G.B.H. lyrics - Midnight, Madness Beyond

Chance For Living

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All the girls wanna' look so pretty, all the boys wanna' be so cute. With the holes in their jeans, say they wanna' learn to shoot. You don't need no judge and jury, just vibrate to the sound of fury. You only get only get one chance for living, you get too many times to die. Choose your medicine wisely now, once you get up, just stay high. All the haves ignore the have-nots, those with can't see without. Where reality is King, and you know the fault, it can house a volcano of doubt. Everyone's always talking, and no-one seems to be giving. Well the sowing of the seed, should compensate, for suffering the pain of living.

Fall From Grace

I choose to be his confidant And to keep him from the fire I choose to be quietly discreet But that is his desire I touch with gossamer wings To be quiet around you There is so much going on You could easily Wake up with a stranger It's not something that you plan One night in a world of pain You finally understand Not all the king's horses Not all the king's men Could put it back together You said you wouldn't do this for very long It is so defining Well it bounces off the wall And you When the miracle is happening High priestess She's the keeper of the peace And there's Twice as much... intensify What people will do To get... this... high... It's not something that you plan One night in a world of pain You finally understand Not all the king's horses Not all the king's men Could put it back together And now alone in my room As it all begins again Was I so wrong Why am I always so intense In this same place I sit The same place as before I came all the way here Just to watch you walk out that door I didn't ask when you shook your head I always accepted what you said as the truth And the truth only Well, it's not enough that you depend on me It's not enough that you say you love me It's not enough to just save face Because sometimes you just fall from grace Sometimes you just fall from grace Maybe I am calmer now Maybe things are fine Maybe I made the whole thing up Maybe it isn't a lie Maybe the reason I say these things Is to bring you back alive Maybe I've fought this long and this hard Just to make sure you survive Just to make sure you survive

The Real Thing

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Verse 1:] Super duper early morning Sunday breakfast Ain't in a rush to go to church because I used protection You complain about the way I cooked your eggs I'll probably hang up the phone and then - hello? - disconnected But check it, that's just a metaphor I'm talking if you left your man then you'd be better off The game I spit is sweeter than a bag of kettle corn My name is Hoodie Allen but I'm here to take your sweater off And I'mma do whatever it takes to make us a pair You wanna travel around the world, well I'm taking you there I met a bunch of mean girls like Lacey Chabert Busy talking shit but they ain't stopping to look in the mirror If you making it bad, well I'm making it worse You holding onto all these baggage, stop taking it pers I'll tell you anything I can to get you down tonight Tryna take you out the clouds, bring you down to life [Hook:] I think that she like me, she like me And she think that it might be, it might be The real thing but we moving too fast (x2) I think that she like me, she like me And she think that it might be, it might be True love but we let it all fade Cause I just ain't ready baby [Verse 2:] Treat me like I'm the man with a couple hundred grand And a family full of cousins with a couple Uncle Sams Tryna gamble away my money, that's funny like Douglas Yancey Wanna paint a perfect picture, they'll probably think that I'm Banksy But I might die trying to afford it I'm living in the studio, everything is recorded My life is like a song and stuck on fucking repeat And I'm making the same mistakes that you only make in your sleep That must mean I'm in a dream world But I'm sleepwalking until I find a dream girl I got these teen girls screaming like I'm out of a magazine Next to Harry and Justin, nobody fucking with me girl Switch it, do I make you mad when I talk about shit that I envision? Are my dreams too big? Do you think I'll sink or swim with these fishes? So you could let me down easy Cause it's hard to let go when you the only good that I know, you know? [Hook] [Outro - Voicemail from Unknown Woman:] Hi, it's me... wondering where the hell you are. You said you were gonna call me and I still haven't heard from you. You know, it's not that hard to just send me a text and say hi. I understand you're working hard on this album right now, but you need to make the time for me. And you need to start re-evaluating your priorities. Hope you're having a good night

Not About They

Man I don't care what they do in y'all area. It ain't about dem. It ain't about how dey do things. The kingdom is getting ready to spread like a virus you understand. Yo [Chorus:] From Cali-forn-I A, down to the A, even to the FLA tell'em we don't play and where ever you stay its about him not about they. From the USA, over to the UK, even down in Aus-traili-A tell'em we don't play and where ever you stay its about him not about they (they) Okay okay let the beat play listen close to what I'm bout to say. They don't want you to know. They don't want you live cause this thief come to steal, destroy, and to kill. But its your free will. They can't make you do it they can only encourage you to pursue it. And then your like a rat smelling cheese Its trap you're havin fun but sooner or later there is snap! Child run he has a gun. And that's the end of the fun. Somebody's child won't see the sun. In the name of the fun you put all on the line. They got so much power over your mind, power over your cry. (Yo) you say you gotta be there. And you would take it literally they try to kill ya see there only go yo when he there and if not homie beware. Be listen to my mayday don't listen to what they say [Chorus] Okay. Who in the world is they? They is always is the hater talking but he's too afraid to say, that its hey instead blame it on they and say: you know they say that your afraid to go and lay and she won't give you know play. And they say why don't you try cause he say she say they say that this pill will make you high, and you sigh cause they keep talking bout you so then you try. And then you get high and you fell for the lie. And then you overdose and they never came by and you just wanna die. Nobody hears your cry you pitiful and nobody wanna give you the help. Your suicidal and they dun move to someone else. (Yo) I know you lost right now like Nemo. Like the bills take a T.O. God wants you to win and if anybody knew yo he know. And man we ain't for play play. We could care less what they say cause that's what's on sitcoms like good times with JJ [Chorus]


Chisel Cold
I've been living In the Plaza Hotel It ain't the Hilton But I live well Holes in the ceiling Holes in the floor Wallpaper's peeling There's a nude on the door Pretty girls They jump and shout Cops come running When I step out I get some money When they page me to the phone You know man cannot live on Empty principles alone And who's gonna judge The role somebody plays In someone else's budget movie Come on up to my room baby I need a co-star And I can't afford to be too choosy

Good Ol' Days

Authority Zero "A Passage in Time"
lets go! watching your friends grow up around you really sucks but that's okay Cuz i'm doing the same The same old people that they ever were, but now new problems And new times always seem to change their smiling face Well times are changing, but not me, i'll always stay the same We're always keeping it fun and games I'm drinking 40's with my homies in the park, but that's okay Cuz we'll always stay the same Well finishing off four kegs is no easy task, but we did it anyway On heather's birthday We got fucked up and layed in the grass all night into the next day But that's okay Well i walk around these streets see a million faces that I've never seen before I've got my boys, and nothin's changin' We'll drink it up, pass me a cup, well don't you fuckin' puke on me Well that's okay! We'll drink it up, let's get fucked up, nothing's gonna change, well that's okay These fuckin' feelings are gonna get to me, we'll do it anyway, well that's okay People don't realize that we'll always be brothers, and until then We'll depend on one another, until tonight, how 'bout a fuckin' fight? Why can't you understand, we're going to demand It's gonna be alright, me and my boys tonight!

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