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Stay In Shadow

Original and similar lyrics
So cold that you cannot cope With a frozen heart I guess we blow apart I guessed it from the start Stay in shadow I'll run this world out Stay in shadow It's running out of time Stay in shadow I want to watch it drown Stay in this now Don't say because you can't Say what we should have been Don't show what I resent Don't know cause I forget So cruel to be so blind Darkness was on my side Now that you've come and gone I know where I belong Light is leaving as I watch you go Light is leaving inside of my soul

Stay In Line

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[GZA] Throw down ya mic son, ya gauge is empty Plus the wack shit in the game might tempt me Quickly drop non-stop rec shot What I took on the road on the lap and desktop A mixture from up-tempo to slow grooves 8-Track figure that's mixed wit Pro Tool I rhyme wit sense the paragraph was intense Area's dense with the flow from the sentence Engine powered by five hundred horses Press by a threat of joint forces For emcee's who spit rap to cause beef Cause they depend on wild kill for fresh meat On the board, you're just a piece that's captured Weak is the land that's laying in the pasture The plug that gave ya juice, I might pull it Can't escape these endless waves of rap bullets [Chorus: Santi White (GZA)] They got no place for me In my life can't you see? I must not push or bite it tell me Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line son) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line kid) Stay in line [GZA] I'm not insane in fact I'm kinda rational Chrome-plated serrated swords slashing you I shine light to the mic That's filled with the unspoiled water that sprits with light But um, you get high of the wealth and livin' large We rely of the stealth of camouflage Cut supply lines, flood ya mans market From high altitude cover the land target Lost in the desert, the journey is stressful Where the rescues are unsuccessful They perish while they search for it, intriguing treasures Should of taken precautionary measures The rhyme with the shank in the yard that kept stabbing ya A shakedown from Alcatraz to Attica Because we rock the jails Wit it and mase write the verse on the walls of cells [Chorus] [GZA] Ya out cold, ya styles old Allah just rolled, attack his skull wit a plan less bone Hit ya king with a Check that caused directly damage ya disco tech Shoulda' Protect ya Neck [Santi White] And do they think they got me? I don't know They seen ya picture baby? Don't think so Now do your mission and while you were thinking Ain't no collision that'll stop me from screaming [GZA] Involving movements, controlling the squares that's closed in Wit impact, in fact ya zone is frozen Submerged in deep blocks of ice Sceaming a wise by the high-tech devise The slightest fame can bring pain and torture The author, who came with a burning offer Published by whoever made it must own it Is just symatomic for one chaotic moment [Chorus]

12 O'Clock Whistle

The air raid siren at the high school blew Every weekday, twelve o'clock noon Dinner time, people as if we didn't know I guess the city fathers liked to hear that thing blow The boys were chasing the city truck, spraying DDT It kept the mosquitoes down And that stuff won't hurt you none the neighbor lady'd say Encephalitis, now that can ruin your day Granny was hanging out wash, talking across the fence The neighbor lady nodded like it all made sense She's just gonna stay with him 'til the kids are grown Fetch me that clothes pin up off the ground would you hon' Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? I had a cherry coke dripping on my cowboy clothes Riding down Scott street in that big white Olds We're going through nigger town, honey lock your doors 'Course that's not what we're supposed to call 'em anymore We're going to the beauty shop, it's not too far You can come inside or you can just set in the car No you can't go with grandpa to the pasture today They're shipping calves and you'd just get in the way Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me? We had fried okra and black eyed peas Granny had her saccharin, she was putting it in her tea Pull that screen door to hon' you're letting in flies Don't you know nothing Yonder comes the pickup, he's coming down the street Run help him put the horses up so we can eat He's always late for dinner, Lord, he moves so slow 12 o'clock whistle blew half an hour ago Won't you stay with me 'til the sun goes down? On that flat top mountain to the West of town Won't you stay a while, I just don't see Why you must be leaving? Won't you stay with me?

Stay At Home

MEN AT WORK "Two Hearts"
Outside these, four walls lies, anarchy babe Unnatural acts and sights abound Glass glaring, eyes staring, young pairing, maybe What does the world care if I'm not around Cos, I think I'd rather stay at home With people I know I could watch the whole thing on TV And the neighbours never know The bright lights, are like traps, for the unwary You need a guard just to walk at night Fights flaring, bombs scaring, pants tearing, maybe How can you say it will be alright And, I think I'd rather stay at home And my face not show I could watch the whole thing on TV And the neighbours never know, they'd never know Cos, I think I'd rather stay at home Where cold winds don't blow I could watch the whole thing on TV And the neighbours never know, they'd never know Outside these, four shores lie, countries of strangers They have water that you shouldn't drink Bad driving, crime thriving, life's full of dangers It's not that I'm frightened to walk on the brink. But I think I'd rather stay at home With people I know I could watch the whole thing on TV And the neighbours never know, they'd never know Think I'd rather stay at home Where the bad guys never go, they never go Stay at home With people you know, people you know Think I'd rather stay at home Where the pimples never show, they never show Stay at home Stay at home

Fucks With You

JIM JONES "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Yeah, it's ya boy...I'm back Byrd Gang Another rap extravagance classic for you niggaz [Chorus: Max B] WE TRYNA GET PAAAID, CAN I GET SOME BUCKS WITH CHUUUUUU? GET BLAAAZED, CAN I HIT FROM STUFF WITH CHUUUUUU? GET BRAAAINS, NIGGA I FUCKS WITH CHUUUUU.... CAUSE WE THEM NIGGAZ YOU LOVING! WE FUCKS WITH EXPENSIVE HOEEEEEEES....THE BIRD SWANG AS FAR AS EXPENSIVE CLOTHEEEEEES....IT'S BYRD GANG NIGGA WE GETTING THIS DOOOOOOOOOOUGH..... CAUSE WE THEM NIGGAZ YOU LOVING! [Stack] If trap is the way out then y'all niggaz stuck there (for' real) Coffee shops the only way you see Starbucks here (for' real) And I'm a different story (ha!), feeling out of line in that deuce so I think I need a whole different story! Can't judge a book by it's cover comes to yay you can't judge a brick by it's color (what!) You only know if it's butter when you put it in the raw and that watch ain't flooded if you still see the border If he doesn't hustle, somebody around him does And if he ain't homie, somebody around him cuz (Cause?) Cause gangster ain't easily portrayed (nah) Death before dishonor niggaz easily betrayed Same niggaz from the sandbox, I bought drops (drops) One year or two times we can watch the ball drop (ball drop) We by-coastal you niggaz ain't playing right (nah) Drive-by and toast you, you niggaz ain't spraying right [Chorus] [Max B] Five seven with thirty five homie pitch a buck Hit the club with the bitches, ma ain't the only one to fuck Cause my BG's so prolific, you sluts can do whatever I'm abusing my name buzzing from Brooklyn to Bermuda Nigga's caught him slipping again, he ain't never shoot us Bigga caught up pimping again and he ain't neva Scooba Thousand dollar bags of Buddha, I drop back on my scooter my Ruger'll do ya like they did Martin Luther Jr A lil bigger rocking some shoes thinking that they cushy Lil niggaz got it confused thinking I'm a pussy Watch how I scream with the team cause the clock is ticking I gotta lean when I squeeze cause the glock be kicking I be blowing on the stank, blowing on the dank my quarter across the border I ordered what it drink Got ya daughter caught up in loops all up in the lane All in the paint, we balling and caught up in the mix.....OWWW [Chorus] [Jones] We do it to the death, a hundred hoopties I done wrecked (Capo!) I got a bitchy attitude but stay super duper fresh (stay fly!) My shooters do the rest (bang bang), put the product on the curb if I'm not out of town I'm up in Harlem on the curb Or handling B. I, in the office with my feet up Stay running through the city, stay cautious if you see us Been known for going hard, be flossing off the meter (balliiiiin!) We gotta stay fly, Austin to the sneakers I love the purple, stay coughing off the reefer (stay high) Break the speed limit something sporty with a heater (speediiiiin!) You fuckboys, you'll never be like us (not at all) Stunting at the light, in a 07' Spyder Behind the G-wall, I know several lifers (Eastside!) Eight forty eights they was heavy in the Vipers (balliiiiin!) Six forty five, cherry and it's piped up The wrist forty five, chain heavy and it's iced up [Chorus]

Better Things

ASAP ROCKY "At.Long.Last.A$AP"
Don't give a fuck about your man I'm just seeing what it's hitting for (Bitch I'm sayin') How you fronting on a kid though You should fuck with me girl You know what you need girl See I got used to livin' life up on my own, yeah And searching lovely for a wife to call my own, yeah It's all I think about at nights when I'm alone, yeah Swear that I can't get no rest in California Swear that life is just a whole bunch of vices Niggas biting off of my shit, my dick Stay up in your chick ride stick without a license Tell her hold on like some vice grips Might just call her, let her ride with a baller Look up on her face was priceless, wonder what my type is Well tonight Mrs. lightskin with a light mix, or a light switch White chick, darkskin complexion and she righteous I take a dyke chick if she like dick I kissed the dyke chick and I liked it Fucking each and every Katy Perry for the night bitch Light this Light it light it, puff it puff it, pass it, pass it (moving on to better things) Just sit back and relax one time, clear your mind 'Bout to send me back to my old ways Know what I mean [Hook:] I've been puffing, rolling up Cop a lot and pourin' up Plus my niggas know the plug A generation's thrown on drugs I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth Next time I see her might curse the bitch out Kicked the bitch out once cause she bitched out Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce Ride with a nigga mane, and you know I stay fly like the jigga mane And it figures, 'cos here is something you can't understand How I could just kill a man, anyways Nowadays everybody's stressed, yes Animosity is better off your chest, yes Everybody want to stay blessed, stay fresh Take a nigga threats, but I'm up next, take debts Light it light it, puff it puff it, pass it, pass it (moving on to better things) Inhale exhale, relieve your mind of stress Smoke some one time for your boy A$AP [Hook]

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