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Fleming And John lyrics

Ugly Girl

Original and similar lyrics
When I saw you at the grocery store you were sharing a shopping cart with her and I couldn't turn and run away I didn't know what to say you introduced us for the first time and I had to look her in the eye but you could not imagine my surprise can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl does she talk about politics and all the stuff that used to make me sick does she smoke cigars and stay up late oh she's so great does she tell you what you want to hear and I bet that she can grow a beard I'd feel better thinking you were queer it's not fair I can't compare to an ugly girl ha ha ha the jokes on me I feel jealous and I feel mean is she so nice that it makes up for her face there's no way do you have to keep your eyes closed do you have to keep the lights down low oh I bet you wish you had a blindfold can't you see you're leaving me for an ugly girl

Girl Let Me Touch You

Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst"
It's morning, seven o'clock, you at my clinic It's me your orthopedic, gynecologist You looking pretty and fine, go ahead, blow my mind Girl what's wrong, come here let me take a look You say you got burnt, your man shoulda wore a rubber What type of partners you have, and who's your first lover He never turned you around, showed you doggystyle We got some things in common, honey lets talk awhile Did he lick you there, percolate your atmosphere I got a mask at home, boots and some leather gear How about me and you in black, I'm hitting from the back Tail in my face and all juicy brown booty I'm the master lovin splits let me do my duty Girl let me touch you Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (Can you tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there... Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (Can you tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there... Sipping Mannish ever smooth, you're cute drinking Hennessy Joking about two girls, your friend double teaming me I got the office closed, you ready for the pros Suckas ain't no good sticking coke up in your nose My style is wild at home and on the kitchen table Porno flicks and stacks, Playboy on the TV cable I'd rather sign my address on your application You can call late nights for lonely information Where you come when its boring, no place where to go I want you in a two-piece and freaky for a private show You got my number, address, you know the rest Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (You can tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there... Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (You can tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there... Only eighteen, bikini body bad and mean Do you have cards in fact, I will take Medicaid Your panties are wet, take it easy, don't sweat You want some birth control, you could smoke a cigarette Relax, lay back, your buns feel good to smack You think you're pregnant your tests show negative I got a movie camera, film that is positive Turn around for me, girl take a picture This is the way with 24 flicks on Kodak Them young boys ain't ready so let me show them how to act I put you in thongs and 6 inch high shoes and strut your stuff in latex, my strategy is rough Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (You can tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there... Girl let me touch you there I wanna feel you (You can tell me what's wrong) Girl let me touch you there...

Came Back For You

LIL' KIM "La Bella Mafia"
[Intro] Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am the one and only Queen Bee After me there will be none, but you can call me Miss White Most people know me as, Lil' Kim the head of the La Bella Mafia Oh, shoutout to my girl Victoria Gotti and the whole family stay up [Verse 1] This time around I ain't takin no shit, this time around I never get bit This time around I switched up my flow Got rid of the pits and put rotts by the do' This time around it ain't like befo' This time around I'm gon' crack ya jaw The feds is watchin me so I can't do much Speak the wrong words bitch and you will get touched I'm back on the scene my favorite color is green I'm buildin a empire, got a whole new team Pimp game is strong, raps is just harder than they ever been You can never win Made my way through Hollywood fashion world adores me Music's my first love a nine to five bores me Love me or hate me Lil' Kim come through My fans across the world I came back for you [Chorus] I came back for you All incarcerated scarfaces gangstas with the fed cases I came back for you, all my fans across the world holla at your girl I came back for you Everybody's waitin on me all these hoes hatin on me I came back for you, the mink rockin Benz coppin keep the bottles poppin [Verse 2] It's the real hip hop mami check the facts I'm sick of all you acts with your bubble gum raps Like the sand in the hour glass you out of your time Tried to go against the queen, is you out of your mind? Even be at number two, your chances is slim Cause when God made Adam, he should've made Kim I gave a few passes but I never forget It's enough I got to put up with this Doo Doo Brown chick Now you and you wanna come at me from all sides I'm gettin money, don't think I just be lettin shit slide I'm very concerned with fashion ain't my fault y'all don't know how ta Rock this Hollyhood thang y'all need to let me style ya Come back, to the light ma, I started the shit How soon we forget I'm the heart of the shit So keep your tacky ways and go back to your stripper days As long as I'm around, you gon' bow down [Chorus] I came back for you All incarcerated scarfaces gangstas with the fed cases I came back for you, all my fans across the world holla at your girl I came back for you Everybody's waitin on me all these hoes hatin on me I came back for you, the mink rockin Benz coppin keep the bottles poppin [Verse 3] This time around either your in or your out This time around you better watch your mouth This time around you gon' hang or bang This time around you better do your thang Cause I'm the best that ever done it, the best that lived it I ain't no overnight success goddamnit I was born with it The Prada mama, the Dolce and Gabbana drippin' The Blue Hypnotic Martini Mimosa sippin' Y'all better team up or get it together Or you, you and her can get it whenever Huh, I got a army y'all can't harm me If the shoe was on the other foot you probably try to stump me Don't get your life tooken(tooken) I know I got you shooken(shooken) This Bed Stuy fly girl came back for Brooklyn(echo)

Intro Theres Only One Year Left ! ! !

Little Girl: Daddy, what's it gonna be like in the year 2000? Dad: Well sweetheart, for your sake I hope it'll all be peaches cream. But I'm afraid the end time is near. The cataclysmic apocalypse refered to in the scriptures of every hole book know to mankind. It will be an era fraught with boundless greed corruption, where global monitary systems disintegrate, leaving brother to kill brother for a grain of over cook rice. The nations of the civilized world will collapse under the impressive weight of parasitic political conspiracies which remove all hope optimism from their once faithfull citizens. Around the globe, generations of polluters will be punished for their sins. Unsheilded by the O-zone they have successfully depleted, left to bake in the cering naked rays of light. Wholesale assassinations served to destabilize every remaining government, leaving the starving wicked to fend for themselves. Bloodthirsty renegade cyborgs created by tax dodging corporations reek havok. Pissed off androids tired of being slaves to a godless gutless system, where the rich get richer the poor get fucked over and out, unleash total world wide destruction by means of nuclear holocaust, annihilating the terrified masses, leaving in its torturous wake nothing but vicious, cannibalistic, mutating, radiating, and horribly dis-figured hordes of satanic killers, ?begged on revenge, but against home?, there are so few left alive. Starvation reins supreme, forcing unlucky survivers to eat anything anyone in their path. Massive earthquakes crack the planets crust like a hollow egg shell, causing unending volcanic eruptions. Creatures of the seven seas, unable to escape the certain death upon land, boil in their liquid prison. Disease then circles the earth, plagues viruses with no known cause or cure laying waste to whatever draws breath, and human-kind having proven itself to be nothing more than a race of ruthless scavengers, fall victim to merciless attacks at the hands of interplanetary alien tribes who seek to conquer our charred remains. This is Extinction Level Event, The Final World Front. And there is Only, One, Year, Left. Little Girl: Wow, that's cool, I can't hardly wait! Dad: You don't have to, beacause here it is..........(echos out) Busta Rhymes: Callin all live niggaz!!!! Callin all live bitches!!!! We got a job for yall on planet earth Flipmode World Domination in progress.. Mutha Fuckas!!!!!........

Keep 'Em On The Floor

Big Daddy Kane "Taste of Chocolate"
1-2-3 Give it to me Get on the dancefloor Start to clap your hands for The smooth operator, what more can your ask for The musical maestro That's usin the mic so I can spark up the entire place like nitro- Glycerine because the crowd is sizzlin Bobbin they heads to what's said and still listenin I specialize in fun And I must know what's happenin cos you're dancin like re-run So behold the natural born soul, a rhythm To get em and hit em as I party with em My job is to make you all feel this But i'm not don cornelius I'm just a new black cesar here to please ya, ease ya Movin and groovin, provin, soothin at your leisure I don't sing or yell But my rhymes reach out and touch more people than Ma Bell The brain of the Kane's so intelligent You think dancin is irrelevant And start stompin like a elephant But that's not necessary, just let the beat carry You into somethin funkadelic That might best describe The musical vibe you feel when I arrive From the moment I walk through the door I gotta keep em on the floor Get up and dance and move your body across the floor Go on and do your thing until you're feelin sore (I can't dance no more) Get on up and dance (Let's dance) Get on up and dance (Give it here) Get on up and dance (Funky) Look You came in the disco Thinkin it would be just low But i'ma make sure you enjoy this show You won't have a chance to sit down (Get down) And listen to rhymes that go the mile like a marathon A voice that's choice, as strong as sarah vaugh Swift delivery flowin like a river be Flowin, but only ladies know my tongue is that slippery I grab the mic and then we'll see Who can d-a-n-c-e Makin the crowd roar for more of what they saw And I'm sure that I can keep em on the floor {Chorus} Oh Feel like i'm down here by myself sometimes I'm ready to break this groove down You're ready So I'ma let the music just stop And we gon' get into our own thing for a minute here You're ready Break it down Keep on dancin (Keep on dancin) (Dance) Bring in paramedics to relieve the Trace of this bad case of dance fever Cos I can feel the disco heat gettin to me While the sweat got my silk drawers stickin to me But I can't stop, I gotta party Like a gun on the dancefloor and catch a body I might move real smooth Then again dance real silly Just like a hillbilly As i make sure the beat is kept So all the party people stay in step Become a slave to the rhythm Grab someone of the opposite sex and dance with em Put your partner on the floor and face em That shows a positive sign of unification And if all party goers could make this move We'd be one nation under a groove So let's try this, stop the violence That can only result in peace from what I sense To be straight to the point A little love and harmony - mh (it's the joint) So build a nation, pump the bass and The treble beyond the level of imagination So the Big Daddy Kane can endure And the name of this tune is Keep Em on the Floor (Everybody get up)

Say Thank You

I used to be stuck I used to be stuck How ‘bout you? Inside a lie That you know ain’t near Near the absolute truth Feel it all in your membranes And deep in your tissue And you keep You keep ignoring the signs Listening to it happening to you again songs And put your alarm on Sleep Inviting new dumb shit And more loss of peacefulness Anybody Everybody can use a little help sometimes C’mon you know things ain’t moving right Ask for correction Ask for direction Ask for protection Since you want to feel like you’re you Inside Say thank you Yeah Say thank you Yeah Cause you know your request is filled You will see So act accordingly Live like you believe And say thank you Open Close Kneel Stand Hands In the air Head down Knees on ground And a silent whisper Out loud [ad libs] Somebody say thank you Hey! You hear that? Yeah! Hey! Thank you Thank you! I wish you would Just say Thank you Thank you It’s the only thing Thank you

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