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Frenzal Rhomb lyrics

Rats In The Walls

Original and similar lyrics
Hey there believers Best thing I can do is keep you all in the dark Hey there believers Thank you for another sympathetic remark But I can see who is watching over me Only dark clouds break, wash the filth into the sea My revelations, was not that good but it's still locking me in My medication, it hold me stable and it's keeping me thin But wait and see I am not some prodigy And I can't love all these angels after me Well don't pick me up when I crash to the ground Don't try and stop me falling Have a drink when I'm waiting for the final call Don't you rescue me With the worms in the bedroom and the rats in the walls It's a wonder I get anything done at all With the bottle and the pipe and the cards up-faced I never ever ever want to leave this place Well don't pick me up when I crash to the ground Don't try and stop me falling Have drink when I'm hungry for the final call Don't you rescue me Well should I feel ashamed when our heroes weep? Is that the sound I hear as I go to sleep? When god's in his heaven all is wring with the world Don't you rescue me

The Spanish Archer

DEEP PURPLE "House of Blue Light"
(Blackmore/Gillan/Glover) well there must have been a reason for the smile that you had upon your face last night are you the cat that got the cream did you lick your lips did you close your eyes can you imagine how it feels it's so hard to reveal oh i can't get through and i'm falling i'm getting out i'm losing ground the spanish archer's gonna bring you down is there someone somewhere waiting in the wings to take my place let's not drag it out like a cagney death scene in this season of change it's not hard to explain like the leaves on the trees i'm falling and as you turn don't look away the spanish archer's gonna make you pay do you remember when the sky was blue we used to talk for miles and now we drive along in this thundering silence it's such an obvious lie with that easy smile of yours i'm letting go and i'm falling i'm getting out losing ground the spanish archer's gonna bring you down well is there something i can say as we stumble to the edge have we gone too far why don't we call it a day before we call it a nightmare darlin' if we made a mistake then all that it takes to be free is the wave of a hand and you're falling and as you turn don't look away the spanish archer's gonna make you pay

The Tugboat Complex

Oh my God They've got angels sweatin' like Hell, it's workin' their little halos to the bone combing them deserts my figure eight knotted lifeline defined traffic the way my schoolin' end-less-ly defined every day one exquisite fitted crisis rivets an octagon of red to the ceiling above my bed it's not a conversation piece, like public spectacles unleashed more of a clue so when I wake up to the rains I'll be one step ahead of you I slide like Kodakrome [?] wrote a poem for every planet tracked their mileage from the sun in an envelope licked it, stamped it got eight thank yous in the mail, but nine planets means there's one left only the earth would thank me later with a breath taking sunset (man, I'm just a bum) zip that waterfall around your skeleton tell it to boil loyalties, the shovel in the soil dig it, I split my lip kissing the winter nursed the blister in the sun strung a hammock between spring and where the willows turn to blood might of worked sip a little, litter it, love it without big beetles trying to sell him sunflower seeds by the bucket might of, tugboat for the boxcutter above those ashes without hot air balloons floatin' their four passenger baskets and I'm asking you to let a captive lacerate a caption splash out massive apolster plastic glasses with famine patches i-dentify all saints linked around the fountain's warmth and for a second taste of pain when removing that crown of thorns [?] born hostile, pacifist huddled in subtle masochist stamp the blame on [?] my fire escape overlooks ghost town market place artists bought out passes then fast themselves to the target's face you're killin' me if I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts if I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon earth and if your little wing is broken I'll see the poacher in hell I can't afford another [?] in a cell my carousel mimics the interests of a thousand leaking spickets and a colony of graziers raised to justify the grimace (and yes I read the treaty) I prescribe the remedy plus the premises my pin cushion, my limbs pushin' the knitting needle evils, idle, peddle past the greeting where the sleepers feed the cycles stop, watch the eagles board the little engine that could not ghost in a shell and it fell in my lap passin', postin' the bail but the guard has misplaced the key ring (that's wonderful) I lead a flee to blaze exact songs directly into the village power supply burning the bridge between the magnet and my eye now how many cadavers satisfy a mad man? and how many crooked samaritans turn plesantville to bad land? I can count my own dusty nickels with you laughing about you'll turn my poor ass ebony and navy with cane lashings (well, you're right) grip your pointed stick, incite your riot I'll sell your worth in a bottle at profit, explain my bias atomic box cult, downward spiral rapidly cast to hell with hate mail, forged Christ's autograph laughed itself, drastic catastrophe biting my lip skin and bones, stringent bingin' on rancid baits mummified well inside a muddy New York minute was it your remnants my smoke rings have cocooned prior to fading? well, it wasn't conscious spite but it might have been that I am not your friend anymore my arrow head dissertation [?] when narrow bed sleepers occupy the basement and I am not your friend anymore come the dawning of [?] in your pity blend that whispers in the wind man, if it were only that simple I'd add a guilt frame to [?] I'd board myself inside my room to trace the wilting contour one petal falls to the rug, she loves me not town crier lugging a boom box with spirit plugs and a red radio flyer tied to irony like twenty burning igloos with a sailors knot fiddler crabs build sandcastles while high tide off azalea crops in the icicle field I portray, cats get antsy and ask 'why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?' why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? well if it ain't finally a question that's worth answering I boogie for the raindrops for the purity, the anger for my childhood recollections for the comic book in my heart the mocked intentions the clarity, passion, seclusion those cool summer nights for the mark emerging across the street selling me stog's at half price for the mights, the maybes, the nauseating pitfall my girl, my friends for the fact my window opens towards a brick wall for the three legged dog I saw dragged on a leash for the homeless man who walks my block in rainstorms with plastic bags on his feet see I throw away the tenders over one shoulder and walk across broken glass through every wicked world to kiss tomorrow's morning not for nothing you'll drown in a pool of your crooked morals whispering 'maybe Aesop Rock was on to something' maybe, no promises

These Are My People

RODNEY ATKINS "If You're Going Through Hell"
Well we grew up down by the railroad tracks Shootin' b.b.'s at old beer cans Chokin' on the smoke from a lucky strike Somebody lifted off of his old man We were football flunkies Southern rock junkies Crankin' up the stereo Singin' loud and proud to gimme three steps Simple Man, and Curtis Lowe We were good you know We got some discount knowledge at the junior college Where we majored in beer and girls It was all real funny 'til we ran out of money And they threw us out into the world Yeah the kids that thought they'd run this town Ain't runnin' much of anything We're just lovin' and laughin' And bustin' our asses And we call it all livin' the dream [Chorus] These are my people This is where I come from We're givin' this life everything we've got and then some It ain't always pretty But it's real That's the way we were made Wouldn't have it any other way These are my people Well we take it all week on the chin with a grin Till we make it to a Friday night And it's church league softball holler 'bout a bad call Preacher breakin' up the fight Then later on at the green light tavern Well everybody's gatherin' as friends And the beer is pourin' till Monday mornin' Where we start all over again [Chorus] We fall down and we get up We walk proud and we talk tough We got heart and we got nerve Even if we are a bit disturbed [Chorus]


AESOP ROCK "Daylight"
[Aesop Rock] Count that for me...thanks [Robotic voice 4x] One, two, one, two, three, four [Aesop Rock] Well any asshole with a book of matches can light a fire fresh Make that sucker burn for days, I'll be impressed Circlin past the culture's bigot, procreation baked in advanceable Then ball and scurry up the grass to roll his marbles off the anthill I know gerth and nature but recognize absentee ballot And sappy ballads couldn't fill the void This game's in the giant Tugboat Complex and HE'S ANNOYED! (No one's asking you to feel the narc, brother!) Hmm, it's fashion I'll find my own bullies to shake a finger wrapped in Realigned mine knives in divine justice Plus this uncontrollable laugh with those ample waves of brain finally crash Brimstone clone with legs and dim poems Ten little Zen crafts Things cooperate like paper dog participants litigans Picket well or ride or burner style clinic Acid with the basics P-H imbalance to burn the malice martyrs spaceless Then fabricate daytrips I want to be the halo that jumps off the brain Of the genius who decided some pictures deserved frames (God and I are on a first name basis) Yeah I call him God, he calls me Jesus When I lost my religion, he fell to pieces Blade, dragon, up hell's creek Interrupting a devil pagent Starfighter settling to madness I keep my ghoul spirit concealed Until the warriors return to the Coney Isle Wonder Wheel [Chorus 4x] My momma told me there'd be days like this Days like this, days like this, days like this (yes she did) [Robotic voice 4x] One, two, one, two, three, four [Aesop Rock] Okay, tell me who you chill with and I'll tell you who you are I walk a mile with a leash attached to your freak seminar It's a modern sensation on the boulevard of maintenance To sweep your broken hopes under the rugs then hug the playpen This revolution pushing through the loose pins and a strait jacket A maverick classed in a bunk category They had him parallel with a tattered glory division (I could devil drink dreams out of thermos) Yeah, with a whiskey afterburn It's like, nine o'clock wake (I'm up) spit obscentities My girl ties on my cape, smoke a bone then work my dental tree The clear day's laced with a classic mother nature thunderchaser set That got my papergrain's wings wet Voyeurist amendments lack expansive coverage in the syllabus I dance with shuckles while you man the keyhole grilling code I've done my chores according to God's schedule With coffee holding the wheel and nicotine working the pedals Metal edge kings that tends to rapel the pebble Kettle screaching out the operetta I live to autograph the iron curtain with doveback feather pens Spurting magma, cursing television urns to burn until my Cleopatra Minor (Major) dispersed slap on the wrist For the tennants lacking the arms to harbor the rarity of thick friendship Stuck with a "Yes sir" Change of fatigue to ankle Each beneath the angle I'ma call home until the rock meets the angels [Chorus 4x] [Robotic voice - repeat to fade] One, two, one, two, three, four

The Fall Through Ginnungagap

AMON AMARTH "The Crusher"
Once I was - Now I am no more A burst of flames threw me into oblivion The life I knew - Seems distant and unreal A fading dream, a memory I can't recall Am I real - I can no longer tell A notion tells me I still exist Infinite dark - Through this void I float Resting, waiting for the day When I will live again Eons pass or maybe I just blinked Deeper into this hell I sink Falling through Ginnungagap I'm pulled towards an unseen gate I seem to hear my name being called I float towards these cries of fate Faster than - the speed of light I am falling through universe Stars flash by - Before my eyes The time has come to return Out of the dark - Into the light Back into life I am cast By my side - A demon army rides We ride to reclaim that once we lost Eons have passed, I'm back from the dead Victory lies ahead

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