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Five Iron Frenzy lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Today all the sources would agree that the day of their death was a cold dark day Scuttled ships have blocked the sea and the pallid light of morning melts into an ashy gray And goodbye to everything sayonara everyone they are tired write the eulogy And I saw them as they passed it was like a millstone cast far into the deep blue sea No one understood a word they said hailed them all as kings up upon a pedestal Their names scribbled on a parchment piece would sink like any ship listing fast from ruptured hull The murky sea is black dismal and so deep millstones rocket through the dark into it's icy keep A resting place for broken ships a cemetery for the humble no one's here to make you stumble If Jesus Christ is true then I am mostly lies if Jesus Christ is Love then I have failed to try if Jesus Christ is Life then please just let me die let...this...die...


FUGEES "The Score"
[CLEF:] Another MC lose his life tonight, lord I beg that you pray to Jesus Christ, why O lord, father don't let him bury me, whoa [CLEF:] I haunt MC's like Mephistophales Bringin swords and Damacles Secret service keep a close watch as if my name was Kennedy Abstract raps simple with a street format Gaze into the sky and measure planets by parallax. Check out the retrograde motion, kill the notion Of biting and recycling and calling it your own creation. I Feel like Rockwell, 'Somebody's watching me' I got no privacy whether on land or at sea. And for you biting zealots, your raps are cacophonic Hypocrite, critic, but deep inside you wish you had the pop hit. It hurts don't it, the refugees come to your turf and take over the earth. [INTERLUDE (Lauryn):] See my rhymes are the type of fly rhymes That can only get down with my crew And if you try to take lines or bite rhymes We'll show you how the refugees do. [LAURYN:] Behold, as my odes, manifold on your rhymes Two MC's can't occupy the same space at the same time. It's against the laws of Physics. So weep as your sweet dreams break up like Eurythmics Rap rejects my tape deck, ejects projectile Whether jew or gentile I rank top percentile, Many styles, More powerful than gamma rays My grammar pays, Like Carlos Sanatana plays Black Magic Woman So while you fuming, I'm consuming Mango juice under Polaris, You're just embarrassed Cause it's your 'Last Tango in Paris' And even after all my logic and my theory, I add a muthaf**ker so you ignint niggas hear me. And you remember take notes, As I sow my rap otas And for you biting zealots, here's a quote. [Chorus (CLEF):] Another MC lose his life tonight, lord I beg that you pray to Jesus Christ, why O lord, father don't let him bury me, whoa [CLEF:] You can try but you can't divide the tribe These cats can't rap, Mr. Author I feel no Vibe The magazine says the girl should have gone solo, The guys should stop rapping, vanish like Menudo. Took it to the heart, but every actor plays his part As long as someone was listening, I knew it was a start, For me to get a chance, grab my pen and revamp Do a cameo while everybody do the dance. Quick now, cause you runnin' out of lucka Playin' Mr. Big, I'm gonna get you sucka. While you munchin at your luncheon, I'll be planning your assassination Then hit you like the Dutchmen [PRAZ:] I compress sound sets with my rap DBX Then drop vocals on my 456 AMPEX Bring terror to the shop of horror, As she cries 'Mi amor' The phantom dies in the opera And to the youngin's who carry gadgets And kill 6 days a week then on a sabbath. Violence ain't necessary, unless you provoke me Then get buried like the great Mussolini And for you bitin' Zealots Your rap styles are relics No matter who you damage You're still a false prophet. [Chorus (CLEF):] Another MC lose his life tonight, lord I beg that you pray to Jesus Christ, why O lord, father don't let him bury me, whoa

Jesus Christ R'n'r

DIR EN GREY "Withering To Death"
aijou wo motte sessuru yo kanjou wo motte setsu suru yo jiyuu ni waraeta ANO hibi kara... ima wa mukashi ni omoimasu ka? I though semari kuruu kyoufu no en? tsumari SOKO wa ari no soto? dandan to narete wa kuru ga itsuka hako no kizu ga kiemasu ka? BADDO wo motte machi e deyou motto ore to asobou yo Do it now.God bless me!Bless you! I cry from pain ominous communication tsujitsuma awase mo tsuai kirenai ibbanron ni shukufuku darou Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll ganjigarame ni shibarareta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll fujiyuu no naka sogaredeta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll soba ni ireru fushiawase wa soko de miseru imi awase to nanra kawari wa nai omaera no shakai no naka de ore wa umaku waraetemasu ka? mijime na no wa docchi kana? majime na no wa socchi kana Do it now.God bless me!Bless you! I cry from pain ominous communication kizutsuki BOROBORO ni natte issou kowarete shimaeba waraeru darou Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll ganjigarame ni shibarareta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll fujiyuu no naka sogaredeta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll False accusetions kill me ominous communication nageki no sakebi ga omaetachi wo Jesus e to michibiku darou Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll hakitame no naka de aimashou ka Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll ganjigarame ni shibarareta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll fujiyuu no naka sogaredeta Jesus Christ Rock'n Roll

The Tugboat Complex

Oh my God They've got angels sweatin' like Hell, it's workin' their little halos to the bone combing them deserts my figure eight knotted lifeline defined traffic the way my schoolin' end-less-ly defined every day one exquisite fitted crisis rivets an octagon of red to the ceiling above my bed it's not a conversation piece, like public spectacles unleashed more of a clue so when I wake up to the rains I'll be one step ahead of you I slide like Kodakrome [?] wrote a poem for every planet tracked their mileage from the sun in an envelope licked it, stamped it got eight thank yous in the mail, but nine planets means there's one left only the earth would thank me later with a breath taking sunset (man, I'm just a bum) zip that waterfall around your skeleton tell it to boil loyalties, the shovel in the soil dig it, I split my lip kissing the winter nursed the blister in the sun strung a hammock between spring and where the willows turn to blood might of worked sip a little, litter it, love it without big beetles trying to sell him sunflower seeds by the bucket might of, tugboat for the boxcutter above those ashes without hot air balloons floatin' their four passenger baskets and I'm asking you to let a captive lacerate a caption splash out massive apolster plastic glasses with famine patches i-dentify all saints linked around the fountain's warmth and for a second taste of pain when removing that crown of thorns [?] born hostile, pacifist huddled in subtle masochist stamp the blame on [?] my fire escape overlooks ghost town market place artists bought out passes then fast themselves to the target's face you're killin' me if I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts if I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon earth and if your little wing is broken I'll see the poacher in hell I can't afford another [?] in a cell my carousel mimics the interests of a thousand leaking spickets and a colony of graziers raised to justify the grimace (and yes I read the treaty) I prescribe the remedy plus the premises my pin cushion, my limbs pushin' the knitting needle evils, idle, peddle past the greeting where the sleepers feed the cycles stop, watch the eagles board the little engine that could not ghost in a shell and it fell in my lap passin', postin' the bail but the guard has misplaced the key ring (that's wonderful) I lead a flee to blaze exact songs directly into the village power supply burning the bridge between the magnet and my eye now how many cadavers satisfy a mad man? and how many crooked samaritans turn plesantville to bad land? I can count my own dusty nickels with you laughing about you'll turn my poor ass ebony and navy with cane lashings (well, you're right) grip your pointed stick, incite your riot I'll sell your worth in a bottle at profit, explain my bias atomic box cult, downward spiral rapidly cast to hell with hate mail, forged Christ's autograph laughed itself, drastic catastrophe biting my lip skin and bones, stringent bingin' on rancid baits mummified well inside a muddy New York minute was it your remnants my smoke rings have cocooned prior to fading? well, it wasn't conscious spite but it might have been that I am not your friend anymore my arrow head dissertation [?] when narrow bed sleepers occupy the basement and I am not your friend anymore come the dawning of [?] in your pity blend that whispers in the wind man, if it were only that simple I'd add a guilt frame to [?] I'd board myself inside my room to trace the wilting contour one petal falls to the rug, she loves me not town crier lugging a boom box with spirit plugs and a red radio flyer tied to irony like twenty burning igloos with a sailors knot fiddler crabs build sandcastles while high tide off azalea crops in the icicle field I portray, cats get antsy and ask 'why if every light is dark do I continue dancing?' why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? why if every light is dark do I continue dancing? well if it ain't finally a question that's worth answering I boogie for the raindrops for the purity, the anger for my childhood recollections for the comic book in my heart the mocked intentions the clarity, passion, seclusion those cool summer nights for the mark emerging across the street selling me stog's at half price for the mights, the maybes, the nauseating pitfall my girl, my friends for the fact my window opens towards a brick wall for the three legged dog I saw dragged on a leash for the homeless man who walks my block in rainstorms with plastic bags on his feet see I throw away the tenders over one shoulder and walk across broken glass through every wicked world to kiss tomorrow's morning not for nothing you'll drown in a pool of your crooked morals whispering 'maybe Aesop Rock was on to something' maybe, no promises

He Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know For the Bible tells me so All of us to Him belong We are so weak, but our God, He is strong As I sit and ponder I begin to wonder why God would send His only son upon this earth to die The conviction of my heart brings a tear to my eye And keep reality far from me, I just want to hide Christ endured such cruelty for a sinner like me He paid the price when He died for me on Calvary's tree I once was blind, but now my eyes clearly see The sacrifice Christ became for you and me Because Jesus loves me, this I know For the Word of God tells me so All of us to Him belong, it's true That we are weak, yet He is strong (chorus) Yes, Jesus loves me Yes, Jesus loves me Yes, Jesus loves me For the Bible tells me so He will stand by like no other man Two sets of footprints within the sand But at times looking back one is all I see These are the days that He carried me He has proven His love time and again Pulled me from the fire, a result of my sin Compare where I am now to where I might have been Get on my knees just to praise Him again and again Thank you for loving me, it's undeserved It doesn't make sense, I mean the picture is blurred I'm the one that owes the debt, but you paid my price Now Jesus Christ, I owe you my life (repeat chorus) Now that I can see it, will the life I lead change It's kinda strange we make decisions When they're out of our range But in day to day living, we tend to give up On commitments that were made before life got tough With compromise in our eyes and pressure from peers We renig on a decision that we once held so dear But let's try keep sight of this vision foreseen Hold tight day and night beyond the point of a dream Because Jesus loves me, this I know For the Word of God it tells me so Everyone of us to Him belong, it's true We are so weak, yet He is so strong (repeat chorus)

In Christ Alone

Verse 1: In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love, what depths of peace When fears are stilled, when strivings cease My comforter, my all in all Here in the love of Christ I stand. Verse 2: In Christ alone, who took on flesh Fullness of God in helpless Babe This gift if love and righteousness Scorned by the ones He came to save 'Til on the cross as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied For ev'ry sin on Him was laid Here in the death of Christ in I live Verse 3: There in the ground His body lay Light of the world by darkness slain Then, bursting forth in glorious day Up from the grave He rose again And as He stands in victory Sin's curse has lost it's grip on me For I am His and He us mine Bought with the precious blood of Christ Verse 4: No guilt in life, no fear in death This is power of Christ in me From life's first cry to final breath Jesus commands my destiny No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man Can ever pluck me from His hand 'Til He returns or calls me home Here in the pow'r of Christ I'll stand

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