, Tic-Tac-Toe Game over when I blow your mind, but then I aimed over explosive cuts Verbal flamethrower, serving roasted nuts as after battle snacks you wish you wore a cup in your panties So all you pussies in this rap game, time to up the ante What's your fancy Big time skills or small penny Dead to latter my varsity letter, fatter than your JV Only play with the big boys, toys bringin that weak shit Before the battle I hit em off with fat, ladies latest release on cassette They were done from the start Ran for the finish got detoured from the fast route by another One spot holder hold ground for our town, N.Y. For those who don't acknowledge they get left ass out plumbers [announcer] Congratulations Len, you have made it halfway They are falling, their armies are retreating The job is not over, you must continue, please move forward El P, bring out tactic evasion, start, summation equals now Do not fail us, we're counting on you [El Producto] For thoughts I see hot like three males with a cot included Where the Sidewalk Ends and all your linear math gets diluted Infant when he Star Spangled, packed a brand circular medicine and deject wreck-the-tangle Fuck Time/Warner and it's affiliates, for runnin that wannabe Big Willie shit Leave those fancy clothes up to the Pope List all personal posessions in your liner note While I connect wreck genuinely cuttin through these red ropes Son grip the love spigot, yeah that's the ticket This platoon pop 99 Luftballons While the one hit blunder rushes exhaust like city buses I bond, like resin cause for the sake of skill, lost and found Found by DNA patterns to wish you could climb Just a little girl around the way of my set, that's the time Enter the evil opus, focus on rap scrambling Record labels to expect not reaction is bad gambling I know a few true that make we, collusion El P and J-Treds pentrate cranial intrusion [J-Treds] We do this one time so catch it, two of the illest and unsigned Lethal seperate but combined, friction created a frontline a rhyming Got you steppin, tryin to evade us bustin caps in your thoughts But now crossfire catching's added to your job skills top of your resume Submitted applyin, for lyric positions that we occupied yesterday but got the pink slip, labels on some not think shit Requiring, brain absence lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access Havin half words recyclin tracks like plastic, please forfeit Flippin the same script, I hope it has reinforcements, or else it's torn to pieces while our thesis is untouched Saved on my PC under the filename of Funcrush Megabytes bumrush, by one punch, upon my keyboard My data's the top secret that mad suckers will fiend for Come from the last to be cut from Dream Team Three We be the ones who shine, prepare for butt, kickin Rarely benchwarmin throwin down, all too often While others barely touch rim and that's when they're butt licking [announcer] Done, job well done They know who we are, they know we know who they are They will fall, they are going to have to repeat Understand, they will no longer monopolize Time/Warner will fall, I'm proud of you, come home

World Weary Eyes

Arid "At the Close of Every Day"
You should have seen her All her days are all filled with tears You should have seen her Touch her greatest fear You should have seen her stumble and Fall you should have seen You should have seen her out on The wire once again You should have seen her missing out On every chance Oh the wall and the wicked And the storm in her mind And the fire oh baby She抯 dying sometimes She抯 gonna leaving it To the others to sort it all out And the fire oh baby I want you to be now I want you to be now You will see when things chance She抣l soon fled the town You will see there抯 someone Holding her down You抣l see her she抯 the object of A sickened kind of love You will see her nights end In pieces, once again You will see her missing out On every chance Oh the wall and the wicked And the storm in her mind And the fire oh baby She抯 dying sometimes She抯 gonna leaving it To the others to sort it all out And the fire oh baby I want you to be now Whoever you want See now whatever you want And the world is turning Day by day like you away from me And oh your world weary eyes Oh your world weary eyes And oh should I fall into your trap again Or should we just stay friends

Where Do We Go From Here

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cast "Buffy Musical"
BUFFY I touch the fire and it freezes me I look into it and it's black Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel I want the fire back Now, through the smoke she calls to me To make my way across the flame To save the day or maybe melt away I guess it's all the same So, I will walk through the fire Cause where else can I turn? I will walk through the fire And let it - - SPIKE The torch I bear is scorching me And Buffy's laughing I've no doubt I hope she fries I'm free if that bitch dies! I better help her out... LOTD Cause she is drawn to the fire LOTD: Some people never learn / SPIKE: She will never learn SPIKE AND LOTD And she will walk through the fire And let it - - GILES Will this do a thing to change her? Am I leaving Dawn in danger? Is my slayer too far gone to care? XANDER What if Buffy can't defeat it? ANYA Beady Eyes is right We're needed! ...Or we could just sit around and glare ANYA, GILES, TARA, WILLOW, AND XANDER We'll see it through It's what we're always here to do So, we will walk through the fire... (Buffy and Tara's following verses overlap.) BUFFY So one by one, they turn from me I guess my friends can't face the cold But why I froze, not one among them knows And never can be told TARA What can't we face If we're together? (These three parts are sung mostly in unison.) PART I ANYA She came from the grave much graver SPIKE First, he'll kill her, then I'll save her TARA Everything is turning out so dark SPIKE No, I'll save her, then I'll kill her WILLOW I think this line is mostly filler GILES What's it going to take to strike a spark? PART II BUFFY Going through the motions Walking through the part These endless days are finally ending in a blaze PART III LOTD So one by one, they come to me The distant redness as their guide That single flame Ain't what they had in mind It's what they have inside She will come to me BUFFY, ANYA, GILES, SPIKE, TARA, WILLOW, AND XANDER And we are caught in the fire At the point of no return So we will walk through the fire And let it Burn Let it burn Let it burn Let it burn! LOTD (spoken) Showtime...

They Won't Go When I Go

JOSH GROBAN "Illuminations"
No more lying friends Wanting tragic ends Though they do pretend They won't go when I go All those bleeding hearts With sorrows to impart Were right here from the start And they won't go when I go And I'll go where I've longed To go so long Away from tears Gone from painful cries Away from saddened eyes Along with Him I'll bide Because they won't go when I go Big men feeling small Weak ones standing tall I will watch them fall They won't go when I go And I'll go where I've longed To go so long Away from tears Unclean minds mislead the pure The innocent will leave for sure For them there is a resting place People sinning just for fun They will never see the sun For they can never show their faces There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner Who will take more than he will give He will give He will give He's hardly going to give Ohhh The greed of man will be Far away from me And my soul will be free They won't go when I go Since my soul conceived All that I believe The kingdom I will see 'Cause they won't go when I go And I'll go Where I'll go No one can keep me From my destiny.

Tug Of War (1993)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1] Adjust of us, to attacks the crowd The simple fly, plus arrows, I rush the format If four blind shots to ya verbs and pronouns These herbs'll slow down, with terms to sicken a guitar Dip live and you just the point to ball For sharp lines, make keen, the blast to catch phrase Overdrawn by the crowd who strikes amaze Never float like me, and oddly never lose a few So bear wits, to appreciate verse such as that Anitiate words to come back, over tight Nah, I'm different from these war heads More treds on my adjective's Allow full side steps, to deflect your ships Then he make a true vowels, with volume, see I'll Prospect tunnel, for me and Asan Icon We rock broad neck, funnels to collect The drips and moss, giving y'all friends and serves No connecting to our actual juice of five foot And the least to serve, with over stridal shoots Indeed and they relax in conforts They need to form and parse words, to lose any casual sense Of well being, yo lay back, grows ya depths [Verse 2] As the beings, squads find it hard to establish A working rhythm, my esoteric mysticism makes me a mathematician Like Apollonius, phony as any who receive lobotomies Get caught in my harsh, canapoly of unhappy rhapsodies Fragments of stagments, we world with ultramagnets My reverberation, crush men to micro fragments I get's physical in the forest of absolute manitrition My complex disposition, forces crews into submission Beginnings on one six two, switches through to witch's brew On which is true, or which is you Isolation, plus, a reflux, I see buck Who get the equilibrium shattered, or crushed to this I throw fists, and take trips, to other dimensions My henchmen will bend them and get attention As I destroy decoys and make noise My b-boys will be employed, to deploy like the falling of Troy Fell into the soul, control, what is concealed If a void is not filled, my suicidial thoughts will come real

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