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No Survivors

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No survivors in this game of hate, we all get changed in a certain way. Our ideals changed by mortar, there isn't a person who doesn't pay. No survivors, burst the bubble. No survivors, too much trouble. No survivors, your just a pawn. No survivors, don't conform. Boys mature to men in weeks, while rivals stay on the boil. The time is right, the 'real' cowards, we all suffer at this toil. So patriots who wear your flag, can enlist and die together. I'll stay at home, protect MY world, do two years and wear a white feather. The fields in France are full of heroes, now only poppies remain. Their colour red, their number many, and still not achieved their aim.

Try Again Tomorrow

[Verse 1] Pull up in my whip, like come here lil' mama Not you, I was talkin' to your partner Yeah you, why you keep playing games? I see you all the time, you won't tell me your name I just wanna know if you think pleasure is pain Have you ever did it in the rain Do you like D-Boyz? Do you smoke mary-jane? I know you know my name, all the rippers talk about me But they'll never tell a good about a nigga All they ever tell is the hood about a nigga Where your boyfriend at, I never seen you wit a nigga I know you like my swagga, cause you can't stop smiling I'm bout whatever you bout, so mammi what you hollerin'? I'm in your hair, every time you pass me Cause I can never let a pretty face just pass me If you was my boss you can sexual harass me [Hook x2] I try to holla, but she don't give me no play I be on the block where she walk past everyday I ain't gotta be your man, that pussy let me borrow She said no but I'mma try again tomorrow [Verse 2] I need a name, a number, and an address You playing hard to get like you a motherfucking actress But lil' mama I can play that game too I ain't trippin' I make women chase me too Give it to them good, then they lase me boo All I need is a night, all I need is a fight Seven forty-seven, baby we could do it right Squeeze me real tight when I'm up in the middle I know I'm sweatin' a lot, put a nigga of skittles Girl I got neighbors, put your face in the pillow Hit it all night, in the mornin' ate cereal Said she wasn't a freak but you know I didn't believe her though I got in right where I fitted Lil' mama she was on me like it fitted Yeah, she know a nigga stay kiddin', Say I was gon' hit it and man I hit it [Hook] [Verse 3] Lil mama I heard you fucking wit a bitch nigga You pulled up in his car, and I be like you with this nigga You need to step your game, never fuck with a rich nigga I rap now but I use to push kicks nigga Every time you see me I'm in brand new kicks nigga Lil' mama you been on my mind lately I've seen you in them shorts and that ass looking cakey You get me in a room, baby girl you gon' rape me Get the camera and videotape me My baby mama, two kids couldn't brake me I gave you my number but you don't ever use it I just want you and your two-piece in the jacuzzi See you in the turf and I'm feelin' on your booty I can make you feel like the girls in the movies I stay fly in that brand new Gucci I finally hit it and it was real juicy [Hook] [Outro x8] I ain't gotta be your man, that pussy let me borrow

The One

Chubb Rock "The One"
[Verse One] Now here comes the one on the scene to redeem, a dream seen a couple of years ago when I was just a teen..ager The need to come off at that particular time wasn't major Now I have to wear a pager on my waist just in case I have to go someplace somewhere can't bear to be late, cause the race is on for all with the ruffneck song Even though they weren't born in the Carribean like me And others that were all brothers there's a lot in the pot Floridian(?) Sibian(?) to be Divvian(?) I waited for a few for mine, I knew the time was gonna come You can bet I'ma collect the whole lump sum of the green, the revenue, the ducats, the monies is whatever you call it there's some complementary honies I'm just the ultimate Don Juan nig-Jacabozi(?) Never fell, I can spell, F-E-L-L like Yahtzee For each I'm gonna reach and teach with the speech If you riff, I'ma flip like Nadia Comaneci Win the gold; the bronze is for Hans and Franz I'm not (?) on no dirty hoes, I know the pros and cons which will enable me to wear a cable and collect large sums of funds and here he - here comes - The One [Verse Two] Now here comes the man - the man that had the plan that in one year he will gain a million fans Heh - and if you map it out he did accomplish and astonish, grabbin the hearts of every kid Yes I've created a realistic mirage in my garage that one day Chubb'll be large Not large in the sense that I'll be immense but my financial status and my pockets'll be the fattest around with a boomin sound which bounds to give Hitman Howie Tee a royal crown on his head or his noggin I don't how be loggin(?) or the simple sounds you hear in your Walkman when joggin or toboggan down the hill with a few minutes to kill You flipped in the tape you just barely escaped that tree in your way you just realized that hey, you have to be very careful of the tape that you play If it's one of mine, you have to sit and relax and max and prepare to hear funky tracks and the lyrical storm cause when it rains it pours into retail stores, a little comedic and yours But you know, deep in the gut, the nut was you-know-what, all over the cut Yes we worked real hard to make it def and it was fun And made it suitable to be ripped by - The One [Verse Three] The One - has the mentality of an ignorant ruffneck, but then to get loved is in my heart even though externally I rarely show it I'm not the guy you wanna go wit' If there's beef, I'm the butcher that will go and settle it I don't preach their rhetorhic The One hates when you say he's number two or number eight on the countdown - my sound is unique, you sleep, you'll weap You'll wreak of my words dangles in your cheeks So spit em out now, read about thou - take our your camera Take a flick of the man with the stamina to get your girl Tabitha to have a crush on this I don't use Nautilus - cause I don't pump no weights to get dates The One is the only one and I shall not have no other one but this one - word up! Yo Howie, flick on the beat, show me where the rhyme at and then the jam will kick like Timac(?) Howie takes a style when he's developing my track so you'll have the feeling of the flavor to buy that so your audible appendages will be numb And say, Where did hip-hop get 'em from? Long live the ANC, Walter Sisulu from South Africa, Mr. Mandela you're the real one

Restless Farewell

JOAN BAEZ "Any Day Now"
Oh all the money that in my whole life I spent Be it mine right or wrongfully I'd let it slip gladly past the hands of my friends To tie up the time most forcefully But the bottles are done, we've killed each one And the table is full and overflowed And the corner sign says it's closing time So I'll bid farewell and be down the road Oh every boy that ever I've touched I did not do it harmfully And every boy that ever I've hurt I did not do it knowingly But to remain as friends, you need the time To make amends and stay behind And since my feet are now fast And point away from the past I'll bid farewell and be down the line Oh every foe that ever I faced The cause was there before we came And every cause that ever I fought I fought it full without regret or shame But the dark does die as the curtain is drawn And somebody's eyes must meet the dawn And if I see the day I'd only have to stay So I'll bid farewell in the night and be gone Oh a false clock tries to tick out my time To disgrace, distract and bother me And the dirt of gossip blows into my face And the dust of rumors covers me But if the arrow is straight and the point is slick It can pierce through the dust no matter how thick So I'll make my stand and remain as I am And bid farewell and not give a damn

Feel Me (Skit)

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
Uh huh... All I want you to do is feel me... Why take time out, to give you the real me... Uh, uh, uh Ayo I grew up very athletic, hard headed thought I knew everything, wanted to do everything I was spoiled, stubborn, the only child so the only thing I could do was hold it down Now this is something that I could tell you that's no bullshit I always been wicked with the flow since a lil kid my first addiction, GI Joes and icies after that it was light skinned girls and Nikes breeze through junior high school, then high school couple of semesters of college and then night school Moms start riffin, talkin 'bout how she can't support a grown man so the god start flippin Pops used to say shit, but never to me much was like he wasn't even there cuz we aint agree much used to be gone for whole weeks at a time puffin one eleven, used to roll three out a dime then I found myself sleepin in late, doin nothing fuckin, runnin with the niggas that was hustlin shop wasn't open then, niggas was workin for a pair of Jordans the next two weeks they was broke again me and K keep havin talks of gettin coke again but the block was crowded we waitin for an openin meanwhile shit still slow we still flowin never stop or look back we still goin Bop passed the demo to Mary then she passed it to cousin We thought it was on but it wasn't and we can't blame nobody look at us now dog, we came in the game nobodies Double R and Interscope, put that cake up and we aint go platinum but we made niggas wake up got 'em all talkin 'bout pumpin the brick and they only go and see papi to get somethin to sniff I'm 'bout to fuck the game up for real like in the World Series nigga that parachute down in the field I don't rap I provide you bars and the pain is invisible, but you can't hide the scars so y'all never be on the level that we're on ability to have dope thoughts and spit heroin I'm good just wakin up That's how I know I got one more chance to go and cash in and cake it up...

Sucker MC's

WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[ODB] Daddy's home, your daddy's home to stay [Meth] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo same time same channel Nasty vandals too hot to fucking handle Bring the ruckus to all you knotty head fuckas Shit's like Hammer Time, niggas can't touch us [RZA] Straight up and down Wu-Tang forever Come tougher than DJ 's leather Make a better tomorrow Condition your atmosphere, air like feathers The fire come, transmit vire come The higher sire come, we burn your wire Wu-Tang be number one... [Meth & RZA] Four years ago a friend of mine Asked me to say some MC rhymes So I said this rhyme I'm about to say The rhyme was Meth and it went this way Yo, we took a test to become an MC All the withers in the crowd got amazed at me God threw me inside his Cadillac The chaffuer drove off and we never came back Meth cut the record down to the bone And now I rock solid chrome microphones Now we signing autographs, with cheers and laughs Champagne, caviar, and bubblebaths, but see... That's the life that I lead, you sucka MC, we G-O-D Take that and move back, or catch a heartattack Because there's nothing in the world the gods could ever lack I chill at the party in my b-boy stance Walk, cap low, 45 in my pants Fly like a dove, that come from up above My nigga's Iron Lung but you can stay one love It's just a one two three a three a two one Throw your blunts in the air for the god Iron Lung Blow them right in your face with the bass You messed up, come in first place, the real rap taste First come, first serve basis Coolin out boo, take you to the def places One of a kind for you people's delight And to you sucker MC, you know it ain't right Bet you bite all your life, cheat on your wife Run in a gun fight with nuthin but a knife Bangin with your boy, slingin with the crew And everybody know what you've been through It's the one two three three two one Throw your blunts in the air for your dunn Iron Lung Smoke in your place with the highs and the bass Come in first place in the real rap race Go uptown, buy a bag of brown You sucker MC, a sad face clown Gettin OD ready to rock crowds steady You drive a big car get your gas from Getti [ODB] I'm ODB in the place to be Didn't go to St. John's University In the streets of Brooklyn I aquired the knowledge A Law of Mathematics that's higher than college I'm fly on skins that I gets in Queens She love filthy swine and my collard greens I'm dressed to kill, you know our style Cause niggas don't know that Dirty Dogg fly If you wanna see me baby come, you know Dirty Dog is number one [X2] I wrote this song about the () You gotta know where to start when the beats play [X2]

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