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Time Bomb

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Perpetual torture, from those we love to hate. It's meant to be, you can't change fate. We got a time bomb .. .. 5-4-3-2-1 go The time will come when we gotta say no. Decide ourselves who's friend or foe. It's in our hands, above your head. Think carefully or you'll be dead. It's happened before, been called a traitor. 'Cos we control .. the detonator.


ANDY MINEO "Heroes For Sale"
Come you sinners poor and needy, Weak and wounded, sick and sore, Jesus ready stands to save you, Grace requires nothing more, I will arise and go to Jesus, He will embrace me in His arms, In the arms of my dear Savior, There are ten thousands charms, Why is it every time I step up on a train, I see a pretty dame and I wonder what her name is, for' I even get there the question on my brain is, do you love the Lord do you live to make Him famous? then the cart stop, she step off, it's time to refocus, I'm questioning my heart, examining my motives, why I'm captivated by the brown skin mocha divas, and I hope in my mind she's a believer, ok, she got all that beauty yea it's obvious, I can't let it take precedence over Godliness, now I'm getting restless, how I'm recognizing when I'm choosing to take pleasure in all these false treasures, they fools gold, instead of looking for them sundresses, I should be looking for the Son I confess it, even though my prides telling me don't let the fans know, I am not a superhuman though, I am a man, so the grace that I talk about on all my records, I need it for myself, cause really I'm just a mess, finding rest from the pressures of perfection, as I stand up on this platform they expectin, me to be a man without flaws, that's false, I am just another rapper that's called to point ya'll to the cross, and that's exactly where I'm headed, I'm just another beggar pointin ya'll to where the bread is, maaan.. I'm not a superhuman I am just a man, No, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, but they never understand, I'm nothing more than a man lost, dead in my sin, So here I am alive in Your hands, Your hands, Your hands We dress up in nice heels, we try to make people buy'em, that's why when someone ask how we doin, we tell'em fine, knowing we hurt inside, but tell me who's really lyin, they ain't really wanna know how you doin, that cost time, that's way too expensive, and if I ever get a date with a dime I'm sending my representative, the version of Andy that's cropped and edited, I'm killin this first impression, and I'm hidin the evidence, Yea, photoshoppin the blemishes, these lies of perfection are the cry of the desperate, men that want that acceptance, holdin they breath, dyin a thousand deaths, forgettin there's beauty inside the mess, what else could you expect? we obsessed over twitter numbers, checkin ours, then comparing them to others, like, the number of likes upon a status is somehow suppose to raise our status, boy, this is madness, we want the trophy wife who's the baddest and not some average, so we can feel like the man, Randy Savage, take me off the shelf, I don't wanna be for retail, I would rather be real, let you see the details, when we fell, it feels like we fall so far cause they put us so high, I am not a star, I'm just a product of grace that's still in the process, and I don't gotta be great, because my God is, and I don't gotta be great, because my God is, I'm just a product of grace and guess what? I'm still in the process, there's unfinished business Would you love me if I told you I couldn't fly? I got no cape on and no mask on there's no disguise, Oh I'm no hero There's only one, Oh I'm no hero, There's only one, and He's not for sale, I'm not a superhuman I am just a man, No, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, I'm not a superhuman, I am just a man, but they never understand, I'm nothing more than a man lost, dead in my sin, So here I am alive in Your hands, Your hands, Your hands

Mother Of The Bride

Billy Dean
One's of them off her food And the other's off his head And both of them are off down the boozer To drink a toast To the one that he hates most And she says there are no winner, only losers Well if there are no winners Then what is this he thinks As he watches her complete a lap of honour And he sits in the stands With his head in his hands And he thinks of all the things He'd like to bring down upon her Revenge will bring cold comfort in this darkest hour As the jukebox says 'It's All Over Now' And he stands and he screams What have I done wrong I've fallen in love with a little time bomb In public he's such a man He's punching at the walls with his bare and bloody hands He's screaming and shouting and acting crazy But at home he sits alone and he cries like a baby He holds your letters but he can't read them As he fights this loneliness you call freedom You said this would happen and you were not wrong I've fallen in love with a little time bomb

Non Stop Dancing

THE PLACE I LOVE (Weller) The place I love is a million miles away, It's too far for the eye to see, Still it's me at least, and you can't come there No one is allowed at all, Only animals that love, will always only, ever could be And it's always at the back of my mind. The place I love is overgrown now, With beautiful moss and colourful flowers, And goldfish that swim in a pool, there's a small brick wall, With neon lighting controlled by lightning, I'm making a stand against the world There's those who would hurt us if they heard. The place I love is no where near here, Not within a yard of those trendy do's, Where dogsbodies pick you up, and graciously give you a lift, With cherished thoughts and bitterness. I'm making a stand against the world, There's those who would hurt us if they heard And that's always in the back of my mind. 'A' BOMB IN WARDOUR STREET (Weller) Where the streets are paved with blood, with cataclysmic overtones, Fear and hate linger in the air, A strictly no-go deadly zone. I don't know what I'm doing here 'cause it's not my scene at all There's an 'A' bomb in Wardour Street They've called in the Army, they've called in the police. I'm stranded on the vortex floor, My head's been kicked in and blood's started to pour Through the haze I can see my girl 15 geezers got her pinned to the door I try to reach her but fall back on the floor There's an 'A' bomb in Wardour Street It's blown up the West End, now it's spreading throughout the City, 'A' bomb in Wardour Street, it's blown up the City Now it's spreading through the country. Law and order take a turn for the worst, In the shape of a size 10 boot. Rape and murder throughout the land, and they tell you that you're still a free man. Well if this is freedom I don't understand 'cause it seems like madness to me. 'A' bomb in Wardour Street, Hate Bomb, Hate Bomb, Hate Bomb, Hate Bomb. A Phillistine nation, of degredation, And hate and war. There must be more It's Doctor Martin's A,P,O,C,A,L,Y,P,S,E, Apocalypse! ALL MOD CONS (Weller) Seen you before, I know your sort, You think the world awaits your every breath You'll be my friend, or so you say You'll help me out when the time comes And all the time we're getting rich, You hang around to help me out But when we're skint, Oh God Forbid! You drop us like hot bricks. Artistic Freedom. Do what you want, But just make sure that the money ain't gone. I'll tell you what, I got you sussed, You'll waste my time, when the time comes. TO BE SOMEONE (DIDN'T WE HAVE A NICE TIME) (Weller) To be someone must be a wonderful thing, A famous footballer a rock singer, or a big film star, yes I think I would like that. To be rich and have lots of fans Have lots of girls to proove that I'm a man And be No. 1 - and liked by everyone. Getting drugged up with my trendy friends They really dig me and I dig them And the bread I spend - is like my fame - it's quickly diminished And there's no more swimming in a guitar shaped pool no more reporters at my beck and call no more cocaine, now it's only ground chalk no more taxis now we'll have to walk But didn't we have a nice time - didn't we have a nice time Oh wasn't it such a fine time I realize I should have stuck to my guns Instead shit out to be one of the bastard sons and lose myself - I know it was wrong - but it's cost me a lot And there's no more drinking when the club shuts down, I'm out on my arse with the rest of the clowns It's really frightening without a bodyguard so I stay confined to my lonely room

Angels Holocaust

ICED EARTH "Night Of The Stormrider"
[Music: Schaffer / Lyrics: Schaffer] As I walk through the blackened forest Thoughts of hate and anger fill my soul The charred remains of the holy rollers Scream repentance though it's far too late I fight back the laughter at what I see The suffering healers false destined prophecy He didn't think yesterday of the end of his life The brainwashed fools born again of a thousand lies Hate filled screams break the silence Terrifying dreams filling up your head Blasphemy thrusting out, in the masses it reigns The mask of hypocrisy is slowly unveiled Fear the angels holocaust, they're screaming Dreams of pain forever entering your head Death and hatred loathing, on mankind it feeds Earth is dead and gone now, we've brought it to an end For the last time I've been betrayed Never again will I subject myself to this hypocrisy Something is drawing me to the other side Only time will tell my true destiny


JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something The beginning and the end What's the difference between the two? I mean I'm still tryna figure it out I know one thing I'm just getting started You know all that stuff that happened in the past... I ain't even thinking about that It's about right now And it's about moving forward Check, check Yo, dear God I wonder can You save me? The more it makes sense the more they claim that I'm crazy I had the beef for them to see me this calm Or reality, uh uh no TV sitcom My pure will got me stolen for Grace Eyes closed, salty tears all I could taste All on my knees, fall on my face They say put God first and everything else will fall in the place So I've heard, wise words got me thinking Gotta give it time to let it sink in I sound confused, I know For what shall a prophet a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul For the longest I was ridin' high cruise control In my own mind making up the ruses I go I swear it's not just my imagination I heard a voice guide in me, navigation Is it the route I chose or should I check the stair end Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing Is it fact or just my premonition? I see what's going on now, high definition Nothing but lies I was living at Wasted like Lay 6 it took me time to get my vision back Learnt to recognize the fakes and the true snakes So call friends, you know the twoface All in my grill like a twofake Still you never find me under pressure like the last drop of tooth pace My mission has never been more clear The Truth has never been more near But I know I can't do it on my own So I pray You give me strength when I lift the microphone All I hear is "Jin, what happened to the old you? " See I could explain but I would rather show you Word, check it out y'all 'Cause actions speak louder than words So it don't matter how I mix, the nouns with the verbs New fans and glad God anointed my style Old fans wanna know "What will I rap about now? " Switch it up, yo I gots to do it The word is "Jin's spittin' out Gospel music" See I prefer the call it "change your life music" All in hopes that one day you might use it Whatever they choose they label it, so be it I proceeded, all I know is I so need it I'm certain that I can't rap forever Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together No surprise the room over my eyes has been lifted My entire perspective has been shifted I can't call it, you can call it how you feel Call it change, call it grow, as long as you call it real I am no quitter My journey's just begun, you are all welcome to follow, no Twitter I know plenty folks that wanna touch the gate to Heaven Never been to Church 'cause they can't relate the reference Ain't no sense in me, preaching to the quire Even with starch arms I'd be reaching to the fire I stand firm, the enemy don't face me No need to wonder, only God can save me

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