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Flashlight lyrics

Don't Look Much Like A Girl

Original and similar lyrics
Lost my cool at a brand new school Where the kids all smelt kind of strange And I threw my chair when I caught the teacher's glare As she called me little Mary-Jane All the ribbing that I god-damn took From the kids left my ego in a whirl And the kids would say while I sat and watched them play Hey there kid are you a boy are a girl Praise the day I'm old and grey And don't look much like a girl And the kids all come and dance in the streets Proclaiming me the king of the world Figured it'd be fine when I hit grade nine And I'd grow a big beard really soon Till the first day of gym when I met father tim And he sent me to the girl's change room Illustrate my weekly pass come across as feeling crass Submit for credit or just share your thoughts Search my archive for a joke a thousand drives and beers and hopes Look out god I'm gonna die My black candle won't stop smoking even though I blew it out My stigmata are signs of disease Reputation as the finest burnt your bridges to be sane Look out god I'm gonna die Now in the end I will surely transcend All the things I was never meant to be So with some skill and a little good will Out on ladies night I'll get in bars for free

Streets Is Callin

B2K "You Got Served Sountrack"
Verse 1: Omarion Last night tryin ta make it home. I get this call on my phone. Stop yellin, slow down, I can't understand a word you sayin. Did you say my nigga got hit? Did you say he didn't make it? Please tell me you know who did this. I'm on my way and somebodys gonna get it. 'Passed by him on the highway' O: Seen him. 'And my baby in the background' O:Pleading 'Come home and leave it alone!' O:Its out of the question, girl its on. 'What about his newborn child?' 'And you know that he was wild' O:I don't wanna hear this shit right now, when they just stretched my nigga out. (Chorus) I've been going through some things. I struggle with my inner man. I'll hustle, I'll do what I can to get this money. I know I promised you some things. There's gotta be a better way. Its not easy to make that change. The streets keep calling me. Verse 2: Omarion By my name saying: 'How ya gonna get paid?' 'No education equals minimum wage.' 'Minimum wage equals minimum play.' 'And you know real niggas wanna play.' Won't you come on and move these waves? School don't guarantee a higher place. That's the shit that'll get me locked away. Man they tryin ta give a nigga all day. Now I'm out here every night commin in late. If you slip then I'm commin for the take. It's going fast and I need to hit the brakes. The greater the risk, the more you make. All my thoughts are in the clouds. 'What about just shutting down?' But girl I really can't quit right now. Notice on the door, they tryin ta throw us out. (Chorus) Although I was raised right. Still these streets ain't nothin right. They can change the course of life. And you know that I know that I must grow to see my kid grow. But still the streets is all i know.

What You Want

Mase "Harlem World"
[Total] Tell me what you want Tell me what you want Just tell me what you want Tell me what you want Tell me what you want Tell me what you want [1] - Tell me what you want for me Take a look at what you see Let me know if this right here Is something you can have for years Tell me what you want for me Take a look at what you see Let me know if this right here Is something you can have for years [Mase] Now Mase be the man wanna see you doing good I don't wanna get rich, leave you in the hood Girl, in my eyes you the baddest The reason why I love you, you don't like me cuz my status I don't wanna see you with a carriage living average I wanna do my thing so we be established And I don't want you rock in them fabrics Girl, I will give you karats 'till you feel you a rabbit Anything in your path, you want you can have Walk through the mall, if you like it you can grab Total it all up and put it on my tab And then tell your friends all the fun you had [Repeat 1] [Mase] Hey Mama, won't you come here to Papa? You don't like the way your tata's lookin at Shada? In a 600 ain't no smokin' cigada Come over here, I think I see your baby faddah Here ya go the number to my casa If you in a rush you call me manana Whatever you need girlfriend, I got the whole enchilada Just the way you like it, Mase gon' do you propa' Girl, I can tell you was meant for me I can tell by the way you was sent to me While I'm on tour trying to make them centuries And they ask who your man, you better mention me If you don't you know you got a problem Said you want no beef girlfriend don't start none And it just so happens that I'm seeing cash Cuz you messed up a lot just trying to be fast And I ain't gonna ask who smashed the E-Class Pull up to the crib with the whole front crashed Now you wanna laugh, good thing that's the past If you ever lie again, girl, that will be your last [Repeat 1] [Mase] Now the more you treat me royal I adore you That's why I don't mind doing these things for you You did things for me I wouldn't believe you did That's why I always want to keep you here In a year or two, girl, I could see you with my kids Girl, you make a thug want to get a legal gig It's only right we spend our lonely nights Gettin' crazy biz till we awake the kids Don't get too loud, got respect for you honey To keep it all real, you come second to my money And can you be my ghetto love prophecy? Everybody love you girl, not just me And I know that you really care a lot for me Wanna to see you happy even if it's not with me [Repeat 1 until fade]

Stay Free

We met when we were in school Never took no shit from no one, we weren't fools The teacher says we're dumb We're only having fun We piss on everyone In the classroom When we got thrown out I left without much fuss An' weekends we'd go dancing Down Streatham on the bus You always made me laugh Got me in bad fights Play me pool all night Smokin' menthol I practised daily in my room You were down The Crown planning your next move Go on a nicking spree Hit the wrong guy Each of you get three Years in Brixton I did my very best to write How was Butlins? Were the screws too tight? When you lot get out We're gonna hit the town We'll burn it fuckin' down To a cinder Cos years have passed and things have changed And I move anyway I wanna go I'll never forget the feeling I got When I heard that you'd got home An' I'll never forget the smile on my face 'Cos I knew where you would be An' if you're in The Crown tonight Have a drink on me But go easy...step lightly...stay free

All I Have Is Me

Darwin's Waiting Room "Orphan"
You took one final look, my tears they turned to ice/ A frozen sacrifice, your body heat's my paradise/ I've built up many layers, but none can keep me warm/ Deceiving is believing in the calm before the storm/ We complicate our lives with things to define/ threw it all away to see what was mine/ Cleared out my insides, echoing hollow/ I'll forever wallow, in your footsteps i follow/ Warily, I search for solidarity/ In our disparity, your love for me was charity/ This s reality, for all that it's worth/ If you're not perfect then i just don't belong on this earth And just like a disease/ All the faces i see remind me of you cause they seem just like you/ wanna reach out and touch you/ All I have is me, all i want is you/ They seem just like you/ Why can't I forget you/ All I have is me with this memory/ Fading alone I'm an array of imperfections on display/ My life has been on layaway since the day you went away/ I've watched myself decay, the ripe is turning rotten/ Feeling nostalgic now you're gone but not forgotten/ I lack luster, what was new has turned to rust/ I'm filled up with disgust, wish the world would turn to dust/ It's hard to read just cause now i find it strange/ To trust in something that constanly change/ A long-range exchange, for years I've sought you/ The pain I've brought you, your've taught me what i've taught you/ We can't escape ourselves or even one another/ I will never recover this is love like no other I'm gonna rip, rip you out of me/ I'm F*ck, F*ck you out of me Never you/ Never you/ Never you/ Never you/ They could never be you Never be you/ Never be you/ They could never be you

Seance Of Shamans

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Hook: Samples] [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "I cause more scare than Godzilla" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "My style is wild like pitbulls trapped in cages" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Crypt the Warchild:] Every rhyme I write is 25 to Life Every rhyme you write don't even deserve a mic Crossing in the national borders with a bomb threat You mothafuckaz haven't even left ya block yet You'se a bitch, you'se a hoe, here's a prom dress You wanna try to box with God, there's no contest So keep on thinking this shit is sweet I was caught in a sandstorm; put you under the Middle East You got it fucked up homie, I've been a beast Reptilian tongue and my skin is deep Rumor has it they say I'm thrown off Until their limbs is everywhere, wigs is blown off [Jus Allah:] Is that the cast of a death mass? Is that water in a red glass? Boi I thought you'll neva ask, since legend has There's a method to the math, it's directing fast Disconnecting from the guest is the second class I have left a trail of debt checks in the mail Head or tails? Death prevails, never fails I will never get derailed that tip is stale I will never get to hell that ship is sail I'm refined mastermind after cash had climbed Any gunshot paneling, past the grind Pass into the sublime, have relaxing time Have a glass of wine, have your last act of kind [Planetary:] Everything they say is irrelevant I'm a element of rap that define pure elegance Elevating my residence, bigging them up I'm in the hood rocking 'JMT' shit in the truck Not I against I cause I don't sleep on my stomach I rock heavy metal kings and watch the barrel of the gun twitch You talking dumb shit, hooting and hollering I lift the cannon and wait for the bazooka to swallow 'em I'm a do this regardless to them I'm the original Dirty rotting scoundrel surrounding your pinnacle Block the perimeter, I hit you with the fade away Got a bullet with ya name on it for a rainy day [Doap Nixon:] So many days, so many nights So much money got fucked up, so many fights So many niggas got knuckled down for no reason So many cowards got guns but don't squeeze 'em YEEEAH! It's just the way it is I finally got a whiz that's ready to bless the sun with a hundred kids So I can fall back, Ralph Lauren straw hat 'Sour Diesel' already showed you I'm all that I won't stop tryna to ride on you assholes First week sales donated to Daschel You think I'm bugging right? C'mon! But it's the zeros in my bank account Dat got me saying: "Floss right" [Vinnie Paz:] My brain [? ] the sky is My heart doesn't know what die is Pyromaniac rap Vinnie starts fires Only a nigger and thought ignore sirus And that's why the enemy lost and caught virus Brrrrt! Where I'm from God Earth's 85ers Y'all ain't got heat underneath it's all wires I'm on some same hate shit with bonfires My whole team animal thug and born liars You ain't aware of what any the 12 Tribes is You a devil who tell the enemy where God is [Outro: Vinnie] And that's how we get down Yeah! Jedi Mind foreva Jus Allah, Vinnie Paz, Kwestion Yo Stoupe where you at cuzin? ATOP - Army of the Pharaoh clique Doap Nix, whadup cuzo? King Mag, 7L Esoteric, Big Mike, Big Red Sinatra where you at cuzo? Kamach, Lost Cauze, Celph Titled, Apathy King Syze, OS, the whole fam Who really fucking with us out here man? This animal rap out here

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