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this right here is for all those niggas that think they can see me right here i'm give a shout out to all the hot movies you trying to be gangsta like you Maid in Manhattan that's like me being broke dog it just want happen. when you am me you better be ready i'm like the cat from The Hunted chop you up with the machete. when you see me coming you better get out the way cause i know How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. can't nobody out there fuck with me i'm an assasin nigga like The Bourne Identity. you try to challenge me that's stupid not brave i'm not Jet Li but i'll send A Cradle To The Grave. look me wrong i'll shot you for being curious hope in my car ride out like The Fast The Furious. all the girls love and i love having sex i video tape and call it triple X.(XXX) ya'll know i'm the hottest so holler back now be like Marting Lawrence and Run Tell That. i'm out

Losing My Balance

J. COLE "The Warm Up"
Yea huh Yea one, two, one, two, one, two One, two, one two uh-huh Yea, uh Yea uh Miss high profile caught you shopping on Canal I guess it makes sense, it seems phony as your style Your hair and your nails just as phony as your smile Fake eyelashes, you drew your eyebrows It make a brother ask, do you pride yourself? Your make up like a mask, tryna hide yourself It seems on the outside you thinking you the shit But there's a soul that's inside that you don't even knew exist So you so out of touch that the world mistreat you, Rich niggas fuck you and broke niggas beat you Hoping this will reach you when you understand That your value ain't determined by another man Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand And you just tell them go deep like Cunningham And you just let them OD like Len Bias And that pussy so good he let his friends try it Losing your balance, yea uh Losing your balance, yea uh Losing your balance, Girl you losing your balance uh, yea Don't slip don't fall, Just a get a grip my nigga hold on Don't lose your balance, Don't lose your balance I look around at my city this is SinVille That boy 11 years old and can inhale Sometimes I ride around wondering if we in hell Or why the cops love to throw a nigga in jail I'm bout to lose it I just had another friend killed Over some bullshit this cycle's like a windmill I had a convo with my soul I asked it "When will, this shit change? " It said boy "Just use them pen skills"- And so I write this for my niggas on the corner Love you cause you my brother so I feel I got to warn ya This shit ain't set up for a young brother to advance On that note, you niggas playing right into their hands Damn, better get yourself some goals, you niggas better dream I know the hood raised you but there's bigger better things And for those that passed I need a moment of silence Sssssshhhhh Yea and don't be losing your balance Don't be losing your balance, Don't be losing your balance, My nigga don't be losing your balance, Uh yea so don't slip, don't fall Just a get a grip my nigga hold on Don't lose your balance, uh Don't lose your balance I got a thing for this little mama She do it to me plus her brain is forreal I'm a... sucka for love I guess Won't catch her up in the club cause she ain't into that Kind of chick that rather rent a flick and get intimate Say she never fuck with thug niggas only gentlemen And yea that ass is fat but what's better is her intellect Other men ah sweat her when we walk past Can't even blame em' I did the same when I saw that ass Matched with the thin waist, brown with a slim face Love the conversation and the kicks was like a sensei Now she got me chillin' with her all around the clock My homiess beefin' cause I never come around a lot Keep on telling me I changed and things ain't the same And ever since she came around I never want to hang They tell me that it's foul how a chick will make me switch But man I can't help it dog her mind got me whipped I think I'm losing my balance I think I'm losing my balance yea She got me losing my balance, uh She got me losing my balance, But I won't slip I won't fall, Just a get a grip and hold on Losing my balance, Losing my balance


[CHORUS] What this world is comin to, to, to Can you see, see, see, see What's in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you [Verse 1] Yo, right before I lay your soul to sleep Witness the day of your wreckin and wit god on the street Behold! What the fuck y'all niggas come around here for We massacre the masses so therefore Here's your, invitation to explore The way we gather up niggas to thoroughly rep for My street niggas, C'mon! Stressed niggas, C'mon! Hungry niggas, C'mon! Yes, yes y'all, C'mon! Hope my live motherfuckers pass the test y'all Prepare for high retribution, and I hope God bless y'all (bless y'all) Fuck shit up and watch the truth manifest y'all (fest y'all) Feel it in your guts and the burnin in your chest y'all (chest y'all) Pushin through just like a wild flood With such a pain that's so intense it make y'all wanna cry blood My slang talk earned a scholarship, from how to style a chick Influnce rulership and earn another dollar quick (quick) You need to do the philisophical research Fuck around and be the next to die you better leave first Yo, my whole crew extra large, stay charged Like polytheism havin belief in many gods I gotta handful of niggas wit a sick disease Die close to destructive anti-social tendencies Yo, turn up the treble just a level Analyze the science deeper than when Musa symbolized the devil Now let me ask y'all [CHORUS] [you are now in the current state of Anarchy] [Verse 2] Ha, all hell break loose Yo, we fight to the end and never call for a truce Y'all niggas better pick and choose and select the battles wisely Always with the same approach and never once surprised me Ha, however how clever Niggas is fighting for mad cheddar Yo, cold like the wind blow in the winter Make you remember the torture like the frostbite that bit off your finger This Means War, I said it before Adrenaline rush, heart beat rapid, sweat wet up the floor Try to threat and wanna battle me nigga I'ma show you the major differnce between a dream and reality nigga Yo, then I continuously hype up a nation Huddle wit my niggas plan for tomorrow go into isolation And analyze how many niggas gon lose Tryin to squeeze they foot up in a pair of great man shoes And analyze how we was needed to live Carry out my dooney give the most thanks and be appreciative Pass this to all my seeds after me Represent and fight to be that everything my seeds want me to be The economy has been at it's best, to all my niggas hungry Let's keep weavin and magical methods of makin money So I'ma rep at my fullest, you can't spark me And fight the hardest in the grim current state of Anarchy... [CHORUS]

Back 2 Life

Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening"
[Tek] To all my peeps locked down, comin back 2 life I know it's been a mega zone, since I sen't you this kite But I had to K.I.M., you know the city don't sleep Put 50 cents in your commisary, reach you next week The streets still in a shangle, since we last broke bread And Baby Ra got left, O.T. two in the head Seen Black cop the ack, you know his numbers ain't match He still runnin tack jobs from the days of way back And look at Jose, is wild now, gave birth to my first child And they move John back to the Isle Still tryin to hold my dough to see mom straight Gotta scribe from Jahard said he maxed a rapper's weight For a rep to 5-10, before we lock in Askin how's my rappin, wanna know if I'm still boxin In the center that's the sum, now he been gone for 12 summers Round the same time a vapor leather b bombers [scratched up samples of Mobb Deep's Trife Life ] [Tek] For the love of money, Red is facin a 8-20 Could of had a 1-3 but the streets were hot and days were sunny Some niggas stayin runnin for the love of money Went up to Antarc, slick mix sergeant country [Steele] A god a scribe from the god foundation Same thing nuthin changed, he's maintainin Just takin everyday, he stay inside and stride Build a whip, a tard, a nepher, trying to stay alive Tell the god Ja Rule, I'm comin to see him in the fu' Next V.I., soon as I finish takin care of B.I. I see why that nigga Kay be ready to flip But let him know Rhino's home, fuckin wit the clique, shit Imagine if Blueman was there, oh my god I know that's somethin for the ward and the fair Oh yeah, if you bump into my nigga Rubble Tell him me and his brother Sigh got the bundle when he come thru [more scratched up samples of Trife Life, and talking] [Tek] Told ya moms, tell me stop shittin on me, take the block with my phone Don't forget about a dog when he away from home You know I'm trying to blow, but I can still spread love Cuz he been down for too long, and I ain't seen him in the hood Plus I always say I'll visit, switch at the last minute He respect and overstand that I'm takin care of business But still ain't all, he needs to accept these calls The one you pass on your way, be the same one you fall And that's a fact that's been proven till this day it don't pay To go against the grain and betray family Plus I just seen Shack he said you change, actin funny But he don't even wet it, cuz he still gettin money Son, I be straight, fuckin wit the day from when ya bitch show Niggas be frontin, but I be reppin bad bro You know the inside coincide with the out When I come out, that's half the things we talk about [Steele] To all my people lock down, comin back 2 life We workin hard to bring you home, so we can do this right I know it's rough in the day, even rougher at night Hold ya crown, cuz we ready, and we down to fight [more samples of Trife Life ]


Clipse "Lord Willin'"
[Pharrell] You ready to do this, nigga? You ready to come down here? It's Virginia, nigga... We do this in broad daylight... It's a whole different degree of homicide, nigga... You ready? [Chorus: Pusha T (Pharrell)] I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook (Talk about, what?) Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fuck the books (Talk about, what?) Where we re-up, re-locate, re-off them brooks (Talk about, what?) So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look (Talk about, what?) [Pusha T] In my Home Sweet Home I keep chrome next to my bones Alters my walk to limpin' Since I love the feel, I guess I'm passionately pimpin' It 'tis what it seems That thing imprintin' through the seams of my jeans, by all means Lost it all, from lives to love Put my faith in my money, help me rise above See I turned to the Lord when them times got tough Bullied through streets, powder I pushed and shoved In that ole' Virginey Out of ten niggas, nine are guinea No money, all they know is gimme, got semis waitin' Heat like Caribbean summers, I been there Each year, a diffferent bitch wonder Who wing she gon' fall under, Push' or Mal' Ganga grinds, wit' me, with thoughts of fuckin' them cross her mind Look ma, that's right up my alley I love my family, I want them all happy In Virginia, we smirked at that Simpson trial Yeah, I guess the chase was wild But what's the fuss about? See, plenty my partners feelin' like O.J. Beat murder like the shit is OK, that's what our door say Talk the evil that men do, I'm lost in the mental I miss you Shampoo, we miss you Shampoo And your grams, too... [Pharrell] My nigga... Fo sho... [Chorus 2X's: Pusha T (Pharrell)] I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook (Talk about, what?) Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fuck the books (Talk about, what?) Where we re-up, re-locate, re-off them brooks (Talk about, what?) So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look (Talk about, what?) [Malice] Seem like they all got a comment to make In regards to my paper, now they guessin' my weight They fast to predict the outcome of my fate Wonderin' 'bout Clipse and if they got what it take Malice, he think he hard, tough guy of the clique And Pusha, he walk around like he swear he the shit You right on both counts, bitch, Clipse is us And there are some things that you don't discuss Don't ask me 'bout the Neptunes and what's they fair Don't ask about the loud screamin' chick with the hair Don't ask about my music, and how that's comin' 'bout Don't ask about my album, or when's it comin' out 'Cause I feel like you really being funny on the slide Now face down, layin' on your tummy, or you die I tried being humble, humble get no respect Now the first sign of trouble, that's a hole up in your neck Plus, what I look like spendin' my nights in jail I could never be a thug, they don't dress this well I reside in VA, ride in VA Most likely when I die, I'm gon' die in VA Virginia's for lovers, but trust there's hate here For out-of-towners, who think that they gon' move weight here Ironic, the same same place I'm makin' figures at That there's the same land they used to hang niggas at, in Virginia... [Chorus 2X's: Pusha T (Pharrell)] I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook (Talk about, what?) Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fuck the books (Talk about, what?) Where we re-up, re-locate, re-off them brooks (Talk about, what?) So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look (Talk about, what?) [Pharrell] Young'n... (Talk about, what?) This is real, young'n... (Talk about, what?) You lookin' into a whole different world, young'n (Talk about, what?) This is real... Live...

Premeditated Murder

J. COLE "Friday Night Lights"
[Verse 1:] Am I changing right before your eyes? Becoming someone you don't recognize As if I was disguised, I'm on that shit as if I was the Fly I'm touchin' skies, no puffin' lie Man these songs that I made in my bedroom and shit Gon' finally give a nigga leg room and a whip From a Civic to a Chevy must've died and went to heaven Like a passenger on 9/11 - please go find a reverend You see I promise that I'd never change But that was way before I made the dough and met the game Say hello to Miss Thang, I forgot yo name, she yellow And even white women want a nigga - Othello I'm ballin' with nuggets, like fuck it I'm Carmello Now the crib got much room -Portobello She drop it low and then she bust moves for the fellow I sit yo ass down like you was playin' a cello See, you niggas hated and I levitated further Knew I would kill the game, premeditated murder So if it comes down, may the best man win No sweat like a head band [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me [Verse 2:] I'm a kill the game and invite witnesses No death penalty, I'm givin' out life sentences Like keep grindin' boy, your life can change in one year And even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere Yeah, look here I pay dues My own worst enemy so fuck it either way I can't lose 808's so my south niggas feel me Light-skinned so the house niggas feel me She catch me creepin' out your house she'll kill me Is it worth it what's under that blouse? My heart'll turn pitch black and cold if I split with my girl If I could gift-wrap the globe, I would give you the world But, do you love me like you used to? Even though I ain't that nigga that you're used to Remember back when I was broke, you would fix me Do you prefer the broke me or the rich me The broke me couldn't buy you meals, not even a value meal And now I pay for everything, how you feel? Mixed feelings 'cause now all the chicks feelin' him You gotta adapt though never goin' back [Chorus:] Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me Where I'm from, if you ever seen what I seen You know it can't get no better for me No it can't get no better for me I can't keep running away I can't keep running away I swear I'm coming back today But if I'm wrong And I ain't got what it takes Then all dem people that was counting on me Boy won't you climb down the mountain for me

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