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FAT JOE lyrics - Jealous One's Envy

Watch Out

Original and similar lyrics
[Fat Joe] Yeah!! Straight out the heroin infested streets of the Bronx Home of corrupt cops Where niggaz get they motherfuckin wigs pushed back even if they don't fake jax Fat Joe, bringin forth the illest motherfuckers in this whole rap game Hey yo Armageddon, let these motherfuckers know [Armageddon] You look, I look, you invite it, I took I forever wearin it, you know stone cold crook What's truth, what's lie Who's people, who spy It's life and death, choose live or die Ultimates who made em why do we even exist When we die is there heaven or is it total blackness For any touch there's a feeling Touch and y'all felt We can exchange shots, until our chambers melt There's mad tension in the air (mad tension in the air) over one man's stare, you wanna dare, yo Crack Eject the Czech from the glove compartment Lay out the lead spray, and flame him up like arson It's dangerous business Opposites, these strangers be bendin opposites So put your face in mine, best brace your spine Cause opposites may attract, but they don't combine My impact so fat, you feel your vertabrates grind Now delayed second thoughts run through your mind When my slugs connect, and strike your major arteries When my fists connect, they causin major injuries What you know Junior You not evil [Fat Joe] Uhh, the South Bronx is the wrong place to visit I don't know an MC who has enough balls to diss it Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines Hey yo Punisher, hit em with that ill type rhyme [Big Punisher] Yo, I cause a bloody bath to make my buddies laugh and gig' My nutty wrath'll live as long as I'm a nasty kid I blast a pig and slit his throat just for L My skills {undecipherable} puffin boom in Hell I doom the world like I was God and throw my gun away Then snatch the moon out the sky, and blow the sun away Me and my brothers play hardball Strictly hardcore, lyrics til I'm finished breakin God's laws My job's raw but I gotta do it - I'm feelin high then buddhaed so you might get shot and lose a lot of fluid The spot I blew it at an early age, ever since the curly braids I would earn a wage with the thirty gauge There's dirty ways to get paid if you got the balls Just load the glock and cause the hardest cop to drop his drawers Don't stop or pause, let the shotty go up his butt to finish up, punchin body blows and uppercuts [Fat Joe] The South Bronx is the wrong place to visit I don't know an MC who has enough balls to diss it Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines Hey yo Keith Nut, hit em with that ill type rhyme [Keith Nut] Yo, I cause damage, rap's redhanded bandit Well I'll be god damnit, I kick ass like I'm yo' parents Prepare for the slaughter when my brain is out of order Got kicked out my church cause I got caught fuckin my preacher's daughter Menace like Dennis on the M.I.C. You best run son, I'm sendin emcees up shit's creek So don't sleep, cause I creep, on New York streets like I'm a big fat dick, wack emcees is ass-cheeks Yo, I'm that nigga that'll kidnap yo' kids Take em home, fuck em good, then send em back to you in bandages You lose, cause I got, the ill street, and still keep the toast close, and rep-a, resent-a, the East coast So watch your back black, Bronx niggaz don't play If you ever fake jax, I'll slit yo' throat like O.J. [Fat Joe] Yeah, that's my motherfuckin crew Straight out the South Bronx The livest motherfuckin corners of the Bronx Keepin in realer, my motherfuckin nigga Keith Nut Armageddon the Reddin My nigga Big Dog Punisher Straight out the Full Eclipse Camp All you motherfuckers know the times, yeah Watch your motherfuckin back Blow out the back of your domepiece D.I.T.C. forever motherfucker..

Yes Yall

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.. Do it like this though, do it like this though, do it like this though.. Make it fat like DIS, dis, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh HEH, heh, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh Aiyyo ruff ruff rugged rugged ruff ruff digga Dan Who's that? The man, I'ma slam it like Bam-Bam The big man, the bigger plan, the nigga jams Quick to figure and I pack Palladium stadium stands Rugged raw, clear the floor R B hardcore plenty more. been on plenty tours Been in plenty drawers, far from just okey-doke Not into no hokey-poke, although I may drink a Coke Hell no I won't smoke no coke Steady steady but ready for pitty petty Big and heavy, far from Chevy, so save your gas for Getti Mic check it, microphone check it Watch me wreck it; I'm never half steppin Chorus: various samples Far from a chump, I'm a champ, I get amped when I run through camps, gimme some plaques on the stamp, HEY I need a girl who got plenty trunk, who knows I got ghetto funk Not into blunts but I be on a stunt hunt Got crazy drama, dramatics, big girls in Bahamas are addicts So now they cling like static, dig it I rolled up on some old wonderama type of drama I'ma, comma, big belly punanny momma harmer Bag a cute, so NIGHT troops, I'm all about two scoops, I cut loose, just me and a few troops To handle static to me is automatic I never panic or stall, I'm gigantic so yes, y'all Chorus Uhh, king of the big boys, bigger boys, don't even matter Save all the chitter chatter, I make em split and scatter I keep em goin for blocks, I never ran from cops I roll with my flock, and get props from dreadlocks I treat a mic like a bad habit, I grab it I gotta have it A funky junkie flippin styles is automatic I freak a beat like a prostitute, I'm always in hot pursuit I'm tryin to get lots of loot, lots of boots Do jungle rocks like a hustler moving crack like a muscl-er microphone damager handin ya rough like a wrang-ler Sew up cities with girls of pretty, known for the nitty gritty my flavor, is major, you're itty bitty Chorus: repeat to end

Face Down

[Intro] Yo FUCK THAT word up man! (Word to mother yo) Who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) Fuck that, who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) [Fredro Starr] Yo I'm goin straight for your head to leave you headless Eyes of redness, I spray rap cats, to burn the lead tips Point blank range, I take aim, blow your brain out the frame Eight shots'll touch ya, spit ya physical structure Motherfucker this is lyrical destruction Path of disaster face Nast, comin at cha full blast and capture grabs your last, breath like the asthma Couldn't care less, you approachin near death My hollow tips, rip into your vest politic, with the fearless The devil himself, a rebel in himself trapped in America, assassinate your character, slaughter ya Twenty more holes, in your Nautica, FUCK ALL OF YA! What?! Bringin MC's, YEAH, callin ya Livin like a nigga with six months to live On the edge of life, wouldn't think twice, to make a SACRIFICE Do a heist, ya niggaz ain't true to life, my whole crew is trife! So bring your wildest nigga reppin for your team Tear his ass to his spleen, this is Suicide Queens Where gats bust, cutthroat, cross collateral Gat'll shatter you, feel the pain, it's unimaginable Self shit, straight from the hood, the dirty black shit Rap shit, get your back ripped, plus the gat spit Load it and cock it bag, on thirty-two tracks Murder you in raps, let my wild dogs bust the CATS! Styles leave the best dead, I stay breast-fed And when I die, be handcuffed, to my deathbed {*scratched 'face down on the pavement' - LL Cool J*} [Sticky Fingaz] Sticky Fingaz sneak up, when you least expect it I never fuck pussy that's yeast infected Fuck a brain fry, make me think irrational If I even think you schemin, YOU KNOW I'M BLASTIN YOU I'm too raw; what is you - out you gourd? I cut through any challenger, top notch or amateur You'd rather be in the projects butt-ass with a hundred G's cash and no gun, than to fuck with Sticky, Fredro 'n Son You lookin at one desperate nigga, you shouldn't mess with I had a doctor scared to remove a bullet from yo' intestine 'Member when I tested, this nigga manhood to see if he was a true nigga, so I pulled out my gun Gave some dramatic ass speech then, pulled the trigger {*CLICK*} Ha hah! Barrel empty, joke on you Jack He cold pissed his pants, blew his cover, he a New Jack You know where I'm comin from, most my niggaz pump 'n jump And when it's time to dump and run, I never jump the gun or get cold feet, I hold heat Y'a niggaz don't know me; in six hours I made up four years Got high shit for your ears; sorry somethin that I never felt yo, fingertips made of Velcro You talkin shit like it's a little game That's now how we get down - 'beef' is my middle name So don't die over nonsense, I ain't got no conscience Come out your face you gettin shot Everything I'm spittin hot - I need fame without the bread like I need a hole in the head Add insult to injury, you can't fuck with me Guess that's not your cup of tea - I'm every star I meet If you are what you eat, fuck the rookies, rejects plainclothes and detect's I had a hard life, grew up too quick But kept it tight with my true click, startin a new flip Fuck you frontin for? I seen your bag with your tail between your leg Afficial Nast in the house that mean you DEAD! {*scratched 'face down on the pavement' - LL Cool J*} [Sonsee] You takin a RIDE, in the ambulance, you catch mad damages Cock the hammer shit, leave you Los(t) like Angeles You ain't brick, or stucco, or paper machete Whatever you got, get taken away, YOU'RE BAKIN TODAY Trust that, it's time to crush cats, when I bust raps I rush tracks, and oft' act, BUCKWILD! Army comin through here nigga, TRUCK STYLE! FUCK YOU! FUCK THE JUDGE! FUCK TRIAL! I'm givin niggaz shattered egos, I keep foes or a pet bet they small threat, MAKE 'EM EAT THOSE! Deep goes my depth, sleep hoes get wet If that ain't enough, we come through and hose your shit Hit you with the FIREWORKS, you see the stars BANGIN I really BANG YOU, and prepare you for God's ANGELS It's not on humble, but some shit you can't come through Nigga try to blow he gotta go, and now you know Experience, from the furious, eeriest Dead serious, hysterias, fillin ya, interior with nervousness, for your services WE CUTTIN OFF YOUR CIRCULATION AND DEADEN YA PURPOSES! We them niggaz you can't FUCK with, rain or shine All mics I slain yo' kind, changed the mind of those thinkin of playin theyrself, NEXT is ETCHED, in stone, you motherfuckers gettin BLOWN! {*scratched 'face down on the pavement' - LL Cool J*}

When Thugz Cry

2PAC "Until The End Of Time (Disc One)"
When thugs cry.. Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my guns to keep If I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take God (), when thugs cry, too much is hard [2Pac] Born thuggin and lovin the way I came up Big money clutchin, bustin while evadin cocaine busts My pulse rushin, send my () into insanity Shout at my cousin now we bustin if they yo' family The coppers wanna see me buried, I ain't worried I got a line on the D.A. cause I'm fuckin his secretary I black out and start cussin, bust 'em and touch 'em all They panic and bitches duckin, I rush 'em and fuck 'em all I'll probably be an old man before I understand why I had to live my life with pistols close at hand Kidnapped my homey's sister, cut her face up bad They even raped so we blazed they pad Automatic shots rang out, on every block They puttin hits out on politicians, even cops, I ain't lyin They got me sleepin with my infrared beams And in my dreams I hear motherfuckers screamin What is the meaning, when thugs cry [Chorus: singers] Oh why, children send your child off to die In the streets of chalk where they lie Let no wrongs cry out when thugs cry Dear God.. Oh why, does it have to be this way, our children of today won't stay wise Let the children hear when thugs cry Dear God.. oh why.. [('When thugs cry') on line 4, first time only] [('thugs cry') on line 6, first time only] [2Pac] Heh.. maybe my addiction to friction got me buggin Where is the love Never quit my ambition to thug Ain't shed a tear since the old school years of elementary Niggaz I used to love, enclosed in penitentiaries But still homey keep it real, how does it feel to lose your life, over somethin that you did as a kid You all alone, no communication, block on the phone Don't get along with yo' pop, and plus your moms is gone Where did we go wrong I put my soul in the song to help us grow at times, but now our minds are gone We went from brothers and sisters, to niggaz and bitches We went from welfare livin, to worldwide riches But somethin changed in this dirty game, everything's strange Lost all my homies over cocaine.. mayne See they ask me if I shed a tear, I ain't lie See you gotta get high or die, cause even thugs cry [Chorus] [2Pac] And all I see is these paranoid bitches, illegal adventures Bustin motherfuckers with uppercuts, I leave 'em with dentures Cause in my criminal mind, nobody violates the Don I write your name on a piece of paper, now your family's gone Why perpetrate like you can handle my team So merciless that my attack'll take command of your dreams Leavin motherfuckers drownin in they own blood Clownin takin pictures later Laugh bout the punk bitches, that turned snitches Regulate my area, the terror I represent Makin yo' people disappear, you wonderin where they went Am I cold or is it just I sold my soul Addicted to these streets, never find true peace I'm told Come take my body God, don't let me suffer any longer Smoke a pound of marijuana, so I know it ain't long Where is the end to all my misery, is there a close I suppose that's why I murder my foes, when thugs cry [Chorus] [2Pac over Chorus] I shed tattooed tears for years for my dead homeboys and my prison peers Y'all ain't never heard my cries Now you wonder why would you die [Chorus]

Let Em Have It

E-40 "Federal"
(E-40) I never stayed my ass home I always thought that I was grown In the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stone Got a problem with me Then feel free muthafucka Don't be talkin under yo breath Cuz that might be the cause of your death Cuz I'ma quick to stop a nigga in his tracks main So lets get this shit out in the open I used to like to go from the shoulders get em up, one on ones Now it's a whole different ball game niggas that carry guns A sucka will kill you first, and you will be layin in the hurst Takin a deep ass sleep knowin it wasn't worth Provin you wasn't a punk Niggas don't want to thump Niggas just want to funk and shot up a niggas trunk I met a bitch last week at the Orgen Room Bought her a drink and said whats up on the telly room Just then I felt some trouble kickin in Spotted her X-boyfriend who had just got out the pen Muthafuckas get to baulkin when the liquors talkin Drunk muthafucka step on my toe and kept on walkin I said what's up with ya potna, say excuse me or somethin He turned around looked at me and started mean muggin I guess he thought he pumped fear until I said Nigga don't you know I'll have you touchin everything in here He went for his pistol and didn't know I was strapin Dag nab it, I had to let him have it What type of nigga did he think you was E I know he didn't think that you were some kind of peanut or somethin. He must of been retarded to the fact that you get a thrill out of killin Now tell me somethin' why do muthafuckas wait till that nigga commits himself to realize that a hillside hillbilly is the wrong type of nigga to Fuck with E do you feel me Yeah I feel ya sahob Well lets take it to the next page then Oh you mean that part about the dungeon You Knoowww!!! The next morning, I'm sittin in the dungeon-wonderin Should I be dissed nope I did it in self defense I wasn't twisted, I hadn't even started yet It happened to fast before someone could stop me I wish I had some DANK WEED While I wait out these 24 more hours before I plead Freedom I'm gonna miss ya (I wish I had some dice) Made me some dice out of some water and toilet tissue Now this the part thats fucked up I walks into the dayroom manner room what the fuck I never thought that I would straight make ah The front page of the newspaper Shut up a do wop, shut up a do wop Man they bout to send me up state ah Talking that shit about makin me a muthafuckin faggot I make a shank outta plastic and let a nigga have it That's whats really goin down Cuz when a muthafuckas down for the count You gotta be about it or be without it Cuz what a muthafucka once told me see a mark sleep Leave him sleep in the middle of the street If you can't stand the heat stay up out the kitchen Now I'm still in the county's face Fighting this funky ass 187 case Shoot me a kite that's a good way to mingle I'll be in this bitch eatin' shit on the fuckin shingle Gettin big as a house- bulkin up 400 club waiting for the Mercedes deep roll it up My dream came true after almost 2 years of incareration Now I'm out drinkin brew Havin fun with my folks Lovin' everybody gettin twisted and crackin jokes Huggin anybody cryin I missed every nigga in my click and I ain't lyin We bones out to a party I'm on P-role but what can I say I can't let em know I'm stuck I roast bitches but I'm not a damn peanut Now I'm at the party thought I wasn't Dancin' with the dead niggas fine ass cousin I wonder if she thinkin' my my my The bitch been lovin me ever since Hogan High She had some hard ass cousins that wasn't wit it They went out they way to make sure that I didn't get it But now tricks is for kids silly rabbit I had to let em have Muthafucka! Muthafucka! Mutha-Mutha-Mutha-Muthafucka! Muthafucka! Muthafuck-Muthafucka!


XZIBIT "Restless"
(feat. Erick Sermon, Tha Alkaholiks) [X] C'mon [E] Xzibit! [X] Yeah.. [E] Ahh, ahh, E-Dub [Xzibit] It's that millenium ridiculous flow, I never let go Niggaz gettin knocked out is part of my show Let 'em know who they fuckin with yo, a rhyme wrangler Tri-angular push-up the hillside strangler Dangle a, nigga by the ankle off the balcony Now let his punk ass go, look out below (BELOWWWW) It's a tale of two cities, come out when the sun go down We officially not fuckin around Stuck in the ground, fitted with a suit in a pine box (hah!) with my fresh pressed khakis in a slingshot So heatbox all day in a nigga face and all you bitches see the dick that you shoulda ate [Chorus 2X: Xzibit *singing*] Call it what you wanna call it I'm a fuckin Alkaholik Bring it if you really want it Ain't gotta put no extras on it! [Erick Sermon] Yo, I'm in the zone, and lyrically gone Got the spot blown, BOOM! Oklahoma Watch the aroma, catch those who love me My underground dirty cats on dune buggies I be the type to take your watch and flaunt it Kidnap T. Lewis and Jimmy Jam on it Yo, I bang a nigga head til his neck pop Do a KRS-One to a 'Black Cop' X and E's, out for cream Get the money, while you stay broker than Al Bundy Uhh, give it to y'all, in 'Any Given Sunday' With J. Foxx name the spot, make it hot (I hate E so much right now!) Blow it down hooker bounce come off the ropes like J. Snooka [*X*: Two fly motherfuckers] You can't fuck widdit Backed by +Open Bar+, so y'all forget it [Chorus] [J-Ro] J-McEnroe, cam smashin, party crashin I eat MC's like a ration I'm sockin niggaz in they goatees I leave you stiffer than that fool on my basketball trophies I'm in the room with 10 G's, countin ten G's cause we need a bag of weed (can you smell it) Now we need ten dimes, to blow on deez like wind chimes Time to close the blinds cause you all in mines I bought a bottle for the session, and did not share it Drink so much Captain Mo' all I need is a parrot You took the Alkaholik challenge, and lost your balance You underground, we under water drinkin liquid by the gallons [Tash] Slurred words, double vision, brain bustin, head rushin Since I'm too drunk to walk, I rock a party on crutches and still rush the roughest MC who wanna get it Forget it, it's Likwit, Tha Liks and, Xzibit Ca-Tash on the blast the final piece to the puzzle I slap bitches on the ass I slap tits up out the muzzle I shuffle with the microphone, bang rhymes consistant You wack and I'm Ca-Tash and that's the motherfuckin difference For instance, '21 and Over' set your clocks back (Tick tock tick tock) Still standin where the rocks at Two-thousand-one, we still young guns that's +Restless+ (Thirty niggaz, sixty hoes) and that's the motherfuckin guestlist! [Chorus]

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