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Am I Dead Yet ?

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The pen they say is mightier than the sword, but don't for a minute believe a lying word. They'll do anything to try and sell their ware, they've got no morals and they really don't care. Am I, am I dead yet ? They've got the freedom others haven't got, they get away with murder and we do not. Sensationalise anything that's dull, it can't go on the street if it's not full. The cheapo porn is bound to get the men, think twice when it has a reading age of ten. Trivial stories get caught in their net, and they can bury you if you're a threat.

Semi Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket

Inspectah Deck
f/ U-God, Street Thug Yo, yo... Chorus: U-God You can't hack the tactics Of a semi-automatic full rap fanatic You can't hack the tactics Of a semi-automatic full rap fanatic Verse One: U-God I make mean lean when I pump my spunk and hands of chump, of machine gun funk I bliss, like the fist, of the mantis Those who oppose get dropped and hit the canvas With rigormor', I hit you in the core and pop your legs well in the figure four You can't stop the force when the blood is coursin extortion, I'm comin like the headless horseman Enforcin, tortureous slang from a fortune Swordsman, throw your rap corpse in coffins Don't pop glocks at me then cop a plea A hundred thousand leagues beneath the sea Deep depths makes rappers salted Weak rappers asses I cracks my foot, off in Lay down them lines with them hard hits And I'm harmin, bombin, with heavy bombardments Pushin, poetry, like weed by the pounds Underground railroad RZA track lay it down I'm hard as pavement, you gaze from amazement Knock you in the head you wonder where the days went It's golden bangles, microphone getting strangled Five-star general, scars you want to angle Bizarre thriller, war scar for a killer Sheisty mic device got my hand-piece throbbin Slice mics precise on down to ice carvings Chorus 2X Verse Two: Inspector Deck Yo I set the mic in flames, bomb like fighter planes MC's are shot down long range with sniper aim No question marks, the session starts with sparks My flows explodes like hand grenades through your parts Universal soldier, MO's the holder globe in both hands, born to be sole controller Hit the world full blast, my crime pays cash Slip past these cyphers and the flash from the photograph Best-seller compose a rough draft Razor Sharp vocabulary cut glass Actual facts crowds of thousands collapse You can't catch my style with bugs and phone taps Whether rhymes or crimes, I want mines regardless Hard targets, underground like black markets Pirates of the darkest water feel the aura Importer of rough raps that's snuck cross the border Semi-automatic attack'll spray y'all Liquid Sword swingin slay all, I'm AWOL Chorus 1.5X Verse Three: Street Thug Wu-Tang be, killin you softly with this song You won't survive the outcome I bring Def Jams to your eardrums P.L.O. hits the hardest, regardless Felony offenders catchin murder one charges Open cases, got me smoked out in staircases The dark crusader jackin cats in elevators I strike back like the Jedi, from N.Y. It's I illifyin, dope rhyme supplyin I be all you need to rock these mic devices Projectile Shaolin style exiles your juvenile freestyle I'm not your basic street entrepeneuer, crime tour, packs the luger High pursuit for the CREAM like the bodyguard from Bejing Inject you with the morphine, then I flee the murder scene On your facilities, the penalty, DOA Bomb shell your burrow like Bombay Opposites attack that's why these thieves stay strapped As we, travel the glove to put Shaolin on the map I show loyalty, to my fans fully Operational raps, that bust through your skully I'm rated second-to-none I be the top gun From the land of the Slums spittin blades from my tongue Park your slug slinger, hit you with the sleeper Hit-seeker, sounds that be a-ttackin your speaker Watch me bang the headpiece kid there's no survival My flow lights up the block like a homicidal Murder, underground beef for the burger P.L.O., criminal thoughts you never heard of

Song For Len Shakleton

CHUMBAWAMBA "Readymades"
I'm not the kind of man Who'd live a quieter life Just for a minute's silence One, two, three, four Some say it all without a word Silence can be mightier than the sword They took the two three five They turned it upside down Why run away to the circus When the world is full of clowns? Live has got everything to offer It's just there for the getting There, just for the getting

Over There Shit

HOUSE OF PAIN "Same As It Ever Was"
Ladies and Gentlemen [2x] Here's the new shit I'm on We can all get along But if ya step to me wrong I'm gonna bang ya like a gong And I don't need a gang to do it I creep solo Beat ya till ya dead Put out ya freakin head That's how I do Because I'm sick like dat And you'll get kicked like dat If ya fakin' the funk I got a trunk full of beats And a head full of rhymes I got stains on my sheets From all the good times That I spent with ya Hookers Some were good lookers And some were just stunts After too many blunts Ya got ya arm around ya girl But don't make me laugh kid Gettin steam pressured Your girl's schemin' on the grafted Jail faced Celt Backed up Catch a welt From the buckle Of my belt Now tell me how that felt Oooh I'm on some of the over there shit [3x] I'm on some Milky I don't care shit I don't care... It's the return of the livin dead Put all concerned to bed I'm alive and kickin' Ask any girl I'm stickin Back once again I never shot the heroin Or hit the glass pipe Ass wipe Stop the rumor I'll kill ya like a tumor in your colon I'll leave your shit all swollen Get off my dick cause thick is how I'm rollin' The Soul Assassainator'll Get ya open like a crator I'm down with psycho vader cause I'm flava' like a plate a' Corn beef and cabbage I'm a savage on the set Don't do nuthin' you'll regret Because you'll end up gettin' wet like water I'm out for slaughter Cops lock up your daughter [Chorus] I rock it page style cause freed damaged ya If ya play me close punk I'm gonna' damage ya We got the FunkDoobie in the House With the Mickey Mouse I spot a hooker then I'm runnin up in ya blouse I ain't a bitch so don't play me soft I got a round in my chamber and the safety's off Pullin' on the trigger Ain't nuthin brave But I'm a sick fucker Like a red-neck trucker And I just might buck ya down You're starin' down my barrel So ya jump around Ya try to get away But I'm too quick to pull So don't try to gas me Punk, my tank's full I ain't got the time I don't need the fuel Punk we can duel I'll take ya ass to school Then break down the lesson Here's the pop quiz I get's top billin' You can ask Iz [Chorus]

The Blues Is Just A Bad Dream

JAMES TAYLOR "James Taylor"
A tree grows in my back yard, it only grows at night. Its branches they're all twisted, its leaves are afraid of light. They say the blues is just a bad dream, they say it lives upside your head. But when it's lonely in the morning, you're bound to wish that you was lying dead. There's winds out on the ocean, they're blowing just as they choose. But then winds ain't got no emotion, baby, they don't know the blues. They say the blues is just a bad dream, they say it lives upside your head, mmmm. But when it's lone, lonely in the morning you're bound to wish that you was lying dead. My mind is rambling and rambling just like some rolling stone, no, since that nightmare's come to stay with me, baby, my thoughts just don't belong. They say the blues is just a bad dream, they say it lives upside your head. But when they visit you around midnight, you're bound to wish that you were lying dead.

Live By The Gun

Killah Priest "View From Masada"
[Hook: Unknown Singer] Live by the gun, die by the forty (x7) [Killah Priest] I see demons in the atmosphere Gats appears out of nowhere Blood and crips be thuggin it Niggas be lovin that shit Bustin they guns to that shit Look at shorty over there On the street corner, packin heat on him Better warm em, bout to be dead soon I saw the sign in a red room Nervous, what抯 our purpose? So many churches asked the reverend Do blacks get to go heavens Pack da gat for Armageddon Mac-11, know where headin Selling crack since seven B.C., L.K., Neatha From Bushwick to Bed-Stuy Got my momma on her knees by her bedsides A man walked in with a suit and a necktie [Chorus: Unknown Singer] Falling from heaven in hell, spending our days Asking for Christ to come, and change our ways Cold in the night chasing the light O Father forgive us for what we done to you [Goldie] Mind slippin, gotta focus What you think I was, in and out when I wrote this Coming from a race of people that抯 hopeless, copeless Things seem like they never change, it抯 strange man It抯 like the night brings, pain afflicting my brain Damn man, trying to maintain, my my my composure Puffing on dosher, feel like the hearts getting colder Black P stone solider knows ya, follow ya then fold ya hold ya Uh, if you chose to bang with me hang With me do ya thang with me, but I see angels see Flying through my mind crying doing time [Judas Maccabee] Dear Father, forgive me for what I done Live by the gun die by the gun Screaming bloody murdah, murder and more murder Red rum red rum Monster like Coby You don抰 know me I抦 a O.G. You try to pop me I抦 a pop you Ready to die bitch Ready to die too [Chorus] [Nikki Bonds] North, South, Midwest, West, East Coast Wherever I go keep the heat close Got some .45 slugs make a nigga eat those If not leave a nigga with some deep holes Throws his body in a deep hole Never fuck with no creep hoes Rose Cartel staring in street show Find me layed back sitting in a E-420 With 20 grand in the truck, hand on the pump Ready to dump on any man for a lump Acting like a bitch, is you a man or a chump? Many niggas stood in the quicksand and they sunk Nikki Bonds, Rose Cartel, Killah Priest Masada rose be the sheik from the Middle East Swinging a double edge sword trying to stay the beast Swinging a double edge sword trying to stay the beast [Chorus] [Hook x7] [Unknown Singer] Father forgive us...

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