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Catch 23

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You beat us down but we came back, revenge is sweet and we're on the attack. Who are you, what do you do ? You promised us the world then took it away. Slogging 'round the country for a tenner a day, we got got wise, to your idle lies. The missing rung, we all knew. We survived Catch 23. Now we're prepared and that's the key. So we'll survive Catch 23. Organisation, a word you've never heard. The cheques you wrote which never cleared. Your big ideas, our biggest fears. Your representatives of your name. And you'll be forgotten as quickly as you came. Now your gone, we'll carry on.

Starting Again

and it started again and I meant every word and I like what I said and I liked what I heard and I started to think I could think about starting again we where laughing again over memories and wine and the years in between didn't seem along time when I smile she knew why In awhile it was starting again and I started to think I could feel again all the bad times seemed unreal when she looked in my eyes the cheating , the lies , the things that where wrong seem far behind and I started to think I could care again and my fears all disapper when she called me by name I knew that she changed the flaws where all gone the saint remained but it started again when I asked her to stay and she said there's this friend who's in town just for today and she really felt bad but she had to be leavin again and she left me again as she left me before still pretending she cared when we kissed at the door but I saw in her eyes that the lies where all starting again just when I'd started to fell again when all the bad times seemed unreal when it all seemed so right and I tough that tonight if she said she cared she really might just when my fears disapeared again and I heard what I wanted to hear it all started again and I knew what that meant it wasn't the start it was really the end

The Word

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "Greetings from Asbury Park"
Well you flash your tongue like diamonds You tied me to your wildcat schemes And you forced me into a power dive And left your mark on my jeans And I hear the word on your soldiers And I hear the word on Jesus too I heard the word on the country But I never heard the word on you Your love was like a machine gun I wore your bugle in my belt And I was your kid glove lover All the cards were yours You always dealt And I stood before your soapbox Noiseless and shoeless Playing my pantry boy's games You had your hands raised up to the sky Shouting Oh Sunday deity Oh Big Daddy Longlegs Come down and bless your sister please You were shoutin' orders about the construction Going on down the highway You were namin' names, blamin' blames And you blamed me You wore your heart like a challenge Far and apart for anyone who came Open and wide like the river With rocks on both sides to keep the water tame But I heard the word on your high tides And I felt the pain when I tried To rip your flood gates wide And pull your body on over to my side Where we both could hide But you heard about the freedom ride And you heard about the Highway Crew Who could cut the light a little bit faster than you So you left me just your shoes And I hear the word on Jesus And I hear the word on his marching troop And I hear the word on the country But I never heard the word on you

Take My Word

Jackie Lomax
Take my word I'm the biggest fool you ever heard of any day, any day I drove my sweet lover far away And I can't love you, oh no, I can't love you I had the kind of lover to be proud of Then again I had to play the field I never thought of anything but myself I never knew how bad I made her feel Take my word I'm the biggest fool you ever heard of any day, any day I drove my sweet lover far away And I can't love you, oh no, I can't love you Day after day as she was loving me I threw her love away Night after might as I was loving you I couldn't see the light No, no, no Oh take my word I'm the biggest fool you ever heard of any day, any day I drove my sweet lover far away And I can't love you, oh no, I can't love you Take my word


In the Woods "Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage"
Waiting is been Waiting for a word I Never heard A word that lie in between the lines Of a poem that died Seconds before it materialized Like a foreign sound from An unknown town -it makes the earth go 'round and around A chair in her room was a tower From where she was watching She peeled through the window And spinned Opened the door, said; Come inside Do you see what you like Do you like what you see Do you see what you like Do you like what you see Come walk with me for a while My child There's a word I have heard And it's deeply absurd -The rhythm among you and the rhythm within, have traveled 'long the same road while you've wondered where you've been. The seed of an old star Is the beat of a new The stones you choose to turn Holds the one's the karma about you earn And if boredom is joy, you're a Stranger - a toy in the hands of the few Of the one's you once knew If it's all just a game- Every day remains the same

Killing Spree

Defari "Focused Daily"
[Defari] A different caliber of MC This track is filthy, word to O.J., you make me feel guilty of first degree soundbwoy murder Unlike anything out of L.A. you ever heard of Word up, you play with fire, you'll get burned up Best believe that my shit sound the best, when it's turned up Loud, mashin down the block suburban style Eighteen speakers plus kit chromed out Yo, you think that you fuckin pro? On the low the other night I caught your wack-ass stage show Oh.. boy, you're just a bore But you tell everybody that you're like Busta and you got Rhymes Galore Mmm mmm mmm, ain't that somethin? Got the nerve to call yourself an MC, man you be frontin I don't apologize, oh yeah, and uh go back to school, learn some concepts and grammar Of yourself, get a hold Next time you on stage, use Primatine for some breath control (Ha ha ha) But now don't let asthma be the excuse You was definitely doper, when no one knew you [Chorus 2X: Defari] I'm on a killing spree, murder soundbwoy constantly Constantly murder wack MC I'm on a killing spree, skill level at maximum Dem pussy-clat bwoy nah wanna see me [Defari] You was stone cold lyin by the full wack rhyme writin If I had some gasoline I'd ignite it, with my lighter.. .. BOOM! You combust, cause you disgust me Wacker than them flat-ass crackers on Three's Company You walk around, mad cause no one's feelin you Mad at me, cause all your peoples they know my lyrics too They sing along cause my song bumps on the mix tapes that YOU made, yet and still you try to playa hate (What?) You're featherweight, weaker than a paper plate Lyrically, when compared to me, I know your style is fake Fraud, manufactures, cheaper than Hyundai Now you're hardcore you probably used to be a true nerd guy Make up your mind guy, now you're the Mr. Get High guy If you ever step to me you'll think French because you're fuckin fried in the mix of my verbal assault fightin sticks You shouldn't gamble cause round for round you can't handle this [Chorus] [Defari] Cat was out of pocket, got socked in his jaw Fell to the floor, that's all she wrote But I wrote rhymes, that burn every time On mad mix shows I got wreck off the mind But what's in a rhyme, if it don't sound tight? You ask me if a lot of rappers are wack man you DAMN right Who's to say these brothers from L.A. will take charge like DeBarge and shine, in a special way? I say okay, let's get paid Let's put this money on Putnam and sip bombays with dis lemonade Use, Gatorade to refuel electrolytes after I ignite this mic too Yo what's my name? Defari Herut By the way since you been askin all these questions who the hell are you? I seen your kind before, no lie A devil spy, disguised as an ambassador You can't fool the Divine Sun Rule Word to blue magic - step right up - and see the Likwit Crew Hurry hurry, get your tickets, stand in line After the show it's at the Towers on Sunset and Vine Me and my niggaz at the bar sippin Henny Got your bitch open all night, as if her name was Denny's [Chorus] - 2X

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