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Comin' Out The Cellar

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Late at night I'm writing got a lot on my mind Exchanging midnight beats for sleep 'cause time's hard to find Spent the whole day hiking through the city on a mission Wishing I was living under different conditions Looking for a face in the crowd I don't know Looking past glass as if my nerves don't show Looking for a new way to say one pairs of prints ain't enough Me have to bluff me have no trust that makes it hard for me to open up But I play the role and now nobody knows what's in me I'm past the point of thinking that I could ever win see I get all choked up about something that isn't there Fair Skinned Earth Autumn Sun Through Black Hair Where? Over there on college campus ground pavement I turn my head it's just a shadow that's how my day went My spirits fall like golden leaves from autumn trees Collected in the street by the cool as 'trane fall breeze Autumn Blue... I'm looking out the window just to watch the block Residential hotels smack addicts in flocks A lazy day waitress with the hand that rocks The ladle wipes the table feet below dreadlocks Tickled ivories trickle out a modest speaker Don't mind being alone but I'd be glad to greet her One hundred and twenty miles from home but still in my dome Pick up the phone and maybe later I'll see her A happy couple crosses Second Ave. holding hands I'm glad I'm not happy 'cause I still can't stand The weight of a crush a light brush induced blush That anxiety rush of that uncomforable hush In conversation that two second pause feels like I'm waiting For a bus I may have missed when I'm already late and It's raining on my clean clothes day four of a new job Well maybe it's not that bad but still that moment feels odd So I repel it if I can smell it on the verge about to happen It seems I'm without words unless I'm freestyle rapping But then I'm full of crap and plus my mind is on city On the real I feel uptight when all my fronts miss witty It's hard to handle microphones I'll light like a gasoline candle Face to face I'm feeling square as a handbill So I'll head home and try to put it all together Get me on my own and all along and I'll be better Autumn Blue...


Originally performed by Celtic Frost Dreaming eyes Hope to return As shadows fall onto Distorted paths Delivered from the fetters of light Drifting back into my reality The subconscious deprecates the day In the twilight of my own intellect Dull is my mind Captive of illusion Remaining awake Is just dust Take my soul away into the dark Dreaming a thousand morbid dreams No tomorrow when the wind caress my mind Could I ever return, it would be my doom Obsessed by the nightmare's sound Drifting back into realms of chaos Reality has become my dream I'll be covered by the abyss' ground An endless fall Memories in the light Frontiers of chaos Return to the eve


Divinity Destroyed
High in the sky, I see you falling Why do you think that I will catch you? Past the clouds a burning fire Hear it sing like a choir You gave much more than you should have My first words are your last rites Deep within my vacant mind Sits the thought, Maybe there is hope... Rays of light pour from my eyes and Baptize all that lay beneath me Everything that I have gained is Nothing next to all I've lost I surrender to the blackness Hoping, praying for acceptance Deep within my vacant mind Sits the thought, Maybe there is hope... No sins, yet forsaken When will I awaken... This truth I won't swallow: I have become hollow I'll wait for tomorrow Where there is no sorrow I see a light in the darkness I weep as that light goes out Neverending pain Driving me insane No more, I can't take it Silent cries Bloodshot eyes I'll defy you til I fall Final living breath Welcomed into death Mercy please, I'll beg for mercy Now alone On my own All I wanted was salvation Lost and staring at the ground I Realize: I am nothing Tears are streaming down my face and Seeping deep into my wounds I am beaten, I am battered Dripping blood, my wings are tattered Broken, I fall to my knees and Cry to the sky, Heaven, take me home

Usually Just A T-Shirt: Untitled #12

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt"
Blind your head in catastrophe icicles No-one's fed in cycles led by cycles dead Ask to shine the flag Love is distance and blue sits like apples bite And flows through our hands I said 'Hi' to a man who shot his sister Panned through the station And jumped in front of a train Said I'm a bit confused to meet you Life's what scissors do to a day So their smiles pave the way Sand drips with waves And clouds my head cuz I'm a fortune fellah's bed And I'm the tunes played by the goons Who ride in fairy's wombs And stole the road the other way And sold tomorrow to yesterday and I know the feeling of pushing you out of a building Tiny people pulsating hit the sky Still the ground got up and wiped your face You expected to fly, wind up your misfortune Sling 'em to a Maitre-Dee Who wears dead butterflies on his face And is hoping to grow wings He really wants to tell you 'hey give your tears to today' Grind yourself souvenirs under your stolen years Hands in your pockets Your hands getting numb been hurt in grinds jive Do the avenues that seem to meet defeat you Did you ever try to hug the sky behind your head I walked forever sightseeing a screen Shuffled a mean green ping Dives head first into a hole in the water Drives side to side like a floating machine Dove dancing to a fable told to a sea of disintegration Crawl to a celebration of dirt that leaves that taste of wine Sucked from a hair that digs into the darkness Full of the fair that my head rides. I slide your kind through a ladder Hanging on a star Stray close so far Away from the climb A tape like section of introspection To rewind would be to recline. Hit the pounds underlying gently Ride on the side Tell your problems to zero He's got nothing to hide.

The Windfall (Everything For Nothing)

JONI MITCHELL "Night Ride Home"
So you want me to buy you a car Why? Because Elvis did? Darlin' come on Because Elvis gave 'em cars You think I'm cheap And you're hard done by Look-you live here like a star Rent free suite Big blue pool that you sun by Trips to tropic shores Clothes from fancy stores You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing Going to the church You chant For my downfall Chanting for my house My friends You want it all The pillows on my bed The visions in my head You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing In the land of litigation The courts are like game shows Take what's behind the curtain The jury cries I'm not going to be the jackpot At the end of your perjured rainbow Not if local justice has even one good eye Oh it's not like I was blind I saw But I took no action As you began to climb Green clawed Dissatisfaction It wasn't hard to guess That the end would be a mess You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing In the land of mass frustration The judges are sleeping Counting wooly little lawyers And grinding their teeth Outside my sleepless window The Hollywood sirens are shrieking While down some searchlit alley runs Some lost belief Oh I'm tangled in your lies Your scam Your spider web Spit spun between the trees Doors slam You want my head You'd eat your young alive For a jaguar in the drive You lie too much You lie too badly You want everything for nothing

Our Love Would Be Much Better

Rides from strangers Yellow snow You're the thing Mama didn't know You've taken everything you have In the end, I just got to laugh Would I know, would I care Would I play this truth or dare Could I spin like a top And see my future open up If you freak, can I run And I'm happy waving bye But you can't imagine why Our love would be much better If I gave a damn If I gave a damn, about you Cosmic lines were never crossing Our relationship was right for tossing But I was filled up full of pride Should've known that the damn thing died Would I need what I got You can take it all you want But my life is at hand Woman, don't you understand I don't want your guarantee I don't want you begging please I just want you out of sight You're on a roll Take my soul Take my mind and eat it whole Take my money Take my doubt That's what you're all about You been keepin' company with some status folks And if things is what makes you happy Then off you go Take it all, daddy's doll Stack it up and build a wall Never shine never mind Never healing it with time Melodrama Glam-o-rama It's a shame it had to end But I can't imagine why

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