G.B.H. lyrics - Wot A Bargain [EP]

No One Cares

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The night air's cool but your system's not, you stand for what you care for, not for what you've got. The streets are mean, keep your conscience clean, you've gotta wrap up from the cold. An' no-one cares with the stairy eyes, an' no-one cares in the neon rays. An' no-one cares if you're laughing or crying, an' no-one cares if you're lving or dying. Paranoia hits me like a bolt from hell, you don't don't know what they're thinking, ain't no way to tell. Throat gets tight, knuckles go white, this is one ride you don't get off. No-one cares, no-one cares, he who wins is he who dares. You cling to your posessions, make sure you make your claim, 'cus in this dirty jungle, stayin' alive is the aim. Gotta be bold, don't trust a soul, don't you know that walls have ears ?

I Look Around

Abra Moore "Sing"
I've tried my damnedest to get near you My ears are bleeding trying to hear you I'm lost in the middle of a cold rain And you're forests away Every state I've ever been Has greeted me with a bad beginning I stand in the pathway of a fast train To swing you my way I look around and nobody's there I look around and nobody cares I look around and nobody's there I try to keep myself contained I watch TV ignore the pain But every night like an army on a foray My thoughts do invade I look around and nobody's there I look around and nobody cares I look around and nobody's there You don't believe that I've been through hell Cause I'm pretty together and doing well You don't believe that I feel alone Cause the people that pass me say hello I look around and nobody's there I look around and nobody cares I look around and nobody's there


[Intro x2: Azealia Banks] Hit it from the front Hit it from the side [x3] Drum this is hard I'm gonna slip and slide [Verse 1: Azealia Banks] I wanna see what you're all about Can you let me ride the dick and keep a nipple in your mouth Can you let me turn around without taking you out Position my shit then bounce, pow Weave smelling like shampoo Don't be afraid, boy, grab a whole handful I can do some things your girlfriend can't do In a car or a hotel, yeah [Hook: 77KLASH] Gyal di way yuh pussy tight, mek yuh man treat yuh right X-amount a loving tru di night Gyal di way yuh pussy clean, you a every man dream Hot body gyal, young fresh and yuh green Gyal di way yuh pussy tight, mek yuh man treat yuh right X-amount a loving tru di night Gyal di way yuh pussy clean, you a every man dream You know what I mean... zeeeeeen? [Verse 2: Azealia Banks] This pussy is domesticated, well fed, and fat Them other bitches got them alley cats I be down for a Cudi but I ain't playing that S-M-U-T, I'll never be that I been a freak since '91 Used to get my ass squeezed on the line at lunch So misbehaved in the 7th grade Now who's jerking off to my MySpace page Put a few pearls on my necklace, babe I'm gonna squeeze and ride 'til you go cock-eyed And I can suck a ten inch cock drier than a raisin Brain is amazing, baby Your insides are so luxurious Weave long, got the white man curious Anjelica Houston got nothin' on me I'm mean from the feet to the stitching in the weave [Hook: 77KLASH] [Bridge: Azealia Banks] I get sauce like pasta, smoke like a rasta Let 'em pet the kitty kick 'em out right after Niggas like Pokémon, I gotta catch 'em all Like I'm in the Amazon, look at how the rain fall Suck, fuck, roll up the dutch Smoke, toke, put on ya coat Get like a blunt Zilla and roll out quick babe Before I stick it to your back like duct tape I keep 'em like more Ovaltine please AZB sweeter than a bumblebee I do the right thing like Spike Lee And send this nigga right back to his wifey [Intro: Azealia Banks] [Hook: 77KLASH]

Eyes That Witnessed Madness

Eyes that witnessed madness In an age crucified by the nails of faith When rank scarecrows of christ blighted lands An aloof Countess born an obsidian wraith Dared the abyss knowing well She was damned Her life whispered grief like a funeral march Twisted and yearning, obsessed an entranced With those succumbing to cruelty Crushed 'neath the gait of Her dance A whirlwind of fire that swept through the briers Of sweet rose Her thickets of black thorn had grasped... She demanded the Heavens and forever to glean The elixir of Youth from the pure Whilst Her lesbian fantasies Reamed to extremes O'er decades unleashed Came for blood's silken cure But Her reign ended swiftly For Dark Gods dreamt too deep To heed Her pleas When Her gaolers were assailed With condemnations from a priest Who'd stammered rites In the dead of night For maidens staining winding sheets And She postured proud When Her crimes were trowelled And jezebelled to peasant lips Though She smelt the fires That licked limbs higher To the tortured cunts of accomplices So ends this twisted fable's worth And though spared the pyre's bite By dint of nobled bloodlined birth Her sins [crimes] garnered Her no respite Forever severed from the thrill of coming night Where slow Death alone could grant Her flight The Spirits have all but fled judgement I rot, alone, insane, Where the forest whispers puce laments for me From amidst the pine and wreathed wolfsbane Beyond these walls, wherein condemned To the gloom of an austere tomb I pace with feral madness sent Through the pale beams of a guiltless moon Who, bereft of necrologies, thus Commands creation over the earth Whilst I resign my lips to death A slow cold kiss that chides rebirth Though one last wish is bequathed by fate My beauty shalt wilt, unseen Save for twin black eyes that shalt come to take My soul to peace or Hell for company My soul to Hell for company

Show No Mercy

SLAYER "Show No Mercy"
[Lyrics - King; Music - King] Through the night we rise in pairs Lords at night we ride From the depths of Hell's domain Reborn to reign this night Roam throughout the endless wars Hold high his name we must Warriors from the gates of Hell In Lord Satan we trust [Chorus] Stalking the night can't you feel I'm near Watching each step that you take I take lives and show all no mercy this night Attack those not knowing my force ( ...their fate ) [1:st 3:rd time] Brothers of the Prince of Night By bargains we have made Allies with the darkened souls Our legions we must save Fight for our eternal quest God can't save you in time Evil stalks the night with us Your soul it shall be mine [Chorus] I am the menace in your eyes The one you can't escape Your life falls in my grasp Your know your end is near You pray your God will help His strength no match for mine Your last hope slips away Thy soul begins to bleed I tear your flesh to shreds Burn holes throughout your mind Your eyes now filled with blood A victim of my force In endless agony You realize your defeat Recite my Master's chants Your soul now his to keep

Take Me Home

(Brewster-Neeson-Brewster-Throckman) I've thinking of far out places, trying to find a cool oasis, get away from living in the streets, where dirty money is the game, the dealer never knows your name, people marching to the same old beat. The street's alive with pretty girls, who take you all around the world, if you've got enough to pay the price, neon lights, they beckon you, come and see what we can do, watch a colour movie, ain't it nice? (Chorus) Oh won't you please just let me use your telephone, I've had enough I want to take a taxi home, Take me from the heat, take me from this city streets Take me, take me home -- take me home. I've been walking these streets at night, hoping I don't get in a fight, doing what I did the night before, hanging 'round the alley way, wandering down by the bay, watching drunken sailors trying to score. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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