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The Prayer Of A Realist

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Original There's no one up there there never was. Only in vain is there a god. There's too much suffering for him to be .. an almighty power, a heavenly being. My god, your god, whose god, there is no god ? The fabric of prophet's ages old. Drones on and gathers mould. Gets a weekly airing from a fool on high. Who talks and talks till his throat's dry. A fund for a roof with a hole. It's the money they'll save not your soul. Persistant begging from men of the cloth. Refuse his offer and see his wrath. The weak ones kneel to him they pray. Oh saviour come back someday . Sinning whilst waiting for a sign. I deny him he's yours not mine.

Set It Off

Gibberish (Baraba rabababarabuh) (Wwaaoouuhhh!) Ohh Heh! [x2] Ohh Ohh Ehh! [x7] [Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall] Yo! I'm tryin not to wear three X's no more It's OK now Carter stand 6'4 You can hear the insecurity in my voice right I don't take my chain off on the mics My security piece It gives me security(security) I'm waiting for the ghetto to secure me I just put away thirty percent for my taxes Twenty for the feds, the rest under my matress Huh I gave my wallet a botox injection A bunch 'a rude boyz in'a your section Trynna give my tax bracket an erection A seventies entity Girl look at my complexion If you can smell my cologne, you're too close You small time, My +net+ what you made +gross+ Seven days everyday when you from around my way I'm married to the life girl, catchin the bouquet [Chorus: Kardinal Ofishall & Pusha-T] Set It Off(Ohh Ohh Ehh!) Fire Me Up [x4] Hold It Down(Ohh Ohh Ehh!) Yeah That's It [x4] [Verse 2: Pusha-T Of Clipse] Pusha, Yeah Trim set 'em Thin better than I Comin through in the slim leathers that's followed by the fives My and My Niggas call the coupe Jekyl and Hyde 'Cause the roof's On and Off's Like They In and Out Of Their Minds Eggshell pale ti-da-tota on the scale The old nine's is out and I ain't waiting on a deal The same time the mothafuckers bargaining and lawyering That coke money just keep pouring in and pouring in Quarter mil bling-bling, That's the price of fame, lame I should have a title and a D.E on the chain man Re-up Gang pyrex over pie roll Stir it till it's hard, Pop it out, let it dry slow Recipe for Greatness Me and Carty now Nigga taste this You fucking with the A-list. Face it. Nigga this tha' swag Four-eighty-five hangin' off my ass We call it Frivolous cash (What the fuck) [Chorus] [Verse 3: Malice of Clipse] (Now listen) Superstar Like Lupe See me in the Coupe Hot damn It's a new day I remove the roof as if it's a toupe To shed light on the jewels, Glue on blu-ray High definition I get cash two-twenty on the dash and a self start ignition Tola don't love me but she keep insisting Brain so good it's hard to keep my distance Red Carpet entrance play clothes fashion Nose in the air I smell a chanel platinum Re-Up is the Gang, I rep with a passion Till the wheels fall off and It all Come crashing Malice with Mr. Carter now Behind dark tint like we on the prowl Nothing like money make a bitch loose her blouse Well done homie, we rich take a bow. [Chorus] Ohh Heh! [x2] Ohh Ohh Ehh! [x7]

The Almighty

Die Apokalyptischen Reiten
I'm your master, cause I know the depths of your soul I saw how you killed Destruction of your own race but for what...for your lords? You are to weak to lead yourself You never learned to think! You call yourself as humans But you are only dogs, need your lord. Follow me! I'm your desire, your hate. your agony I'm your madness, the almighty! Follow me, I'll guide you into the holy land Follow me, I'll steal your mind Follow me, I'll guide you into downfall. Crawl, kneel, pray I love to see you suffer! Die for me the martyr-death My little sheep's, come to me I'm waiting for you!

Kentucky Coal Miner's Prayer

AARON WATSON "Shutupanddance"
Deep in the mountain of Harlan County Employed by the Cumberland coal company The pay is short, the days are long But our labor union laws are coming on strong So I drink this whiskey for my throat Wear my hard hat and weathered coat Early every morning I stand in line Waiting to work these Kentucky coal mines We enter the shaft around five thirty With two dozen hands, cold, callused and dirty We'll dig through a million tons of rock and clay And we'll still be digging at the end of the day Down on our knees we confess our sins And pray that the roof above don't cave in So bless our hearts and save or souls And the air we breathe down in the devil's hole Just last week when the the ceiling fell The explosion trapped us in the depths of hell The weight of the earth took poor Tucker's life Leaving behind a hungry baby and wife We dug out with our shovels and picks But soon enough the black lung disease will make us sick So bless our hearts and save or souls And the air we breathe down in the devil's hole I work deep in the mountains of eastern Kentucky I know if I leave Harlan alive I'll be more than lucky Wish I could go to Texas and plant some cottonseed But moving takes money and I've got three mouths to feed So I drink this whiskey for my throat Wear my hard hat and weathered coat Early every morning I stand in line Waiting to work another Kentucky coal mine

Mr Cool

Kevin Ayers "Too Old To Die Young"
Guess you know by now or at least you should There is no volunteer for the common good Still waiting for the Saviour to appear But He¡¯s s not here And no one¡¯s coming down to save your soul You're the only ones who can assume that role But your minds are empty and you've lost control To the ones who sell you dreams To fill that hole Some of us I know seem to have much more Born with a key to every door Distribution of fortune seems unfair Same everywhere And those who have they just want more Using other peoples weakness to increase their score Do you really know who you're working for It's not for one another and that s for sure Guess you know by now or ac least you should There is no volunteer for the common good Still waiting for that Saviour to appear But He's still not here And no one¡¯s s coming down to save your soul You¡¯re the only ones who can assume that role But your minds are empty And you've lost control To the ones who sell you dreams To fill that hole


ICE-T "Power"
I'm livin' large as possible,posse unstoppable Style topical,vividly optical Listen,you'll see'em sometimes I'll be'em Cops,critics and punks,necer ever wanta see me in POWER Well,that's too bad,Apocalypse Now I'm back and I'm mad We're comin',you're runnin' cold and cunning Ice T on the mic,TopGunning After your neck,checkin' respect,makin' you sweat Rhyme Syndicate boy in effect The rap motivator,teacher,talker,night rhyme stalker Words thrillin',so real they're chillin',the hit author Gettin' louder than a shot gun,you don't want none RHYME PAYS was the name of the album But that was number one,this is the number two The posse grew,we're gonna break through Power Somebody line up the suckers who refuse to recognize the truth Tie up the punks who refuse to understand the youth My posse's growin' and it's gettin' larger every day Detroit,Chi-Town,Pittsburgh,Houston,L.A. Come on,come on,come on,toys,let's play Circle the calendar,perpetrator doomsday ICE T fool man of my own full grown I cause havoc when I speak upon the microphone I'm outspoken,no jokin',get in my face your jaw will get broken Layin' it,sayin' it,then you're playing it Lyrics so heavy that you might try weighin' it Hated by many but I hate'em back Loved by troopers who know where it's at You might like me,might think I'm wack But don't step to me 'cause the boy stays strapped I'm taking no shorts,hatin' the courts,hatin' the judges Punk DA's with their personal grudges I hate the clubs that think with their butts No hats,no jeans,no sneakers,no what No beepers,no gold Yo kiss my ass We'll wait and see who gets the last laugh We'll have the power Power [x3] Power it starts with P like pussy She knows she's got it,she doesn't worry,does she Spendin' your cash,leavin' you in the trash While your little head's thinkin',they're gone in a dash They got it,know it,that's why they show it The power of sex,if man could overthrow it He'd be king in a day,no way.We get rich,hard,give it away We're weak and as we speak,the girls are hawkin' Sizin' me up straight out as I'm talkin' But you gotta have control if you want the gold I don't wanta be alone like Stallone So I keep my mind thinkin' 'bout the green And stop dwellin' on the in-between I got the power Power I'm on a mission mackin' hard as a hammer Take my picture,I might take your camera My posse might move,and they move fast A fool's move could be a punk's last Ain't no criminal although I used to be Ain't no new jack rappin' ain't new to me I been makin' records on wax since 1982 Now it's 1988 finally I'm coming through That adds up to six years of makin' ok jams,but now I'm mad Here comes the body slam Turnin' out concerts,house'n the industry Lovin' all the fly girls screamin' for ICE T Rollin' with the Syndicate my unstoppable battalion 38 Solid gold my medalion Gainin' velocity,momentum and energy ICE Capital T I got the power Power So you say that I'm a fake think,you really must be a fool I been to jail more times than you have probably been in school Shot at,shot back,hit,and seen my buddies killed That's the foundation upon the raps of ICE-T are built I say what I think,the system does stink Money you walk,you short,you're writin' from the klink Come on,what's up,you know the laws are full of bull Prey on the lame,release those with pull Power!I know you wanta try it Well check out money can buy it Control and mold the world to do your wishin' The knowledge of power is mine,so just listen Money controls the world and that's it And once you got it,then you can talk shit Power You have the power Power You have the power I got the power [fade out]

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