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I Am The Hunted

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Shivers running down my spine, whose blood I know it's mine ? I'm a moving target and I can't go home. Chased forever and a day of my choosing my own way. I don't wanna forget the things I've done. I am the hunted .. No-one's hurt now I've escaped no-one killed and no-one raped. But I'm the monster they wanna catch. My kids live alone with a stranger their mother's dead I killed her. A moment's anger and a life of pain. Running scared I know my number, I know no joy, only hunger. I don't want to forget the things I've done. Remorse regret, it's more than anger everywhere I go there's danger. I could take my life but still no wife. Stop and think with my mixed up mind of sanctuary I can find. Another night like this and I think I'll die. How can I prove my innocence when this country's run by ignorants .. as blind and deaf as a newborn child ?


FLAW "Through The Eyes"
So Maybe I am Bound By Fate A Problematic Scarring Induced By Hate It Never Seems To All Pan Out Is That What All This Teaching Is Needed To Scout You Seemed To Have A Bad Effect Your Rules And Contradictions I would Neglect Though Not My Fault You Made Me Feel Like My Own Education Wasnt Truly Real Then You Came Right In Tearing Out My Soul How Could All This Loss Be Your Only Goal I'm Left Standing Here Desperate In The Cold Since You Took Your Life Mine Has not Been Whole So There I Stood A Scolded Child The Reasons Never Questioned My Pains Been Filed Inside This Place That Makes Me Feel I learned Life Is Unfair And That Is Very Real [Chorus] While You Try To Overcome The Lesson Makeing The most Of Those Questions That Just Keeps Me Guessing I'm Looking Longer, Harder, Further Than I Ever Have Solitude Breaking Me Down You Always Seemed Glad To Put Me down And Stick Me In That little Pit Personal Growth As A child That Mattered Not A Bit Then I Became The Person That You Hated Most Disrespecting The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost A Small Example Of What The Things You've Done To Me Have Changed In My Life And Changed The Things I'll Never Be I'll Never Be [Chorus]

Before The Great Collapse

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Legacy Of Blood"
[Vinnie Paz] Mummy, I don't wanna live no more I don't think I got nothin' else to give no more It's like I've lost my passion for life It's like call on my actions of tribe I don't feel like I used to about the world I don't feel like I used to about my girl I just wanna die mummy, ‘cause it's too hard I just wanna lie calmly in the view dark Ever since daddy died it's been pain mummy It's like there's something wrong with my brain mummy You was always there for me so I love you I die for you and I place noone above you Tell Lenny and the kids that you stay strong And when I meet my maker that I'm gonna pray for And tell Pete that I think he'll be a great father Tell Young that I think he'll be a great author Tell Planet that his wife and kids are gorgeus And the same go for Andy and for Marcus Tell Syze that I have faith in ‘em And never let the industry snakes get ‘em [Vinnie Paz] I got a few things more I should say mummy I never meant to hurt you in any way mummy I never meant to hurt anyone, it's God's work ‘Cause wakin' up everyday for me is hard work And tell June, that she was the love of my life And that I never stopped lovin' here even in spite All the things that we went through together Do the highs and loans and bad run ‘em Let Frank know he always made me smile Tell him back in the days was crazy wild Tell Stoupe that I always had his back, ma' And we was meant to be together on a track, ma' Tell Cheek I consider him a brother When I die, the pain will spit into another That's just how life go along, it's painful! I'll come back to you in dreams as an angel So don't blame yourself for what happened ‘cause you was the best mother that I could father Someone going to the first place I can go I love you, sincerely Vincenzo!

We Are Tomorrow

(FLAVA) i just want you to listen, troubled minds of the troubled times, keep yourself together, don't listen to other peeps, cause a lot can happen on the streets, and peer pressure is a killer, so listen to these wise words that i preach it aint safe out there, i know this from experience cause this is serious, and that's how lives get messed up, i took this time, just eight bars to explain, to the kids what's up, (KENZIE) you're living in dangerous minds, dangerous times, thug life, you're growing up on the street all that crime i've been there before i've been through it i realise the pain, i'm drawn to it it feels terrible when you're on another level to the rest of them trainers, clothes, you're not in with the trend, it's just a teenage beef that's bothering you, it's just a phase in life you'll have to go through (CHORUS) you know i never will amount to you, but is it pain you gotta put me through you know i never will live up to you and all that you do and all that you do, you never tell your enemies from friends and life will never be the same again you never know where the story ends, that's right my friend and that's where the story ends (KRAZY) i hear these things again and again and again dress to impress for a friend all it ever does everytime i hear will it ever stop it just sends me round the bend it ain't easy to be a teenager i should know it puts your life in danger do you ever really think that it will stop all the muggings and the bullys and the weapons, i think not (FREEK) i can sit and write lyrics all day, but my teenage problems never fade away, my fashion sense never led astray my smell my phone is what portrays the person that i am the person that is me whatever you believe, imagine or perceive a brethen or a chief educated or naive my popularity brings friends and enemies **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (ROCKY B) teenage life you've gotta deal with it somehow no point in complaining, gotta live with it somehow unfair job but you're still with it somehow it ain't fair but you've gotta get through it somehow all the teenagers that have had enough that are tired of scuffs and just want love just take some time and unleash your mind and you will find it somehow (SPIKE-E) what's wrong kid could be making it? teenager in trouble and you're hating it you wanna leave the crowd you're with lead your own life but i know you're scared of it in a week there's seven days 168 hours and a million ways everyday's different and your life will change trust me it'll never stay the same again **(REPEAT CHORUS)** (MELO-D) growing up seems so hard when you're young you never wanna listen you just wanna have fun try to make things right but it soon turns worng people say the best years come when you're young you never listen to what people say always wanna try and do things in your own way never think straight always play life as a game and in the end it's another life thrown away (REEPA) teenage troubles thoughts that run through your head trying to impress cause of what your mates said wanna get in the crowd you ain't got the clothes so you're out for a teenager that's what life's about the pressure of the drugs violence and racism that faces them it's a part of life, don't ruin it for yourself or you might end up by yourself (STRIDER) if you think about back in the day of what you could have had but you threw it away to be the top boy on the street to be the boy everybody wanted to be can't you see? **(REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE)**

Lil' Drummer Boy

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
[Bailiff] Will the court please rise Judge Funk Doctor Spock residing [Prosecutor] Your honor Lil' Kim is a threat to society She has shown a blatant disregard for the law And has killed six fine law enforcement agents in the line of duty For the vicious acts She should be punished to the fullest extent of the law [Lil' Kim] Pardon me your honor May I address the bench They try-na assassinate me like they did to Larry Flynt * Coughs Excuse my persona I may be hardcore but I'm not Jeffrey Dalmer Ever since I killed ‘em I ain't been in trouble since It wasn't my fault I acted out of self-defense He killed my best friend (Who's him) I mean them They was all dressed in blue and they want me dead too They had real grenade bombs inside of their palms And a whole bunch of guns wrapped tight in their arms See them bastards woke me up when they broke my alarm I was getting my ass licked by this cat named Tom (Stop!) I heard three guns cocked that's when Tom dropped They sent the bow and arrow right through his tank top (Oh she's lying!) Lying Blood was gushing on the floor Fingerprints all on the door Need I say more Pulled out the remote can and shot blows after blow Ploom! Queen off her toes They fell down like dominoes I think it was the Matrix, I mean it was the Matrix What was I do Sit back and just take this Yo I tell you now If I lose this debate Like in Dead Presidents I'm going out like Lorenz Tate See I ain't gon be stupid I'm gon take all y'all to the shift I should be able to say what I want What the fuck I plead the fifth (Now Kim, Kim) Fuck that Cee-lo I got to save the world The first female king and they mad cause I'm a girl [Cee-lo] Uh with all due respect your honor Excuse my client's temperament Who has had social intelligence With so much innocence we have to implement She was slightly out of place But if you grant us a grain of your grace I'll assure you it's only stress due to the severity of the case Imagine for a minute, yourself in the same shoes The same sense of survival and the same nothing to lose Your children, your lovely wife I mean look at her The only thing she's guilty of is having no choice in the matter [Kim] Lord I cry, I cry From the things that I've seen That I've seen And Lord I cry, I cry From the things I've seen, ooh If you only knew the things I've been through Oh yeah You'd know why You'd know why I cry, I cry, I cry [Redman] Order! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order! Order in the courts, I'm examining her thoughts And the notes on why you started slaughtering the fort The men dressed in blue they were undercover cops Hungry to see another black motherfucker shot They ran up in your spot and no one gave the orders Even Tom was tapped with a mic and a tape recorder (He was in on it too!) Yeah (I should've known) Yeah (Objection your honor) Yo objection overruled I know the news they tried to pay the grand jury To give you life sentence with parole up in thirty Now that's dirty, surveillance and you debate Fuck Will! Now you're the new Enemy of the State Angela Bobbett's cake compared to you And Junior Mafia that clique ain't scared to move So they took precautions Grenades from all force and Professional marksman with four fours of war hymn But you stopped, dropped, rolled and duck Shot back other bitches would've folded up Now that's my kind of bitch I know I'm the judge But I love that bitch And I'm coming with her Creme of crop and me I'mma hold her down Resign with A-K's so we blowing the trial Look it's a setup Yo Kim come on (I'm right behind you baby) Yo Kim come on (I'm right here with you man) [Kim] Lord I cry, I cry From the things that I've seen That I've seen...

Wild Things

ANDY MINEO "Heroes For Sale"
[Hook] I wanna go where the wild things are I'm talking lions, tigers, bears (oh my) Christ died for the terrible heart That's why I wanna be where the wild things are [Verse 1] Welcome to the church in the wild I live with dudes haven't been to church in a while I've chosen this lifestyle, you ever met my friends? Porn stars, dope dealers, they like, "Why you chill with them"? I thought you was a Christian? Yeah I'm on that team But I'm with them cause my life's the only bible that they've ever seen Some wanna be an earshot from the church bell I wanna win souls, make gunshots in the worst hell Telling 'em Christ became a curse for they sin with my words and my works They won't come in? I'm bringing church to them Yeah, that's why I live where I live They say, "You acting cray, that ain't no place to raise your kids" But um, if we ain't living it who else gon' show em What a family supposed to look like instead of them broken homes Gotta be living stones around where they getting stoned Live and know Him, die to make Him known 'til He take us home, let's go [Hook] [Verse 2] If you catch me in a bar where the wild things are With my pastor and an entourage who loves God Please don't think that it's odd, we kick it 'round broken hearts Fishing for men, surrounded by sin but ain't taking part I talk about Jesus, all the Christians love me I walk like Jesus now they wanna judge me, ain't it funny? I'm ducking stones thrown from the Pharisees Gospel of Peace up on my feet like a pair of cleats Walking with the Paraclete, that's Greek for The Spirit They say the wild things'll eat you up Who shall I fear when God is walking with me If I die that's a win, that's the seed of the church plus I get to be with Him And we so undefeated like Hanes made our sneakers I had beef with Jesus and my sin it got deleted So I gotta go and speak it to those who really need it Let the Gospel off the leash, go and be where the beasts at [Hook]

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