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Fatal Hussein lyrics - In The Line Of Fire

The World Is Changing

Original and similar lyrics
[Singer] oohhhh(hold note) [Voice] Tell'em where you come in tell that fake nigga where you come in [Singer] oohhhh(hold note) [Voice] Yall bitch niggaz is jealous I see a whole bunch of suckers Verse one Won't you niggas take a look at a real thug and see why ya bitches get suspicious and peal slugs at me til the day I die high muthafucker tryin' to think of somethin' other then dyin' what the fuck could you do me? but laugh and diss stay in your place, while a real playa mash to this I know it's heaven for G's, M-11 to squeeze 'bout an ounce, and body counts, to drop pass seven degree's I'm a neva go home, blastin' on you bitch made jealous ass niggas, switchin' up like a switch blade life is what you make it, I'm make it in dope my dog died in tail cell, shakin' from rope it's only one way out the game, and I suggest you stay from escapade, profess you chest and laid put ya guns down, shoot for revolution, and mash in other words, keep your shit cocked shootin' for cash Chorus [Singer]- Life ain't what, it used to be babbbyyy it's so easy, the world is changin' will I live or will I die? will I ever see the light? the world is changin' Verse two My next kin to crew, is a selected few if you don't fuck wit me, they won't bust at you I been from Cali, Sac the Bay Area and back in this world thats all black, more critical wit tha mack are Russian war, kick it they bitches and fuck'em all ? like squad, they all talked, I stuck'em all yall niggas goin' despice on me, makin' thugs out you suckas come and ride for me, dyin' is the hardest part of livin' ya life talkin' slick, after tellin' me that bitch was ya wife so your fiancee, probably goin' wild for me I write a letter to my un-born child and tell my baby girl to smile for me Chorus Verse three Bumpin', jumpin' from jeerz, wit these thugs that hide ten's on they hips six-shooters, inside a buggy-I Benz approach hard, slidin' speed roads, from the coast guard better warn you, befo I put somethin' on you and it your folks hard, that Henny mix rappers fire quick like twenty blix, any click beefin' cuz, they don't city wit, loves goin' get cha Hussein been it, affendin' ya little dogs puttin' thugs on a stretcher, so suffer look at her wiggle, and don't touch her must cha make suicidal threats, to cuff her you ain't a playa(nigga), while you ridin' a bitch and ain't a ridah, now you's a sucka and ya pride is clinched once she go thug, so always be thugged remember that son, all I want is action won't hesitate to clap one, the east and the west got me packed and stressed, but through the pain all I'm tryin' to , is gain happiness why don't you niggas, take a look at a real thug and see, why these suckas tryin' ball on me, me god Chorus Makaveli to don, Kadafi rest in peace (Makaveli to don) [Singer]- Will I live or will I die? Will I ever see the light the world is changin', ooohhhhh

I'm Com'n

HOT BOYS "Get It How U Live"
(B.G.) Boy, picture me com'n, shining my motherfuckin ass off Nigga I'm com'n in a Ram on 19's I don't want for nothin, livin the million dollar dream All of a sudden, niggas wanna do me in Don't make me get disgusted, or over your head is 10 Me and Baby shinin, on 750 C.B.R.'s Going to the best western with niggas in two cars Tomorrow hoes gotta go, cause me and B flyin back to Tennessee Tryin to see bout some cheese They got niggas ballin, but they don't even wanna Get out the projects, and buy a house on Washatona Fresh gotta Burben, pearl white with T.V.'s My clique ain't hurtin, haul to the bank First N.B.C. Juve gotta a Beamer, blue and black with 17's B Expedition shoppin, he just ordered 23's It's all gravy, this life i'm livin, i'm lovin, Young, straight thuggin, watch out for my clique cause we com'n I'm com'n, draped in diamonds, you blind homes I'm com'n, bout gettin my fuckin shine on I'm com'n, draped in diamonds, you blind homes I'm com'n, bout gettin my fuckin shine on (Lil' Wayne) In all black, ready to get a nigga for some yay, Playin with heavy weight, i'mma end ( ? ) Don't hesistate, better play it cool, shipe I'm up the big two, shipe, go by the rule, shipe Drop everything where you stand nigga, Give it all up, like a man nigga You workin with somethin, nigga bring me to the house Respect my mind, or get your brains knocked out I come for the cheese, 25 G's, remain on your knees Or i'll be forced to release, freeze, I make a nigga break down like a bucket Nigga what, you ain't gonna what, hold up, (gun cocks) up it Who fallin now, loga, tell me that Who ballin now, broadas, flat necks Spread it on down, with ya issue I be stunnin Nigga lay it down, i'm com'n I'm com'n, you better watch what you do nigga Nigga I'm com'n, ( ? ) it's on you nigga I'm com'n, you better watch what you do nigga Nigga I'm com'n, you ballin, it's on you nigga (Bun B) From a penny, to a nickel, to a dime, and a quarter If a any nigga fickel-fuck with mine, then he oughta Get his wife, son, and daughter funeral plans in order Cause i'mma slaughter his blood line till it's thinner than water Went from captain Save-A-Hoe, to Captain Kirk, to Captain Kangaroo But you ain't got no army captain, so who is you a danger to Nobody hang with you, slang with you, bang with you, spend change with you, or do no kind of gangsta thangs with you I'm on your heels, and ain't no lettin up So if you hit the ground, bitch ain't no gettin up Niggas start the bettin up, Put your last dime on me, your credit line on me, Ask Niggy D.D., you gon win every time on me That ain't no lyin on me, that's on my momma All my niggas locked up and dead, behing all that fuckin drama Wassup to Big Tymers, producers, groupies, bitches, and rap rhymers Big Bun com'n like dicks and vaginas I'm com'n, just when you niggas least expected I'm com'n, so have your whole body protected I'm com'n, strong armin your whole clique bitch I'm com'n, so wipe the cum up off my dick bitch (Young Turk) I got more weight then them niggas up state My name, Raymon D., I'm the nigga with the yay I'm from the projects, 42 dollar rent, i'm ballin Stackin ends, taller then tall, could never catch me fallin Ride slow, shine like diamonds, twinkle like gold The young nigga, fuckin all you old niggas hoes When I come, I come with it, I don't rep Playa haters wanna kill me, march niggas, step Yeah I got it, fuck them niggas, I ain't hidin it Hot boy with hot toys, hangin in the closest Ready to be fire, drama, i'm bout that Chopper with 50 shots, nigga I pack gats My set be on fire, hotter then the sunny Want a package, meet me at the spot, nigga i'm com'n I'm com'n, with the coke, let me though nigga I'm com'n, playa hate me, you get removed nigga I'm com'n, with the coke, let me though nigga I'm com'n, playa hate me, you get removed nigga (Juvenile) Stop at the gas station and put 30 in the tank Pockets kinda low, I hit the curb to the bank Just thinkin bout this bitch ass nigga, thats disrespectin No question, wootay bit the hand that done fed him My nigga Doug told me, man ride with them choppers My nigga Baby told me, man don't stop for no poppers Know that a bitch will get you crossed in a minute Know that they gonna put it off till they get it I had a bad bitch with big ass, until she was top of the line So she stayed in Chanell fits She ran with some made niggas, so she was a made bitch However you wanna do it, it's all on you how she played it She worked for Hot Boys, and I was the chairmen Complication, just give me the Franklins You can take it like a man or a bitch Best to get the fuck or you wanna get flipped I'm com'n, better watch what you do nigga I'm com'n, you gotta get it, you gotta do nigga I'm com'n, Juvenile is comin through nigga I'm com'n, i'mma knock your brains in your shoes nigga I'm com'n, better watch what you do nigga I'm com'n, Juvenile is comin through nigga I'm com'n, i'mma knock your brains in your shoes nigga I'm com'n, better watch what you do nigga


GETO BOYS "Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly"
Suicide, it's a suicide... [SCARFACE] Retaliation is a must Leavin' opposition in the dust In mob we trust, fuckin' with us gon' get your bust It's a - suicide, it's a suicide You will die, nigga, you will die Just like your homeboy did When we teed off on him And since you want drama, we fend the weed off the corner And when I ride All these niggas better ride So if you hoes got pride Then bring your asses outside And let me say your bad side But don't you never let me see you sweat I'm leaving motherfuckers silhouettes - wet And you can take that as a treath But I'ma make the promise These nigga here is comin' Sick enough to let to make a maggot vomit With the intentions to retaliate Illuminatin', then evacuate Fuck the tear drops on the casket tops Just open up with shots from the plastic glock That leave your ass get got It's all about gettin' even Get them muthafuckas when you see 'em Stop em from breathin [007] Retaliation Look at all the heat that you're facing 15 niggas agg in your living room waiting Passin out shit, bags Click clacks - toe tags We came and we kicked that ass Who run this? Double-O-Seven Out of 17 and guaranteed to get eleven I guess you think you're safe Sorry that you did it Hoe, it's too late Bitch, you shouldn'ta did it One by one niggas get they ass done Pussy make me laugh, nigga, money make me come Nigga set for life All on this in pay-per-view ?Callin? shots make you call yo' whole fuckin' crew We gotcha [MADD DOGG] I ain't playin with this one, pass the pistol Warriors come out the play when we whistle What's that sound? Is that them - in the background? I let the Mac clown and shut this whole set down Rap-A-Lot Mafia's murderous circle We kill em done, go get your guns None survive when I scream the die-die It's the mister from the free time the dum-dum Retaliation is a must Who in the fuck gave you muthafuckas the nuts To try to buck Wanna bust? Nigga what?! It's dust to dust Ashes to ashes, in the back is where the pistols pump I lift em up, gives a fuck I'm quick to bust Hit 'em up, get 'em up Once I send 'em up Now ??? get enough of my gangsta stuff Retaliation is a muthafuckin' must [K.B.] I stumbled out the club ???? Drunk as fuck And plus my visions is blurry My face swoll' the fuck up Clothes all muddy It was buddy From last week who I got into that argument With - came back with his click Muthafuckas in some deep shit And so they asses got to pay Make my way to a pay phone and hit J. Hey, I just got jumped on I'm over here at ??? It's the mob that ?? to the brain to the Gathor A few minutes later I saw the muthafuckin' Hummer Here comes Big Chief Mac-11, ready to bomb a Cock suckers ??? niggas Was gonna touch 'em Muthafuck' the law They ass went up, my nigga bust 'em This is my biz Kill 'em all Don't leave no witness Make you muthafuckas wishin' you wouldn'ta you done this Handle your business You violated my probation Had to fry they ass like bacon For fuckin' with me: retaliation!

Hate On Me

KURUPT "Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey"
[Verse 1: Soopafly] Eh yo, if rappin' was a bitch you'd have no pussy Maybe tongue kissin', but still no pussy Lookin' at me dumb I'll slap you so dizzy Suppa so busy cockin' the 4 fizzy Mad cause I'm too fly, and I pumped your ho crushed your flow you got jealous club me for I sensed the hate, I used my optical You was too close around when I pocket doe First came the wishin', then came the bitchin' Wanna know the secrets comin' from the kitchen I was fine dinin', you was eatin' chicken I'll bust a bad ho, nigger take your pickin' Like a slut callin' bitches on my cell phone But my bitches, try to take my fly bitches I ain't just trippin', I can't trust niggas who ain't us Bringin' niggas who can't bust I'm A+ wid it, I'm anxious to crush ya Half tustla mixed with you just a busta Bitch ass niggas get me rich fast quicka Now don't tricka this Supa ass kicka [Chorus] Why do you hate on me Cause I don't be trippin' off you My image is stuck on G Try to fuck with me this year... Get the 'beep' outta here! I'm so up on my shit These bitches ain't gettin' my grip So I still remain a G But why do you hate on me [Verse 2: Damani] How you gone hate on me And I'm that nigga that ride beats smoother than Ron Isley Talkin' bout fuck Damani but steady eyein' me Steady tryin' to see how good sex with me could be Why won't you let me fuck? And I'm the best thing goin', and you the best thing hoin' Plus we got you on tape givin' head in slow motion Undercover ho's be real soft spoken Why would you slash my tire? And I got stock in Goodyear, bitch I'm all good year Tryin' to fuck up my clutch so I'm forced to change gears Darkskin, go-tee with no beard I change ho's like I change clothes Young devil in the city o' angels Keep it ghetto like cups with staples Live from L.A. gettin' head from Rachel. Now... [Chorus] [Verse 3: Kurupt] Why do bitches blow dicks? I don't know that but I can tell you dis, you simple trick Now you get it all you want. We roll joints we don't fuck with blunts, fuck a blunt now Some niggas is worse than ho's Holdin' somethin' on your chest let it go I'll make a bitch blow balls like a ball and sing that song(echoes)...but naked Most o' y'all niggas be break and hatin' records The most hatin' done in 8.5 seconds Why you hatin' Snoopy, you hate Nate and hate me Why you hatin' stupid and hatin' on Warren G Why you hatin' Rasco, why you hate Damani Cause he wanna fuck Armani and don't wear Armani Hatin' Gondee and hatin' Tre-dee, Tre-dee is like fuck'em if they hatin the G Fuck y'all [Chorus]

J-E-S-U-S Is Right

AUDIO ADRENALINE "Audio Adrenaline"
If you want love in your life J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want peace in your life J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want some happiness J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want some truth in life J.E.S.U.S. is right CHORUS J.E.S.U.S. is right J.E.S.U.S. is right J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want to save the world J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want peace in the world J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want to do what's right J.E.S.U.S. is right If you want free of the world J.E.S.U.S. is right REPEAT CHORUS Homefront pressures got you down J.E.S.U.S. is right Girlfriend/Boyfriend got you down J.E.S.U.S. is right Lost it all and nothing left J.E.S.U.S. is right If your future's looking down J.E.S.U.S. is right REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Sin slips in your soul is gone Visions explode your mind erodes Your brain has took a trip You're on a dive You're falling fast You cannot live you cannot last You can't recall life at all without pain Let the little children come to me And do not hinder them For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these I tell you the truth Anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God Like a little child will never enter it

Luck Of Lucien

Verse 1: Q-Tip Brother, brother, brother, Lucien, you're like no other. Listen very close 'cause I don't like to boast. Instead, I'll tell the tale of a French who prevailed Through the Mr. Crazy Rabbits who were always on his tail. ? on sale, your rumour starts to wail. Get caught with stolen goods and you will go to jail. If you go to jail, then who will pay the bail? They'll put you back to France on a ship with a sail. Escargot, Lucien, you eat snails. (Hey yo Tip, what's wrong with snails?) From the Zulu nation, from a town called Paris, Came to America to find liberty. Instead of finding pleasure, all you found was misery, But listen, Lucien, you have a friend in me. Oh, luck luck will drive you butt baddy. Next time you get some wheels, make it a Caddy. In terms of doing good, I know you wish you really could, But listen, brother man, I really think you can. Succeed with the breed of the brothers on your back. It's the creme de la creme, and you can bounce with that. It'll take a minute, ?rice?, so take my advice. Trust in us, and thus you trust in your life. Lucine, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know! Verse 2: Q-Tip Are you ready, Lu? This one is for you, Comin' from a true-blue, fits like a shoe. ? or Commenet-allez-vous ? Lucien, I'll leave it up to you. Voulez vous (vous). Endez vous (vous). Coo-coo (coo). Les poo-poo (poo) Watch that lass, gonna backlash fast. Can you get a grip on the crackhead dip? Sold you a paper bag, guess he saw you comin', VCR from a neck-bone bummin', $10 brother, he was hummin' and strummin', Only had 20, he was livin' like ya slummin', Gave him the money, well, I thought that was somethin', Lookin' like a kid who was lost in crumbin'. Don't worry about a thing, I won't get specific. This is a song that is long and prolific. Think of the stuff that I said if you can. Figure it out, compute, understnad. No problemo, I'll help you with your demo If you go to the store for me. Lucien, I'm just kiddin'. You should know! Verse 3: Q-Tip You gotta get a grip on the missions you'll be takin', Not so much the mission, but you got crazy ignition. Sure, the sugar-babies wanna give you a chance With the French savoir faire and the sexy dance, But is she really fly, or is she a guy? I won't ask why, 'cause I know that you try. You try too hard, is that the answer to the riddle? Instead of doin' so much, why don't you do just a little? Boy, what a cad, I guess we shouldn't treat him bad. In fact, it would be nice if we understood him like A case of positionin' the feet in the shoes, Sympathetic reason in the case of the blues. Lucien is blue, even though he's really brown. I had to make the sound, his life is too profound. On the up-and-up, he's somethin' like a little pup, Young and naive, it's hard to believe. As long as you're strong, you can quest with the questers, Jolly like a jumping bean or a jester. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know!

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