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Children Of The Dust

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It started off as innocent fun, a stranger in a foreign land. A boy with a gun and no name, seeks compassion with a girl in hand. When your conscience taps you on the shoulder, you'll be a little wiser and older. Not even we can save the children of dust, not even we can save the children of dust, Well not even we can save the children of dust. Task completed but you lost face, returning home the conquering saviour. The little girl who lives next door, takes a shine to your cool behaviour. A steady job and a nice clean house, part of your parents scheming. The past will always catch you out, in 'Nam a child is screaming. Youth has gone now, the past is settled, you'll pay for that night of lust. A million miles, a promise, and a child of dust.

10th Man Down

NIGHTWISH "Over The Hills And Far Away"
Today I killed, he was just a boy Eight before him, I knew them all In the fields a dying oath: Id kill them all to save my own Cut me free, Bleed with me, Oh no One by one, We will fall, down down Pull the plug, End the pain, Runn fight for life Hold on tight, this aint my fight Deliver me from this war Its not for me its because of you Devils instant my eternity Obey to kill to save yourself Cut me free ... I envy the 9 lives that gave me hell My path made up by their torn bodies Man to man, soldier to soldier, dust to dust Call me a coward but I cant take it anymore They wait for me back home The live with eyes turned away They were the first ones to see They are the last ones to bleed The ultimate high as all beautiful dies A rulers tool, priests excuse, tyrants delight... I alone, the great white hunter Ill march till the dawn brings me rest 10th patriot at the gallows pole! Cut me free ...


HARRY CHAPIN "Dance Band on the Titanic"
Mercenaries by Harry Chapin It's a slow motion night In the hot city lights Past time when the good folks Are snoring in bed On a loose-jointed cruise To recolor your blues With illegal notions alive, Alive in your head You are back from some war That you've been fighting for Some old blue blood bastard In a dark pinstripe suit and the word from your loins Has your mind in your groin And your back pocket burning with blood Blood money loot So, you walk past the glow Of the flicker-picture shows Where the raincoat men wait For a child to come by And the women in doorways Who have nothing to say 'Cause your money is talking To the ones that you would try She owns the block With the dead pawnshop clock She's the answer to dreams That you pay to come true She's got no heart of gold But that's not what she's sold She just sees herself doing what she What she has to do And she's all that you're hoping As her coat falls open Give her bread she leads you To a bed on the floor Where for ten million years And through ten billion tears The armies of bootmen have marched Back from their wars She's in that state of grace Before time finds her face With a mind of old wisdoms And a body still young And she tastes as sweet As a child's chocolate Before the butts and the whiskey Had wasted the taste of your tongue Play the music again Of the grey-stubble men That groaning blue symphony Moans evermore And you watch as she fakes it And of course you just take it She's better than others You never paid money for You've used up your booty The girl's done her duty The turnstile has turned And you learn you are done You're back on the street Joining fresh marching feet You see more soldiers coming And your girl chooses one And the medic has brought Shots for what you have caught Your leave is all over You're back on the line And the joke in the trenches Of the hot blooded wenches And the next thing that you'll do When they next give you the tim. And you're back in your army Back shedding red blood And you dream of the girl As you sleep in the mud And you know you'd swap with her If the deal could be made 'Cause you'd rather be working at love Love as your trade

Children R The Future

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
On and on and on and on Me say the beat don't stop until the break of dawn Nor does the growth of our young world Yes the children, be buildin, each boy and girl Cause you are the cream of the planet earth The new birth, now take that for what it's worth And give the child room, to blossom and bloom Livin large, it's your destiny to consume To take flight and ignite to a brand new height Cause that's your goal in life - am I right (Yeah!) To start reachin, come on each and every single one of y'all comprehend what I'm teachin I said listen up, listen up, listen up youngster Learn from a lesson that the Big Daddy brung ya It's nothin but knowledge, I shall bring to you And I'm not Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo, but I know children, children - are the future (variations 4X) children, children Where we goin now Take my hand my child, and let me show you how Cause I'm here to help.. .. those who need Knowledge of Self Young brothers and sisters, considered the cream that must rise to the top and fulfill the dream And there are desires that we all want to achieve but remember, respect is most greatest to receive And we don't have to gain it by bein TOUGH Or sellin our own kind that cooked white stuff So bring your negative mind from out of the shade Find your true self and let's all get paid, because children, children - are the future (variations 4X) People, people, why we live illegal Your life just ends short and you know that there's no sequel (sequel) They'll say that it was fun while it lasted You run wild, stickin up and gettin blasted Pregnant girls livin solo, on the welfare Cause your so-called man said go to hell dere And young brothers that could be tryin to rap Instead, are out boostin clothes at the Gap Now what kind of life is that for a child Runnin wild livin foul, hey, change your lifestyle Get some knowledge, and open your eyes Just take a little bit of time, how fully you'll come to realize, that children, children - are the future (variations 4X) [Kane * singing *] I believe the children are the future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all of the beauty they posess inside Give them, a sense of pride to make it easier, let the children laughter remind us how we used to be

I'm Still Waiting

Lacking something, too much nothing, a house with walls and nothing in it. Queasy stomach, cigarette butts, burnt up post cards and I’m sill waiting. For you to come to my rescue and save me from myself. To shake the dust off my windows so I can see something else Wounds untended, hate still pending, don’t test me cause I’m liable to break out. Overwhelmed by reckless action but no one’s perfect but I’m still waiting. For you to come to my rescue and save me from myself. To shake the dust off my windows so I can see something else Cause I’m trying my hardest but theres only so much a man can take they say time can mend anything but how long do I have to wait? For you to come to my rescue and save me from myself. To shake the dust off my windows so I can see something else

Turn To Dust

The concentration drifts In and out of me Conversation slides away Turn and face the change in apathy Take a rise to fall Won't you save me Don't you blame me I got the feel that I'm gone - Turn to dust Sentence Rape me Segregate me I got the fear that I am gone - Turn to dust Slave or sympathy it atrophies Save but ancient hearts Hiding scars and knives in symphonies Still we rise to fall [Repeat Bridge] [Repeat Chorus] [Repeat Bridge] [Repeat Chorus]

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