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Moonshine Song

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I grew up in the deep South, and wore dungarees. We lived in a little shack, and ate bacon grease. I slept with my sister, and she slept with my pa. It didn't bother my mother, 'cus we kept him in a jar. I ain't got no moonshine, I ain't got no wife. Oh Lord help me, rebuild my life. Since I was a young boy, travelled far from home. Oh Lord don't let me die on my own. I ended up in prison, down in Tennessee. There were 14 bad dudes, in the cell with me. I felt so dirty, I felt like a pig. Got raped in the showers by Mr Big. Now my life's nearly over, it's been a pain. And my eyes are getting bad, I didn't see that train. Now as I lay dying, I hear coyote hoots. But it's two drunk Indians, and they've stole my boots.

If I Could Change

MASTER P "Gameface"
(feat. Steady Mobb'n) Fast livin' got me trapped in this street game Before i die i hope i have a chance to make a change [4x] I'm at the time in my life when a nigga ready to change I'll be dead or in jail if I don't shake this thang feel like I'm trapped in a prison, slowly waiting to die it's getting harder for my people, yet we don't know why they cuttin sistas off welfare, these kids can't eat and it's the children like turned out by the street I couldn't see it while I was outside slangin my rocks servin' death to my people, commitin the ultimate evil robbin' and killin' my own kind, Lord forgive me blinded by this life of crime, God somebody hear me since the death of my momma, my life is filled with drama lost both of my kids, punished for what dirt that I did I can't bring em back, so I get high to forget all the mistakes that I made, that time won't let me erase I keep my head up high, but I'm stuck in this game Steady checkin' myself, God help me to change [Chorus 4x] If I could change, I'd bring my momma back from the grave I ain't got too much trouble cause we livin' in the last days crime pays, doing broads can get you AIDS, gotta wear a strap these days All the time I stay high, trying to fight my stress jealous fool of the world trying to put me to rest last night i had a talk with my momma then the cry, asking god if she'd serve a purpose before she dies you can see it in my eyes, a brotha wanta slow down I ain't mad at ya daddy cause you didn't come around I'm knowing that the times is hard, but you can make it You see the opportunity, you take it but what about my little baby, I got a mouth to feed But i still wanta hang on the streets and smoke weed with the O.G.'s my homies rest in peace in the game I don't think you'll ever know the pain I wanta change [Chorus 4x] Lord know, picute me ballin trapped in this ghetto with my young G's callin Henacee and weed when they bury P a quarter key, 6 G's, when they carry me fall on my knees to no nigga trapped in this hood, raised by chrome trigga never had a pops, a nigga learned to slang cream should have been a chemist, the way i work a triple beam life, is like a page, I wanta turn I wanta make a change, but Lord you let my brotha burn I done seen a nigga lose his life over zurcubian stones everynight, my auntie bring a nigga home momma worrying cause the rent late 3 strikes, my cousin's doing time upstate I sent him Camel with no filters I'm in the ghetto slangin stones with staight killas, ugghh I know kids that pack gats cause they bout it, bout it I'm from the murder capital of the world and we rowdy, rowdy is there a heaven for a gangsta, Lord put me to sleep cause your best friend turn into your enemy crooked cops is dirty in this shaded game go on take me out the ghetto I wanta make a change [Chorus fade out]

In Return

Crystal Lewis "Beauty for Ashes"
All I had to give Was a broken heart, torn apart That's all I had to give All I had to give Was an empty hope and promises But in return He gave me joy That could never be told And in return he gave me love That was more precious than gold So whatever you have to give You don't have to be ashamed Just come as you are And present it in Jesus name For in return of a torn life He'll give you life abundantly And in return of a raging storm The Lord will calm the sea So whatever you have The Lord has so much more So what do you have to give Oh if you were like me You didn't have a lot of gold Position or money You didn't own wealth untold But I'm glad He didn't look on the things that I had But he looked and gave me all, all that I need Oh for in return He gave me joy That could never be told And in return He gave me love That was more precious, more precious than gold In return of a torn life He gave me life abundantly And in return of a raging storm The Lord will calm the sea So what do you have to give

Sister Dew

Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done? All my life I've only loved the one. I was taught to be tolerant and plain I was taught a million things I can't explain. It must have been the hatred in her eyes It must have been the power to her lies Tell me sister there's a place where I can hide Oh my sweet this is how it did unfold no my body never felt so calm and cold. All around us there were people in the park. No my senses never felt so clear and stark. And I know that she saw it in my way and I'm sure that she heard it in my voice Tell me sister please I didn't have a choice. I enjoyed to see her being idle she never had no worries, nothing vital from the day I met her to the final... afternoon. There was something there I can't describe it we were kicking ass we didn't fight it. She never once suspected, that she had it... coming soon. Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done? all my life I've only loved the one. I was raised with compassion and they said I was loved for the loving that I spread Now the only thing remaining is this chill. and the only emptiness I need to fill is understanding what it is that made me KILL. Haaahaaah-haaahaaah-haaahaaah-haaahaaah Please forgive me if I keep on smiling but every sad story has a funny side in from that moment on I felt like crying... every day. All around us there were people screaming For half a second I thought I was dreaming my baby looked at me her eyes were beaming, I walked away. Oh my sweet Sister Dew what have I done? All my life I've never loved no one. So it dawned on me this should be the place now the only thing I crave is an embrace. So let your tender wisdom be mine and let me come to you like a child I'd like to stick around here for a while.


ANTHONY HAMILTON "Ain't Nobody Worryin'"
Said it's alright whoaa whoaaaa [Verse 1] We have seen some things in our lives, we have some long and solomn roads, thats how i know its alright to cry, go on and ease a heavy load, pray hard, walk tall, do right, find love hold on for life, lord i know that you are there, I feel a burnin in my bones, free us from the lions den and take us home. [Chorus] Everybody needs love in their lives everybody needs a little sun to shine go on let love come inside your life shine down on me [Verse 2] The sheppard and his angels guard our life, go on joy comes early morn, the praise of the man will sure subside, pain walk away cause here come love, smiling, faithful, alright, find love hold on for life lord I know that you are there, I feel a butnin in my bones, free us from this lions den, and take us home [Chorus] Lord rain down on me and let your joy ease my pain, take me from this lions den and let me smile again [Chorus] [repeat]

Look On

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Inside Of Emptiness"
I can't get through Knots in my mind I resent The self i can't find I can't get through A paper and a pencil Are the best friends i've got I went to downtown LA. Got picked up by the cops I didn't get what i wanted But i didn't care a lot I saw that life was kidding Look on I'm warning you I skipped a life To be here i've got no right I'm bad luck I used to feel a lot Things used to be alright so much was going on I'm empty now inside When i thought life was terrible Things were going fine Vincent called as a set up Look on It's not right I lost my fame It's a cheap trick I wanna do it again I've got no life I am a seperate entity From the guy i was before Here nobody wants me I hoped for something more I flip through empty pages That i thought i wrote on I can't tell what is dreaming Look on

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