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Fiend lyrics - There's One in Every Family

The Streets Ain't Safe

Original and similar lyrics
What up Welcome to New Orleans Where police are corrupt And niggas with no money die at the ages between 15 and 21 But see me? I made up my mind a long time ago that I'd never fall into that system I'm a hustle till I get enough, then I'm a get out But you know what? I got caught up. Started fiending for that shit. So now anything you sell, any corner you work for, remember that's my shit I could take it from you any time I want to As long as you know that, I won't have to make an example outta you. Remember, That's the words of Fiend [chorus] I say the streets ain't safe I know I could be a goner Tryin' to make a million dealin' around the corner And nigga Fiend know one day he's gonna have to die But What? nigga What? And with my gat on my side, I'm still gonna be the baddest alive(alive) I'm an automatic pistol bustin' He laughs, screamin' down to the haters Caution his lies knowin' he gonna pay for it later But Fiend...?...of bieng the baddest Later On, Never to go, just mama command us Nigga no heat advantage, stay hustlin' livin for the day Robbin' to the way in the allyway, that soldier ain't prayin' Forgive me, I almost waited for my breed to help me They won't doubt me so I'm a take somethin to get wealthy Healthy, young, got a gun ain't afraid to lose it This corner, I'm about to lose it. It's life I ain't choosin' I was placed here, a nigga before me was erased here Killa face fear but I plans to make and count cake here Get down and show me you're Bout It Come and take what I took That chef was paddin' the way you got the face of a crook Project walls shook, until Fiend's Spirit rose in me I chose to G , Wait until the world get a load of me [chorus] Lord they know i don't fuck around Livin' every day like my last It's a damn shame the dirt I done did for the cash Is it my fault? Makin' sure my hood gonna eat Not seein' defeat, nigga I just stood to my feet Cocked every rock that I had, Cooked all the dope I could cook Took a glance at my family, like it was the final look Sellin' the shit I stole Have mercy on my soul And these shops about to be closed Cause Fiend about to roll This ain't no war to stage Feel the wrath and my rage It's bieng displayed At the effect of poverty's case This ain't no phase, I'm trapped with that want to live To protect mine, I miss you with rounds of hot shit My glock eat it, the only talkin' that you get in verbal And the way of my pain, so for God we gonna hurt you It ain't personal, with the thought of playin with my math Can get that ass in an unending bloodbath(bloodbath) [chorus] My life has seen shit like this. I got to much will invested Fuck open chested, me and my workers bullet proof vested Suggested cause my least worry is bieng arrested Upset with cause more these niggas done probably confessed it See I'm blessed with the game, Came along with my name Tested for fame, Pushin' out crack cocaine But watch the pain and strange thangs happen for greenary And involves seein' me, nigga windex ya scenary Believe in me is one thing, seein' is another If I'd have known what i know now, I wouldn't have lost my brother Streets got death to offer to you fast or slow But some stash you're doe, you could see the casket front row I know cause I done seen some casualties burn Plagued ? So now them niggas gonna learn It's my turn So when the courts ask for a plea My answer is they fucked up and made a nigga like me [chorus] 3X

Jump Da Fuck Up

Jumpdafuckup! Muthafucka you don't understand All my hate! Muthafucka you don't understand All my rage! Muthafucka you don't understand All my pain! Muthafucka you don't understand... You seem to sever all my frequencies I'm tethered to your energies And everything turns inside out I can't be killed but I'm not too proud Maybe you would like to peek through the curtain At the same mistake you know you always make But...all I really want to know is Are you gonna lay the fuck back down Or jump da fuck up? Walking in da streets and looking at all this shit I'm full of hate, don't fuck with me Walking in da streets and looking at all this shit Open up your eyes and fucking see We got the tribe against society We got to fight the real enemy Get da fuck up, stand da fuck up back da fuck up! All this is making things a bit insane And I don't care who stares or stays The only thing that matters is Will you reach out if you can't resist? Maybe you don't give a shit for the rest of us But if you do, the time is now, if it ever was If you're gonna fight, whatcha gonna do? Jump da fuck up! Muthafucka you don't understand All my hate! Muthafucka you don't understand All my rage! Muthafucka you don't understand All my pain! Muthafucka you don't understand... How dare you single out my honesty Compare me to your travesties I only want to see you fight The darkness you wanna live your life by And if you're gonna quit I don't give a shit What the fuck, I'm a Mack truck Are you gonna give up like a bitch Or jump da fuck up? Walking in da streets and looking at all this shit I'm full of hate, don't fuck with me Walking in da streets and looking at all this shit Open up your eyes and fucking see We got the tribe against society We got to fight the real enemy Get da fuck you, stand da fuck up Muthafuckaaaaaaaa I'm a self-destructive piece of shit Smear me in I don't owe you a goddamn thing This life has never had the swing I don't wanna be immortal or legend or anything Cause the longer I'm alive, the better off you'll be Get ready for epitome, come on and pity me... Will you kill me if I say please? I'm the same old reasons not to try What the hell Beat to death with a shovel and a new smell Come and get me, mom would never let me do it I'm ruined, I don't want anything from you Cause I've got nothing left to prove, c'mon My time, everything feels fine, goodbye Killing from the inside

Take 2 With Me

MC Eiht "Death Threatz"
[INTRO] Damn. 5-0 at my motherfuckin front door Tryin to get us , ya know I'm sayin But Eihthype ain't sleepin Gyeah , my niggas on the run know what's up Lil' Hawk and Burn got the back , ya know I'm sayin 1/2 Oz. runnin this shit, so we keep runnin Niggas on the run , ya know I'm sayin [VERSE 1 ] Somebody snitchin ain't that a bitch Motherfuckin 5-0 at my front door Uhh , talkin about they got a gang of witnesses Wanna commit and search my premises Sellin dat candy is just the way to survive And dealin them straps they won't take me alive So now I gots ta play it like I say it See the fuckin glare of the batch and I spray it Uhh , they kickin my front door with them steel-toe boots My face [?] so I starts to shoot I hit 1 to the 2 starts to shout Grab the motherfuckin yea kick the backdoor fool , I'm out All for your dollars and some sense Hear the fuckin sirens and I hit the back , bitch Uhh , I start to scatter like a mouse Snatch the fuckin yea and I'm out to my nigga Boom Bam's house Uhh [VERSE 2 ] I guess you can chalk up zero for the blue team Look up in the sky and see the fuckin high beam Tab on Boom Bam's window with the fuckin strap Wake up my nigga One-Time's tryin to peel my cap Special report just hit the fuckin airways Be on the look-out for the nigga hair full of braids They say i'm nuttin but a cheater Trippin and I'm quick fast strapped with a Nine Millameter Gotta make it to my motherfuckin nigga Chills One-Times on they way and they wanna kill They lookin silly cause they got clowned Heard the whisper chief williams 2 officers down Uhh , here comes the motherfuckin tear gas Bam dropped the mask and hit the side door kinda fast One 5-0 that I killed Jumped on the motherfuckin metro to my nigga Chills [VERSE 3 ] Ain't no takin me to jail no bail no wonder Kill 'em all cause the motherfuckin hood took me under Uhh , One-Times won't give me no Juice Heard the barkin , yes they let the dogs loose Uhh , runnin like a motherfuckin strap with the mack But i ain't that lucky Caught one in the leg and in the damned back Now bleedin like a stuck pig But I keep bellin fuck you bitches is what I'm yellin I make it to Chills and tell him he'd pack quick Give me some ammo cause One-Time's is on my dick Mellin cum cause Eiht ain't had enough Bring them body bags , fool fuck they handcuffs Ya'll goin down I thought I told ya Caught one thru the shoulder of my coat So I bust 'em in the fuckin coap The bullets flyin they tryna hit me , they might get me But fuck 'em Imma take 2 with me Gyeah Ain't no love bitch Mc Eiht , Dj Slip , 1/2 Oz. niggas on the run Lil' Hawk'n Burn we killin 'em off And we outta here

Spit These Bars

Drag-on "Opposite Of H20"
(Swizz Beatz) Double R Right Now We ain't playin' wit y'all We ain't playin' wit y'all Stop playin' Drag (Verse 1)-Drag-On A-yo I spit these bars to make ya head shake Fuck bitches 'til the bed break Let's see how much lead you can take Never let a nigga pay for what I give away We can all share Clip to my waist it's all spare So run dammit, run When I bust my gun I miss none Put y'all in critical condition I'm the talk of the town when it comes to fuckin' bitches Or layin' niggas down Drag bust the most rounds While y'all niggas dibble and dabble The shit I pull up wit It'll feel like it grabs you We ain't fuckin' I had you Shit I know Drag'll be glad to If I had to Soon as she in the bathroom I'm in her ass too Gotta six shot shooter That'll pop thru ya Glock ruger In case I call my block movers State troopers on my ass Shit let me see them touch 160 on the dash My Z look pretty when it's fast I bet 50 I'ma juice the city before I pass And if you wanna catch fire better step on the gas The opposite of H2O Wanna be a hero When the fires on Y'all won't even see ya moms Even if she was screamin' at the top of her lungs Niggas either burn to the bone or leave the shit alone In case of a fire never take the elevator Walk 2 flights hold ya breath and take the steps (Uhh) (Hook)-Swizz Beats Do my ladies run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my ballers run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my mamis run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my dogs run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh (Verse 2)-Drag-On A-yo I only fuck bitches that's flexible Ankle touch neck sex incredible When Drag about to spark cats Ain't no bargin wit that When my gun spit it say Where The Target At? Cuz I'm fire so I speaks wit heat So let me walk that walk Cuz like a teacher I'ma talk wit chalk That'll outline y'all like a fresh pair of Nikes Stay wit those Even if I'm bare toed you see the stripe I leave blood stains on sponges Cum stains on comforters I leave rooms foggy 'Til where y'all can't find me Keep a bad mami Twisting up the green scent Like tangerine face out of a magazine Like ebony On the block I pump the ivory Never pay for show I only fuck wit those that never ate before That means no food, no cars and just skip bail The only thing on they plate is no more than fish scale The blow you only know about is the air outside I have nightmares before I sleep I pray y'all fry For a pie I lay out guys Cuz what I keeps layin' on my dresser Keeps layin' niggas on top of stretchers Lightweight but I give off pressure in all measures Never chase treasures Flame niggas for pleasure Red/Gold vest Bullets go thru tef Got better double R 2 letter (Nigga) (Hook) 2x's Do my ladies run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my ballers run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my mamis run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh Do my dogs run this uhh-huh Yes they do run this mutha-uhh-huh

Let Nas Down (Remix)

[Intro] Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby's bein born Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end As far as rap go, it's only natural, I explain My plateau, and also, what defines my name [Chorus: J. Cole] Yeah, long live the idols, may they never be your rivals Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the Bible Now what you're 'bout to hear's a tale of glory and sin No I.D. my mentor, now let the story begin [Nas] I ain't mad at you, young king, this unsung song is haunting Along comes a one son called a offspring The Earth spins, my Old Earth grin, sung a church hymn She birthed in September, took my first wind, again, the Earth spins I jumped in my first Benz, fled out, lead out Screams got in the game and took bread out The nerve of these niggaz, weak flow, yo Cole let's murder this sequel Freedom or jail from Fayetteville to QB though Cause back when I was young there was massive niggaz But I passed them niggaz, just being nasty nigga Military hat, fatigue pants saggin, Henny'd up Execs asking will he live to see his own release date happen Straight off the corner with the armor, Arm & Hammer But I had a appeal, I was a charmer.. Yet still being my momma's son was my biggest honor This shit was just kinda just a hobby in my project lobby We was tryna be the Queensbridge Cosby's But the street life robbed me of that, so I had to put it in raps And who could I ask for help? Older nigga was gettin mad But that's the gift and the curse, that's the good and the bad At least you got Jay, but he already one of the greats And it's hard for the great to tell somebody how to be great Nigga I tried and niggaz threw that shit right back in my face They took my co-sign, but they ain't let me EP their tapes And when they joint tanked, that's when they point blame So point blank, young Cole, you won't be the same The first album freedoms and them fourth album pressures A big difference between 'em but I get why you said it Radio records are needed, I just wanted it to bring the warning Global warming to that cold world you was breathin That's some advice, I never got If I don't sell another record, I'll just steady rock While you was writin down my rhymes I was just tryin to show you that if you say what's on your mind, you can stand the test of time Now I'm playin "Born Sinner" loud, saw you live, rock the crowd Like wow, you made your nigga Nas proud So you ain't let Nas down... It's just part of the game, becoming a rap king, my nigga You ain't let Nas down... How that sound? Here the crown, pass it to you like nothin, nigga You ain't let Nas down [Chorus: Nas] Long live the idols, may they never be your rivals Slick Rick was like Jesus, G Rap wrote the Bible Now what you're 'bout to hear's a tale of glory and sin Large Professor's my mentor, that's how the story end, uh

Travellin' Man

DJ Honda "HII"
[Featuring KRS One Doe V] Intro: All you sucker MCs just sit back and hear the new lyrical styles comin' straight out of America New York to be exact. Like to shout out DJ Honda this is KRS One with Doe V. KRS One: I open fire with lyrical gats for opening acts and opening tracks Without vocally knowin' they raps I crack backs when active raps get 16 gold and platinum plaques I been there and done that You wanna critique the teacher but you know you haven't studied People turn funny when they think you're makin' money The true philosopher of hip hop is in the place I'll punch you in your face then discuss clearing space Damagin' my electro magnetic extention Radiate six feet in every single direction Guessin' stressin' they tensin' Yo Doe-V yo teach 'em now the new lessons Doe V: It's team player baby hold this shit down since the 80's So how the hell am I gonna let one of these new niggas play me Wanna spray me lay me shadey with the 380 Crazy nigga play me be a cold night in Hades We keeps it real with ya paw But cats get froud like saggy titties in a push up bra It's fucked up how they did Big Poppa Will the show go on? They gotta And pokers still bring it proper KRS-One: Fresh for 97 from 86 that makes 11 Years on the microphone Can We Talk like Tevin I Run like th Reverend, hip hop heaven The number of God is not only seven It's nine and three so come follow me On a journey to witness a real MC The mind tricks the body I was in the party When Dougie recorded Lodi Dodi And I ain't see nobody Hook: If one slow, then everybody slow If one know, then everybody know If one flow, then everybody flow If one blow nigga, then everybody blow (x2) KRS-One: It's me again sober but never lonely with Doe V Moving closely you got skills kid now show me K the R the S is the teacher don't forget that Challenging this could get your album date set back Diplomatic this rap addict tunes out static No we can't have it I spurt the verbal Magic like Mister Don't get it Twisted like Sister Or Keith like Sweat trickles down your cheek better put up the anus Chewin' your crew like cheese danish let me change this Lyrical flows I reign this You can't tame this this is aimless MCin' while bein' famous and rich Still believe it it's got to be that way Which way, the no bitch way, the no snitch way Definatly not the bitch way Is he a real ferous serious? They ask right when they cranium cracks Doe-V: Shamma Lamma can't nobody slamma And if I can't slam ya I'm a hit you with a hammer Huh boom bamma then you say Damn ah why'd ya hit me Shamma Lamma? Cause that's still the way I am-ah Can have tight security still run up in your jamma And hit you like a 4-4 slug kablamma blamma Who's name rings bells 360 from toliet 12 Legend has it when he piss he put out the fires in hell Plus rock well, honies wanna Fuck You For Free like Akinele So cocktales through niggas window if my glock fail It ain't where your from it's what your representin' Mama always taught me never eat where you be shittin' Oh no he didn't Straight from jail for I'm kickin' Can't trush them hoes I can see clear from where I'm sittin' Since the days of (Brooklyn keeps on takin' it) Bronx keeps creatin' it (True only relate to this) A few real niggas left and the rest is immitatin' it Mistaking it for life is too hard then we breakin' it Doe-V is coming through with KRS ain't no mistakin' it KRS-One: Put the jewels on the table we takin' it Hook (x2) Doe V: I damage your molecular structure your heart beat fluctured Main arteries rupture I puncture Your style my mental state's on the prowl I bring it wild like a bunch of immates goin' to trail I cause havoc a mystery like Voodu magic I set the static I'm comin' barracade the barracks Disrupt your molecules I demolish crews And bruise and toss A-yo nail to the cross Hook (x4)

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