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FOO FIGHTERS lyrics - Late! - Pocketwatch

Throwing Needles

Original and similar lyrics
what's there at the door that changed my life without a simple reason why feel another afternoon split my poor broken heart in two it's not a friend that you and I throwing needles at the sky march with friends that's you today put them on and walked away I walked away I walked away I walked away you laughed the while you kissed my head talk about the time we spent picking arms up from the sand sure to never never land in the middle of my story fuel the bed to keep you warm lie around and beat my head feed the cactus, I'm instead get lost instead get lost instead get lost instead the end.... the end.... the end!


You can say the soul is gone And the feeling is just not there Not like it was so long ago. On the empty page before you You can fill in what you care Try to make it new before you go. Take the simple case of the sarge Who can't go back to war 'Cause the hippies tore down everything that he was fighting for. Or the lovers on the blankets That the city turned to whores With memories of green kissed by the sun. You can say the soul is gone And close another door Just be sure that yours is not the one. And I'm singing for the stringman Who lately lost his wife There is no dearer friend of mine That I know in this life. On his shoulder rests a violin For his head where chaos reigns But his heart can't find a simple way To live with all those things. All those things He's a stringman A stringman All those strings to pull

Without Your Love

What if my heart Had walked right past you What if my eyes Had never asked you To come and take the chains That kept me weighted down If you never saved me Oh, I know I'd still be [Chorus] Walking in sinking sand Flying with no place to land Oh, I'd be lost Searching for you Heaven would be out of reach My soul left incomplete That's where I'd be Without your love You're the reason That I feel so safe The way you hold me Holds my heart in place I'm just thankful to be Where I am right now Without your arms around me I'd be where you found me [Repeat Chorus] Ahh, ah Ahh, ah Oh, I would be [Repeat Chorus] That's where I'd be Without your love

Altered Ego

ANGEL HAZE "Altered Ego"
I've seen meadows become mountains of pride within me; Witnessed the light within the darkness inside befriend the helpless soul that I've become And even in my weakest phases My darkest days are often brighter than the lightest rays you could feel me burnin' through the shade But, I'm convinced that I ain't changed My close friends say if you press rewind and look at Haze the person that I am now is not the same I tell them when seasons change everything else has to fall in line, become aligned I feel like I've lost my spine, I thought that conquering the minds of this troubled youth would get me through But it seems as though I've forgotten me to get to you When all you needed was the truth There's often great trouble in contemplation That tendency turns fascination into a permanence One I hadn't been sure I was prepared for But you never know what you're prepared for until you're standing within that time And the only thoughts within your mind are "I wanna win. I don't ever wanna have to worry about making it here again, so I gotta be just like them." Creating subcategories; I don't fit within the persona that fits with them I've become you True in a sense, but, I lie all the more And confidence is the key that unlocks every door That way you'd never know I felt this; You'd never know I feel it With my Spider-Man senses I can hang upon the ceiling and hold my head in shame Look from whence I've came My eyes are brightening the cave within the dark slow lives behind There is emptiness where my fears reside I am a queen and a Pharaoh I am the villain and the hero I am death and I am life I am lows as well as highs I am truths within the lies I am a heroin and a zero I am too, altered ego Welcome

Only A Fool

Your words buzz around my head You make me feel warm again You are my lover, my song, my best friend I don't want this to ever end You hold my heart in your hands Our home is like a promised land I just want you, just want you to understand Only a fool would let you go Only a fool and I should know Only a fool would let you go I need you so baby please don't go When we're lying in our big old bed We wake up just to fall asleep again When I dream of the time we've spent It makes me so happy I just can't quit I see the love in your eyes It will stay there the rest of our lives And after that, and after that And over and over and over again


Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Intro: Inspectah Deck] Is you ready? Back by popular demand... Murderous specialist tactics Wu-Tang Clan, no rehearsal or practice Niggaz ain't ready for this... Niggaz ain't ready for this... Niggaz ain't ready for this... [Inspectah Deck] Chrome dips beamin off July sun rays Trees are fade, blendin with the side burn shades Cotton club status, clientel, SL, heavy jewel Niggaz jail, young niggaz screw well Swingin like Smokey on the slow beat Shiny walker hold me, closely as I mosey on the low key If you don't know by now, you'll never know me You know me, I swing it to the young-ins and the OG's Witnessed by notary public, certified rough shit Does it feel good, how was it? Gritty like the subway tracks My protocal permanate like graffiti on the project walls On the AWOL, alias Jamal Duval Roam through the universe, plans of roamin it all In the meantime, in between time, we shine Dangerous minds travel on this uphill climb [Chorus: Inspectah Deck] If you want some, get some This is it, son, this one Make 'em feel the friction Guarenteed hit, son, miss none Flip one, you better bring your big gun [Masta Killa] Some niggaz I'd rather not spar minds with They can't simutale my thoughts or fuck with Creative testosterone, mic-phone calms the menopausable hormone quakage trapped like estrogen, we makin, all of the above supremely I hold my shit, when I run, I hesitate to stomp the come bring water from the brain, nigga, they tried to send me back, but still I came Teraform mindframe contains elements of iron which began steel Healin men life, Allah just brought me forth to bust mine This time I spare no one, poison sword seed technique Breathe the Earth, take the head of those and feed 'em to the universe Blessed with volts of electric, life threatnin segments, it's hectic [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] Poetry in motion, east to west coastin Overseas blowin with lines tightly woven Still goin full speed, pullin g's Tryin to eat 'til my mouth gets too full to feed I excel, cast spells similar to Merlin Mic surgeon, hang like Dr. J. Erving Splurg inner city like uncensored version Mergin with the fast lane, stained with the urban Word in the street, his work was dirt teeth Synthetically weak, make the fans start beef Any comeback attempts would only be in repeats They soon fall off, be mentally lost beyond reach My technique's heat leaves a permanent crease Plant my 2 feet, shootin with the quick release Never cease fire from a Street called Desire The sire, disturbin the peace with c-ciphers [Masta Killa] Who dare comes amongst and tries to peep it The secret of the deadly art, then leak it Snakes, leeches surround the righteous I link the diversion shot, then slip with the swiftness The weaver raindrop, leavin the eye confused Understandin blurred, cloudy electrical storms occur from the Masta, classical head bang slang The deaf tone rises like the blind and dumb Lickin shots at the microphone, Iron Lung We the first to set off shit, last to run Who want some, come and get some Motherfucker! [Chorus]

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