G.B.H. lyrics - City Baby's Revenge

The Forbidden Zone

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In the desert with a bottle of J.D. The red pipe glows with lines of c. Things are normal but they won't be soon. Hairy monsters in the next room. Frogsheads and midgets going oingoboingo .. Take my hand and we'll explore, the forbidden zone. When you're in your own tree, But don't know if anybodys home. Thugs in lingerie greet you. Bitch queens with tattoos eat you. You haven't got a watch but it's nearly 4. And there's armed police knocking at your door. When you've jumped the fence into the bath we'll understand if you have the last laugh. Just as things seem as they were before, down with the field up with the air conditioner.

The Twilight Zone

RUSH "Hemispheres"
A pleasant faced man steps up to greet you He smiles and says he's pleased to meet you Beneath his hat the strangeness lies Take it off, he's got three eyes Truth is false and logic lost Now the fourth dimension is crossed... You have entered the Twilight Zone Beyond this world strange things are known Use the key, unlock the door See what your fate might have in store... Come explore your dreams' creation Enter this world of imagination... You wake up lost in an empty town Wondering why no one else is around Look up to see a giant boy You've just become his brand new toy No escape, no place to hide Here where Time and Space collide You have entered the Twilight Zone Beyond this world strange things are known Use the key, unlock the door See what your fate might have in store... Come explore your dreams' creation Enter this world of imagination...

Da Rockwilder

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) Oh my god...Oh my god !!!! ah ah ah aowww!!! [Verse One: Method Man] Microphone checka, swingin sword lecture closin down the sectar supreme neck protector Bet I won em kid Mr. Metha warmin pot about to blow his lid from the pressure, too hot for TV but cheesy, Too many wanna be hard be easy, is all in together going all not together it don't take much to please me Still homes are never satisfy like the stones we don't condome bitin in the sellin crossbones protectin what am writin don't clash with the Titan who blast with a liscence to kill rap presitence C'mon, in the zone with ya nigga from the Group Home TICAL!!(Fuck your lifestyle!!) (Blew wind)...put your lights out got the shit the crackin got you fienin with your pipes out time for some action, surfin the avenue mad at you, where I used to battle crews back when Antoinette had that attitude Cover me I'm going in, walls closin in got us bustin off these pistols my niggas got issues...again, same song armed with the mega bomb Blow you out the frame and I'm gone. [Verse Two: Redman] I was going to Buck-we-romes, cellular phones Doc-Meth back in the flesh, blood and bone don't condone Spent bank loans and homegrown suckers break like Turbo in no zone, when I, grab the broom moon-walk platoon hawk my goons spark leave you in a blue lagoon lost (true) three nines and a glove with masu di die in the car right behind on the boss Haters don't touch, weigh us both up now my neighbor doped up got the cable hooked up. All channels lift my shirt all Mammal you ship off keys and we ship Grand Pianos. sawed of shotgun hand on the pump, sippin on a forty puffin on a blunt bust my gun and Red and Meth gettin jumped La la la la, la la la laaaaa yeah c'mon, Red and Meth gettin jumped La la la la, la la la laaaaaa


(MJG) Now I was clicking out my barrel just to see if it was loaded checking out it's bullets just to make sure it won't explode this hand around of the handle of my snub no skill I must be for real in the procedure for a kill stood around the corner while I cased out the bank busted in the door and stuck the guard wit' a shank ran up to the counter pull the gun out wit' the quickness shot the bank teller so it wouldn't be a witness fled out the door with the money in my left hand still in my right hand running like a wild man ran to the hide-a-way knowing they was after me burned out my id stole a jeep Cherokee couldn't be late for my trip to Jamaica heading to the river skeeming up on how to take a boat from a victim, rush right up and stick him with a sharp object making sure that I get him put it to the river, see, nervous as a lunatic jumped out of the veichle as borrowed me a boat quick jumped on with the gun, soughter on the break and run shot with the gat, in the back, like in Vietnam quickly making waves in the river as I ran fast got a mile in the boat ran out of gas oh no Joe! the cops can't get me... I'll never be wanted for armed robbery (Eightball) On the other side of town moving quickly rolling swiftly in da hoopty ride loading up the nine cause there just my be a homicide MJG know the plan so the shit is on by the time 5-0 come we'll be through and gone got to the area, stop then took a glance puttin' on the ski mask, stuffing the gat in my pants where I saw the right on time, now it's time for the crime do the crime waste no time then I'm going to get mine waited for the door to open shot the first trick I saw then shot the other fool I ain't thinking 'bout no law jumped in the truck put the pedal to the medal then fired up a square man doing about 1-10 looking in my rear-view 5-0 everywhere messing up my plans with them helicopters in the air headed for the airport, wait I see a road block hit the gas even harder fool I ain't gonna stop crash through the road block they ain't gonna get me yet J-Smooth waiting at the airport with a private jet jumped out of the truck with fast P's right behind my ass running trying to shoot my nine holding bags full of cash jumped on the jet now we set to hit the runway took to the air yea I got away scott-free fired up a Mac j P's didn't catch me countin all my money from a strong armed robbery... (MJG) You thank it's over but it ain't cause I can't get caught by authority the camera at the bank got me ganked so they know it's me reached for artillery, put the shank in my mouth dove off the boat to the river and I bailed out swam like a fish greeted land with a kiss did I hit or did I miss well it goes like this I put the money in the spot took the clothes that I got tied them up in the bag same place I put the mask changed clothes in between spots hands, spot-C the designated area we call spot-B see I can't be broke so I come up with a plan the man, money soon in they hand get over get up and jet bounce the set the longer u stay the quicker you get arrested MJG testing his strategy.. wit' a slick armed robbery (Eightball) Flying through the air on my way to Jamaica thinking about why I took the money for the faka me living poor and wishing to be richer and me like Picasso I had to paint a picture of people dying rapidly, trying to imprison me just because I took a little money in a robbery landed in Jamaica chilling with the dreads smoking on the gunja messing with my head the feds came behind me hit me with a billy club I fell to the ground, turned around pumping slugs jumped up quick, ditched the gun as I ran away ran to the hills where I hid for a few days no, I'm not the one that they will catch soon bought me a palace in the hills wit' a hundred rooms I got the money, got the women, got the B-U-D I plead guilty to armed robbery!


Anti Nowhere League
Nowhere man, nowhere man You laugh at things you don't understand Nowhere man, nowhere man Wash my blood from your feeble hands And even though your trying hard To make a better life All you do is turn away…….sharpen up your knives Nowhere man, nowhere man, Your happy as a pig in sand Nowhere man, nowhere man You glut yourself on the fat of the land Climbing up your ladder high One step at a time Treading on your fellow man………your no friend of mine Nowhere man, nowhere man Bowing down, you never make a stand Nowhere man nowhere man Beat the Jones's if you can…..huh Nowhere man, nowhere man In you ugly clothes you feel so grand Nowhere man, nowhere man Take a look at yourself……you're a fuck of a man And day by day your looking back To see what you have got A steady job, a tenancy ………. That ain't a lot You laugh at things you don't understand Wash my blood right off your hands Nowhere man, nowhere man You nowhere, nowhere, nowhere man Nowhere man, nowhere man, You nowhere, nowhere, nowhere man!


JAY ROCK "Black Friday"
[Hook:] I'm in this bitch swanging Acting bad with my crew Hoes on my on dick Little momma what it do? Bottles to the head you should drink some too Don't pay it no mind I'm full of that juice I'm full of that juice Little momma pop that pussy gon' watch you get loose I'm full of that juice Bottles to the head you should drink some too [Verse 1:] I got them bottles on deck Go ahead and take your pick Stunting on these haters Now watch me take a shit Dookie brown fit Gucci on my Mrs Where my bitches at These niggas fucking up my vision If you sipping what I'm sipping Then you feeling how I'm feeling Trying to make her bed rock Until I'm knocking down her ceiling Pop another pill Whatever you got to do Because somebody going to be my victim Once I swallow all this juice Wilding with my crew In VIP that's where I be Bottles everywhere Plus them sexy models service me Hennessy and sprite mix it up Watch me act a fool Gotta crack a bitch If I'm lucky going home with her too Bitch I'm thugging Plus the business outside on them buttons Pushing GS Regals and Cutlass like it's nothing Got a couple stacks Buy the bar like it's nothing Throw that glass in the air Come on over and drink you something Rock [Hook] [Verse 2:] Now I'm full of that What you call it? Shout out to all my alcoholics This is for them weed smokers This that shit that keep you loaded Yeah I'm swanging across the floor Like I'm mopping Bitches pussy popping And my single got the party rocking Now it's time to get it in Ladies about to choose Why you handcuffing brah? Ain't nobody Buddha Niggas acting like they be coppers Because they know my game be proper When I catch her by myself I'mma knock her Sipping on all types of liquor Taking all types of pictures Ghetto superstars Drinking stupid hard If you tripping dog We going to pull your car Big drums Hundred rounds and all You don't want that So grab your cup and toast Got a lot of weed just bring your smoke Getting wasted in the club like it's nothing Throw you glass in the air Come on over and drink you something [Hook]

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