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FRANK ZAPPA lyrics - Them Or Us

Whippin' Post

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Bobby Martin (lead vocals, keyboards) Frank Zappa (guitar) Steve Vai (rhythm guitar) Ray White (rhythm guitar) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Ed Mann (percussion) Arthur Barrow (bass) Chad Wackerman (drums) I been run down Lord, I been lied to And I don't know why I let that mean woman make out a fool She took all my money Wrecked my new car Now she's with one of my good-time buddies, Drinkin' in some cross-town bar Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel Like I been Tied to the whippin' post Tied to the whippin' post Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin' My friends tell me That I been such a fool But I got to stand there an' take it All for loving you Drown myself in sorrow As I look at what you done Nothin' seems to change; That bad times stay the same, And I can't run Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel Like I been Tied to the whippin' post Tied to the whippin' post Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'


DMX "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot"
I come to you hungry and tired you give food and let me sleep I come to you weak you give me strength and that's deep You called me a sheep and leed me to green pastures only asking that I keep the focus inbetween the chapters You give me the word and only acts I interpret And give me the eyes so I may recognize the serpent You know I ain't perfect, but you'd like me to try And just like the devil who wants me to lie Till I die Lord why is it that, I go through so much pain All I saw was black and all I felt was rain I come to you because it's you who knows You showed me that everything was black Because my eyes were closed You gave me the light and let me bask in your glory So it was only right that when you ask for this story I put it together to do are dogs some good Are dogs being brothers and sisters in the hood Plenty of times you sent help my way but I hit I remember once you held me close but I slid There was something that I just had to see That you wanted me to see so I could be what you wanted me to be And I think I've seen it cos I don't feel the same Matter of fact I know I have seen it I can feel the change And it's strange almost got me beating down your door But I have never known love like this before It's a wonderful feeling to get away from the pain And up under the ceiling I get away from the rain And the strain that I feel when I'm here is gone I know real so I wipe away the tears son And I almost lost faith in you when you took my man Monty Pass over chase a brother down And I fear that what I saying won't be heard until I'm gone But it's all good, Cause I didn't really expect to live long So if it takes for me to suffer for my brother to see the light Give me pain till I die but please lord treat him right

To The Melody

MICK JENKINS "The Mickstape..."
But now love is so much better And Lord knows if my words don't come together Just listen to the melody Cause my love is in there [Hook:] Just listen to the melody [x3] Baby A nigga feel like going in Feel like letting out the bullshit I've been holding in Music, school and money, on what should I be focusing The jeopardy of choosing the wrong door and opening Fuck it, take the music for a thousand, Alex I'm tryna dress it right, I'm talking thousand island I'm aiming for the pocket, I'm like a thousand linemen I'm in the barbershop searching for the silver lining Can someone tell me how much good will really come from this? Is all that company gonna leave a nigga comfortless? See Drake be talking bout it, how he let it come to this? And if it's true then I don't know how he's functioning But I'm thinking that's the only part you fear about it Cause you can see my eyes gleaming when I hear about it And everybody wanna flow when the boat ride But it's like they all forget they got a fear of drowning [Hook x3] Lord knows they ain't never really had a chance I'm just a killer that ain't never really got a plan I just murder, whatever I do, murder nigga I could have the white moving quicker than an avalanche But I've never seen the purpose in moving a pound When I can get the same paper from moving a noun They tell me stop it, I'm laughing, they saying stop it Bad bitches laugh this is just one big room full of clowns I'm looking round like maybe I shouldn't be here Fuck it I'll just stay and I'll have me a little feast here And for dessert can somebody bring me a chocolate eclair Those are one of my favorites, I'm eating until I make it Lord knows I've been grinding too hard this year Niggas gassed like I'm driving two cars in here And even if they don't feel it, they felt the need to lie So I'm thinking they thinking I'm going far this year Trying to eat, fucking starving artist here [Hook x3]

Look At What I've Done

CHRIS CAGLE "Chris Cagle"
I saw it in her eyes when I was sayin' goodbye That girl, she ain't gonna be alright 'Cause I could tell that she'd be goin' through a livin' hell And I, I wouldn't be there by her side And Lord I felt so bad as I sat and watched her cry Thinkin' I was movin' on and she was barely gettin' by Look at what I've done to her Look at how I made her feel I gave back her heart the broken part She got the raw end of the deal And look at what it's done to me You gotta know it tears me up I gave it everything I had and Lord It just wasn't enough Hurtin' her like this seems so wrong Yeah look at what I've done to her Now she's alone I saw her out last night and she was havin' a good time That girl, it looks like she's doin' fine But then I saw a man walk up and take her by the hand And I, oh God I almost died And then it hit me she didn't really need me I just sat there for a while until I finally smiled Yeah look at what I've done to her Look at how I made her feel She's found somebody new And look who took the time to heal And look at what it's done to me Gotta know it tears me up To have walked away from the love we made And just leave it in a cloud of dust And now it's got me thinkin' maybe I was wrong After all the things I've done to her Now she's strong And I walked up and said hello She said it's good to see ya But hey I gotta go And look at what I've done to her Look how I made her feel She's standin' tall she's got it all Got the world at her heels And look at what it's done to me Yeah look at how it makes me hurt If I could go back nowI swear somehow I'd find a way to make it work Ain't life funny now I'm the one alone Yeah look at what I've done to me She's gone


JOHN DENVER "I Want To Live"
If I had my druthers I'd go fishing, find myself a lake and a lazy day. If I had my druthers I'd quit wishing, get off the old caboose get on my way. Give me whole lots of laughter, great big barrels of fun, night time full of romance, a daytime full of sun. If I had my druthers I'd go flying, looking for the things I'd like to see. If I had my druthers I'd be trying, trying, the only way to be what I can be. Give me somebody to love me, make me feel like the only one, something that's worth doing, Lord, I feel good when it's well done. If I had my druthers I'd go sailing, catch me camping out on the open sea. If I had my druthers I'd be singing, just how good this good life feels to me, feels so good. You just need someone to talk to, something you can share. You don't need no reason for living, Lord, it's already there, yes it is. Woooo, woooo, yeah. Makes me giggle, can't sit down. I'm going fishing.


JON BELLION "Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1"
[Intro:] Dope little boy, Unh! Dope little boy 1, 2, 3 [Verse 1:] Stay steady rockin' Feel good flow with a half-pipe Jones Baby watch me drop in I think the key is to never feel locked in Just as long as you comfy in the pocket Kids explore options Don't listen to the outside world, it's obnoxious They will try to cut your balls with no topspin (get it?) Mentally and physically, you need to stay clocked in [Hook:] Dope little boy, boy Don't believe any of their lies Dope little boy, boy They can barely sleep with themselves at night Dope little boy, boy Never ever will they break your flow Dope little boy, boy Just keep doing things from your soul [Verse 2:] (Yeah, yeah. This feels crazy) I ain't on the guess list, cause I ain't a big deal Mouth so Fresh Prince cause I gotta a stronger will Smith and Wesson, keep bangin' on them, let'em feel Everything you do and spread love til the grinned' real Why, Look a live little boy? Cause you're up next Now that I'm making it, these girls are sending dumb text I won't change if ten-thousand and change Scream my name at a show like I had a lot of rough sex Please excuse the nerdiness, I'm flirting with a lot of styles Exploring lanes so insane, at a hundred miles I'm just a kid, scruffy hair, with a goofy smile But I had developed tough skin, no crocodiles In the process of dream chasing I will make what I feel like making Hip Hop to Pop is two languages But I'm somewhere in the middle, so Spanglish And if you're not putting out a good vibe Stay the hell home cause we're trying to have good time They say he's gotta climb, but he's been fine Cause he feels good music in the air, wind chimes Just know that my patience wearing thin Cause from cockiness to retardation is thin line Just know that I'm in it for the win Cause I'm pushing real hard like I been ventured incline Dilla and The Roots are stupid for this baseline Two thumbs up. Woo! Great time (Yo!) [Outro]

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