G.B.H. lyrics - From Here To Reality

Just In Time For The Epilogue

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Out of the frying pan, into the microwave. I need my fill, gotta satisfy my craves. I missed out again, 'cus I ain't had enough, When the tough go shoppin', the shoppin' gets tough. I don't wanna be treated like a dog, I don't wanna be lost in smoke and fog. I don't wanna be treated like a dog, don't wanna be just in time for the epilogue. Give me a break, don't give me no abuse. If you carry on, I'm gonna blow a fuse. Just gire me one more day. I'll make up tme for sure. I know I'm sick inside, so help me find a cure. Procrastination's stealing all my time. What the story, will everything turn out fine ?


Detroit Marcella
Well, there's a word for stress It's called suck-sess All this work and no play Could make anybody a physical wreck Well, i'll be checkin' out Next time it comes around You can call me anytime But don't be surprised if i don't wanna hear it On a sunday 'Cause that's the one day i can Have a gin and tonic iv Become one with my settee Contemplate my navel or just breathe La, la, la, la la la la..... A million bombs could fall They could burn down the mall But when i've made my mind up I just got to get away from it all When i start growing hair On things that were'nt there I know it's time to stop My head will pop if i have to hear it On a sunday 'Cause every other day I've worked so hard i've needed a clone Feel like i had a shot of testosterone Just wanna vegetate and blow up the phone La, la, la, la la la la la Not on a sunday 'Cause that's the one day i can Get undressed with nowhere to go Brush up on my greta garbo Get in contact with my alter ego La, la, la, la la la la Just one day please To be careless and free Before i go crazy..........

No One To Depend On

Lil' Rob "High Till I Die: Remix 2000"
As I look around at all these smiling faces I don't trust them, I've got no one to depend on [Chorus] Ain't got nobody to depend on, no tengo nada Don't need nobody but myself, can't trust nobody Cuz everybody that I've trusted has done me wrong No tengo nada, ain't got nobody to depend on Some people make up lies staring you down and shed your name Smiling faces all in my face but all this time wanna take my place Give me the pat on the back then the stab in the back Trying to hold me back now I'm back All these fools talking smack, figure that It's been this way since Junior High, everybody whispering shit But like I said before jealous was never cool not even a little bit I know you're phony, but who's the one who hit the scene when I was 16 with the bullet I came this close to do it but I blew it, I was foolish Kicking back on the corner smoking a j everyday Some things never change, I'm still that way infact today I got so blazed, it was so magnificent First you saw it then you did it Disappear like a magic trick with my magic sticks Then I disappear in the smoke as you soak in your lies Lil' Rob lighting up the sky like Fourth Of July I can't believe myself, how I could subdue and just deceive myself [Chorus x2] Mistakes, I know I made a few But I'm only human, you made mistakes too I crease my Levis one leg at a time just like you But you wanna keep talking shit telling stories that are not true Let's get it on, like a possom you try and cover your tracks Cuz you'll be a rat like Donny Brosco Now and then I lose my way, feeling like I never knew my way Thinking all those times that blew away, opportunities that I threw away If I had wings I'd fly away, and I would do this night and day Oh by the way I like to play from Saturday to Saturday It doesn't matter ay, what you say I was told don't let no one get you down and turn that frown upside down See you can depend on me but I could never seem to depend on you I try and look you in the face but then again I can't see two What do I do? I'm so confused, someone's got to lose, I'd hate to be in your shoes I'd probably be dressed in the county blues singing the blue to the things that I choose Didn't I blow your mind this time? It was probably already blown Ain't got no one to depend on homey Lil' Rob, what am I on? [Chorus] Everybody is somebody's fool, there's no exception to the rule There's no guarentee that the one you love is gonna love you But I refuse to be like I used to be, everybody using me Watching over and schooling me, I know what they want to do to me Only out to make a fool of me Don't try to be schooling me please cuz I don't need to retire Throwing eyes at my steel and make me feel like everyone's dealing I'm peeling too many cuz I'm the one that rocks steady If you're not ready, get ready, fool this is it I've got plenty And I won't stop, til I see that pretty penny, that's heavy Just like a Chevy on twenties hitting switches I'm hitting thirty nine inches and leaving you bitches in twitches While all you snitches be snitching and wanna be burning down riches I got you twisted like robes while I'm breaking down on your hoes You make me laugh just like jokes, I fade away just like Ghost You wanna turn you back on me pero, esta vez I got no one to depend on homey, no tengo nada [Chorus]

Sleep Tonight

TIM MCGRAW "Tim McGraw And The Dancehall Doctors"
Hey darkness dont you try To steal the moment or close my eyes I won't let you in 'Cause this feels too damn good to me All I want and all I need Is her touch again and again and again [CHORUS:] I don't wanna go to sleep tonight I don't want anything to change I don't wanna wake up and find a different day Yeah, she makes me free Here between the day and the twilight I don't wanna go to sleep tonight Time stop dead in your tracks Turn around and don't look back And just let us be I'm gonna take this time and soak it up Forever wouldn't be long enough If you knew her you'd agree, agree with me [REPEAT CHORUS] I wish the sun would just forget to come up And just leave us wrapped up in this love [REPEAT CHORUS]

Concerto In X Minor

Brand Nubian "One For All"
[ Rat Pack style announcer] Well ahh, good evening my nubian brothers and sisters ahh Tonight we got a REALLY big show ahh really big show ahh Con-duc-ting his Con-cer-to in X Minor We have, the brother, Derek X Ahh, his theme tonight, will be on racism, in a New Yawrk, backdrop Brother Derek X.. [Derek (Sadat) X] Aw yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you and alla that, yo Before I get this wreck I wanna give a STRONG shout to all the positive brothers and sisters that's out there And I just wanna let y'all know who I came down here with I slid in here with Lord J and Alamo with the A And I came to get wreck, like THIS!! I'm kinda blessed so I wrote this manifesto for life Co-signed by the others with a knife * Alamo cuts and scratches Brand Nubian! * On the real tip let's take a field trip from the ghetto You pick the time and we'll meet in the meadow to discuss racial issues and tension New York's a powder keg did I forge to mention * Alamo cuts and scratches New York, New York * Now case in point y'all remember that Brooklyn Bridge joint when things got wild and willy Yeah that day the FEDS played the role of the bully Up against the car! Yo I ain't even do nuttin man Aiyyo shut up or you get smacked! Yo why you pushin me why you hittin me man Now Huey Newton was slain and we all felt the pain of Yusef Hawkins, and they was mad but we was squakin They tried to show a false compassion, yet at the rally they tried to bash in our brains Further adding to the bloodstains I was mad at this news and so was my brothers And I wanted to get violent but I'm a lover of black mothers And black mothers need sons Not children that's been killed by guns.. It's, just a-nother form of slavery, a modern day lynchin The others get the world, the black man feels the tension inside, not out to hide, just provides us all the answer I will stop racial injustice if I get the chance to! * Alamo cuts and scratches When the revolution comes * Now, the civilized man's main goal is to teach And I try to achieve this with verbal outreach in my community, and all outlaying counties Spread the message of good with my Now Rule mighty Step up to the right, dispense and be known Remember what I said is to teach your own at home first, and as we disperse I sparks your head like a cloudburst Ya don't stop, ya don't quit Derek X I'm guaranteed to be the ultimate (Brother Derek X) I kicks the flavor! So bust that I drop the stack from my almanac It's all truth so it's got to be a shown fact So keep on this is the dawn of the Capricorn Turtle A rhyme that I kick is stored daily in my journal or my diary when speakin on the black man I gets fiery The record's in the record store, category's black war Best you ever saw and it comes in a three or a four pack In a month or two I'll be back to confer with you on both of my works In my contract, I get crazy perks from Elektra See me kick this rhyme and I covered the whole spectrum This is the final verse, grand finale in Crescendo Message substance of the X cannot be thrown out the window unseen, lean two years past the teen Never use makeup got a natural sheen It's like that y'all let's have a ball I'm Derek X about six feet tall Yeah and as I stop this wreck for one sec I wanna give a shout to the Grand Puba Also to club kid Marley Marl ( I understand that time is running out ) Pete Rock from the Vernon I wanna give a shout to Mike P and Cherokee also in Tucson ( I understand that time is running out ) Rich with the carry on I wanna give a shout to all the Gods in Now Rule ( Understand that time is running out ) Melacasis, Sea and my man True Born I wanna give a shout to Big Bob ( Time is running out ) Scooby Real and the whole Mob from the Stallion Mark the Spark And I'm outta here * Alamo cuts Running out *

Krazy Krush

Ms. Dynamite "Little Deeper"
Long time I been waitin' to get next to you, Long time I been anticipatin' the things that I wanna do, Long time I been feenin' just for one kiss, Long time I been dreamin' bout feelin' your tenderness. Sometimes I wanna grab you and just dance slow, Sometimes I really feel the urge to let you know. The feelings I have if you how deep they gom I gotta Krazy Krush on you but can't seem to let it go. If you knew the heat I feel when our eyes meet, So hot, so deep that it gets my knees weak, So sweet, but the heat's got my heart skippin' beats. I can't hide, though I'm tryin' to be discreet. [Chorus:] U got me feelin somethin', My heart it won't stop rushin', U got a sister blushin', Ooh dis Krazy Krush and... U got me day dreamin, U got a sister feenin', U got me thinkin' bout every word you ever said, This Krazy Krush it keeps foolin' up my head. Long time it's all just been buildin' up inside of me, Long time I just wanted to touch but I just let it be, Long time I been searchin' for the words, They just dont come, Long time I been so certain dat u da one. Sometimes I wanna grab you and just dance slow, Sometimes I really feel the urge to let you know. The feelings I have if you how deep they gom I gotta Krazy Krush on you but can't seem to let it go. U come like sunshine they way you make my heart melt, U give me flutterin butterflies I never felt, U get me nervous I cant't keep my calm, Sweatin' at the palms, Temperature rise, Hypnotised by your charm. [Repeat Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now here we are all alone, Here we are on our own, And my emotions are running wild, I really wanna let loose but it just ain't my style, Still I gotta show you, Make you know you, Touch my soul you, Got me outta control, ooh! I just wanna hold you, Taste your lips and get close to you. [Repeat Chorus]

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