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I guess I just must be a daredevil I don't feel anything until I smash it up I'm caught on the cold, caught on the hot Not so with the warmer lot And all I want is a confidant To help me laugh it off And don't let me ruin me I may need a chaperone Say I'm an airplane And the gashes I got from my heartbreak Make the slots and the flaps upon my wing And I use them to give me lip Hip hip for the lift Hip hip for the drag I want them all in my bag Oh give me anything and I'll turn it into a gift But don't let me ruin me I may need a chaperone Seek me out Look at, look at, look at, look at me I'm all the fishes in the sea Wake me up Give me, give me, give me what you got In your mind, in the middle of the night Maybe you let me look out for you Protect what I found in you And never let it starve Then that way, you let me stay Skirt in my skirt like I want to And I will try hard to hold onto you with open arms But don't let me ruin me I may need a chaperone

Shining Eyes

JAMES MCMURTRY "Too Long In The Wasteland"
When a telephone rings in an empty room Does it make a sound When I get back from the east coast Will you still be around Well that's hard to say Doesn't look that way Pigeons on the sidewalk Can't stay out of my way Night clerk at the hotel Won't give me the time of day I can understand He's a busy man Coming off a bad day I want to turn and run away Quick as I can [Chorus:] And I see your shining eyes In the middle of the night Between the highway lines And the runway lights Silence on the line Something's not right Must have drifted too far From the sight of your shining eyes I shouldn't sit here longing For the time we never spent With the pockets of my suitcase Full of cards I never sent I can't fix the past And the world's spinning much too fast Slowly falling into line Sometimes I think I know my mind But that don't last [Chorus] It might have made no difference Had I never left at all But I'm standing at the pay phone And they're sweeping out the hall And I guess you'll never answer But there's not much I could say You might not want to hear my name I miss your company just the same Everyday [Chorus]

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