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Fiend lyrics - There's One in Every Family


Original and similar lyrics
[Master P] Yo, what's up nigga, this the colonel, MP. But uh, Fiend nigga, it's your muthafuckin time to shine. You gon mix this shit up with Bun B and Pimp C. U.G.K. and Fiend? This straight for all the niggas in the hood Niggas on the corner, every nigga in the penitentitary. Nigga, this busta muthafuckin free. This for all the real Niggas and bitches out there, ya heard me? No Limit style. Told y'all muthafuckas ain't No Limit. [Bun B] You muthafucka, I don't feel where you comin from I don't like your zone, bitch, your microphone bitch Your tone switch sound like you wanna dig your own ditch It's my pleasure to bring the shovel You been lookin for trouble So me and C and Fiend gon bust your bubble on the double Hut one, hut two, march nigga, fire off that torch nigga Straighten it out like starch nigga When I'm parched nigga, take a sip of some kerosene Mixed with promythosene, turn your block to a terror scene Shit you ain't never seen Twenty millimeter tank rounds eatin up everything Nowhere to run, hide, or back down I put my mack down, picked up my ass kicker Cause it blast thicker, hose and get off in that ass quicker The last nigga figured, he had a chance To make it to that chopper, shit in his pants Make the murder man dance We shine like clusters, to leave you in the dust Cause we tryin, to get rid a all you haters and you muthafuckin bustas [Chorus:(1) Fiend] Boy, we down south bangin Rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid a you hatas and you bustas [Chorus:(2) Fiend] X 3 Down south slangin Rollin with these hustlers Tryin to get rid a you hatas and you bustas [Pimp C] I got the cocaine lady, white lady, by the key I get them whole for ten, double up for seventeen Two outta one, step on it to win They essay's is my partna, mafia stamp on the end Two block solid, each one worth one I rock it up my seven and I chop it up with Bun A pocket fulla stones, hollin bout a wrong Smokin, ridin dirty, got a chip up in my cellphone Keep this shit pumped Get to pop the trunk Feelin light headed off some California skunk And bitch I come from Texas and love that shit to lean I'm down with Dj Screw and bitch it's U.G.K. and Fiend And we ridin with some killas, niggas bout they drama Pimp like a wheelers, and bitches like pirahnas I'm sweet James Jones, a pimp and a hustler Tryin to get rid a all you hatas And you muthafuckin pussy ass bustas [Chorus:(2)] X 4 [Fiend] What's the sense of it all? Pimpin, powder, and pussy tryin to make pennies Payin off, so friendly to flip with my people give me If any doubt, the south, in every show today, blown away From the wrong way, I'm killin these niggas the Jones way Let the psalm say, he died as a hata Sooner than later, shoulda pop em since the incubator My life is droppin heron, at the sharon Lookin, death dead on Knowin I was dead wrong From the sad songs, have you been to my city? If you ain't got shitty, everything is far from pretty But I'm one bad fucker that's always claimin tank Niggas know N.O., dank, and elevate My rank, what you call it? Bustin out the Expedition Fiend pimpin, blowin up corns coke and cat emissions My livin, resist the No Limit and stashin a duster Servin the cluckers, poppin it undercover We gettin rid a bustas [Chorus:(2)] X 6

Collapse Freestyle

We gotta get the get well cards Niggaz is sick..feel this... Motion Picture shit Hahahaha Now Don't think I won't hit you cause I'm popular/ I got a P-90 Ruger to pop at ya/ Catch ya slippin I'mma give you what I got fa ya/ My clip load every 16 shots fa ya/ You never had a hot gun on ya waist/ And blood on ya shoes/ Cause a nigga went and said the wrong shit to you/ Homey you aint been through/ What I been through/ You not like me/ And I'm not like you/ I'm like a/ animal wit it when I spit it it's crazy/ got semi-autos to put holes in niggas trying to play me/ One shot is not enough you need least a oozie to move me/ after four bottles of Don the kid starts feelin woozey/ I write my life you write what you seen in gangsta movies/ I'm gangsta to the core nigga you can't move me/ I find my space at the top I got this rap shit locked/ I never heard of you/ You heard of me/ I murder you/ Spit shells through your convertable/ Load this you notice/ Rich or poor hollows still go through your door/ this is war/ Ya scared of me ya not prepared for me the kid is back/ 50 Cent/ I know you like that/ Yeah I know you like that/ Green lantern, Shady Records, Anger Management Tour homie, homie, Yeah

It's In Me To Hustle

JUICY J "Blue Dream & Lean (Bonus Tracks)"
It's in me to hustle, work my muscle It's in me to blow your ass out for a duffle It's in me to cut a nigga head, if he get wrong I'm out here, fight Hungry so get wrong It's in me to hustle, work my muscle It's in me to blow your ass out for a duffle It's in me to cut a nigga head, if he get wrong I'm out here, fight Hungry so get wrong Gunz gunz gunz gunz gunz keys pounds beans Nigga be bringing all this cheese Nigga be out here hatin' on me Nigga I'm real I'm from the streets North memphis, real killa nigga we get that gasoline Set him on fire, dump that body Nigga my hood, nigga never gonna leave Blue crush, real crush, my young niggas say fuck police My young niggas pop pills, smoke weed My young niggas are wild as me My young niggas invade your home My young niggas put bullets in domes Hold him down, duck tape to the face click boom I can make it happen, doors kicked in I'm jackin' 40.000 on your head, you might wanna stop laughin' You might wanna stop flaggin', you might wanna start packin' You might wanna start rappin', you violate we blastin' It's in me to hustle, work my muscle It's in me to blow your ass out for a duffle It's in me to cut a nigga head, if he get wrong I'm out here, fight Hungry so get wrong It's in me to hustle, work my muscle It's in me to blow your ass out for a duffle It's in me to cut a nigga head, if he get wrong I'm out here, fight Hungry so get wrong

100 Yard Dash

AB-SOUL "Long Term"
Everybody get the fuck down now Soul in the building Yeah, we taking everything Everything you got Hit the deck I need everything you possess I suggest you cooperate for this tech Send you to the doctor to operate You complicate my scheme to get rich I'll put this heat to your T, let it steam a little bit Look, when the chips get low, my fifth just blow Anything that I could pawn, come about that, dog It's money to be made and if you got it I'm taking it Just run it like a Jamaican and shut the fuck up, nigga [Hook:] And that might leave more than a rash I'm coming for your ass Please hand me the cash Cause when I'm down on my last I gotta re-up fast Point me to your stash Don't make me say it again Before I lay you with Reagan, Benjamin Franklin, and them Frankly I'm a menace In fact I'm ready to blast So whatever you got, run it Like a 100 yard dash Coming for you Don't let me catch you slipping in that pretty whip you dip in You would get pulled out Like my dick in these women when I'm finna bust, don't test my clout Your execution is a must, no doubt For the longest niggas been taking my kindness for weakness But this trigger is killing me and I'm just dying to squeeze it Fire for hire, don't let your murder transpire Thinking you will live forever like a fucking vampire I arose from the dark to claim everything you own And there's nothing between us but opportunity and this chrome It don't take a genius to know I mean this, so ante up Before I load the cannon up and blow your ass to Canada Nigga [Hook:] And that might leave more than a rash I'm coming for your ass Please hand me the cash Cause when I'm down on my last I gotta re-up fast Point me to your stash Don't make me say it again Before I lay you with Reagan, Benjamin Franklin, and them Frankly I'm a menace In fact I'm ready to blast So whatever you got, run it Like a 100 yard dash I'm wild with it, pistol whip whoever's in the house with it Call the cops, tell 'em like a date, I'm going out with it Give me the goods, give me the hand me downs Tell your wife to pull her panties down I need those too, what you gon' do? Don't jeopardize your life, for the nigga hard body made of cement Plus I'm loaded like this clip, off of the Seagrams Lay you on the floor like granite Granted your granny watching, I'm grinning like I ain't just hit 'em Better believe it, my head's sort of off, shit I would have robbed Jesus for the cross if I caught him slipping God forgive him for this long arm like Pippen The cars honk but times is hard hard and I gotta eat Give me the watch, the Sean-John, even your sneaks Give me your socks, your drawers, your fitted, your Boost minutes Give me your stocks, your bonds, your blunts, your bongs Your food in the fridge, your iPod, your celly You say I'm wrong but I'm deadly That's dead wrong so I'm heavy Like Chris Wallace, regardless You're getting stuck up, pussy Like a tampon with a handgun, push me But I ain't on the swings, I got this infrared beam and it wouldn't miss a thing Bow! Chyea! Rose I got you nigga I want everything I want the jewels, the watches, the bling bling, all that shit All y'all little niggas getting your chains robbed I'm on you I'm just playing y'all, I wouldn't hurt a fly Came out dope though Carson arsonist Yeah, it's funny that you say Carson-Carson arsonist That's where you're from right? Carson? Yes, yes sir Where is that exactly? If I looked on a map, where would I be lookin'? Carson is right in between Compton and Long Beach Shout out to Carson, Del Amo, that's where I'm from though, DA

A Buncha Niggas

featuring Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, Guru, Rob-O, Third Eye Intro/Chorus: Who's on the microphone? A BUNCHA NIGGAS! (repeat 3X) I got my crew so other niggas better leave us alone Chorus [Third Eye] The Group Home's down yo, flippin with West and me Charge a gap quick kid, best believe it G Oh, I like to flip the script and have a track record Wreckin it swift, I'm tellin ya to heck with tell to get with the crazy hairy thinkin drinkin cripple drunken monkey style back alley freaky ass to gas technique So peak, it's about to get deep, we just kick your Third Eye right open don't let your eyeball sleep The next step is the check, let's tell theses niggas whassup Cause we get freaky G, no you can't get with me Save yourself the trouble step back black, and don't even bother Word to Shop and Swift they get called in like I'm your father Chorus [Guru] Aiyyo, it's time for me to flow and get down with this I'm pullin out my mic, spittin off some rounds to this I gotta known rep, so son you better slide out Cause when I'm flippin, I'll be rippin your pride out So called gangsters play roles like in the movies Oughta save that, they're way bad, you could never do me I'm real as they come, I'll beat ya numb with my vocal tones Words hit like aluminum bats to your dome No charges against me cause I'm jumpin the law man A-men, punks should cancel their plans As the invincible principle Gang, is gettin bigger Sayin peace to the Heavster rollin with a buncha niggas Chorus [Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I.G.] I bring drama like ya, spit on my momma Cannibalistic, like that nigga Jeffrey Dahmer I'ma, head peeler, girl stealer Coffin sealer, ex-drug dealer, HUHHHHHH! When I hit you with the blow of death I leave nothin left I cook you up so quick they call me Biggie Smalls the Chef My burner's in my left, I'm not the type to fight I'm blowin up quick like a stick of dynamite So call nine-one-one, Biggie's got a gun The gat to your back, I'm smokin everyone Quick to pack, quick to squeeze on the trigger Who's in the house? HUHHHHHH! A buncha niggas! Chorus [Rob-O] Like yo, beg your pardon, whoa when I put one to the head nuff funk shit startin Fine, so I headline for the public Get mine for my rap subjects Packed with potential, wisdom versatile elements to quench your sense, I get down so feel the mental Rhyme pro I'm Rob-O, the super spectacular Brown skinned junior from Africa Blowin up so it's, possible to freak See the highlight, in fly writing, don't give a [fuck] I split when it's through then it's get with the Guinness brew and give a shoutout to my Uptown crew and still I'm wreckin Chorus [Heavy D] Yo, here I go, here I go, here comes the man again gain Ruff with a pad and pen, so run go tell your friends It's the big belly babalu boogaloo big, boy And I got plenty honies there's no need for no sex toy Free me, slavery, let me go oh no no no No longer will you treat my beautiful sisters like they're filthy hoes Never ran from static men to crew get dramatic And I get crazy respect from crazy crews with automatics Now push could come to shove because they love the way I flip a skip And that's what keeps me kinda popular with all the honeydaps So look at me now, and tell me who is bigger? When I'm on the block I'm with my flock and I'm rollin with a buncha niggas Chorus [Busta Rhymes] Well HELLO HI! HELLO HELLO! How ya doin?! HI! Hello hi HEY, how ya doin?! Voltronic! Busta Rhymes comin with the mad ultrasonic Esophagus to rock it, wreckin niggas need to stop it You get your style busted that's just what they get for comin You want some?! Yes I know you want some of the TALENT! But you can juice up, and em-otionally get wicked to stick it, in your inner groove watch a nigga kick it Ohh hah! Yo Bee, Busta Rhymes be my niggan, never muggin, only lovin and huggin my niggas, as we get bigger we come diesel as masculine figures, L.O.N.S. we gettin thicker with a buncha niggas! YESS! Chorus 2X

Fucc Coolio

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Now I didn't use the word bitch a few times in a rhyme but Now it's '95 so let me drop a line This goes out to the young black queens On the neighborhood scene Who haven't lost their dream I know sometimes it seems like it ain't no love And to get where you go ya got to push an' shove Around the way girl with hope in your heart Do his five in the purse an' five in the start She's the kinda woman ya take home to momma The only kind you ever let get past the drama Coolio know that you ain't no ho And it's time to put you up on a pedestal seat Queen of the entire universe And you know how I know that you were put here first An' to every nigga that dissed ya an' every nigga that hit ya Accept my apologies for my brothaz.... (Chorus) My...sista... Give it up for my sistas Give it up for my sistas Give it up for my sistas You're all I need... Princess of the Nile An' sweet black sexy child Ooh I like your style, huh First motha on the planet I know it's gettin' scary And all these wannabe pimps is all that ya meet But ya gotta shake 'em off like fleas an' nigga meat And use your God-given talents and abilities No matta where ya from ya get much respect From the top of your neck to your county check I see ya waitin' for the bus in the early morn Brick house with a face like Leena Horne I ain't no cap to save a ho But I got your front An' your side an' your back if that's what ya want So when it's time to put it down I won't be runnin' Ya got a dear lil' somethin' like Harriet Tubmanm, huh No matta what ya do or where ya go Ya got love from a nigga named Coolio.... -Chorus- Hernie Dipp got the lips, finga tips, and the hips Ta make mice outa the crazy-ass Bloodz and Crypts Make a nigga sing a song all night long Til' his voice is gone Wit' no music on You can be a busta on a hardass low An' should be down wit' your ass when your poor and broke And um uh Every time ya need I'll owe ya Gotta do is make a phone call, cuz When ya say 'come' ya know she's on her way Wit' no hesitance An' any type of the leg I talk about my granny Batana, an' Vanita Jacki an' Nicole an' Grandy an' Artisha I gots to give credit where credit is due An' all credit that is credited is credit to you I give praise to your wayz An' for all my day Apologies much respect to the sons I raise.... -Chorus(extended)-

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