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Calm Before The Storm

Original and similar lyrics
sat outside my front window this story's going somewhere he's well hung and i am hanging up well theres a song on the radio that says let's get this party started, let's get this party started what you do on you own time's just fine my imagination's much worse than i ever wanted to know and what meant the world implodeded... inflated then demoted all my oxygen to product gas and suffocated my last chance you said between your smiles and regrets dont say it's over dead and gone calm before the storm set it off, and the sun burnt out tonight reception less than warm set it off and the sun burnt out tonight the next time the phone can wring my neck it gets no answer and of the time that i've spent telling it my roots i'm shaking in my boots and still it looks at me like an old friend i've betrayed the darkside of the doormat is the one your shoes have frayed the sun burnt out tonight

He Said, She Said

ANDRE NICKATINA "Hell's Kitchen"
Don'tcha let em jerk you around and that's how lies get started that's how lies get started sho' How do lies get started Well, he said she said and lies can send you spinnin sometimes around and around and around and around Now how do lies get started yeah He said she said Don't let em jerk you around Now how do rumors get started Started by the jealous people lookin for a ? when a man and a women have a good relationship and they trip then they flip tryin' to cook a situation in the mix Now that's a hater for ya ooh and I know it's hard to resist But these foxy ladies ooh they sure persist They bring drama and they momma with a boyfriend and a girlfriend and they turn a nice day into a rainy day whirlwind I'll Tell you one time only with my bezzy donizzy I'm with my babygirl so I'm tryin' to kick it live drink in my right hand, left on her thigh so do yourself a favor with the ? away from me [Hook] Now did you hear that one about Bruce Bruce said he talked the root and always squeezed tha juice that came straight from a guy who probably never knocked it loose another hater Man I'm in kick it mode I strike a wicked pose cause I'm out on the town tryin' to get choked in Teflon clothes with the scent of a rose And my ladies with me that's how it goes Now I can't go no place without somebody pointin' a finger ah, but I can't blame em my rides got sweet interior I think I'll call my broker and I'll tell him to watch the figures so the next time the rumors get started he'll chill and remember [Hook] so stop spreadin those rumors around stop spreadin the lies What's mine is mine I ain't got time for rumors in life I keep to myself bother nobody else so please let me live my life I think I'll write my congress man and tell him to pass a bill so the next time I get somebody startin' rumors shoot to kill [Hook] You don't wanna see me You don't wanna see me no

Spend Some Time

EMINEM "Encore"
(Eminem) If there's any bitches in this room Then there's something I gotta say For all the fools who fell for the first Girl who comes their way I've been down that road and now I'm back sitting on square one trying to pick myself up where I started from (Obie Trice) I never would of thought that I'd see you outta control even though my penis was deep down in your hole You should know between us we was like mates and soul nothing could intervene us especially no hoes you was more so da shalon<- (??) type but chose to more shows haunted you nights I supposed thats how it goes with time spent, emotion grows in the beginning friends, we decided to roll so whos responsible when you get excited explode and Obis grinning then you invite that obies cold but bitches they gone talk niggas they gone hate we established this way before we became mates so whats the quietest that you chilled with all that fire get you desire when I retire Chorus 1x Spend some time with me Spend a little bit (Eminem) I never thought I'd find, someone to be mine Lord knows I was right, cause you just crossed the line Spend some time with me Spend a little bit (Eminem) I used to say I never met a girl like you before Still aint got a fuckin clue is to who you truly are Almost went as far as introducing you to my daughters Till you went as far as going and snoopin through my drawers Now I just feel stupid for the loop that you throw me for Cant believe I almost flew the coop for some stupid whore You used to say all you wanted was for me to be yours All I ever wanted from you is a few booty calls If you recall I used to treat you like a groupie broad When we fucked I refused to even take my jewerly off But it threw me off the first time I called and you blew me off It was a shock it struck me as odd But it turned me on You started getting moody on me pretty soon we'd argue And the ruder you got the more beautiful you got to me And who even knew that who would had even thought possibily Cupid could shoot another one of them god damn darts at me It's true that I got shot in the heart but when someone seems too good to be true they usually are But see, when you're in it its too hard to see till you pull up and see some other dudes car parked and reach up under the seat as your heart starts to beat before you make a decision it's life altering and just as you halt and you turn and you start to leave you hear them words echoing almost haunting that taunting ring Chorus 1x (Stat Quo) (yea right bitch, spend time with my dick) In most cases, stats attitude is fuck a bitch My only motive is to get head and fuck a bitch but you was different, thought we shared a covenant even held your hand in public we suffering because of this shot down some hoe anotha other shit trying to play sick thought ima a tricked off rip I'll admit i was caught in the mix, down to commit feeding you the best of me, I shoulda fed you to pigs we started off closer than close but who could of predicted to know your triffling ways would of stopped our growth and the final result, back in that same boat I ask my self, do I love these hoes? Nopee! (50 Cent) Em introduced us, 50 this is tonya, tonya this is 50 then slid off and left her to kick it with me I complimented her, I said 'you have very nice lips' with my imagination, I can see her suckin my dick we played the phone game, a week later she changed fast had her comin over in the cab to give me some ass downtown manhattan on the balcony, stare at the skyline penthouse full of imported shit, you know how I grind She got the talkn, talkn like her opportune is due Why talk when sucking my dick is the real career move said she's an inspiring actress, she does videos for practice yeah yea, now how many times have I heard that shit Chorus 1x

The Acid Song

Loudon Wainwright "Live"
I had not taken acid for twelve years But one night last summer I did I was adrift in a bar room Acting like a jerk and a kid I knew we were asking for trouble Trouble was what we would get Five of us dropped in the girlsÕ room Sacadilicised insane quintet Well that bathroom got crowded in no time Our minds were all blown in one flash Everyone in there got ugly We exited out of there fast Back in the bar we were happy Feeling great, no problem Back in the bar we were fine Till Johnny turned into a Nazi And Mary threw up all her wine Well in no time we all were ejected Soon we were out on the street The sidewalk began to perspire We had glass and dog shit at our feet We went over to MaryÕs apartment cÕmon To listen to the Grateful Dead On the way there we lost Johnny He had opted for Bellevue instead Well IÕm really glad we did this, it feels great. Just like the old days, I love this. I know my hairÕs on fire, itÕs like incense or something You know, your face is melting It is, itÕs all the colours of the rainbow Hey you wanna hold some fruit? CÕmon, hold some fruit It breeds, it really does Have a cantaloupe, cÕmon Ah, no I dunno where the Donovan tape is Well I had to get out of that city Bobby was bringing me down Me and my darling young Susie Said so long and drove out of town Driving on acid is easy Driving on acidÕs a breeze Just keep the car on the highway DonÕt laugh and donÕt fart and donÕt sneeze Oh we got to my house in the country In the country man The trees were all throbbing andÉ green Susie was sure she had cancer I was sure I was James Dean We went down the lake to go swimming CÕmon letÕs try it out Down to the lake for a swim Susie said Ôwater cures cancerÕ I asked her to please call me Jim Yes acid is usually dangerous The mild-mannered can quickly turn mean Lsd can surely derange us Unless you possess Thorazine So next time you wanna go out there When you feel like fitting your head Think twice before dropping acid Hold out for mushrooms instead!

Here We Go

Here we go Come on get the party started Come on get the party started Get the party started S Club Juniors Give it up, get in on, sing along Come on, I say here we go All friends together Havin' a party under one roof You can bring your best friend You can do what you wanna do [Bridge] And we'll all have good times We can dance through the night We can sing till it's light I say here we go [Chorus] Give it up, get in on, sing along Come on, I say here we go Stand in line, clap in time, everyone catch the vibe Come on, I say here we go Here we go Here we go, here we go, here we go And now the music's getting louder Everyone's jumping to the beat And when the rhythm hits you You just can't help but move your feet [Bridge] [Chorus] Here we go, here we go, here we go S Club Juniors tonight Here we go, here we go, here we go I say here we go [Chorus x2] Come and join the party Time to catch the good vibe Everybody's dancing now I say here we go Come and join the party Time to catch the good vibe I say here we go

Gimme Some

BIG TYMERS "Hood Rich"
(feat. TQ) Hey, this song is dedicated to the girl Brenda with the big breast-eses In the ass like the black girls, I love you Brenda... [Chorus: TQ] Oh when, oh when, oh when are you gon give me some Hey ma, hey ma, hey ma, when are you gon stop acting dumb Oh when, oh when, oh when are you gon give me some Hey ma, hey ma, hey ma, when are you gon stop acting dumb You told me that we was going to the tele I told you when I pull up, be ready Now you said you can't find no one to watch your kids But why can't you just get a new Are you gon give me some [TQ] What's wrong what happened You told me it was crackin' I got my prophylactics, and why you trippin' on me I'm tired of playing games, its been a couple weeks Hey ma I'm feeling you, you say you feeling me I just can't understand why we can't get our love on Girl I want it and quit, I want you to groan Lets go to the Mo tonight, and lets sip a little mo' tonight Girl don't say no tonight, you need to give me some [Mannie Fresh] Its 2002, what you gon do Your hot in the ass, so let lil' daddy come through I've been hangin' with shorty for one whole week, I'm trying to pressure you, its time to freak Now I've been holding in, and you've been holding out So why don't you be a nice girl and (Put it in yo mouth!) Now things don changed, why you actin' strange You lettin' that other niggah get in yo brains Life is like a movie baby, stick to the script I'm Dirk Diggle and its time to hit I ain't tryin to take your man place, hes alright I'm just trying to stick it to you baby just one night Well I gotta buy something just for you to try something Yeah I'll let you get something just to let me hit something Now I know your alone when he don't come home Pick up the phone, now I give you the bone When the kids asleep, then we can creep I've been waiting to see you naked baby, one whole week Time for you to give it up, let a nigga hit it up Take in on or spill it up, swallow, don't spit it up [Chorus: TQ, Wolf talking in background] Oh when, oh when, oh when are you gon give me some Hey ma, hey ma, hey ma, when are you gon stop acting dumb Oh when, oh when, oh when are you gon give me some Hey ma, hey ma, hey ma, when are you gon stop acting dumb You told me that we was going to the tele (Yeah, you act like you don't remember that though) I told you when I pull up, be ready (Uh-huh, uh-huh,uh-huh,uh-huh) Now you said you can't find no one to watch your kids (Mmm, mmm) I think you just scared cuz you don't want me to leave (Thats what it is) Are you gon give me some [Wolf] Now I've been fucking with you for far too long, And if I don't hit tonight, I know something is wrong You've been duggin' and divin', just running scared Like you committed a crime, and I'm the fed Calm motherfucker over the phone, But a scary motherfucker when its time to get it on You be saying freaky shit, really turning me on Like you swallow n' spit all over the dick And you be bragging about how them niggas is strong But the word is out, I'm seriously hung Right now I'm ready, cuz I'm full of that juice I'm ready to get you in the bed, and knock something loose And after that, the balls in your court We can leave it alone, or we can go back and forth But first things first, Ima admit Ima tear your ass up when you let me hit [Greg Street] W,B,I,T,E,C,H, ain't that a bitch radio Yo check, thats the new jam of the day The Big Tymers featuring Wolf Yo Wolf don went from the the keyboards to the mic booth Wolf rappin now And thats why you got your ass back in child support court too Yeah she want some more money now boy, you gotta give it up You can't go to court with no punk defendant Why you need Johnny Cochran, you rolling with them Cash Money Millionaires now Hey, big shouts out to Greg Green This of uhh cases that concentrated titty milk And big shouts out to all them ladies gettin ready for amateur night at the Flame Yo check, if you not ready, stay your ass out the club

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