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Get Them Boyz

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get them boyz ( lilc) get them boyz nigga. nigga fuck that shit. bitch ass can't do nothing but suck my dick. ice on my finger . rocks on my wrist. bitches can't resist anigga like this. i took your hoe old punk ass nigga. got her with my charm like tommy hill figure. don't test a nigga like me. the one and only lilc. cause when i'm in the club every thing goes down. if nigga come in my face i'ma lay him down. and leave him with a frown. cause you know i'm the free style king so give me the mother fucken crown. and i'm out this bitch. l

Fight Music

D12 "Devils Night"
[Chorus: Eminem] This kind of music, use it, and you get asked to do shit Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it It's just some shit, for these kids, to trash they rooms with Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit The type of shit that you don't have to ask who produced it You just know - that's the new shit The type of shit that causes mass confusion and drastic movement of people actin stupid [Kon Artis] I come to every club with intention to do harm With a prosthetic arm and smellin like Boone's Farm Hidin under tables as soon as I hear alarms Paranoid thief that'll steal from his own moms Connivin Kon, Artis with a bomb Strapped to my stomach screamin, 'Let's get it on!' A lush that love to drink, drunk drivin a tank Rollin over a bank, cops see me and faint It's drastic, I'm past my limit of coke I think I'll up my high by slittin your throat Push your baby carriage into the street, 'til it's mince meat Your mens been beat the minute I step onto your street This is fight music! [Bizarre] You know why my hands are so numb (No) Cause my grandmother sucked my dick and I didn't come (oh) Smacked this whore for talkin crap (bitch) So what if she's handicapped, the bitch said Bizarre couldn't rap I fuckin hate you; I'll take your drawers down and rape you While Dr. Dre videotapes you (hell yeah!) Satan done got me on this song Eatin a hot dog readin the Holy Qu'ran, while I'm on the john Tired of wearin this yellow thong Take it back Sisqo, you know where it belongs (thong th-thong thong) Now here's a gun, I'll put it in your palm Now go over there and blow up Dru Hill's arms Fuck your love songs [Chorus] [Proof] Just bring who you gon' bring on, who you gon' swing on I'm King Kong, guns blow you to king-dom come Show you machine gun funk Sixteen m-16's and one pump [click-clack] The snub in my paw, shove it in your jaw Have you runnin out this fuckin club in your drawers We lovin the broads, there's nothin to applaud But fuck it it's all good, the hood is up in The Source It's fight music [Swifty McVay] I'm a nigga that loves scuffles And won't hesitate to sock you again for swollen knuckles I'm like that, catch a nigga like bear traps Blow his head back right in front of the priest sayin, 'You hear that' I slap your freak, bump you and won't speak If you step on my feet, you get drowned in your own drink I suffocated my shrink just for talkin Came back and fucked up his pallbearers and made 'em drop his coffin It's fight music! [Kuniva] These beads I'm swingin is stingin 'em See all these niggaz When I step in the club, I'm bringin 'em If any nigga lookin too hard, we Rodney King'n 'em Malice green to them and gasolinin 'em with premium Light a cigarette, flick it at 'em or spit it at 'em Hold up a picture of his family and kick it at him Blast while you right hookin, right when your wife's lookin Fuck fight music, bitch this is losin your life music! [Eminem] If I could capture the rage of today's youth and bottle it Crush the glass from my bare hands and swallow it Then spit it back in the faces of you racists and hypocrites who think the same shit but don't say shit You Liberace's, Versace's, and you nazis Watch me, cause you thinkin you got me in this hot seat You motherfuckers wanna JUDGE me cause you're NOT me You'll never STOP me, I'm TOP speed as you POP me I came to save these new generations of babies from parents who failed to raise 'em cause they're lazy to grow to praise me I'm makin 'em go crazy That's how I got this whole nation to embrace me And you fugazi if you think I'ma admit wrong I cripple any hypocritic critic I'm sic'd on And this song is for any kid who gets picked on A sick song to retaliate to, and it's called.. [Chorus] It's fight music!

Please Don't Mind

You could turn the mic down a lil' bit C'mon, with the hands, yeah see [both talking] [Boobonic] Excuse me bitch what's your name Couple dollars ain't it so what's your game Known fact cause I'm gettin' the cash Don't dance face to face, bitch gimme the ass I'll help you out if you had a long day Dick like, good advice, it could go a long way Front, cause I knocked cha'll down I could remodel homes, I knock walls down I'm wit all, that shit y'all Talk about, oh what I don't hit raw Naw, you could flow like a bank hold up Have I ever loved a chick lemme think, hold up No, I'm all about the dough He shouldn't give a fuck if it's not your hoe Oh, that hatin' shit you did, ain't done us Playas and we get more head then new hundreds [Chorus] Please don't mind, how I pursue Don't take it personal girl it's how thugs do Let's get fly, sit for a few And after that let's go I'm fucking you [Mr.] Yo, let me tell you how I pursue Spit game in they ear, and it's proper too Say we stayin' at the Fount with Blue I'ma ball every day, spend a grand or two (psyche) Hit the beach, forget the sheets Get it down right there, chick touch your feet Loc roll, that's so much game Y'all think y'all know my aim That's a joke like Marlon Wayans, lame And it ain't got no change Chick listen up, want dick or what? Take that, that's the only thing I'm givin' up Only sent, it's the dream that your 'gone get Hit for free, then Boo 'gone hit No they not like M-O dot I hit, touch base, and ball like White Sox [Chorus - 2x] [Boobonic] Look around dawg, what you see nigga Whole lotta model bitches then me nigga Me and Don in a drop and this pearl Withchu so sick make niggas wanna hurl Do it look like I care that's your girl? She diggin' me, and love that I'm all the way ferl You talkin' shit, don't concern her If I fuckin' go, hit more bitches than Ike Turner [Mr.] I send 'em home in the cab to tell I play 'em more high notes than Patti LaBelle (plus) You gel, heavywear at (and) Got ice and your bezie wear that Y'all doozers are strictly losers We 'gone blow bright like bulbs and fuses Tell your man he better slow his role Our guns'll make James Brown lose his soul [Chorus - 4x]

Murda 4 Life

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
Yeah. What y'all niggaz want street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja rule shit You heard nigga It's all real in the field nigga [Chorus] Niggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night If your feeling it, get high its alright but you can't get it, until the day of our demise [repeat] [Memphis Bleek] You can holler at the dog haters wanna see me fall Bitches wanna too see me ball killers they don't wanna see me at all If I wasn't rolling with the rock Will you niggaz pass rock share birds or flash glocks I walk around wit two Mac's, razors and icepicks Just cause you niggaz want to see me hurtin like them Its all about the benjamins money cash hoe's livin through this shit i'm in nigger stack doe Street scholar, eight figure nigga white collar cat ain't the M-E-M-P-H man, bitch holla back I'm a creature smoking on hay since it was reefer Drug ass flow like I was cut wit ether Mark ass nigger don't want a part of this nigga spark with this nigga blaze bark wit this niga Me and Ja Rule fuckin you hoe's is what these guys do Ain't the type to buy you, mommy how you, slide cock inside you supply you with ten bitches times two, I'm a motherfuckin animal [Chorus 2x] [Ja Rule] Fuck the world cause it ain't quite ready me I'm living my life niggaz take a look at these eyes Witness what it is to be real niggaz guns, drugs, hot slugs, coke runs, want some, get some Bad enough buy some nigga Fucking around with Ja and Bleek and get hit up Tearing your whole clique then we clip up Nigga thats what these Murderers nigga that's us What the fuck, is you ready to die right now nigga Know you feelin my style nigga Run wit nothing but wild Brooknam and Queens Isle niggaz Hit em any nigger that breath rule riddel em wit hot one Ain't nigga like me, who you riding wit Rolling nothing but hot shit your bitch my bitch Only difference is bitches on my dick blow dick How I cock spread hit ho's love that shit, you celibate I'll turn you into the freakest bitch Have you topless dancing in bars naked for dollars Y'all bitches know what my style is Always on some foul shit, Rule bitch Let the world know When I spit nothing but that murderous live wit it [Chorus 2x] [Memphis Bleek] Hol-la! What you think of that, bitch where we freakin at Bum chick don't speak to that, fly momma creep wit that Live with it nigga hit it, don't stop get it get it Don't tricking bitching, would you fuck with it Brooknam and Queens Yo, it means more killin, more guns, more drugs, more real ass niggaz HOLLA don't give a fuck, DOLLAS niggaz what you want get it Crump blaze skunk, what the fuck y'all want nigga! [Ja Rule] None of me cause, I hit em wit to much style And my energy got these niggaz creatin lil me's I'm a lock and squeeze know that its my time If I leave air breath niggaz haten on mines I'm a nightmare niggas better prepare to die And deal wit Ja hollerin Murda 4 life! [Chorus 2x] Uhh yeah Ja Rule, Memph Bleek Holla back, Roc-a-Fella Its Mur-da, Its Mur-da uh uh We out

Poker Face

(feat. Buc Fifty) Many strange things happen in a studio while the mic is live [Buc Fifty] Yo yo yo yo what's crackin' It's the one and only Buc-motherfuckin'-Fifty Up here from L.A. to Van, all the way back to Murderville I've got a license to kill And as for these bitches on the street, that love my sex But y'all feel my depth appeal, yes it's real Buc-fuckin'-Fifty I'm young and deadly, that real nigga you pretend to be Armed heavily, quick on the draw, you're levelheaded G Fuck sensitivity I ain't gentle B I'm head buttin', punk motherfuckin' niggas for frontin' Shake it on the ground chokin' on they own blood and Make your nose bone fuck your brains, when I'm buggin' Then I just laugh like I was playin' the dozens Cause you can't do me nothin' it's like style's my custom How I function, as a man from a munchkin I keep thumpin', run with a shady bunch and We was Murderville when Laverne was money-earnin' Getting' money like the Persians across the country burnin' Anything movin', any corner that we turnin' And knowledge ain't one thing that I'm concerned with Deadly hand speeders while you niggas can't stand me Come through and reject yo shit like Moka's candy I hear know excuses make sure you understand me Almost doesn't count my nigga ask Brandy [Prevail (Chorus x2)] Full house, royal flush, what you holdin' You'll be foldin', fuckin' with Swollen Queens get jacked by the King of Spades Buc Fifty, Mad Child, Prev One, Poker Face [Mad Child] I'm a razor blade the face it turn cross the line And when it comes to path don't cross mine It's strange though, devil with the face of an angel Braveheart in battle, still chase rainbow Scorpion king that slowly return Purified by pain reason fire burn Bitch so stupid got your thong on wrong I'm a cygone bomb, with my fire-on arm I'm raw with this flawless lawlessness Three stars rest to y'all of astrologists College kids, download these songs and acknowledge this Shock or rock bottom with the high alcohol tolerance Skin stay thick, now duck cause you fuckers suck a trick [Prevail (Chorus x2)] [Prevail] Yo you shouldn't gamble, with things you can't handle Horrid morbid speak in leakin' fluid If he can do it, then why can't I Cause he can't fly he stays grounded, safe to say I'm bout it When it comes time to turn it out, it's my specialty Effortlessly destined to death, we all ears There's marijuana in my pits, this life is twisted Kiss the distance welcome to hitsville Shit it bangs it's a snake pit gang out Boa Constrictor, stick to dialogue that differs Leave you stiff you no-go, deader than do-dos Plus I look good in photos, hittin' locos Battleaxe Soldiers you Homo Erectus City to city Tokyo to Soho they expect us Toys ain't us, poison tusk, dawn til dusk We bust enough of this good stuff to smack your lips If you riff, peace to lift My release date on the streets will never shift Cause beats like this I rock them well, Doctor Ill Talk to myself walk and kill, the space and fill The holes with mace, pray the sky grace your place With my presence and draw the line It's clobberin' time, like I'm made of stone If it's my thing you can swing while we rock the phones [Prevail (Chorus x2)]

Duck Sick Ii

Compton's Most Wanted "Music to Driveby"
Mmmm, I'm back for the payback, black. Ready to attack, so to your jaw I start to mack. Its the mutherfucking Compton psycho. So suckers who be sounding so wack, don't try to bite, yo. You'll play the bitch and I'll play the pimp. Then I'll be pimping your ass to make money real fast. Cause to the homies you just don't hit. Can't get juice with that doo-wap pop shit. Geah nigga, I just won't quit. My rap is bomb ass chronic, 10 dollars a hit. Try to diss fool and I'll shut you down. Put on a big nose fool cause its time to clown. So now I gots to break my mutherfucking foot off in your ass because you came back too soft. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well this trick is new, its the duck sick 2. Now watch me fuck up your program. And you'll be saying 'damn i lost my luck.' Now your ass is stuck, mutherfucker. By the Compton gangsta of rap. Raised in the hood. Always up to no good. I need to peel a cap, so I kill some Poor unfortunate fool with the nine gun. You come fake, fuck with Eiht, you gots no clout. Keep talking shit as I buss your fucking mouth. Now fool what kinda move was that? I see your quick to talk shit, yeah boy I'm quick to pull the gatt. Claiming my city, oh what a pity. And the way you shout out just sounds shitty. So nigga, slow your mutherfucking roll. Fuck you with a pole, with the rhymes you stole. So gather up your homies, him him and him and you. Geah, its the duck sick 2. I dont beleive it, another mutherfucker on the rap shelf done fucked hisself. Just squeezed in like a bitch. I guess thats why he raps with a high pitch. I just can't figure, How the punk ever think he could fuck this nigga. Your short, shorter than short, sorry punk. Still blast that ass when the Ides got me drunk. Just keep getting it, dont stop sucking too soon punk or Eiht'll start fucking. Your weak old shit that wont last. You won't hang as I slap your bitch ass. So get ready, cause its your mutherfucking calling. You and your wack ass crews 'll start falling. Geah drop your knees, because we ain't through. Get a grip, do it quick, the mutherfucking duck sick 2. We outta here.

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