G.B.H. lyrics - No Need To Panic

Hearing Screams (For The Last Time)

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You were twenty five when you split the scene, why did you have to go away ? Prospects were good, you had money to burn, but you had the curse of the 'J'. Now the skulls they're piling up, and it's sure bad evidence. Just use your head when you're getting wrecked, and do it with elegance. You're hearing screams, you're hearing screams, living dreams for the last time. A lizard man with an arctic soul, and a skin of leather hide. Drank himself into the ground, rotted from the inside. Now Johnny B he was real good, sounded like a thunder clap. Lived too fast died too young, just another in that trap. You're dancing to the death, you're dancing to the death. Taking your last breath, dancing to the death.

Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber - Part 2

WU-TANG CLAN "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)"
[Intro: The Genius/GZA (from 'Clan in Da Front')] Niggaz on the left, brag shit to death Now hoods on the right, wild for the night Punks in the back, c'mon and attract to what Clan in da front, let your feet stomp Niggaz on the left, brag shit to death Hoods on the right, wild for the night Punks in the back, c'mon and attract to what This goes back to nineteen.. Ahem, check it, yo GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!! Yeah, good morning to all you motherfuckin notty-headed niggaz Word to the camoflouge large niggaz Bitch niggaz fuckin my body Bring that fuckin meth in here Yo yo yo yo Now we gonna drink some good Nightrain [Verse One: Raekwon the Chef] Champion gear that I rock, you get your boots knocked Then attack you like a pit that lock shit DOWN As I come and freaks the sound, hardcore but giving you more and more, like ding! Nah shorty, get you open like six packs Killer Bees attack, flippin what, murder one, phat tracks A'ight I kick it like a Night Flite! Word life, I get that ass while I'm fulla spite! Check the method from Bedrock, cause I rock ya head to bed Just like rockin what Twin glocks! Shake the ground while my beats just break you down Raw sound, we going to war right now So, yo, bombin We Usually Take All Niggaz Garments Save ya breath before I bomb it [Verse Two: Method Man] I be that insane nigga from the psycho ward I'm on the trigger, plus I got the Wu-Tang sword So how you figure that you can even fuck with mine Hey, yo, RZA! Hit me with that shit one time! And pull a foul, niggaz save the beef on the cow I'm milkin this ho, this is MY show, tical The FUCK you wanna do More than Spike Lee's Do I'm like a sniper, hyper off the ginseng root PLO style, buddha monks with the owls So who's the fucking man Meth-Tical On the chessbox [Verse Three: Inspector Deck] Yo, yeah, yo I leave the mic in body bags, my rap style has The force to leave you lost, like the tribe of Shabazz Murderous material, made by a madman It's the mic wrecker, Inspector, bad man From the bad lands of the killer, rap fanatic Representing with the skill that's iller Dare to compare, get pierced just like an ear The zoo-we-do-wop-bop strictly hardware Armed and geared cause I just broke out the prison Charged by the system - for murdering the rhythm! Now, lo and behold, another deadly episode Bound to catch another fuckin charge when I explode [Verse Four: Ghostface Killer] Slammin a hype-ass verse til ya head burst I ramshack dead in the track, and that's that Rap assassin, fastin, quick to blast and hardrock I ran up in spots like Fort Knox! I'm hot, top notch, Ghost thinks with logic Flashback's how I attacked your whole project I'm raw, I'm rugged and raw! I repeat, if I die My seed'll be ill like me Approachin me, you out of respect, chops ya neck I get vexed, like crashing up a phat-ass Lex' So clear the way, make way, yo! Open the cage Peace, I'm out, jettin like a runaway slave [Verse Five: Prince Rakeem/RZA] Yo Ya gettin stripped from ya garments, boy, run ya jewels While the meth got me open like falopian tubes I bring death to a snake when he least expect Ain't a damn thing changed, boy, Protect Ya Neck Ruler Zig Zag, Zig-Allah jam is fatal Quick to stick my Wu-Tang sword right through ya navel Suspenseful, plus bein bought through my utensil The pencil, I break strong winds up against your Abbot, that run up through your county like the Maverick Caps through the tablets, I gots to make the fabrics [Verse Six: Ol Dirty Bastard] Are you, uh, ah, uh Are you a warrior Killer Slicin shit like a samurah The Ol' Dirty Bastard VUNDABAH Ol' Dirty clan of terrorists Comin atcha ass like a sorceress, shootin' that PISS! Niggaz be gettin on my fuckin nerves Rhymes they be kickin make me wanna kick they fuckin ass to the curb I got funky fresh, like the old specialist A carrier, messenger, bury ya This experience is for the whole experience Let it be applied, and THEN DROP THAT SCIENCE [Verse Seven: Genius/GZA] My my my My Clan is thick like plaster Bust ya, slash ya Slit a nigga back like a Dutch Master Killer Style jumped off and Killa, Hill-er I was the thriller in the Ali-Frazier Manilla I came down with phat tracks that combine and interlock Like getting smashed by a cinder block Blaow! Now it's all over Niggaz seeing pink hearts, yellow moons orange stars and green clovers

Death On Two Legs

QUEEN "A Night At The Opera"
You suck my blood like a leech You break the law and you preach Screw my brain till it hurts You've taken all my money and you want more, Misguided old mule With your pigheaded rules With your narrow-minded cronies who are fools of the first division- Death on two legs You're tearing me apart, Death on two legs You never had a heart of your own Kill joy, Bad guy, Big talking, Small fry You're just an old barrow - boy Have you found a new toy to replace me, Can you face me But now you can kiss my ass goodbye Feel good, are you satisfied Do you feel like suicide (I think you should) Is your conscience all right Does it plague you at night, Do you feel good, feel good? Talk like a big business tycoon, You're just a hot air balloon, So no one gives you a damn, You're just an overgrown school boy Let me tan your hide. Dog with disease, You're the king of the 'sleaze' Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Know all, Was the fin on your back part of the deal...(shark!) Death on two legs Tearing me apart Death on two legs You never had a heart of your own, (You never did, right from the start) Insane should be put inside, You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride Should be made unemployed Then make yourself null and void, Make me feel good I feel good.

One In Their Pride

Celtic Frost
artist:CELTIC FROST NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS by CELTIC FROST from TO MEGA THERION album. Necromantical Screams Only You Are Deaf Is There Life Beyond Death? You Entreated Death,The Answer Will Come Debris Of Earth,Even You Are False Immortal Morals,Catched Up With Time Vault Of Darkness,Filled With Hate (chorus) Deny Life,Addiction To Death Procession Of Damnation,Expulsion Of Light Hazardous Ways Into The Rush Soul Is Frozen And Flesh Is Weak Necromantical Screams Only You Are Deaf Intelligence Is Mute... Respect The Thoughts,buried Long Ago Pleading For The End,Blind And Dumb We Won't Feel,There Could Be More I Will Remain Alone In The Dark ...Only You Are Deaf inspired by the song Buried And Forgotten by Tom G.Warrior ,fall 1983

The Tugboat Complex

Oh my God They've got angels sweatin' like Hell, it's workin' their little halos to the bone combing them deserts my figure eight knotted lifeline defined traffic the way my schoolin' end-less-ly defined every day one exquisite fitted crisis rivets an octagon of red to the ceiling above my bed it's not a conversation piece, like public spectacles unleashed more of a clue so when I wake up to the rains I'll be one step ahead of you I slide like Kodakrome [?] wrote a poem for every planet tracked their mileage from the sun in an envelope licked it, stamped it got eight thank yous in the mail, but nine planets means there's one left only the earth would thank me later with a breath taking sunset (man, I'm just a bum) zip that waterfall around your skeleton tell it to boil loyalties, the shovel in the soil dig it, I split my lip kissing the winter nursed the blister in the sun strung a hammock between spring and where the willows turn to blood might of worked sip a little, litter it, love it without big beetles trying to sell him sunflower seeds by the bucket might of, tugboat for the boxcutter above those ashes without hot air balloons floatin' their four passenger baskets and I'm asking you to let a captive lacerate a caption splash out massive apolster plastic glasses with famine patches i-dentify all saints linked around the fountain's warmth and for a second taste of pain when removing that crown of thorns [?] born hostile, pacifist huddled in subtle masochist stamp the blame on [?] my fire escape overlooks ghost town market place artists bought out passes then fast themselves to the target's face you're killin' me if I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts if I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon earth and if your little wing is broken I'll see the poacher in hell I can't afford another [?] in a cell my carousel mimics the interests of a thousand leaking spickets and a colony of graziers raised to justify the grimace (and yes I read the treaty) I prescribe the remedy plus the premises my pin cushion, my limbs pushin' the knitting needle evils, idle, peddle past the greeting where the sleepers feed the cycles stop, watch the eagles board the little engine that could not ghost in a shell and it fell in my lap passin', postin' the bail but the guard has misplaced the key ring (that's wonderful) I lead a flee to blaze exact songs directly into the village power supply burning the bridge between the magnet and my eye now how many cadavers satisfy a mad man? and how many crooked samaritans turn plesantville to bad land? I can count my own dusty nickels with you laughing about you'll turn my poor ass ebony and navy with cane lashings (well, you're right) grip your pointed stick, incite your riot I'll sell your worth in a bottle at profit, explain my bias atomic box cult, downward spiral rapidly cast to hell with hate mail, forged Christ's autograph laughed itself, drastic catastrophe biting my lip skin and bones, stringent bingin' on rancid baits mummified well inside a muddy New York minute was it your remnants my smoke rings have cocooned prior to fading? well, it wasn't conscious spite but it might have been that I am not your friend anymore my arrow head dissertation [?] when narrow bed sleepers occupy the basement and I am not your friend anymore come the dawning of [?] in your pity blend that whispers in the wind man, if it were only that simple I'd add a guilt frame to [?] I'd board myself inside my room to trace the wilting contour one petal falls to the rug, she loves me not town crier lugging a boom box with spirit plugs and a red radio flyer tied to irony like twenty burning igloos with a sailors knot fiddler crabs build sandcastles while high tide off azalea crops in the icicle field I portray, cats get antsy and ask 'why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?' why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? well if it ain't finally a question that's worth answering I boogie for the raindrops for the purity, the anger for my childhood recollections for the comic book in my heart the mocked intentions the clarity, passion, seclusion those cool summer nights for the mark emerging across the street selling me stog's at half price for the mights, the maybes, the nauseating pitfall my girl, my friends for the fact my window opens towards a brick wall for the three legged dog I saw dragged on a leash for the homeless man who walks my block in rainstorms with plastic bags on his feet see I throw away the tenders over one shoulder and walk across broken glass through every wicked world to kiss tomorrow's morning not for nothing you'll drown in a pool of your crooked morals whispering 'maybe Aesop Rock was on to something' maybe, no promises

16 On Death Row

2PAC "R U Still Down? (Remember Me)"
Death Row That's where motherfuckers is endin up Dear mama, I'm caught up in this sickness I robbed my adversaries, but slipped and left a witness Wonder if they'll catch me, or will this nigga snitch Should I shoot his bitch, or make the nigga rich Don't wanna commit murder, but damn they got me trapped Hawkin while I'm walkin, and talkin behind my back I'm kind of schizophrenic, I'm in this shit to win it Cause life's a Wheel of, Fortune here's my chance to spin it Got no time for cops, who trip and try to catch me Too fuckin trigger happy, to let them suckers snatch me Niggaz gettin jealous (jealous) tryin to find my stash Whip out the nine, now I'ma dive and pump your ass Peter picked a pepper, but I can pick a punk Snatched him like a bitch, and threw him in the trunk The punk thought I was bluffin, but swear I'm nothin nice Before I take your life, first wrestle with these, mics I listen to him scream, Tray Deee went insane I guess the little, mites had finally found his brain New Rovers pull me over, I'm sentenced to the pen Remember that little, bird, he snitched and told a, friend It's trouble on my mind, I'm with the old timers And fuck five-oh, blaow blaow.. turn em into forty-niners [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where you live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where they find me 16 on Death Row Dear mama, these cops don't understand me I turned to a life of crime, cause I came from a broken family My uncle used to touch me, I never told you that Scared what you might do, I couldn't hold you back I kept it deep inside, I done let it fuel my anger I'm down for all my homies, no mercy for a stranger The brother in my cell, is 16 as well It's hard to adapt, when you're black and you're trapped in a livin Hell I shouldn'ta let him catch me Instead of livin sad in jail I coulda died free and happy And my cellmate's raped on the norm And passed around the dorm, you can hear his asshole gettin torn They made me an animal Can't sleep, instead of countin sheep, niggaz countin cannibals And that's how it is in the pen Turn old and cold, and your soul is your best friend My mama prayed for me Tell the Lord to make way for me, prepare any day for me (why) Cause when they come for me they find a struggler To the death I take the breath from your jugular The trick is to never lose hope I found my buddy hangin dead from a rope, 16 on Death Row [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where you live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where you find me 16 on Death Row Dear mama, they sentenced me to death Today's my final day, I'm countin every breath I'm bitter cause I'm dyin, so much I haven't seen I know you never dreamed, your baby would be dead at 16 I got beef with a sick society that doesn't give a shit And they too quick to say goodbye to me They tell me the preacher's there for me He's a crook with a book, that motherfucker never cared for me He's only here to be sure I don't drop a dime to God bout the crimes he's commitin on the poor, and how can these people judge me They ain't my peers and in all these years, they ain't never love me I never got to be a man, must be part of some big plan to keep a nigga in the state pen And to my homies out buryin motherfuckers Steer clear of these Aryan motherfuckers Cause once they got you locked up They got you trapped, you're better off gettin shot up I'm convinced self-defense is the way Please, stay strapped, pack a gat every day I wish I woulda known while I was out there Now I'm straight headin for the chair [Tupac sings] Bye bye, I was never meant to live Can't be positive, when the ghetto's where we live Bye bye, I was never meant to be Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets Bye bye, and I got no place to go... Where you find me 16 on Death Row 16 on Death Row It's to all my partners in the penitentiaries 16 on Death Row

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