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So Maybe I am Bound By Fate A Problematic Scarring Induced By Hate It Never Seems To All Pan Out Is That What All This Teaching Is Needed To Scout You Seemed To Have A Bad Effect Your Rules And Contradictions I would Neglect Though Not My Fault You Made Me Feel Like My Own Education Wasnt Truly Real Then You Came Right In Tearing Out My Soul How Could All This Loss Be Your Only Goal I'm Left Standing Here Desperate In The Cold Since You Took Your Life Mine Has not Been Whole So There I Stood A Scolded Child The Reasons Never Questioned My Pains Been Filed Inside This Place That Makes Me Feel I learned Life Is Unfair And That Is Very Real [Chorus] While You Try To Overcome The Lesson Makeing The most Of Those Questions That Just Keeps Me Guessing I'm Looking Longer, Harder, Further Than I Ever Have Solitude Breaking Me Down You Always Seemed Glad To Put Me down And Stick Me In That little Pit Personal Growth As A child That Mattered Not A Bit Then I Became The Person That You Hated Most Disrespecting The Father, Son, And Holy Ghost A Small Example Of What The Things You've Done To Me Have Changed In My Life And Changed The Things I'll Never Be I'll Never Be [Chorus]

Run Away

Nasty Boy Klique
I would give my life for you You mean the world to me baby baby baby babe You know I love you and i wanna be together, we can run away just me & you, just you and me will you run away with me? the day Iwrote these words for you I cried could of died that day a happy & complete man cuz in the palm of my hand everythin that I dreamed for and more and you know that im down for yours forever in life the reason why I made you my wife is because You seen me, for me, the real me, and loved me unconditionally and even with these circumstances that i handed u still gave me a chance and thats why i live and breathe 4 u & the kids & u give me more than this fame could ever give me & now my life is satisfied & complete visions are comin true yeah of me and u placin rings on each others fingers sayin 'i do' u stuck with me through my thick & my thin 2 go back & live life over again naw, this is my destiny it was worth the agony 2 get the extasy (chorus) we could run away & spend some time i'll always be the one right by your side tell the whole world u belong 2 me u are my everything ooooh.... i wanna run away with u i never ever met a shorty that wuz quite like u & even though it was wrong i fell in love u now we sit here not really knowin what to do but im sure u know i'd give the world 4 u if i could run away with u i wouldn't even think twice i promise girl, i'll put it all on the line i know forever seems 2 be a long time but thats what i'm seein when i look into your eyes & it dont matter what your friends might say cuz i know deep inside u feel the same way u can tell me what u want but i can read your mind so quit lyin 2 yaself and put your hand in mine i get excited everytime u come close & bein right here with u is what i love the most so anytime u feelin lonely inside we can run away together leave this world behind (chorus)1x wakin up in the morning & your still not there can't we run away and excape somewhere? missin your soft touch your lips next 2 mine holdin up your hands as u looked in my eyez what must of happened 2 the love we both felt inside? emotions were stong & the feelin was right now we dont speak anymore, u went your own way if thats what loves about, then i wuz mislead go ahead & take your time if thats what u need my love 4 u's forever, my heart 4 u bleeds things happen 4 a reason so i ask myself should i be strong?, wait?, or move on 2 someone else? i know u still love me i can feel it inside u always kept it real, no games, no lies if u ever feelin lonely, feel the need 2 get away call me up, i'll be there 2gether we'll run away girl (chorus)


I feel the wind as it carries me, above, above my soul, into a land that I've always dreamed of, a world where we all could soar, it's a waterfall, i can taste it all, with everydrop of rain I brought life to a picture I saw, [CHORUS] So come stay the night, your welcome as long as you don't burn out the light, the candle I've been keeping on my mantle so your safe at night, I can't deny I've been waiting all my life to find (this place) The mountains sleep as the tides slow down, I can feel the breeze, It's all a scene I've been planning out, you can choose if you want to believe, Here the sun won't fall, nor the moon or stars, Cause all you have are the pictures you've kept to remind you of it all. [CHORUS] I've been hiding, who I am for so long, and I know that I just can't keep holding on, I just can't keep holding on for long

I Am The Hunted

G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats"
Shivers running down my spine, whose blood I know it's mine ? I'm a moving target and I can't go home. Chased forever and a day of my choosing my own way. I don't wanna forget the things I've done. I am the hunted .. No-one's hurt now I've escaped no-one killed and no-one raped. But I'm the monster they wanna catch. My kids live alone with a stranger their mother's dead I killed her. A moment's anger and a life of pain. Running scared I know my number, I know no joy, only hunger. I don't want to forget the things I've done. Remorse regret, it's more than anger everywhere I go there's danger. I could take my life but still no wife. Stop and think with my mixed up mind of sanctuary I can find. Another night like this and I think I'll die. How can I prove my innocence when this country's run by ignorants .. as blind and deaf as a newborn child ?

I'm Here For You

E-17 "Resurrection"
Just when you feel nothing is real anymore Along comes a sign that changes your mind and you want To do what is right for once in your life make it work But the harder it gets you make such a mess and it hurts When you feel weak and all alone and it seems you can't go on Just when you think of turning back cause you've got so far to go If ever you need a friend just someone to hold again I'm here for you Just when you hope you've got what it takes to survive You feel like you need someone else's advice You wait for the day you constantly pray that it comes The day when you see your life turn around just for once I know the times are hard for you I'll be the friend you can turn to I will be there when you're feeling scared Don't be afraid, these arms will keep you safe toight

Because Of You

Paolo Santos
...oh yah, oh yah... If ever you wondered if you touched my soul yes you do Since I met you I'm not the same You bring life to everything I do Just the way you say hello With one touch I can't let go Never thought I'd fall in love with you... Chorus: Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you Verse 2: Sometimes I get lonely and all I gotta do is think of you You captured something inside of me You make all of my dreams come true It's not enough that you love me for me You reached inside and touched me eternally I love you best explains how I feel for you... Chorus: Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and the joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you Bridge: The magic in your eyes True love I can't deny When you hold me I just lose control I want you to know that I'm never letting go You mean so much to me I want the world to see, It's because of you Chorus: Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and the joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you My life has changed thank you for the love and the joy you bring Because of you, I feel no shame, I'll tell the world it's because of you... Spoken: Because of you

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