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FOXY BROWN lyrics - The Birth of Foxy Brown

La Familia

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: Foxy Brown Ill Na Na cap 'em, the Firm team can stop 'em 36 moves, 37 ways triple days triple pays Na Na, Fox Boogie Firm momma, kineiver Lady Gadiva, like Scarlet whichever O'Hara It's hazardous, we lays the lazarus Dip and probably find her behind the liner, three na na So what the deal, God I kill for these three for real You soar cause you bustin' off shit to get ya rocks off The therough, the crime organized mad deniro And six point one five desero like hero' Team let's roll on 'em, watch 'em turn bitch 'Mega stole on 'em, that's how we play this I slay this, copped the pair of fours fucked the draws Really, his pretty had the nigga leary Mad dipped in, Nas you flipped this Sos with VSO's twisted, from seperate the real from the fucked up We switch up, I gave the stroke though Ill skin color coco, we loco love is love talk the tre' ocho Status Illmatic, whatever raw dealer for real-a Baby girl, yet it's La Familia I die in a minute for 'em, so side dipped The four poin six range rover the feelin' over From Castilano to Columbo, easy the Genevezy Firm stay jigged in trash and pass, I swear You know the lose there, straight cop threes Can't knock thees and drop threes, we cop cheese Verse Two: Nature Peace and diagnosis, properly supply the dosage Leave them stuck like parol niggaz and breathes the focus Nigga when I squeeze ya pleads is hopeless, we wet though I jet from the block, niggaz can spot me like UFO's Dressed the low, jumped in the Q front for who? No need to stress it though, smokin' my dope countin' decimals Recognize this, real thugs respect violence The 1-9-9-6, some are rather dry snitch Coruptfully, my whole team recieve ???? to be Some are spare guns, shootin' fair ones in the public streets Believe the worst, so it seems the whole team is cursed We totured, drain the whole heat and squeeze first Never ending tales, when niggaz fall but some prevail They fake, callin' us together like four Navy war seals Must I start pullin' jooks or place my trust in God Force to cover my face, cameras held the case can solve Ya faith disolves when hump against the next coming For now I focus on Nature, bet I win something Verse Three: Nas Escobar I die for my niggaz, stick you for pies and lie for my niggaz Plead guilty and get the chair and fry for my niggaz It's essential that we all is there like ya mental We've been through life, cold blood living simple Though we learned from old dogs that made it, peeped who they played it We rated and then evaluated, calculated age is weepy The days that we see chips freely, beyond whips and TVs Stock bonds, Lou flipped the CDs Niggaz hate to see you on top, they'd rather be you what not I keep the dessert evil poncot, spot the Vickidees guy quick While poppin' shit that leave ya shot quicker than a hop skip Specialize in fly shit, bs on my breath while niggaz gossip On the tostic, I'm on some doe or die shit Verse Forus: Az the Vizuliza Check my lingo and all the white ice that make my rings glow I've seen doe, got a dime wife who Sandimingo Face it it's mathematics, basics far from fake shit My mind is sacred, my spins shine like a cuban braclet Egyptian pharoah, roll the coke that used to give me powder Now I enhale from ???? buckshots through my double barrel Beneath the town is how it's sounds travels, so what have you? Keep minds bests, never stopping until they grab you Used to bust shit down wit' test stocks and trust funds Cheese and CDs so my seed can so touch some, the foulness I once provoked is now behind me, it gonna take more than sellin' coke To now to bind me, you had me thinkin' I got to push leek To keep from sinking, that can out way life That keep live niggaz from linkin', I saw it coming That's why slowed down from from dumbin', most of my crew was runnin' Can't even afford a summons

Brothers From Brentwood L.i.

[Erick Sermon] EPMD.. Def Jam.. blazin.. Check it uh huh YO It's E Dub on the microphone My style be Elektra I'm the male Syl Rhome Homes walk around with forty four chrome on safety spike the mic in the endzone This here ain't the average shit you used to Front and automatic rounds will shoot you So knock it off like Biggie Smalls said Duke you soft Why you wanna fuck with the boss? [Parrish Smith] Where should I start? Breakin MC's or shatterin charts? It's Diablo, PMD Mic Doc with the purple heart The go-getter, getter, get wit 'er, hit 'er-split 'er Front and back, and if she wit it, straight in the shitter So heidi heidi heidi hydro, pack gats and ammo +Funky Piano+, van like the fuckin ?tano? with more cheese than Lambeau, more heat than Rambo Break down dismantle when I scramble Chorus: Erick Sermon (Parrish Smith) *repeat 2X* I just get down, and I go for mines Say check 1, 2 -- and run down the line (Inclined to shine) with techs and (forty-four mags and nines) Don't get too close because you might get shot [Erick Sermon] Uhh, yo, ey, and yo EPMD, fuckin with us is bad news Me and you got different views What you might say is dope, I say's not What I might call wack, you'll call hot The best thing for you, is to think and hope or get choked, and hung with +The Velvet Rope+ Cause you too theatrical, mess around and end up smackin you, jackin you, attackin you [Parrish Smith] That's why it's crucial, so stay neutral to collect the cash double beaucoup, just rippin up mics, is what my crew do Whatever suits you, pull out the burner, fuck the shoot through roadblocks and smear campaigns, with the two-two or tech nine, that'll chew, through your waistline I'm accurate, don't waste mine, spit on bassline Run with the unseen potential to be on Dateline I don't fake mine, you blaze crazy, while I pace mine [Erick Sermon] Yeah, now why y'all wanna mess with the vets? We've been doin this shit, since _Dear Yvette_, check I make shit that make you wanna smack your producer and ice grill him, and make you wanna kill him dead and walk around leakin, in the bed for the weekend for playin with the last Mohican ?Madi gon? - that's fuck you in Puerto Rican Keep quiet when you hear grown men speakin [Parrish Smith] Or get smacked, this ain't no game, the shit is serious Delerious, that's how we leave cats and niggaz curious The true legend, got caught shit you better call Kevin Big like Dog 40 and the Dutch from the 7-11 I'm danger like Norris the Texas Ranger The mic strangler, PMD, the fuckin _Head Banger_ Mo' skills fo' real for them cats that kill Pump a nine on the reg behind penetentiary steel Chorus


XZIBIT "Restless"
(feat. Snoop Dogg) Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker Kronkike Y'all keep the spotlight I'm keeping my rhymes tight Lose sight of what you believe And call it a night This ain't the light-weight, cake mix shit That you're used to Teflon territory you just can't shoot through You gon shoot who (Who) Not even on your best day Rollin' the Wild West way, givin' it up Leavin' the whole world stuck not givin' a fuck Laid in the cut now we break through in the rut Hennesy and Orange Juice baby fill up a cup Quick to grab Mary Jane by the butt and squeeze Loosen up, let your hair down, and join the festivities Overcrowd the house like lockdown facilities Bitches be quick to give me brains while I post the range Going up and down my dick like the stock exchange [1] - (X) Rearrange the whole game with my rugged sound (X) Won't even say your own name when I come around (X) Stay on top but remain from the underground (X) to the Z and we all in the family [Repeat 1] Ever since Xzibit has spit, been on some pimp shit Approach every woman like a potential mistress Shine bright, make sure that X stay tight Cause tonight I might meet my next X wife Mr. Big Chief Reefa, Xzibit use his dick like a Visa I run it through and money come out Runnin' your mouth, I'll have somebody run in your house Ravel your spouse and have a little fun on the couch Now you know that it was bound to happen I came to give you what you lackin' Whenever you hear them other niggas rappin Rockin' chains, stadium, paladiums, cracked craniums My whole skeleton is dipped in titanium Drop tops sittin' on twenties Using rappers like crash test dummies Stackin' real estate and money It's funny how things change overnight When you thinking right I beat the odds like Ike beat on his first wife [Repeat 1 2x] What an event We hardcore 100% Making it stick, Los Angeles proudly presents The real deal, how does it feel No special effects Yank the chain off of your neck Demand the respect Now all your conversations sound strange to me It be like everybody around me done changed but me I stand alone on my own two feet Stagger tracks, strangle the beat Restless no time for sleep Niggas be weak, I'm concrete like Bejamin Greet It's a very thin line between a foe and a friend Straight to the chair (Not these niggas again) Come back, bounce in the spot and slide right in I ain't trying to see nothing but progress, regardless Home of the heartless, move right, remain cautious Represent nothing but the hustle and struggle Hennesy, rock plenty of ice, making a double, now SCREAM [Repeat 1 2x] [Snoop Dogg] So there you have it; A-B-C, D-P-G-C X to the motherfuckin Z Mr. Xuberant, Xtravagant, Xtrodinary, Xciting, X-a-lotta X-O with a little bit of Xtasy X-ing your bitch-ass out if you tryin to test the G And what's the recipe Xcalibur weaponary And we shoot Xceptionally That there is hot- X marks the spot Fuck naw, X spots the marks Xclamation point, niggaz!

Keep It Real

LOST BOYZ "Legal Drug Money"
[Mr.CHEEKS] Yo believe I paid the dues man I started in the game With mans on linden and devane we drinking ghetto champagne Slinging rocks and packing glocks on the blocks It's early in the morning I'm selling tumbs from my reeboks Tres nicks and dimes I write rhymes But the ghetto times they got the cheeks doing crimes The street life yeah that's the only life I know Where niggas sling rocks bust shots and push yeahyo Sit on crates keep their backs against gates Every man is insane he's got a brain like norman bates Timberland boots ski hats we pack gats Carry across town because we tapping niggas hoodrats But they don't want the fam See a south side jamaica queen fellas get down man Listen so what your crew is x-rated Peoples if you violate you getting violated (Chorus) Come on and keep it real; this is saying that the lost boy and group home fam want it all what would you do And if you feel that you'se a real soldier from the street throw your hand in the air we salute you Bounce it up town bounce it down south Bounce bounce it up town bounce it down south I had a messed up childhood the head is mad nappy I need money in a snap gee kid I'm trying to blow like papi Fat cat the street life is where it's at Peeling caps so yo we got to stay strapped Terrified cause the crew from the south side is bustin No question I keep my hear in braids taliq got dreads Hangin out in the reds wearing levis and pro-keds Pouring beer on the curb for the dead I had to bring drama to some powder head (Freaky TAH) hey yo cut the music down Yo half the world thought the album failed in this 94 and its on.. I'm smoking weed in 96' with my peeps Jetting from the police cause police they'se a bunch of creeps I'm testing off the new burners in the park We sleep during the day and creep when it's dark I once had to cry when I seen Tyrone die This black on black crime I cram to understand why Baby girls having kids in their teens Young fellows baggy jeans slinging crack to the crack fiends That's the type of lifestyle that I lead With my fams on the corner drinking beers and smoking weed Yo believe I been through all the struggles and the pain I'm ripping out my hairs and I can't get to my brain I want the gold teeth and chains I hustle with timberland boots and rainsuits when it rains. Fools make your moves pay dues Give up your cheese you loose my baby boy need shoes Stepping to the CHEEKS you made an error You been to the ?house of pain? now welcome to my yard of terror What you think I'm some sucka Word to him I stomp you out with my tim chukkas Who who you stepping to the lost boy crew Boy get stomped that ass is through (Chorus) See we live the street life Smoking blunts with the wife stay on point like a .... Every day on rockaway is getting hotta I can't do what a wanna I do what I gotta Survive I might not be around in 95 See I was taught young to be strong and just strive So nowadays we packing guns We racking grimy hills for funds and I stash all my sons mons A little man to look after Taking rap as a joke but I see no laughter To man Charles Suitte and big tig in Atlanta and Va.....

Gimme Dat Pussy

LIL BOOSIE "Gangsta Musik"
(Oh) Girl give me that (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that Girl give me that (pussy) (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that Girl give me that (pussy) (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that there Girl give me that pussy (Oh Oh Oh) Girl give me that [Lil Webbie] - Verse 1 You know you want it Girl don't act like you don't want it Girl I want it just as bad as you do And look see I can tell from this lil vibe You got me feeling that you dig me Boo I'm digging you too You wanna be one of the chosen few Then gon jig up in this motherfucker Maybe me and you can do it big up in this motherfucker Sit you in a crib where you can chill Don't have to move a muscle Give you some be good now you be good Daddy gon hustle Come here let me Whisper in your ear I gotta tell you something Listening to this song kinda make a nigga want something Did some daydreaming Now I'm fiening like I'm on something Girl don't hold it from me Cause right now I'll be don strong on ya I ain't the type to ruin your life By running game and throwing your dreams Get in your brain suit your game Ease your pain and show you things Sit you on some leather seats while blowing green And switching lanes Girl stop playing games let me beat it out the frame [Chorus - repeat 4X] Girl give me that pussy Girl give me that Girl give me girl give me that there [Bun B from UGK] - Verse 2 She five foot seven a hundred and thirty nine pounds Thirty six twenty four thirty eight pretty fine brown Bad lil broad I ain't seen her in a minute Since the All-Star game and I'm still tryin to hit it Got a baby for this nigga that I used to sell things He caught a fed case and he ain't leave her no change She sold all his jewels she sold all his cars Now she dancing in the shaker club stripping for the stars Sliding down the pole slow drop it to a split Pussy popping on a handstand man she the shit She still looking tight though Still built right though Run my game right and after the club She might go back to the telly with me Shake her jelly with me Let my people bust on her face and her belly with me I got Lil Webbie with me and he ain't hating We some players in this bitch so baby stop hesitating [Chorus - repeat 4X] Girl give me that pussy Girl give me that Girl give me girl give me that there [Lil Webbie] - Verse 3 Now I can tell from your size that that pussy is fire So I'm here and willing to give you whatever it require For you to lay down on your back and then open your thighs Long sharp deep and wide have you rolling your eyes You a big fine horse I had no choice but to try it Look like it's worth a couple g's but ain't some shit I buy Let me whisper in your ear again I ain't gon lie I might share a lil meal just don't tell nobody Look you know you want it Girl don't act like you don't want it Girl you want it just as bad as I do But check this out You gon be wishing that you been gave me your money By the time I finish rumbling with you While rhymes get loose let's take this shit to the room And you just keep yourself excited til we get to the room Cuz I've been rocked up since I met you I'm ready to give you the blues Don't stunt now take off your shoes Don't act confused you know what time it is [Chorus - repeat 4X] Girl give me that pussy Girl give me that Girl give me girl give me that there

Chingy Jackpot

CHINGY "Jackpot"
[Robotic voice] This is another Trak Star production [Record scratching] [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I? [Hook 2X: Chingy] + (Girl) (Chingy) what's up? (Why yo eyes so chinky?) I dunno (Is it because you've been smoking and drinking?) Maybe so (I've been thinking) huh? (Maybe you come get me) and do what? (Wine me, dine me, take me home and eat me) Okay [Record scratches at end of hook] [Verse 1: Chingy] Chingy Jackpot, 'pop' like a crack spot Ladies on the strip, keep me with a fat knot, 'Lac drop Rag top on the jag drop, uh Phat stop you know that's hot, huh Mack spinnin wit the piece in my pocket People hop out, I'm releasin a rocket (bloaw bloaw) For a piece of the profit, St. Louis we the topic Let the women jock it, pimpin, you know how I get Once my album drop, all you heavy waiters better watch it Vokál, yeah I rock it Step in the spot shit, men leave I was somethin hot quick 'Cris holdin that bottle, won't you pop it I threw the key to the city, since I locked it Girl I don't want no brain, give me a pop quiz I get multiple choice head, derty watch this [Hook] - 2X [Verse 2: Chingy] They tell me what you tell me, you ain't gotta be in a rush Errything I do is top secret, that's on the hush (shhhh) Cat handlin hard in the city, makin women blush From 314 to 617, gotta give it up Treat my women like a structure, workers work the streets Twerk ya meat, go get it till it hurts ya feet Hurt in ya sleep, get wit me and we could ching all night Hearr the slots ring all night But if you try to get at the drama, I'll bring all night We keep Atlanta throwin bows And New Orleans, we got the thugs showin golds Take it to New York, and party at Madison Squarre We'll hit Cali and smash a model chick wit long hairr No hatin on my part, let the ceremony start Crowd around us sumthin new, sittin on top of the Arch STL, where I dwell, Northside of the streets They keep a quarter piece freak for the sheets, now speak uh [Hook] - 2X [Verse 3: Chingy] Uh, I got tired of being broke dogg (fa sho) Ice Sleeve won't you pass me some smoke dogg Can I come up without jealousy? 'You ain't gon make it', what they tellin me So I showed them, it ain't that hard Can't play me, cuz I ain't got a whole card Got Lee way in my hometown (STL) No mo' jokin cuz it's on now Who gon' stop, me not a soul Strap, in, now, let's, roll Keep it, real, what-eva I do Got's up Keith, comin from U Squash that, mind ya own, beats There's a new ching, in the streets Watch ya step, or I'll ruin ya rep Now let's 'get it' like Puff and G-Dep [Hook] - 2X [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I?

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