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FOXY BROWN lyrics - Chyna Doll

My Life

Original and similar lyrics
My Life [Intro] (Nigga, uh) Yeah, huh (nigga uh) Why don't ya'll take a look into my life? See what I see (Nigga uh, nigga, nigga, nigga uh) At the age of fourteen, introduce to coops Learnin' how to seduce niggaz takin' they loot Quickly, got involved with this money lifestyle The finer things, all kinda things, power, money Cars and diamond rings, and nice braids, flaunt it The Gucci boots with the G's on it A high price for this 'high price' life While I'm on tour is my man cheatin' just for spite? And if you only knew I hold my minks at nights with cheap Or no other hands can hold me right My girls ain't the same, guess it's cuz the fame Bitches smile in my face and throw dirt on my name Mad cuz I made it, now friends intimidated Hate it that I'm in the same game as them With mo' fame than them, they know who they are This life is no joke, got us havin' to broke You was my sister, who used to dream together How we could make it real big, do our thing together Huh, Thelma Louise together, remember them days? Them niggas we played? Now we don't even speak Went our seperate ways, seperate lives Lost friendship for pride, playin' the game About to forfeit high price life, I can't afford it 1 - My life, do ya feel what I feel? My life, a black girl's ordeal my life Do ya see what I see? Have you been where I've been? Can you go where I go? My life Do ya'll know what it feels like? Do ya'll know what it be like? Do ya see what I see? Have you been where I've been? Can you go where I go? Daddy's girl, in his wildest dreams Said he think that lil' Ing will be illest in this rap-thing Age 4 in my mother's shoes, swore I could sing And even as a little girl I was doin' my thing Uh, confused, I ain't asked to be born Nigga so dumb, shoulda used a condom Ask mommy every day, when daddy gon' come? But he never showed up I would pimp for them, became demented, then men? Resented them, just the scent of 'em made me earl 'Specially the baller ones tryin' to buy me with pearls All I needed was love, all I wanted was love Lack of love had me fallin' for thugs The niggas who ain't care, just like Daddy If he ain't care, why should they? For this 'high price' life, it's the price I pay Repeat 1 All my girls cross the world that feel what I feel Hearts bruised, then been way I been, keep it movin' Let him do his thing, I'm the one he's lovin' I'm here to show ya'll, havin' a kid ain't meanin' nuthin' That ain't keepin' him, 'specially if he in love with another chick Then you stuck with the 'babymother-shit' Don't be lovin' niggas more than yaself Let 'em roam, a dog always finds his way home Shit, ya'll don't wanna take my place, cashin' cases Spit in faces, I never seem falsely accused While some say it's rude But if I was a dude, they all be amused But I'm a woman, so I'm a bitch, simple as that Double-standards, call him a Mack, call me a hoe Say I'm in it for the dough, but tell me What tha fuck he in it for? Wanted it all, now it's all mine Loneliness, sorrow, confusion and pain Nightmares, headlines, 'Rapper found slain' If it wasn't for my moms I'd drown in this pain Now ya'll see what it's like, ya'll don't wanna be me Cuz it ain't always what it seem on TV Shit, but this is my '9 to 5' ya'll Sometimes I wanna slit my wrist and end my life ya'll Repeat 1 until fade

Black Winter Day

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell"
[Intro/Chorus:] Torn apart now, I cannot have this combonation And you should up your elixer Torn apart now, These are the choices we've made Do I swallow, or walk away? [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, most of my adult life I've been torn into two If you love me, then I love you and this song is for you It's tight hard when you know what you said And your shorty seein' you as an emotional wreck The closer I get, it's like the farther I feel And my heart has turned into this heavy armor and steel It's hard to be real, hard to listen to the dumb shit And I take a lot of pills 'cause it numbs shit I wish I had another path to follow Wish that I could be a man and learn to pass the bottle A graphic novel, my future a box or an urn Havin' dreams about death, but I'm not that concerned And I'm diseased, through the seasons they turn Watchin' leaves from the trees turn disease and they burn I'm eager to learn, but I'm holdin' my breath And everyday alive is just another closer to death [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I've been alive longer then I expected to be And took care of everything that's expected of me Took care of my girl and my mother I told her that I'm always here and I love her I handle shit differently 'cause I'm grown now And the truth is that I'd rather be alone now I'd rather not have to deal with the day And I hate when people ask me how I'm feelin' today My brother Rasul, we had a beef and grudge But we grew up together, cousin, so it's peace and love I wish all the best, I wish all the shine I wish I didn't wanna offer my thoughts with a nine I'm thoughtful and kind, but I'm evil alas But everything I love has turned to a tedious task I feel that life a waiting game for people to pass But nobody ever want you to see through the mask [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, I don't wanna be a burden to y'all I just wanna know exactly what my purpose is for I feel like nothin' I do is ever right And that I'm actin' a fool another night And I admit, I don't take care of myself So I do a lot of thinkin' and preparing myself 'Cause the fact is my father died young and I might, too And it ain't any way to tell what I might do I don't wanna leave my mother behind I don't want for her to cry, because the struggle is mine I don't want for her to grind no more I don't want for her to work a 9-to-5 no more I ain't have to work a fuckin' 9-to-5 before So I'm tryin' to get this money to provide for y'all And if the shit ain't work out and I'm suddenly gone Just remember that the motherfuckin' love isn't gone Pazman

Scotland The Brave

Celtic Folk
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hark when the night is falling Hear! hear the pipes are calling, Loudly and proudly calling, Down thro' the glen. There where the hills are sleeping, Now feel the blood a-leaping, High as the spirits of the old Highland men. Chorus: Towering in gallant fame, Scotland my mountain hame, High may your proud standards gloriously wave, Land of my high endeavour, Land of the shining river, Land of my heart for ever, Scotland the brave. High in the misty Highlands, Out by the purple islands, Brave are the hearts that beat Beneath Scottish skies. Wild are the winds to meet you, Staunch are the friends that greet you, Kind as the love that shines from fair maiden's eyes. (chorus) Far off in sunlit places, Sad are the Scottish faces, Yearning to feel the kiss Of sweet Scottish rain. Where tropic skies are beaming, Love sets the heart a-dreaming, Longing and dreaming for the homeland again. (chorus) Origins: Ancient pipe tune

Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Raekwon] Shake them niggaz Scary hours no money out, smash the Guinness Stout Play the outfield, Lucille, switched cracks on shields She's a rich fiend, sacrifice her fam, shift them niggaz to Queens, Guess jeans she charged thirty-five beans Hit the cell phone, regulate with well known tone A Wally kingpin, who also slam and strike edition Whattup, Corleone smoke the bone Tone phone me Whattup he tried to slang there, address him with chrome only Grady with the gray beard, transport for him Rockin Nike at Rastafarianburg, pipin that Switchin Benzes, ten carat nigga with gold lenses Frontin like he's sittin on a lump he's sittin on junk You wanna pull a heist, draw guns and robberies You wanna rock rep, step in yellow Wallabies Names arraigned, the century fox, little glocks Them niggaz with stocks, wail on your blocks Rich lifestyle, small like an ordinary white child But right now, Son is still shine, shed light now Breakdown, liquidate God, fuck it grab the nickel plate Spencer for Hire, tension when we mention Dryer He's a slave cop, behave pop Blue suits who bay stop us blow that cat at the Purple Haze spot [Method Man] I remember stickin fiends at the one-six-ooh when we was starvin, duckin five-oh, payin em dues Times is hard in the slums I'm from, they got us barred in We warrin and cage dodgin, rippin and robbin Got the NARC sabotagin, slippin cracks in your camoflougin, now you snitchin on the squadron That's somethin niggaz can't pardon City overrun by young gun with bad intention, and Wu-Wear garment So I see no need to mention, the potency of a sting from a killa bee, kickin the battery out the back of them wisecracks Distorted for your get high you hijack These friendly skies ain't for you, they for me and mine This the year of the grimy nigga, ragtime Keep these niggaz on the run, peep my Clan emblem Iron Lung ain't got to tell you where it's comin from Catch us swimmin with these sharks now, you rap villains (I feel the same way you niggaz feelin) We feel the same way you feelin, let it be known (let it be known) [*together*] What the blood clot you niggaz dealin, you crash dummies Cash rules, still don't nuttin move but the money [Ghostface] Aiyyo strongarm that kid right there with wavy hair Billy Johnson, snatched him out his whip in Times Square Took his Pumas, nameplate, dude lost weight Summer eighty-eight, started a fight, that can't wait Ask Dorothy, same kid pussy up in Marsey Blazin that Tad Rossi, up in the Marquis He lost like a hundred ounces, Jake rushed his houses Had him on the porch, ass no trousers This souped up, individual stuck, the new stuff Same kid cryin on the stand with Judge Cuffner Kissed him with art num it's three to nine style Before he left he flashin his face like Denzel Richard Dale took his Beaver, off the wall pullin his whip Mussy dropped and split his wig with the heater His safe butt was all fucked up, as he had me laughin God you see how he was laid out, in the grass with dirt in his mouth, Slim woke him up told him he wild out Blood leakin from his teeth he smiled like he gunned out Big bolo, stackin his shit financed a Volvo He copped his shit from a small, coffeeshop in SoHo He still pussy, he sell his dust up on the Lower East Posin like he rappin out...

Northern Line

JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
You were a no-show, down the jivin disco My momma's at home getting pissed on vino when the kids buy draws but they're smokin bisto My flow goes straight but it ends illegal and the regal sons get the purest bugel And the bullies only pick on the young and feeble, now hey yo lets go mucho boozin Sometimes you wonder what am I doing? You move and you groove when you lose what you lose, and you lose what you groove and your moving away And you move what you groove when you prove what you lose and you lose what you choose And your moving away Well ok, what happened this free state? straight to the barrier then run off away I say what I mean but don't mean what I say was I right? no? oh-my-goody-gosh darn it Chattin to barney from [?] with no barnet about how we sure do love it A young son muppet with my ma's gin&tonic, & I'm pukin up all over your capri car bonnet [Chorus:] You got so much to take, too much always gonna waste your time I need direction, always been crap on the travel as I read the signs So shut your mouth love before I spit this track where the sun don't shine Tick a tock the clock actin like a motherfucker drunk, fallin asleep on the northern line All aboard! last train! How would you feel gettin left alone he was a toned down original and stepped to toe He was the bottomless bottles and the backwashed barrel And the sikh who is son was thrown out and left farel[?] Its all gone wrong in your life o answers Users take AAA's art to charge us Take you away from your hazy days Rave life just a blur in the halls of dancers [Chorus] Wakey wakey! hup ya step! one man band, eh? What you doing? where ya where ya run from? where ya where ya two tone, where you been done? What you doin, where ya where ya been? your holdin it down with your piece-meal heart [random ska lines] give it away, I want yo money [etc] [Chorus x2]

For Corners

Digable Planets
it was 8:49 on a beautiful 9th day of july there was not a cloud to speak of so the orange sun hung lonely in the sky i was laying prone in my ?catbeat? home listening to fine nappy jackie and his jazzcat's horn sliding in a tape of bird on verve when suddenly rang my phone hello butterfly a voice said slip on some duds comb out your fro and slide on down to my pad the vibe here is very pleasant and i truly request your presence a problem of great magnitude has arose and as we speak it grows damn, what could it be i thought a juice i bought and rolled on down to her pad seeing bros i know slapping fives i arrived and pressed G-5 and there was nikki lookin some kind of sad with tears fallin from her eyes she sat me down and dug my frown and began to run it down you remember my boyfriend sid that fly kid who i love well our love was often a verb and spontaneity has brought a third but do to our youth an economic state we wish to terminate about this we don't feel great , but baby that's how it is but the feds have dissed me they ignore and dismiss and the pro-lifers harrass me outside the clinic and call me a murderer, now that's hate so needless to say we're in a mental state of debate hey beautiful bird i said digging her somber mood the fascists are some heavy dudes they don't really give a damn about life they just don't want a woman to control her body or have the right to choose but baby that ain't nothin they just want a male finger on the button because if you say war they will send them to die by the score aborting mission should be your volition but if souter and thomas have their way you'll be standing in line unable to get welfare while they're out hunting and fishing it has always been around it will always have a niche but they'll make it a privelege not a right accessible only to the rich pro-lifers should dig themselves cause life doesn't stop after birth and to a child borne to the unprepared it might even just get worse supporters of the h-bomb and fire bombing clinic what type of shit is that? orwellian in fact if roe v wade was overturned would not the desire remain intact leaving young girls to risk their healths and doctors to botch and watch as they kill themselves i don't want to sound macabre but hey, isn't it my job to lay it on the masses and get them off their asses to fight against these fascists so whatever you decide make that move with pride sid will be there (ladybug will be there, doodlebug will be there) and so will i an insect til i die rhythms and sounds spinning around confrontations across the nation your block my block dreadlocks what a shock land of the free - but not me

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