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Fiend lyrics - There's One in Every Family

Going Out With A Blast

Original and similar lyrics
[Fiend] Gotta go, cause if I gotta go I know I gotta go, but I'm goin out with a blast (goin out with a what) Chorus Goin out with a blast, to tells buck a buck a! Murder on my mind motherfucker, so fuck ya x2 I'm on the run with identical guns, murder in the first Preaching, smilin making money cause my gun, haters disperse What's the worst that can happen to capital F-I I might die but goin to try, see, cause stakes is my right eye Believe is shooting the automatic collecting recieving all the cabbage Was my advantage, have you forgot I'm the baddest, baddest The crowd involve my men, nine milla cheater meter As my brain tissue, hard pauses and ass eater Welcome to the edition of bullets splitting and ass kicking My mission to glisten a for every writtion rendition What's my living, is for giving, the fiends sellen tryin to rock it And my logic the prophet, and if she like it you get dropped stop it, jock it As my sad ass asks back for the cash Tell me, how many players goin out my nigga Chorus x3 You niggas a bunch of young bucks with young luck so what the fuck My bitches talk glare, and them hoes aint stuck bro Already cause of me, NOPD on it Helecopter, so I had to holler at P to get the chopper Proper, hollered at a popper from that third A crazy bitch I'll B.O., but deep a nigga won't earn Word, you ain't heard, this nigga kinda fed up Pressure, to my head up, till I pop a dead up Let up, the whole block smoked out like woodstock If you good you would not plot and get chopped Mine from the cocked glock, as it was a hum From two things I can't control are my cum and my gun Chorus x2 Leave his life for me, and I'm a make sure his ass goin suffer Heard he was a fed, I'm a blow off both of his colors He'd ???? war of my mother, man, I wish I could duck it But fuck it, I didn't know I snorted past my budget This life, I'm a rush it, dead cope with the bang Cause ne'er a motherfucker did a damn thing where I hang Chorus x4

Psalm 23

Cross Movement
Chorus: The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want · He gave me life so I'mma stay on point · I've got the Spirit so I don't get drunk · We're pumpin' Jesus in your trunk. · Verse 1: There goes the bell well it's on word is bond now I'm rippin' it · Fillin' cups up with living water, got you sippin' it · I be the one that serves you dinner from the Scriptures · You may or may not be a sucker, but I'm gonna get ya · Hit ya with the word of God that's how we rock the nation · You hear it and catch the Spirit of intoxication · Drunk in the Spirit's how my whole crew puts it · Look at us walk the straight and narrow and avoid the crooked · Ruff and tough, with out the afro puff, · It's the supernatural stuff , all about His blood like we're Dracula · With spectacular spiritual vernacular · Like the concept of the hypostatic union comin' smack-atcha · I know it's deep and when you peep you'll find it's dense · Jesus both God and man 200% · Toss it, nah, we take the good news and floss it · So the world thinks we drink or mentally we've lost it · It's not that in fact it's just the opposite we're droppin' it · Fully cognoscente He rules ain't no stoppin' it · So like a vulture we swarm on your head · The holy culture who be droppin' bombs on your head · We're glad when pagans label us as madmen · Cause we're the will be's for the Christ, not has beens · Life's no joke so even if you fight hard · You'll drown in your sin if you don't meet Christ the life guard · You kick a different stroke like Willis and Arnold · In warfare you'll be steppin' but your weapons won't be carnal · But of course it's divine to pull down a fortress · Repaint the picture of Christ and make Him gorgeous · The Lord just rocks me---huh---what can I say · Sin, that's a price a rapper can't pay. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · Verse 2: Man is used to seeing Jesus in His lamb ness · But they don't understand this Lamb is running every single planet · More than just a Lamb this is more than just a man dyin' · From Zion, behold the resurrected King, the Lion · Check the majesty, bad as He is we happily · Go down to the ground without being forced to by gravity · We're glad to be prostrate, bowed down is my state · Without pape's I'm still richer than milk chocolate · You can ask the Jews about the power of Yahweh · And if He gets busy like a rush hour highway · So much so they'll have a feast in a moment · From the unleavened bread to the feast of atonement · Amazing, check out the flag that we're raisin' · Man enough to be caught standin' up praisin' · Jesus the I Am, cause my man's creation · Should all be giving up a standing ovation. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦

Westside Foe Life

MACK 10 "Based On A True Story (Explicit)"
Chorus We got bitches on the left, Niggas on the right Bitches wanna fuck, Niggas wanna fight Do what you gotta do, Nigga keep it tight But make um understand Its Westside foe Life X rated America's most faded, Bitch plated niggas in the industry Got it in for me, but i kick back nigga life is short, And you don't wanna get put on life support We wake up early,you aint worthy and got the killas on deck So the rappers ain't got to get they hands dirty You wanna battle, hand a bitch the mic you wanna squab, Im too rich to fight Niggas get him git him, where it hurts to his head squirts puss Infamous when you aint kin to us Abuse with Crips and Bloods, on the loose Killa Cali all we need is an excuse Chorus Just remember you niggas that want me to timber I'm in my swimming pool, its the middle of December Foe every motherfucka that wanna kill a fed make sure he see a silloutte foe his pillows wet Its the motherfuckin crack king westside nigga lookin mean so pass the visine hit the supa green shoot the M1 carbeam It yellow tape on the scene, so join my team It looks like you need protection, From the Westside Connection Punk the world aint yours cause motherfuckas like you do chores Chorus Ya'll punk niggas don't got a choice Yo bitch hear my voice pussy get moist Bitches in the beauty shop, talkin bullshit Lyin on which rich nigga done hit How many dicks did you have stuck in you The topic is always whose fuckin who Nappy head hoes with earrings in they nose Always seem to fuck the rich bros A word to your females consumer You given all the playas tumors With your hood rat rumors Just because you gettin your hair cut Dont you got to spill yo guts and lie on my nuts Chorus


Dylan talking] Open the book And I saw an angel come down from heaven Having the key of the bottomless pit And a great chain in his hand I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent Which is the Devil, and Satan, and born in a thousand years See [Choppa] I'm the soldier type, keep grip on steel like Conan Money bulgin' out my pockets, I peel with both hands Inter-national dopeman, known as a D-Boy If ya need me nigga, know you can call on the decoy Me, All I do is move blow off tha corner Paper chasin', cause I'm tryin to stack doe like colma, (Watch me) I'm tryin' to keep my head on tight Baller blockers make a nigga wanna ride at night Block watchers callin' coppers so my mind ain't right The Devil with me but the young boy acknowledge Christ I did alot of ridin' in my time, and God blessed me still I look out for tha one the knocks [Chorus: Fredrick & Sarah] So why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me, why Why he knockin' at my door, my door Why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me Can you tell me why he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for, tell me Could you tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for Tell me what he huntin' me for Could you tell me, tell me Could you tell me what he huntin' me for [Fredrick] You thinkin' lifes a joke, I'll slice your throat Oh you a thug, you about to get yo' rights revoked I'm from the Dirty, we don't even know the price of soap I'm a star, look in the sky, you need a microscope I'm way ahead of the game, thuggin' runs in my veins My pockets chubby, so I went and got a gun in my name Its just me, him and my blunt in the Range A young nigga with the filty slang Ha ha, I hop out like a Jack In The Box With three macks and a glock I'm askin' for nothin', I'm snatchin' my props I'm gettin' money while I'm laughin' at cops It ain't ya lad, I ain't bad It's the Devil, why don't you tell'em to stop [Chorus] [Elliot Ness] Its like somebodys lookin' over my shoulder [EN] Its hard to focus in the open I'm surrounded by vultures [Babs] So many haters I don't know where to turn [B] And niggaz be starin' us down like we got money to burn [EN] First things first, I'm sick of all you industry thugs [EN] You feel me, You a enemy if anything cuz [Both] In memory of [EN] Death to the powers that be [EN] See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier ain't no coward in me [EN] Somebody is constanly watching and following me [EN] Throw shades over my eyes, Wont allow me to see [Both] Allow me to peek [EN] Forget about reading the fine print [EN] My lyrical content on some Vietnam shit [EN] Shoot 99% dogg, top of the line [Both] I'm back on my grind [EN] Satan in the back of my mind [EN] Go a-head with the bullshit, tomorrow ain't promised [EN] I'm pushin' the rock to stop from getting knocked unconscious [Chorus] [P. Diddy talking with Sarah singing] Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou walk with me It's Bad Boy baby, we done seen the ups and downs Sunny days, rainy days, we'll never stop Da Band, the next generation, God first And we won't stop, Yea, Lets go Yea, get off me, get off me You know what team I'm on One God, One love, One family, Bad Boy I'm like Micheal baby Dark Angel, Yea, You feel me I see all you Devils out there You'll never stop us Da Band, 2003, The next generation Yea, and we won't stop

Let Em Have It

E-40 "Federal"
(E-40) I never stayed my ass home I always thought that I was grown In the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stone Got a problem with me Then feel free muthafucka Don't be talkin under yo breath Cuz that might be the cause of your death Cuz I'ma quick to stop a nigga in his tracks main So lets get this shit out in the open I used to like to go from the shoulders get em up, one on ones Now it's a whole different ball game niggas that carry guns A sucka will kill you first, and you will be layin in the hurst Takin a deep ass sleep knowin it wasn't worth Provin you wasn't a punk Niggas don't want to thump Niggas just want to funk and shot up a niggas trunk I met a bitch last week at the Orgen Room Bought her a drink and said whats up on the telly room Just then I felt some trouble kickin in Spotted her X-boyfriend who had just got out the pen Muthafuckas get to baulkin when the liquors talkin Drunk muthafucka step on my toe and kept on walkin I said what's up with ya potna, say excuse me or somethin He turned around looked at me and started mean muggin I guess he thought he pumped fear until I said Nigga don't you know I'll have you touchin everything in here He went for his pistol and didn't know I was strapin Dag nab it, I had to let him have it What type of nigga did he think you was E I know he didn't think that you were some kind of peanut or somethin. He must of been retarded to the fact that you get a thrill out of killin Now tell me somethin' why do muthafuckas wait till that nigga commits himself to realize that a hillside hillbilly is the wrong type of nigga to Fuck with E do you feel me Yeah I feel ya sahob Well lets take it to the next page then Oh you mean that part about the dungeon You Knoowww!!! The next morning, I'm sittin in the dungeon-wonderin Should I be dissed nope I did it in self defense I wasn't twisted, I hadn't even started yet It happened to fast before someone could stop me I wish I had some DANK WEED While I wait out these 24 more hours before I plead Freedom I'm gonna miss ya (I wish I had some dice) Made me some dice out of some water and toilet tissue Now this the part thats fucked up I walks into the dayroom manner room what the fuck I never thought that I would straight make ah The front page of the newspaper Shut up a do wop, shut up a do wop Man they bout to send me up state ah Talking that shit about makin me a muthafuckin faggot I make a shank outta plastic and let a nigga have it That's whats really goin down Cuz when a muthafuckas down for the count You gotta be about it or be without it Cuz what a muthafucka once told me see a mark sleep Leave him sleep in the middle of the street If you can't stand the heat stay up out the kitchen Now I'm still in the county's face Fighting this funky ass 187 case Shoot me a kite that's a good way to mingle I'll be in this bitch eatin' shit on the fuckin shingle Gettin big as a house- bulkin up 400 club waiting for the Mercedes deep roll it up My dream came true after almost 2 years of incareration Now I'm out drinkin brew Havin fun with my folks Lovin' everybody gettin twisted and crackin jokes Huggin anybody cryin I missed every nigga in my click and I ain't lyin We bones out to a party I'm on P-role but what can I say I can't let em know I'm stuck I roast bitches but I'm not a damn peanut Now I'm at the party thought I wasn't Dancin' with the dead niggas fine ass cousin I wonder if she thinkin' my my my The bitch been lovin me ever since Hogan High She had some hard ass cousins that wasn't wit it They went out they way to make sure that I didn't get it But now tricks is for kids silly rabbit I had to let em have Muthafucka! Muthafucka! Mutha-Mutha-Mutha-Muthafucka! Muthafucka! Muthafuck-Muthafucka!

Big Willie Style

Left Eye
this one goes out to all the big willies big Will the high roller strolling through with an entoruage hard to camaflouge when you livin' this large I be smooth like debarge with a five car garage out for the night with my squad and we be flossin' down the fifteen my whole auroa gleamin' who that kid in the green v envy brother schemin' I ain't thinkin' bout them racing chicks in the pink b.m. with my speakers tweakin' freakin' off this weekend in Las Vegas boss players all across the board move makers and shakers money can't break us but the places it can take us big will in the limelight rhyme tight and we gon' have some fun tonight Chorus: now how we do it (you know it's Big Willie style baby) now how we doin' it (you know it's Big Willie style) repeat Verse 2: I'm in a five star casino shuttin' crap tables down (boom) non bettin' willie watchers standin' around strictly millionaire status you can feel the eyes lookin' at us how bad they wanna be us (parlay) Charlie Mack got my back with his eyes on my stack brothers don't know how to act when you drive a four-five black people stop and stare havin' drinks at the bar a round for everybody with these big willie cards from civllians to stars they wanna know who we are it's me big Will Nas Escobar J.L. Omar carry money bags collect the chips then we all quick to exit Chorus Verse 3: Left Eye It's Left Eye with a tight crew representin' like it's ladies night comin' right through don't be spiteful plus an eyeful sportin' hot pink rocks in the link in the drop with a mink like my ------ don't stink got you in the palm with a bomb like Sadamm blowing up spots then runnin' off with the pot Left Eye ready for action the main attraction I'm in the fast lane passin' breakin' you down like fractions while we be rappin' about things that really happen big willie style Philly style let's make it happen with mademouselle from gezals to versace with a sweet smell this female leadin' the posse got jokes like Cosby in the lots where the cars be with no apologies it's Left Eye big Will let the champagne spill is it a mans thing for real can us girls roll wit yall what the deal Chorus Verse 4: well now it's lookin' like a car show convoys and whips on the strip pullin' up in the six makin' brothers sick for real big Will household name entertainer gold handle cane and matchin' gators swervin' lane in pole position rolling deep like a co-malition in soul poisition and can rock a whole convention movie screens to the club scene my whole crew lookin' clean shine with a diamond gleam step above where the players be don't hate me one is where they rate me lately you could find me behind the door marked V.I.P. eating grapes under the A.C. big willie style is how we do it Chorus this one goes out to all the big willies

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