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Gainsbourg Serge lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
De mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six Ouais pour toi Samantha j'ai balancé mes cinq ex Tes petites socks Me mettent en erex Elles sont si sex Y des mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six Un dancing avec des synthés où suintait un sax Tes petites socks Me mettent en erex Je sens ça si sex Five easy pisseuse, five easy pisseuse. Des mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six C'était la plus noire de peau, de loin la plus lascive Ses petites socks blanches Me mettent en erex Jusqu'à l'intox De mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six Premier contact, dans son dos mon ongle dessine un x Ses petites socks Me mettent en erex J'oublie mes ex Five easy pisseuse, five easy pisseuse. De mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six Je sais pourtant que Samantha a des délires annexes Ses petites socks Me mettent en erex Elle me suck De mes cinq petites pisseuses j'ai préféré la six Je les avais limées limées limite jusqu'à l'intox Ses petites socks Me mettent en erex Et je la fuck Five easy pisseuse, five easy pisseuse.

Bitch Betta Have My Money

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
What up love You thought I wouldn't recognize ho like stats I peep you at the strip joint You and that little black chick Acting like you so innocent When you in the six Usually that bring the freak right out of a bitch I knew something was wrong Lesbian I go on Ain't nothing wrong with bump n' grinding right I like mines tight You like yours licked And we both like bitches to get high high wit You opted to leave a nigga with no options You freak hoe dance topless baby What's ya sitcho You ride dildo Plastic nympho Only see dick in porno Hun lidten I can make your life a world of difference Throw me in the mix of your sexual experiences See what happens In like two weeks These hoes is freaking Making about two g's a piece a weekend That's what I'm saying [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Keep my ones on top My tens on lock My hoe in the drop Got a hot little co-op Prestigous Rock a cuban link with Jesus Lord have mercy Let me touch this Tease it For reasons I can't explain to you lord Cause you know my actions are censored Don't diss chips to fuck with no broad This one can get it Damn near split it Yeah picture me paying for some pussy I ain't even smelled yet Let alone got wet But I'm willing to make a bet That the next time we riding If she ain't riding On the turnpike you you bobbing While I'm weaving Getting weede Believe me This pimp shit ain't easy baby I tell you ain't no hoes like the ones I got They make you fiend for that pussy coming up out ya pockets [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money Baby girl you so hot I feel like Iceberg Slim I pimp plenty women Got to tip my hat to a ten Just been in too many run ins with dead ends Comparisions range from thick ones to thin Explosive sex thoughts coming from this young work horse I spend hard times like D.A.'s in criminal courts Fro the love of my life I'll cut down on the sport For the jewels with ice and creep to never get caught You know the game You and I is one in the same But you got my name tatooed on ya leg Shit is serious Now you caling me acting delirious Used to be my best bitch Now somewhat resistant Street life got you hot like Heather Hunter Worn out and don't nobody want ya First time i met ya you played me out of pocket I ain't know no better bitch Now stop it Game is the topic And what's between your legs is the product Use it properly And you'll make dollars biatch [Chorus x2:] It ain't easy pimped out Flossing furs Diamonds Matching sets his and hers Keep ya hoes on point Tell them watch the fuzz Cause Bitch better have my money

I Need

MEREDITH BROOKS "Blurring The Edges"
I need some good luck; I need a best friend I need a rough dog; I need a mountain I need some new clothes, a TV, a cause A trip to Nirvana, the thrill of applause I need a wet kiss, I need to confess I need a vision, religion The right to be silent, and then to be heard A week on an island, a diet that works I need a dose of the Bible Another course in survival Just talkin' 'bout the essentials It makes me feel alive [Chorus:] That's all I need, see how easy I am to please That's all I need, see how easy I am I need some money, more money, and more time A strong cup of coffee, a haircut, a lifeline A stranger to trust me, my father to love me Seattle, a sunburn, and lots of Todd Rundgren I need a guitar, to do it on all fours Cool friends, weekends, and someone to die for When I'm alone on my couch, nothing can settle me down I'm adding on to my list, it makes me feel alive [Chorus] I need a Guru, I need to chill I need a Mercedes 280SL Yeah, that'll fix it, I'll be complete I need a, I need a, I need a That's all I need, see how easy I am to please That's all I need, maybe then I will be complete That's all I need, I'm not asking for everything That's all I need, see how easy I am, I am


QUEEN "A Day At The Races"
It's the sad-eyed, goodbye, yesterday moments I remember It's the bleak street, weak-kneed partings I recall It's the mistier mist The hazier days The brighter sun And the easier lays There's all the more reason for laughing and crying When you're younger and life isn't too hard at all It's the fantastic drowse of the afternoon Sundays That bored you to rages of tears The unending pleading, to waste all your good times In thoughts of your middle aged years It's a vertical hold, all the things that you're told For the everyday hero it all turns to zero And there's all the more reason for living or dying When you're young and your troubles are all very small Out here on the street We'd gather and meet And scuff up the sidewalk with endlessly restless feet And half of the time We'd broaden our minds More in the poolhall than we did in the schoolhall With the downtown chewing-gum bums Watching the nightlife, the lights and the fun Never wanted to be the boy next door Always thought I'd be something more But it ain't easy for a smalltown boy It ain't easy at all Thinkin' it right, doin' it wrong It's easier from an armchair Waves of alternatives wash at my sleepiness Have my eggs poached for breakfast I guess I think I'll be Clint Eastwood Oh no, Jimi Hendrix, he looks good Let's try William The Conqueror Now who else do I like?


J Live "Apokalipse"
With or without the mic when my mind gets phonetic The mouth gets kinetically energetic its simple as your alphabetics My words you mark and never mock long as my name has been Jean Jacques I keep you open like your pupils in the dark. Dogs bark at the gate to negate what I create Still I write rhymes regardless of the stop signs In tough times or nice times For shade or for sunshine Throughout time all times have been the right time, to recite mine To mankind Who wants mine, come get mine You best combine minds Before you cross that fine line And say who is so called inclined Press rewind You'll find if you're blind, you can't see How this defines and redefines M U S I C Who I be H I P H O P, you know we As them strangers That some wish they could be or not to be Impossibly As it transcends from hte pen, to the key to the mind You will find an emcee, good enough to envy As long as I'm alive It'll send me to that next shit That some just can't get wit' or F with My almamada tolf you that it don'y quit kid, it don'y start until it all seems to be so easy Chorus: Easy, Emcee is my ambition, The incredible, lyrical and original emcee is my ambition Who in their right minds thinks they can put a stop to hip hop If it don't stop till I stop And I don't stop till it stop Fake emcees that soak props like rag mops must get dropped Risin' to the top of the bottom That's how I got 'em If your hearts glass ceiling is my mind's glass floor Whose style do you suppose Reaches higher plateaus While you kick those sellout flows In hope to sell out shows But get your spots taken easy as the wind blos J remains repin all the heads whole steppin Whose style shall be the illest With or without the weapon With or without a doubt I maintain with just the facts Improving skills with or without the record contracts And yet still If that beez the case my presence was a gift in its own right So I remain strong Long as Hands cap on Snare drums tap on J's word stays bond And cornballs who rap get snapped on Live lyrics will be just that Just phat Just right for all those who feel my flavors tight I'm dedicated to the flow The only way the true lyricist could ever make it seems so easy Chorus As I reserve the right to renovate the Raw Shack with lyrical scaffolds Heads are battled as tracks are travelled You're unraveled Or should I say unrapped in this world where mics get checked and all cornballs get slapped Alright rhymes get rewritten No bullshittin Perfected JL run point and stays on it Mastered styles look back and laugh at first drafts Freestyles make toes wanna paydownponit Do anything but lay down on it Anestesiatics get trapped like rats in attics To craftmatics but then transform like skilled wax to insomniacs with my name in your almanacs infact I let my glory be that never ending story Like those that still inspire since seven albums before me Cause yo From this old school comes a new degree Yet to be mastered till longevity seems to be so easy


AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
I take it Easy [Verse 1] Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the polar of the see-saw Sofa cobra shimmy out crater Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension Versus AM clock radio bangers Downside up in cripple acres and still the fountainhead Spittle sniglets quicker than quidditch seekers snatch golden snitches You could be a part of it Just park your bark at 20 paces Hold this target and we'll call this bitch a partnership Man, the city bred the brittle cheapo Little Lego people squeezing little Lego Polaroid in keyhole Media breather needy burrow to hide all While you friends and neighbors press stethoscopes to the drywall Curl a worm tongue tight, bitten behind the vamp chopper foaming Lamb choppy sock puppet fear and loathing Need phoners a.s.a.p. to build careers out of misquoting So I read Aesop interviews and get schooled on my own motives It's a pocketful of nickels, like Cool Hand Luke decapitating Parking meters when the pigs blew the whistles like windmills I went to jail overnight for putting a sticker on a phone booth Now in the time that you did the paperwork How many'd the rapists merk? Panicky banister silver surf over the wobbles where the potholes Be the ulcer in the stomach of the God show You blinded by the light you might just plummet through the cosmos Meet Apollo sandman function before the whore hit the high note [Chorus] I take it easy, the ice is thinning in the valley of the jeep beats And when the freaks come out I hug a TV Somehow a channel zero bender's less creepy, it's bliss Repeat with a twist...Easy When every martian in the market holler feed me The all city opinion spicket leaky You learn more when your mouth piece retreat, it's bliss Now listen to this...oh OK All day every day, oh all right, all night every night [Verse 2] Whose capitain gon' spew stale venom? Not mine... I hug a hammock in the bedlam And when the potentially lucrative race horse gets deaded I'll wake up for a second to help the betters count their blessings But I cannot cratchet crutch the Ebenezer limbs much longer Flaccid flimsy songbirds, classic dizzy wrong turns For the long term got a dragon all achy Torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles And a charter your own escape Now it's like, sufferin' succotash, bucko, ducks in the chuckle patch 10-4 on that, stinger opinion, wingman double back Fuck it, Let him roam the home of the mange ridden emaciated Slave pain cave children game Not all players heal the same, learn it or don't learn shit My radio is on regardless I tune out pardons and tune in starlets Carbon and pre-David/Goliath live Paleolithic bias Who walks on all fours dragging the cadaver of King Midas Now it's Thor dwarf war hammers, Elvin bow and arrow aimers Documentation of the rate at which narrow tapers Hermit crab, honest cat, trying to raise the roof in my own TV room And still get the security deposit back Call Ripley, skippy, motorhead dope fixture on some go to bed no dinner Hold your head cold winter Ease up out of the ghastly, desert dozer cliques stranded on cloud 8 Proud of their pogo sticks, I stay left Along came a spider, sprung and alert, I stay def He makes records with his tongue in the dirt Suffer the dirty earth crisis with a license to flirt Buffer the mighty tighty sequins with a price on the mersh Covert Mr. Blizzard shoulder, he always acts all pissy Plus your friend said I was an asshole when he met me No bad moods aloud when you're in the public eye Kill it, you are the weakest link, goodbye [Chorus]

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