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FAT JOE lyrics - Represent

Watch The Sound

Original and similar lyrics
[Diamond D] Ninety-three it's time man (All out yo, because youknowhatI'msayin..) [Fat Joe] A Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE) Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get the dough! Grand Puba (HOE) Diamond D (HOE) Fat Joe (HOE) -- it's time to get the dough! Boom bip, BAM, here I am Even fans in Japan, be tellin me I'm the man Fat Joe, a.k.a. the woman fucker Beat you down to the ground, stomp your face with my Chucker So niggaz back up, yo I'ma set it Fuckin with me, you won't live to regret it I don't fake moves, I break peeps I'm takin niggaz gold chains, they cash and the Jeeps See I don't give a fuck about a niggaz rep We can go glock for glock or tec for tec, sheeeeyit I heard a motherfucker wants to turn snitch I cut the niggaz head off, and sent it to his fuckin bitch I ain't lettin a nigga take the stand Play Sammy the Bull, be one dead man See suckers can't hang with the slang And if they bring the whole gang well then they'll all catch a bang-bang I come from the Bronx and not the Boogie Down Niggaz don't ever come and front in my part of town See everybody knows my pedigree There ain't another motherfuckers that's better than me I could make em pump, I could make em jump But I'm mostly known for givin other niggaz lumps So niggaz better chill and maintain I'm blowin motherfuckers out the frame And if a nigga try to flex Fuck around, and catch a motherfuckin suplex I wet a motherfucker like a shower Don't test the Puerto Rican power Fat Joe in the year of ninety-three Peace to Grand Pu', and my man Diamond D So _Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down_ Yeah, but for now watch the sound Watch de sound when I tim-berr (4X) [Grand Puba] Check it Yo Fat Joe, it's time to fuckin flow Niggaz know the game It's time to blow the bitch-ass niggaz out the frame Guess who comes to represent If you motherfuckers don't know, well here's a hint It's the God and I still bag chicks Make the girls feel hot, be like a faggot with the bag of dicks So come on cause I'm comin for the basket Say goodbye to your friends, and start headin for the casket So Doogie make the daquiris; and light the chocolate that you got from Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory Let's squeeze a trigger for the nigga See I flipped to the 'lo, cause I'm through with the Hilfiger Cause I flips the flavor-loo It's good for a fuck or two, you couldn't see this no matter what the fuck you do I smash that ass like a block of hash Then I rob you for cash, you little bitch ass Watch de sound when I tim-berr (4X) [Diamond D] Niggaz know the flav, I don't have to take a step I earn my respect then quiet as kept Yeah, guard your grill if you try to catch wreck Smack the back of your neck, and take your YouthCore check I make more dough than Gregory Peck Never have to raise a fist, I keep my stunts in check I play a nigga out, like a Las Vegas dealer Living in the light, just like Karen Wheeler So back up, and take a good look, because you should look at what a good cook, can do without a fuckin cookbook I don't sniff coke, and I don't smoke coolies Even Italians say I'm one cool moolie But niggaz call me JoJo I'm quick to stick a chick, cause I kick the Willie BoBo on the Northside, on the Southside, on the Westside You can't budge me nigga, even the best tried to pull a fast one, but you know what happened to the last one (What) He got his motherfuckin ass done (Yeah!) So step up, front, I'm not a bitch-ass chump Chicks by the clicks, cause my pockets got the mumps See I'm the wrong nigga to fuck with Don't try to play yourself, cause you'll be stuck with a motherfuckin ice pick right through the cheek I'm leavin crab niggaz, layin in the street I won't 'fess, walk around with a vest Knockin niggaz off, cause I could care less You want a fair one, FORGET IT And your girlfriend, yo I let my man hit it So save the bluff, you know you ain't tough (yeah) I pull your card cause you're soft like fluff kid I never ever did a bid I punch a nigga down a Row named Skid Watch de sound when I tim-berr (8X)

Follow Me Gangster

[50] Yeah.. Ja, you ready? Drop that Ferrari F 50 style baby (yeah, yeah) I'ma show 'em how I do it (yeah, yeah) G-g-g-g-g G-UNIT! I keep hearin' niggas is happy, the D's come, niggas wit guns When I'm out on bail, ridin' wit' some new ones Big got hit in that passenger seat Pac got hit in that passenger seat Now I'm ridin' 'round in that passenger seat Come near the whip, I'm blastin' my heat It don't take long, for my juvenile delinquent thinkin' to sink in The consequences mean nothin', those semi auto's is bustin' Crack sellin', predicate villain, spit big words but I can't spell 'em Put a shot to your melon, that'll keep you're punk ass from chillin' Then I got that nine and a fo'-fo', that H2 is never full Bullet proof windows and doors, gangsta how 'bout yours Southside tatted on my back My last gun shipment got the whole hood strapped Now all I got is two 380's and a nine Nigga you can knock and tell the cops but you're dyin' [Chorus - repeat 2X] You're thicker than water Ouch! twizzy wizzy wa You're thicker than water Ouch! twizzy wizzy wa You're thicker than water Ouch! twizzy wizzy wa You can be a Blood or a Crip Nigga, bitch Follow Me [Tony Yayo] I used to chill in the hood, to support the fiends But now I'm eatin' caviar instead of pork and beans I'm in the money green 7-45, with 7 shots in the fo' five Y'all niggas wanna die? I got a love affair, wit' violence and guns So this is for them gangstas, rep' where you from When I got O'd up, my heart turned colder That's why the mac react like a king cobra Now I'm jumpin' out of Rovers, in Gucci loafers Y'all niggas wanna stun? I'll bury you cockroaches Gimme one year, in this industry I'll buy enough guns to declare war on a small country [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] Still walk around wit' the hammer boss Rope and a cross Hard times'll make a lil' nigga hate Santa Claus Your mountains is high, holdin' in Diana Ross I'm like a 2003 banana Porsche I don't gotta hide sluts, to get your ties cut They on my dick, 'cause I make groupies set off a fire truck My team in the cutt, packin' middle things I got more foreign shooters than the Sacramento Kings It's 8 class karats in the border I poke holes in plastic, to avoid a vaginal disorder I'm a savage on your daughter She ain't in the college dorm Then I guess I'm squirtin' on the cabin that you bought her I'm a heavy weed smoker, so the average is a quarter Brown colored from shit, he established in the water You got Banks on your jersey, you part of my fan base Just 'cause you pour syrup on shit, don't make it pancakes [Chorus]

Givin' Up The Nappy Dug Out

ICE CUBE "Death Certificate"
[doorbell: DING DONG!] [Pops] Yeah [Cube] Umm, uhh is Cheryl here [Pops] Well who are you [Cube] Tell her Ice Cube is here [Pops] WHO! [Cube] Ice Cube! [Pops] ICE CUBE! Man I ain't lettin my damn daughter go out with no damn Ice Cubes man! Man what the hell you talkin about man I brought my daughter up man, in a Catholic school, private school Man what you want with her I'm sick of this bullshit! [Cube] Yo man, let me tell you somethin.. [Verse One] Your daughter was a nice girl, now she is a slut A queen treatin niggaz just like King Tut Gobblin up nuts, sorta like a hummingbird Suckin up the Lench Mob crew, and I'm comin third Used to get straight A's, now she just skippin class Oh my, do I like to grip the hips and ass Only seventeen, with a lot of practice on black boys jimmies and white boys cactus Sorry sorry sir, but I gotta be brief A lotta niggaz like bustin nuts in her teeth Drink it up, drink it up, even though she's Catholic that don't mean shit, cause she's givin up the ass quick Quicker than you can say, 'Candy,' the bitch is on my Snicker... and oh man she can take on three men - built like He-Men Her little-bitty twat got gallons of semen Fourteen niggaz in line ready to bang yo' pride-and-joy, I mean daddy's little angel Tell the little bitch to bring her ass out the house cause your daughter's known, for givin up the nappy dug out [Chorus: repeat 2X] 'I got a big old ding-a-ling, and if that bitch remains I'm gonna do my thing, with your dauuuughter!' [Cube] Givin up the nappy dug out! [Interlude: Pops] [Pops] Look motherfucker you better get from in front of my house with that old god damn bullshit You girlie-ass motherfucker You better get out of here witcho' fine ass Man, youse a little fine motherfucker [Verse Two] Mister, mister, before you make me go I'm here to let you know your little girl is a hoe Nympho, nympho, boy is she bad Get her all alone and out comes the kneepads I know she is a minor and it is illegal but the bitch is worse than Vanessa Del Rio And if you de-cide to call rape we got the little hooker on tape, now: tell the fuckin slut to please hurry up and wear that dress that's tight on her butt So I can finger-fuck on the way to the bed Been in so many rooms, she got a dot on her forehead Face turnin red from grabbin them ankles Fuck and get up is how I do them stank-hoes You should hear how she sounds with a cock And her boots get knocked, from here to Czechoslovakia Two are on top, one on the bottom First nigga got the boots; man, you shoulda shot him cause after I got 'em it was over Now niggaz get lucky like a four-leaf clover on daddy's little girl. She keeps nuts in her mouth like the bitch was a squirrel So tell Cheryl to bring her ass home cause the line at my house is gettin loooooooong, ay! [Chorus] [Chorus Two: (continued from previous)] 'I got a big old ding-a-ling, and if that bitch remains I'm gonna do my thing, with your dauuuughter!' [Cube] Yeah.. yeah.. bitch, bitch givin up the nappy dug out! 'I got a big old ding-a-ling, and if that bitch remains I'm gonna do my thing, with your dauuuughter!' [Cube] Yo.. [Pops] Little motherfucker! [Girl] Daddy, where did he go [Pops] I'll tell you where he went, god damnit! [Girl] Mercy! 'Givin up the nappy, givin up the nappy dug out' [Kane (2X)] 'Givin up the nappy dug out..' [2X] 'Givin up the nappy, givin up the nappy dug out' [Kane (2X)] 'Givin up the nappy dug out..' [1X] 'Givin-givin up the nappy dug out..' [Girl] Mercy! [Announcer] Warning: when having sexual intercourse with a female like Cheryl you must use, jimmy hat condoms [Condom rap] We're called jimmy hats, have you ever seen us Most guys wear us round rolled up on your penis If you're real smart, you will always use us Put me in your wallet, 'fore some dummy screws us And goin bare back, without the bare facts 'll have creepy crawlers crawlin on your nutsac! So get the J-I-M-M-Y to the hats It's me and two brothers in a pack 'Run out and get your jimmy hats..' [KRS-One] () 'Run out and get your jimmy hats..' [KRS-One] [Condom] Or this might happen to you!

Don't Trust

JUICY J "Blue Dream & Lean 2"
Who I be? Juicy J One bitch won't do shit, I gotta fuck two a day Always 'bout gettin' paid Paper chasin' and I can't let a single dollar get away Blowin' money like weed smoke Spend a couple bands just to make it all double back On the block like a running back Put the chopper at your ass, have your tough ass runnin' laps These niggas beefin' with each other over lame ass hoes Seen the same bitch suckin' dick in the club for some Rosé Mo A few words of advice better keep my name off your tape, young nigga I got niggas that'll kill for me, if I say the word they gon' pull that trigger Once again, I be goin' in I be at these niggas necks like a violin Nigga fucked up, gotta go and try again 1-800-GET-RICH, broke nigga dial in Let me tell you people what a boss is You ain't rich if you still got broke friends Cause you know they still hate on a nigga Tryna get some money, they gon' send you up a river [Hook:] I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas I don't get caught up though I pull them triggers Cause I don't trust these hoes And I don't trust these niggas How can a nigga trust any one of you clowns? When my own family let me down Everybody in this mothafucka, hands out Bullseye on a mothafucka's grands out Sore thumb swag, niggas know I stand out Pull up in the Casper, then the bitches ran out Neck shine like police lights Niggas lookin', say we hood light street life, beef's cookin' Flash money 'round ratchet hoes, they gon' steal it Bitch fuck with my money, somebody gettin' killed Gotta watch these niggas, gotta watch these bitches I trust my chopper to watch my riches Sewed the game up like stitches Fuck snitches, you niggas comin' up short like midgets I try to keep the shit one thousand With the niggas who kept it one thousand I'ma hustle, fuck loungin' When I didn't have shit, you didn't come around then Thought she was my bitch, she was your bitch Her bitch, his bitch, a for sure bitch You caught feelings, now you wanna kill her Don't get upset, dog, that's just the real her These bitches love givin' head, love spendin' bread Sellin' pussy on the low, what you said? [Hook]

One Time (HainesVox)

K-OS "BLack On BLonde"
[Intro:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Verse 1:] Watch to choke and don't bust Got the juice so don't bound with us Rock a faith, but don't wear things down Rock a boat but they're landing now Cheat things up, but don't die for the mill Rock the truth and go home fulfilled Back in the days I would hunt for the full, the blunts, and rip the mic at McGill Just get down, one time Try taking just one step back Choking, smoking, macking lacking Causing witchcraft blow, black I choose the facts Make a hit, then coast to coast and come back You thought rap was over, but thank Jehovah I'm back Taking over year, yeah beat that. [Hook:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Verse 2:] Forget the past and lets hang No need to blast or gang bang Lets be real because life's too short Told ya girl to absorb them thoughts Kick the truth but don't die to be right Then again I like how you fight Back in the days I would come over to your place from exchanging latex all night Ye-ye-ye-yeah, one time... Baby just take one step back When I met you girl I stretch you, wet you You twist the facts, make it seem like you and I are not back You thought we were over, but thank Jehovah we swag Kick him to the curb, lean back [Hook:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time. [Bridge:] You're just another lonely girl So who gives if you run the world You're just another lonely girl A lonely girl, yeah [Verse 3:] Back to the middle, to the front, don't front On the style that was made, to be quiet and played Like a child with a new toy, this is dope boy Never know I never did coke boy Used to drink Jag, chug it back till I yak When I rolled with a pack of wolves on a black chop (Now I'm not) Keep it reverential like my Pop, you can say I like to cope like Spock boy Our solar system is floating through outer space We don't know our own face Won't act like a human race We strictly wasting our rhymes Thus wasting these young minds Realize you are human kind, lick a shot one time! [Outro:] One time, I give em one time. I give em one time.

Behind The Scenes

MC Ren "Kizz My Black Azz"
Behind the Scenes Now this is the bitch who made straight A's, but never got a look out of the house back in de dayz and when she was at school she gave people dirty looks, she always carried books and thought me and my friends were crooks, you always see the bitch in her classes, she never wore pants she wore a dress and some glasses, teachers used to brag, she was the teacher's pet, and the nigguz used to brag how much they wanna get her wet, usless to aproach her coz she didn't talk, but you would say fuck it when you saw the bitch walk, ass hanging out by the pound, and that's the reason why niggaz wanted to get her panties down, she kept to herself in the hallways, and never looked at niggaz like all day, and when the last bell rung she was gone, so one day I decided to follow the bitch home, her mother was at work she would'nt get home 'till 6, so it was time for ren to put the bitch in the mix, cuz back in the school it was every nigguz dream, so now it's time to get a closer look behind the scene! all the pimps, the hores, the pulldaggers, the cocksuckers, gave 100$ bill just to see now I made it to her house but she would'nt let me in yo, so I said fuck it, snuck around to the window, she get into the room and start to undress, now I'm biting on my lips saying damn this bitch is blessed! the doorbell rung, it was the nextdoor neighbor, and he was asking her, could she do him a favour, she grabbed de nigga's hand and took him in the room, and layed on the back as he fucked her with a broom, he said he wanted to go but then she said, she wanted him to eat the pussy so she grabbed his head, and he started eating it like a thanksgiving dinner, he made the bitch come and then he put his dick up in her, she scratched up his back with her claws, but she was screaming so loud he had to gag her with his draws, and after they finished fucking yo the bitch took a shower, to wash off the sweat from the last half hour, the bitch put out some bud and then she started to smoke, took a swig of Jack Daniels and made a few lines of coke, the nigga said shit, gotta go , bcuz this innocent little girl is a ho! YO BEHIND THE SCENES! nobody in .. my neighborhood MiX now I went back to school the very next day, and I knew that my niggaz won't believe what I had to say, I told them what I saw and nigguz said yeah right , so I told the mothafuckaz to come over there tongiht, now there's 10 real niggaz at her window, waiting to see a ho like at a matinee show they thought that I was lying cuz we waited 1 hour, and when we started to leave the bitch walked out da shower, ass hanging out as she laid on the bed, her bottomlips was hanging and she started fingerbanging, her daddy walked in and started beating her with a belt, the bitch was so hot she made the leather start to melt, but she was liking it, yelling daddy give it to me harder , then he took off all his clothes and start fucking his daughter, my niggaz outside did'nt believe what they would see-some, and when her mama got home, they turned into a threesome, her mama ate the pussy while her daddy doggystyled it, the family prayed together and they also laid together, I could'nt take no more cuz I was too much of a man, so I jumped right thru the window with my dick in my hand, The family didn't mind and kept doing what they was doing, cuz now it was even it was 2 against 2, and 'bout a couple minutes after I was in, all my niggaz jumped in all 10 yo behind the scenes! This is a bitch who did the whole crew yes daddy I love you She like suckin' on dicks .. and lickin' up nut....and she'll even take a broomstick up the butt!

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