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FOXY BROWN lyrics - Chyna Doll

It's Hard Being Wifee

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Ughh, ladies, y'know how that sayin' goes Be careful what you ask for in life Cuz you just might get it Dependin' on what you ask for, what you get? You might not be able to get out of You heard? Ughh [Foxy] Niggas might take advantage if you let 'em Play your cards right, and if you fuck 'em in the same night Make sure that he don't snitch Must be up to sumpin' or be lyin' on his dick Shit, you know how niggas flick from gettin' pussy to head 'Til you spent yo' brant and blew his dick Especially if he trick, shit Don't complain bitch, do yo' thang and cop that ring When he hit you with that game, you be like 'A'ight, dude, whatever' and sleep on it Put like a week on it, get the Benz Jeep and creep on it Do you like yeah, faggot, screw you Fuck am I to do now? Just lay back like I'm that lame bitch Dude, I'm that same bitch, don't you know? Never cross no hoe Especially if she was Wifee and she know where the snatch go Fuck you wildin' fo'? Who you stylin' fo'? And the truth is he fuckin' with the deuce kid He don't know that I stick and move Get him right for that Chyna White Nothing to lose, and I see right through him Yeah, we fuckin' tonight And the Duke ain't what he talkin' then I'm truckin' tonight And if he sweet with the big ones, I'm lucky tonight And if he packin' like he yappin', I'm doin' him right 1 - [Noreaga] Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right And the dope that he singing In the hood ain't that Chyna White We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't right We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't tight Yo, when your man ain't fuckin' you right And the dope that he singing In the hood ain't that Chyna White We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't right We say fuck 'em, fuck 'em Cuz he just ain't tight [Foxy] Ughh, mostly, they'll play you closely Especially if you fuckin' 'em, and he think you trustin' him Damn bitch, you lovin' 'em, impressed like that Bomb head, e'ry night, is the sex like that? Yeah, you ain't know, I would stress like that Over due, not his ones, he don't handle like that Shoulda known not to fuck wit no light weight cats Rollin' doves in his stacks, I ain't fuckin' wit that I'm like 'Dude, where the fuck is yo' big heads at?' And you know how I get down, I don't pumps like that Plus he act funny, and he only fuck with track money And I'm, seven zero platinum-plat money, it's not a game, nigga And like Sparkle, Be Careful What You Say, nigga The kind of cat that make wonder if he was sent to do this Put it down for you, first chick he ever cried fo' Never had a chick that raps like this Ain't impressed for no C cuz we straight like this And he makes it very clear baby mothers don't exist They just some Fox haters and condom breakers, ya heard? Repeat 1 [Foxy] Ughh, the situation is Y'all chicks be fuckin' with that mistress shit Bad broke, if not for the dough, I splits with the quickness Pleads no fifths, leaves no traces, ya heard? What the fuck is this? Payback shit? Is it God striking me for some way back shit? I'm like, damn, was the bitch really foul like this? And my loc'ing just to think I should slash my wrist Am I seven for me thinkin' I should total my six Or just straight spazz out, fuck his man and split Take the code to the safe and just empty his bricks On the low, but I know that he love when I flip Ya'll bet the note, had him throw the smash game Shit, I got the ring bitch and his last name Any bitch could do a nigga whole bit Any bitch could luck up and have a kid Any chick could fuck a nigga for spite But the nigga got to love you if he make you his wife Ughh, ya'll chicks is lonely, I'm ownin' that dick And on top of all this bullshit, I'm still his chick Repeat 1


Big Moe "Purple World [Clean]"
(Chorus: Noke D) I'm talking cash, nigga Gripping grain, swanging lanes We talking cash, nigga Candy paint on all them Range We talking cash, nigga Don't try to stop my shine We talking cash, nigga Cause I tussle on the mind I'm talking cash, nigga - 4x [Big Moe] It's Big Moe I stepped up in the door Out the Southside bitch I'm far from a hoe I ain't even scared and you know I'm down to wreck it I'ma hit the bed Moe-Yo gone get naked Got to strap my glock, got to strap my ding-a-ling Out the Southside, Moe-Yo gone sing sing I'ma swing swing, crawl down slow It's that Big Moe and you know I'm no hoe I'ma knock down that hoe Toni Braxton It's Moe-Yo come down there hating hoes I'm taxing ?Slacking sleeping off? you can't be talking about my click You know it's Wreckshop, hating hoes be on dick It's that boy Moe, I'm out the Southside I done came down, Moe-Yo I'm gone chop Ain't gone stop to the T-O-P I creep I'm putting it down from the M-O to the E My nigga Noke Deezy, all about his cheezy It's the Moe-Yo claim pussy got to be greasy Got to keep it wet, on the mic I be's a vet I'm coming down five thousand gotta get my check If you want me to be on your song, or sing a damn hook It gotta be five grand bitch I'm coming down cool With my nigga what Blue U Out the Southside, M-O-E a damn fool With my partner D-Reck, hoes they been checked It's that Wreckshop, earning paper and our respect And my brother K-Luv, my nigga Big Toon Knocking down soon, Moe-Yo gotta get a room At the end of the fucking night, I'm gone be fucking It's that Moe coming down, I do the gangsta strutting My nigga King One, let's have fun My partners Keke, Weets, the Lil Red coming down on hard My nigga High G, you know he's down with me M-O to the E, from the 1, 2, 3 The Wreckshop tree, that's where I be from Partner Silly Yo coming down on fucking hard (Chorus) [Pimp C] Since I was 17, I've been sipping on sip Bitch niggas come through empty out the clip I love old school cars, with candy ass paint Your other niggas pussies cause them other niggas fake You hollin' you a killa but I know you ain't no killa I see you in the street bitch I'm a trill ass nigga And now since the eighties, putting niggas down Letting motherfuckers hear all that bass around I ride an Impala, don't pop my collar Coming through the record company, want all my dollas You ain't got my paper bitch, you don't get no dick And I ain't put my dick in the uh you wrecked Cause tramp hoes be talking, on the pilla walking Out the street get them hoes, telling em bout all your clothes And your car sitting on gold, and how much you get at shows You shouldn't trust that bitch, that bitch will get you hit I see it all the time, bitches get knocked on the grind Keep it ten with that wife, coming back in the middle of the night Say bitch you need to stop, you need to sell some cock You need to get off them rocks, and get on private yachts I'm talking bout they cousin, coming through bitches buzzing Drinking on hennessy, bitch you don't know Pimp C You late on the slab, coming through whipping ass I whip it up in the lab, and put it out like it's dark around (Chorus)


J. COLE "Born Sinner"
[Intro:] It's way darker this time [Hook:] Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Now I'm in the limelight cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade) [Verse 1:] Sometimes I brag like Hov', sometimes I'm real like Pac Sometimes I focus on the flow to show the skills I got Sometimes I focus on the dough, look at these bills I got This is a message for some rappers tryna steal my spot You niggas famous on the internet, I'm real life hot Homie, get your weight up, fake niggas get sprayed up My verbal AK slay faggots and I don't mean no disrespect Whenever I say faggot, okay faggot? huh, don't be so sensitive If you want to get fucked in the ass That's between you and whoever else's dick it is, pause Maybe that line was too far Just a little joke to show how homophobic you are And who can blame ya? Boy Meets World I'm trying to find a new Topanga And bang her out, no hangin' out My pop's was club hopping back when Rick James was out And all I get is Trinidad James, wait a minute that's strange Sip a bit of champagne, say "fuck" If the hoes like it, I love it nigga nigga nigga Used to watch Rap City Big Tigga Tigga Rap nerd even copped Rah Digga Digga Pac had a nigga saying "Fuck Jigga, fuck Biggie" I was only like eleven so forgive me A decade later I be all up in the city Tryna get Hov to fuck with me With a burned CD full of jams that was up in my hand When he said he didn't want it, it was "Fuck him again" One day, he gon' regret playing me Little did I know, in a year he'd be fucking paying me What can you say to me, I beat the odds like Vegas I use to rap about haters before niggas was hating me Now they hate to see a young black man with a college degree Fucking all these little models for free, pardon me [Hook:] Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov Got game back I ain't ever letting go [Verse 2:] I'm prince of the city, I studied Machiavelli You niggas couldn't blow with C4 strapped to your belly I snuck up out the parks where niggas be living heartless And cannot tell the difference between Iraqi, Israeli So I'm on the really, what could you actually tell me? I'm tryna keep my homie from throwing crack in the skully So, back with this pen to give back for my sins Took a black president to tell the Japanese "Sorry" But who the fuck gon' tell my niggas "sorry"? Never seen his pops cause he's sorry Fuck the education, would ask for reparations But I'm probably just gonna buy Ferraris (Vroom) Please forgive him According to the preacher man he needs Jesus in him But the Devil run the TV so the demons in him, I'm in trouble Did a deal with the Devil but now I'm pleading with him Like give me my soul [Bridge:] My nigga I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again Please give me my soul I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again Please give me my soul I ain't ever letting go But the Devil don't play fair I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati Fuck everybody I'm bout to go and join the Illuminati [Verse 3:] These next three bars is dedicated to the retards Keep on asking me about the Illuminati Is you stupid nigga? Young black millionaire Old white billionaires, I'm sure that they could do without me And I ain't really into sacrificing human bodies Couple more A's I would have been a summa cuma lade Beyonce told me that she want to cop the new Bugatti That shit is more than what I'm worth, I think she knew it probably Well this is awkward (awkward), Want to know what else is really awkward (awkward)? When niggas buy rings for bitches that have flings When I'm praying I don't see them at the Oscars Re-adjusted my target audience, cause it's obvious I've gone astray, losing my way Like Timberlake produced by Timberland On that goddamn Futuresex Lovesounds What's playing in my mind? Just the sound of my whole career Crashing burning, the thing that I mostly fear Was on track for the first two years Until I let the Devil steer, now what have we here? Now I got to mask my tears, but I [Bridge:] I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again I ain't ever letting go I ain't ever letting you go again [Outro: x2] Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Cole My nigga (Born sinner) Sometimes I brag like Hov

Bounce Back

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
(feat. Baby) [Chorus (Juvenile X2):] I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back bounce back, bounce, bounce back I'm bout to bounce back, bounce, bounce back [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] Look, Look, You ever had corns on your finger from squeezing a Mac too much Nigga be robbing the dice game, while me and lil wack you up, Tripping, stole and stripped cars for a living, Stayed away from home whenever they was bitching, We used to rush the customers for sales when they pulled up in cars, Until the undercovers started putting us behind bars, Menace to Society is all we watch In the back seat strapped with the throw away glock, I got some partners in the business never seeing the light, Ya people would have gotten Cochrane if ya cheese was right, You know I hold it down player, you a dog, I'm a real nigga I ain't gon' stop accepting your phone call, I'ma blow and toss a hoe for you like I'm supposed to do, I'm serious and focused too, you know I'm overdue, The first nigga to park a Rolls-Royce in the bricks, While I fly a private charter out of town by a bitch [Chorus X2] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] Try to be here to see my seeds, when they have they seeds, As long as I breathe there ain't nothing in this world that they can't be, Yeah I done fucked up, slipped and sniffed that coke, Started tweaking and broke into the people's house next door, Shot a nigga for smoking rocks on my mom back porch, Damn near graduated and got on that dope, My, work is in part, I am better than smart, Homie, I hustle with a strategy that has never been taught, I could make a coke flip, I can make a hoe strip, I can spray a whole clip, I takes nothing from no bitch, I got the money in the case, .45 on the waist, Pitbulls in the yard so stay away from my gates, Could you believe a nigga feeling like he still ain't ate, Huh, y'all don't understand, you should have seen my plate, I'd love to give you some credit, but even you said it, Your serious about your money, and right now I'm trying to get it [Chorus X2] [Verse 3 (Baby)] Yeah, CMR, Black Connection, I'm on a mission Lil Daddy to put this paint on the caddy, Riding through the hood and we blowing them candy, Stay G'd up from my head to my feet, I was raised in the 3rd thats the heart of the streets, Saw death and crime from the first same time, Them rims on shine just a vision of mine, Put this shit back together cuz I stay on the grind, Niggaz know I gets me, I stunt all the time, For the dead and the gone, the young and the grown, OG mother fuckers who be getting it on, Niggaz stunt'n and they shining, Bling Blinging all the time and, I hold my hood down for the shit that I'm driving, Nigga thug till' death remember the projects , Juve done came back now you bitches upset , Niggas know how we getting it, cuz we getting it on, Keep em' coming, keep on gettin it bitch my money is long, [Chorus X2]

Play IV Keeps

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Inspectah Deck, Street Life & Mobb Deep) [Method Man] Ha, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah One time.. yo Never liked son from day one, bring you tool That nigga stick you and play dumb, hate a bitch-ass Who care where you came from, you ain't prepared for when the pain come, this nigga scared, shook to death from a cold stare, stuntin, knowin my brothers fiend to do you somethin over here, we head huntin in the function I smell fear, adrenaline start pumpin I Smash Pumpkins, Hard Rock be in the Cafe Tear the club up, and anyone that try to judge us The last days, makin sure I get the last say In the food chain, is you predator or prey If you featherweight, lyrics blow your back crack your vertabrae, lookin for a better way to get my point across, thoughts accelerate at the same speed, of the muder rate Lord, never perpetrate a fraud, til my nigga Carlton Fisk see the boss, truly yours, Mr. Meth [Street Life] Life's a snippet, one way ticket Time tickin fast, blink you might miss it Semen on Street shit, you might catch fifty stitches Body bag sprayed up, buried in muddy ditches I play for keeps, bust heat you catch cold feet My rap sheet, speak for itself, concrete Evident, Killa Hill, resident, double dart agent Secret intelligent my rap style's flagrant [Chorus One: all] Feel the sting of a killa bee, Johnny Blaze Street Life, Deck and Mobb Deep, Play IV Keeps In the city that you never sleep, pay attention Ain't no shittin when you gotta eat, we hold it down [Inspectah Deck] I move like Mad Max 'cross the wasteland One hand holds the head of the last brave man Made man, Cuban Link chain of command Authorized fam', hot like Sahara sand My live team turn the club to a crime scene High beams flash, promoters die behind CREAM Get your face blown, might face the chrome We take this more serious than just a poem [Havoc] I think about a lot of shit, especially when I'm bent About the foul shit goin on in my life, current event It's evident I smoke ciggarette down to Brownsville Thinkin to myself -- how many lives must my pound kill Hopefully none, ain't the one to give chase Hemmed by Jake, worryin who might turn state's So I chill, put my killa niggaz on the battlefield On the low plottin silent murderer, never doubt still never follow beef hey beef follow me Wanna settle in the court I say settle in the streets like our pops did it, you got gats get hot with it Now you dry snitchin, because you got knocked with it I just rock with it, go with the flow, think for a hot minute Stash my dough secure the funds of profit [Prodigy] Yo, extreme rhyme niggaz, you wastin your time Fuckin with my niggaz, extrordinary line swishin your mind out position, tryin to figure this shit Rewind it and listen quick, you might miss this Olympic, rap jave-lon, travel beyond, your weak song Doin this for too long, to not come strong You're only a pawn of Viet Dong Tryin to form against mines, you musta just been born Secluded on a distant farm This is the real world, where niggaz get shot and shanked Where there's tremendous pain, you get your frame inflamed Crushed to dust, by the next man's clutch It's Infamous you fucks, intense bad luck.. [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, what [Chorus One] Stand strong on our two feet, we all ready for a war here, fuck peace, peace

Thought You Knew

COOLIO "It Takes A Thief"
Verse 1: PS Never gave a fuck and I still don't So save your lectures, I'ma gangbang for the rest of my life A young BG deranged in the brain The youngest motherfucker on the chain gang Yeah I still slang my thangs like a G Really can I make your ass rest in peace? No need to waste my energy squabbin Quick to pull the trigger, put your ass in a coffin Never been a baller but I trap many ballin Homies y'know I don't give a fuck, I was starvin You better hide your daughter cos I'm out to get laid with dick and have her sprung on this black ass nigga Straight up out the gutter, have her stealin from her daddy and her mother Sellin rocks to the scandalous ass clockers Ready to meet my snaps, yeah I'm cool like that and I never gave a fuck about a stupid ass hoodrat Chorus: Bitches ridin on my bit Niggas hit me up and shit But I'm from the Eastside Where the niggas do or die Representin like a dream Cos Circle's deep I thought you knew Verse 2: Billy Boy Uh, uh, uh As I crack dice from one hood to the next Doin credit card schemes and cashin hot cheques I got a 9 for any nigga that come runnin up Keepin motherfuckers on the duck You can give a this or that sling, the yea or the tracks but when your chick starts choking ya, you gots ta break me off I sweat ya like Keith until ya give me my ends If a nickel bag is sold in the park I want in In the middle of the night when the spot's not hot you can find Billy Boy rollin down your block Hittin switches cos your bitch is gettin paid, cos that's my way and all the hoes still wanna fuck (You know we do) I bleed like the next man but when the gat is in my hand You can bet my monkey ass is comin out on top LA hustlers can't live without money So before I make sense I gots ta make a knot cos I can't fuck without my hoes And I can't hit no switch without the 6-4 Everybody wanna fuck a nigga like me but I won't be gettin back in the CPT Chorus: Niggas tryin to give me stuff Billy Boy don't give a fuck First I warn you with my rhyme then I'll fuck you with my 9 Don't give your plees cos I don't bang But I'm down to fully slang 40 Thevz end down your crew cos Circle's deep I thought you knew Verse 3: Coolio I fold a rapper like a dollar just to hear his punk ass holler Walk into his hood and grab his homies by the collar Stock em all up like a pack of punk bitches Now I got his whole crew wearin heels and doin dishes You don't wanna see me out the motherfuckin front Don't you take this shit for granted just cos niggas call me Cool R-E-S-P-E-C-T C-O-O-L-I-O G M to the A, A to the D A Circle full of niggas that you don't wanna see You ain't nuttin but a pistol that's fuckin with a missile I chew your ass like gristle til the ref blows the whistle Sing a song of six packs, a pocket full of snaps Ain't no punks in my motherfuckin pack See I use to be broke now I blow indo smoke First you diss my city then you choke *cough* Chorus: C-O-M-P-T-O-N Punk motherfuckers get two to the chin I don't give a fuck what'cha got or who you know Step to the Maadness, your ass gotta go Ain't a damn thing changed but only the year East Coast, West Coast get the *?c'reer?* You don't wanna see my crew Cos Circle's deep I thought you knew

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