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The poor man he had no dreams, had no vices all he had was himself. Spent his days walking around, thinking of things to do with his time. It's like a dream when I wake and scream. I'm lost and alone and living in a hellhole. Looked at himself then looked at the world, decided things weren't going too well. Just a man with a sense of justice, would his days of misery never end. Bought a gun disciplined himself, shoot those those bastards right between the eyes. Crime figures fell like dead leaves, the city breathed a sigh of relief. It's not easy when you're making a stand, when it seems that all the world is mad. It's easy to fall by the wayside, but if you act like a sheep you'll get eaten by the wolf. Now the streets are safe for children to play, couples can go walking in the park. The poor man is happy now, an unknown hero and nobody knows his name.

Drive Away

PHIL VASSAR "Phil Vassar"
Things are too simple, things are too hard Nobody's happy with the way things are Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan Got to rent 'cause you might not be here long enough to own The way I see it the trouble with the world these days It's getting way to easy just to drive away With you and me baby, it's up and down We're moving the earth or we're on shaky ground We talk about forever when it's all going smooth Or moving out tomorrow if things don't improve Well the way I see it, the trouble with love these days It's getting way to easy just to drive away And you can drive away If you've got half a mind to and half a tank you can drive away First sign of trouble, first little thing goes wrong You can climb in your car and drive 'til you're gone Whatever we've got it's worth the risk To read a little promise into every kiss You pay for the music, but you do get to dance When you love somebody it's not that big a chance The way I see it we've got every reason to stay And every reason to go together if we drive away And we can drive away If we need to start again, that's OK we can Drive away 'Till we find that place where we can live on faith That we'll never again have to drive away

In Life My Friends

Flipper "Gone Fishin'"
In life my friends you pass along You need not grieve when things go wrong Sit down in peace and sing a song Till all comes right You've heard it said go do your best Though life's suns inks to the west tis better far to take a rest till all comes right If you're troubled with some belief or feel the pangs of coming grief the wind and waves bring relief till all comes right Instead of climbing a craggy cliff or sailing in some dangerous skiff just lie and breathe with an easy whiff till all comes right If things go rough and you're in a squeeze just hold your breath and take your ease Do the very things you please till all comes right Be not deceived by the toiler's thrift Get what you can as nature's gift Let all things take an easy drift till all comes right Rewards all come in the present slice so don't look fro future paradise Take heaven now is my advice and you wil be right Throw to the wind belief in hell or be called a fool or infidel Bury your creed in an oyster shell then you are right

Youre Just What I Needed

all my life I never stopped to worry about o thing opened up and shouted out ond never tried to please wondering if I've done it wrong will this depression last for long once we had a lonely ride and always talked the same time was on my side and we had everything to gain let it be like yesterday is that me or happy days won't you tell me where have all the good times gone ma and pa look back on all the things they used to do never had it easy and they always dreamed the truth daddy didn't need no fucki' toys mammy didn't need no criplle boys yesterday was such an easy game for you to play but then let's face it things are heavier today guess you need some bringing down get your feet back on the ground won't you tell me where have all the good times gone

This Is My Life

KING LIL G "Blue Devil 2"
[Verse 1:] I was the kid that didn't get shit for Christmas My moms didn't care about goodnight kisses Fuck it At least I got hugs from my sister Never let me down I got love for my sister In the hood it got cold in the winter She put me on a jacket Everytime when I shivered I didn't like superman I idolized drug dealers Jump me in the neighborhood That's how I got a gun quicker I was only twelve Homies in & out of jail I needed money So I went & bought my first scale That's when I learned how to bust raps I told stories about my gang And how I started selling dub sacks Hood muthafuckas love that When the enemies came through Better believe I always bust back I want the finer things in life Jewels around my son's neck A model for a wife [Chorus:] There's a time & a place For every little thing I'ma grind my way up To get those big things Yes I see it My name is shining light Let me shine for all the fallen Wrap arms around them Just let me get to where I'm goin' Cause this is - this is my life Cause its my life My right - my mind [Verse 2 - Kiki Smooth:] Wu-tang hustle Chasing that cream As a young buck On my bicycle moving thangs Ditching school Trying to get paid Had a corner stand And didn't sell lemonade Step-pops in the kitchen Bagging up them drugs Me & my little bro Soaking game like a sponge Eyes on the prize Make my dream a reality Love & happiness Puffing on some al green Sitting on the curb Thinking about my master plan Gather up the soldiers Invade the rap game Voice of the people The vato got heart I spit that fire Illuminate the dark Serving in the hood Fiends know my nickname Mister go get it I ain't tryin' to fucken wait Here to be the greatest Top of the mountain My debut is coming The days are being counted [Chorus] [Verse 3:] Trust nobody Keep your trust me dog You never should Them boys will treat you like When death row belonged to suge Cause if the deal goes bad Black hoodie on Here we come to peel yo' cap In l.a We hit a spanish club called rodeo I came to hear my homeboy weasel's song From los canelos Corona in my hand Listening to his corridos I wanna do what How scrappy did up on cerritos [Verse 4 - Kiki Smooth:] Living that fast life No time for pumping breaks Heard it through the grape vine Kiki bout to elevate Kick in the door Like biggie to the smalls Smooth don't care If he's big or small Gangsta in the mirror Man of the hour Dope man flow Got ya face looking sour Mama always told me There'd be days like this I was born in the ghetto Can't worse-er than this [Chorus]

The Grass Is Always Greener

Agans Craig
Where have you wandered since the last time I saw you? To what god now do you pray? We sat in those treetops in those warm afternoons passing that slow time away And the crickets chirped and mosquitos bit the way we knew they would and back in those days sitting there away.. it seemed so good.. You could never figure a scheme you could fit in, your plight was about the same as mine An answer then you showed me too late upon the road for then it seemed like it would be a crime However long it takes you, to do the things you should all those days of strugglin' away.. it seems so good.. You'll never return there tho, neither will I It's a life we both have outgrown Our characters there have played their roles and said all they can say and it's too late, our covers have been blown Besides things there are different now, it turned out like we thought it would and today more than ever away.. it seems so good.. What it was you were thinkin' of, I thought I understood Away the doctor said must be the cure I guess the away you set your sights on was a bit too far for me but unlike me you had to know for sure Happiness may be given to you if you meet Robin Hood People they read fairy tales because away.. it seems so good.. Fate can play a stranger game than I could ever guess Like wisps of smoke lookin' back behind And if you made it this far babe then you'll know what I mean there is always a new hill to climb And even if it's out of a pit that's filled with your own blood You know that you'll make it because away.. it seems so good.. I've seen confusion pass this way over many a face It can spread like some contageous disease Rendering victims judgmentless, fearing for their pride waiting for the day of their release This home we now live in, of plastic, steel, and wood We are living here today because away.. it seemed so good..

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