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G. Love And Special Sauce lyrics - Yeah, It's That Easy


Original and similar lyrics
Katman: 65 25 Parkline Drive And like always I'm kicking it live Wanna call the fellas to see if they is with this Gonna get down with the sounds of big breakfast Start off the day with some Bob Marley Back to the woods for that fresh parlay Maybe even spark a little Nicki J. And then it's off to center city in the fastest way Cause if you've gotta get downtown real quick Then the only way to go is I-76 Unless of course you wanna take that scenic view Then East or West River Drive is right for you But if you ain't got any time to lose Put the pedal to the metal for that voyage cruise And get on down to I-76 Because in 1996 there ain't no Tricks in the mix G. Love: Back in 1982 Man it was real cool and in school If we got good grades And straight up A's Our parents would take us to a 76ers game I got my game and there ain't no shame Big shots for Mo Cheeks And Moses Malone Julius Erving called Philly his home Bobby Jones, Daryl Dawkins Andrew Toney sinking threes Rocky Balboa comes from south Philly But if you want to make it On time to the show There's only one road that you really have to know So get to Fishtown without all that jive I suggest that you drive on I-95 Wanna get downtown but feeling in a fix Get on the road they call 676 The most expensive expansive piece of interstate they ever made The fellas ain't famous but They got good game Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Smiles: Shh-Hoops the middle man Now disguised as the Joy Valentine Smiles to the Katman play Loungin' leather seats 76 gettin' nice Cadillac D.B.L. Kristopher pulled the heist Expressway expression Soda Pop is pressin' up another piece baby new year painted session I'm guessin' the answer to the question All the Philly Fellas livin' life as a profession Destined to escape a la Spector Ah Wilderness yea prep jetta boy Friday night rap Broncos and Pepper Shakers In the city Ice Dogs Love show I the skyscraper The route man it's I-76 I'm loungin' Otto Shoup singin' Davey Quickness Li Li of the Va Li love a ligum everyday I'm givin' praise from High Hill Juice to Philly Katman: But if you've gotta get downtown real quick Then the only way to go is I-76 Unless of course you wanna take that scenic view Then East or West River Drive is right for you But if you ain't got any time to lose Put the pedal to the metal for that voyage cruise and get on down to I-76 Because in 1996 there ain't no Tricks in the mix Get along 76ers Charles Barkley dissed Larry Bird Get along 76ers Dr. J! Moses Malone Get along 76ers Jerry Stackhouse and Iverson

Nah, Nah...

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[E-40] F'real, uh... Oh boy, due to the graphic game-orienfestedness of this program, viewer discretion is advised I promise you pimpin; I mean that there's so many L-R-P's Lone Range Pimpin jumpin up on this track man you underdig? We spit these L-R-P's and we do this damn thing real toughlike You underdig? So this a bitch, c'mon [Nate Dogg] The homies done made it, I'm so elated Got all of the ladies, ohhhhh, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Don't try to play me, just cause I'm faded Don't think that I'm crazy, whoooh, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] But Nate Dogg, what if my bankroll was to fall? Think she'll cut from me, think she'll stand tall through it all? Think she'll boost for me, steal me a pair of dum-dum dum-dum's from the mall? (Hell naw) Bear it all, pose naked in the camasol (nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah) You got a baby by me, I got a baby by you Whaddya mean? I'ma always be able to plug you You tell me to lick (lick) I tell you to suck (suck) We be mad at each other, but we still WHAAAT? [Nate Dogg] I do what I wanna do, just cause I want to Don't care too much about you, hell naw, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah Nate Dogg ain't gon' force you, I'll wait until you want to If not then I'll erase you, you know, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] I left the club staggerin (staggerin) Blasted handcuffed and lifted in the paddywagon In a holdin cell, without a doubt Your momma put her house up to bail me out If that ain't stickin to the script I'm her future son-in-law ain't never gave her no lip (lip) Uhh, thought I wasn't (wasn't) Love you cause you was down when I was scrubbin [Nate Dogg] Say you're lookin fo' a gangsta, girl I wanna thank ya When niggaz come and question, do you know? Nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah While other niggaz thankin, corners I be bankin Money I be makin, you know, nah nah-nah-nah-nah-nah [E-40] You was a, new comer, turned out by Barry White GiGi Hana, mesmerized by my slang I pop my collar one time (one time) Got control of yo' mind (mind) Never know, I'm sometimes in Kenneth Coles Thugged out, never judge me by my clothes When there's a drought, I be ridin, Z's and Vogues Five times on the look out for the po'-po' [Nate Dogg] Nate D-O-double G (double G) Don't wanna fuck me (wanna fuck me) As happy as can be (as can be) Nate Dogg and 40, Fonzarell' We're gon' reach to the bay (to the bay) 'Frisco to L.A. (L.A.) Don't care what you say (what you say) they all fam-lay (fam-i-lay) [E-40] They all family.. Oh boy, whaddya know, y'know? Yeah, straight game you underdug? Oh boy Yeah we stay doin this.. you underdig? Please believe that part of the game oh boy Uhh.. Battlecat on the track, oh boy Please believe... uhh Sick Wid It records... Oh boy Please believe, we stay doin this Uhhh, uh-uhh! Uh-uhh Uh-uhh! Oh boy Uhhh, ssp spit it pimpin.. please believe Uhh, oh boy, uhh, uhh, E-Feezy

I Can Give You More

LL COOL J "Radio"
I seen this girl, walkin down the block I said, 'WAIT!' 'Yo baby, you wanna come to my crib' 'Have some donuts and milk' 'Listen to a pop tune maybe' Please be his ex and be my bride Don't blame it on yourself, sweet thing, you tried Love you claimed to share just wasn't there You're too good for that, and it wasn't fair Love's taken its toll, your heart he stole You was fooled by the face of a phoney role But I'll take up the slack, support you, baby Now the knight in shiny armor can only be me I cry out your name as you hold his hand If you're not mine soon, girl, my soul is damned I'm lookin out the window at the stormy rain And the rush of the water makes my eyes drain All alone in the room, and it's makin me sad Fantasize of the love we could have had Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more I pour wine for two, even though it's just me I tried to reach you, but blind men don't see Your man is the devil, but he gave you a ring So you believe you saw an innocent angel sing You're the type that ignores the destiny of two It's not Romeo and Juliet, it's me and you You're bein handicapped by a Don Juan rap You can hope I disappear, girl, but I'll be back Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more Yes girl, I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more The time has come, the decision's yours This super love story ain't workin no more Can't you understand that my love spans Higher and further than any man's You're lookin a gift horse right in the mouth This time hear me out, I don't care if you pout You're my only desire, I fight to the death And I'ma scream your name when I breathe my last breath Ain't gettin on my knees, but I'm oh so close To our love I toast, all he does is boast Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more A knock on the door and a tap on the glass Tells me you see it my way at last You used to reject me, now you wanna kiss me He called you up and said, 'Yo baby, why you diss me' Meanwhile made romance on the sea shore You want more of what you used to ignore During this love affair, girl, it gets steamy Three nights in a row, and you still wanna see me Make love at night, coffee in the morn' I be the only blanket that's keepin you warm Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more I hoot in the morning to the crack of sunlight But my agony continues till it reaches night Sweet image of your face appears on the wall And the scene is so eerie I run through the hall I look at the sky, then I search for the moon Realize it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon So I dress to impress, exit the house Go up to the school and watch the kids come out In the middle of the court yard there you stand With the man who's deceiving ya, holding your hand Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more You're the goddess of light, the queen of seduction You won't get used if you follow my instructions Your scram my hand, feel the sweat on my palm Make love to a man and not a cheap Don Juan And that'll be eroticism, highs die down You will find your best friend finally is found I caress ya at night like a virgin in white Cause the new world I found is oh so tight And tender and young, soft and wet It's hotter than any fantasy could get Cause I never met anyone like you before And I can give you more

Dog In Heat

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Missy] Gimme that funk, mmm.. Funk, mmm.. yo gimme that Funk.. sho' nuff that Funk.. [Redman] Yo, yo Beware of the dogs, off the chain Fuck your whips at the club we piss in the parkin lanes Blow it up ten frames so you see it wide If your broad ain't fuckin she don't need to ride (beat it) She can crawl in the trunk with her knees inside by the spare, she hungry I'll feed her fries Cause I'ma, dog nigga, shot-call nigga My shotgun talk with a lecture hall scripture Applaud {*ahh*} bitch, shake that ass I getcha, drunk and high and duct tape that ass fast Then leave you on your daddy front lawn (ding dong) with your hair all fucked up, with one pump on Get stomped on, I take the money and run I'm a dog, shit I fuck right in front of your son If you ain't got Missy and Meth want me to spit the hot shit for you Nigga, write your check [Missy] When you come home from work, I'm gon' make you do more work Pour some wine in the cup, sip sippin on sizz-urp Ohhh.. ohhh.. now we gon' make love to and in ya SLIDE, wanna take a ride When you with me oh so right, tell them boys not tonight Say you chillin witcho bitch and this is one y'don't wanna miss Uhh uhh.. cause this love right here is on fire (fire) SLIDE, wanna take a ride [Chorus: repeat 2X] I love it boy when you play this song Dead wrong, you know this record be turnin me on You keep me growlin like a dog in heat Hey wodie put it down make me sleep for weeks [Missy] You on the block layin low, from the cops layin low When you done let me know cause my love make you be like WHOA Ohhh.. ohhh.. cause I got yo' mind in the trenches SLIDE, let's take a ride Baby come give me some HEY WODIE ain't no other one can shine on my life and make me wanna stay the night Mmmm mmmm.. cause you put butterflies on my stomach SLIDE, baby won't you slide [Chorus] [Method Man] Yo yo I wanna gangsta BOOGIE with my GANGSTA BITCH Love it when the pussy talk back thanks to dick All my dogs (woof) playin the wall, get at these broads You ain't got no-ass-at'all, we ain't fuckin wit y'all I'm not your smooth lovin, see me at Casbah thuggin Hands where your Stove Top be stuffin Never catch Tical hand-cuffin, I'm in your party puffin Smellin like that Wu-Tang production Cousin tried to tell me pussy come a dime a dozen And when it come around I'll beat it down like percussion Missy come and get me, I'm bout to call Doc We can all meet up at Peanut's, I heard it was the spot Somebody roll the weed up, push the car lighter, kick your feet up Saturday Night, who got the Fever Brought the flavor, of indonesia Puff puff give type procedures and this joint bumpin out your speakers [Chorus] [Missy] I'm gonna take you high to the top and let your body not reject me babe I'm gonna make you really love me I'm gonna make you scream don't stop But you must first respect his lady You must respect this lady

Sucks On Dick

PROJECT PAT "Ghetty Green"
(feat. Juicy 'J' (Tear Da Club Up Thugs)) [Juicy 'J' 10x] Sucks on dick... Does it real good (Get buck motherfucker, get buck) [Juicy 'J'] You got these million dollar niggas Ghetto stars, killas Stabbin on you bitches like a jacker pullin triggas Playas ridin twenty's, checkin tramps for money Smellin like da chronic, ballin, doin bout a hundred I'm callin up your wife, she wants to spin the night She say her man aint doin right and wanna suck my pipe Rainbow Inn, 20 after 10 Me and my niggas chillin waitin on this bitch Heard a knock at the do' Come on in ho I know you wit that train shit, the bitch said for sho' Pat was hittin from the back like a can of mace I was in the front, dick hangin in her face I made another call, my dawgs from the town Smokey city niggas, Speed and Henry Watson Brown I said I got a freak that wanna do you all She's cathin niggas nuts while she's lickin in your balls [Juicy 'J' 16x] She's a ho [Project Pat] Now I'm on South Parkway, make a left on third Hit that herb Freaky wet ho, on that thunderbird, eyes red While she givin hed, lookin for a bed So...I can lay that body down Then I dick her down Where I'm found, South Memphis Found a home, decent home, pissy home Where killas roam and the real niggas hold they own I push it on, thump the roach out the window These freaky hoes suckin dick for some indo I been through round the way so I know the game You find Kappa slap a bitch to keep my dick drained A pimp man get the money fo' he get the pleasure An ex-con, I'ma get the charm and the treasure A deadly measure what she take if she fuck wit me I prob get booked without for rape cause she fuckin me I run a bitch's game just like a ho go Ya'll got a sugar daddy so I got an old ho [Juicy 'J'] She's a ho [repeat to fade]

Fatima's Hand

OUTLANDISH "Bread Barrels Of Water"
(feat. Majid) Fatima is 21 And around here - when your 21 u gotta start thinking about getting a man getting a son - getting it done just like her mom when she was 21 but even though Fatima's not ready for it she not gonna say some she feels she gotta do this for the parents cuz they've been on her for the last 5 years a lotta men from motherland came up here hoping she say yeah but she ain't down wants somebody that can make her feel alive chill every time she wanna cry the one in a million type of guy but her mom keeps telling her compromise, this ain't no fairy tale my child do not waste your time u'll regret u didn't say yes to this guy everyday is the same like a battlefield she gets the blame bringing shame on the family name just cuz the streets be babbling like a Bedouin in a dessert storm she lays low from all their songs try to make'em understand but it's like talking to the wall her desire's burning to change her ill state it's strange - for the first time in a long time - she sees the light in the end [Chorus:] she brings the pain within your brain y'all don't really wanna understand her thang boo be really strong enough to maintain thru your bullshit it ain't nothing but pain but she knows in the name of Fatimas hand she don't go wrong in the name of Fatimas hand she will move on hey hoping everything will be alright!!! [Majid:] I see tears in everybody's eyes But I don't understand why Mama standing in the kitchen preparing dinner while she cries as the pain spreads inside cuz something that's going on denial of my first question second time got no respond to lose some one that had always been there She always had my back And she always did care So with these lines right here I wanna explain how much I love u No matter what u do I will forever stay true Until this day Can't nobody tear us apart 10 years is past But u are still living in my heart truly no poetry can explain how much I miss ya No matter where u are U will always be my sister [Chorus...] Con la mano de Fatima sobre su alma encantadora su camino es protegido no importa cual escoga y ella fue escogida para verla y admirarla en sus ojos tiene un algo impecable es su retrato y cada vez que pasa lo duro se ablandese la noche se agrandese lo malo desvanece no la olvidaran, la esperaran al otro lado de esta vida su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara en las memorias hay momentos de pasion afecto y comprension, retratos y recuerdos dando vuelta en las fantasias su aura es alegria lleva la mano de Fatima [Chorus:]

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