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FALCO lyrics - Nachtflug


Original and similar lyrics
Hey Conchita lady with the blood-shot eyes Der Kubaner - so flink Der CIA - so link Der weiße Mann entbehrlich Denn der Stamm der Roten mittlerweile ungefährlich Im weißen Hause Turbulenz Die Völker ignorieren a jede Grenz' So hat's Havanna wieder wirklich schwer Vorm Palazzo zeigt der Ami sein Gewehr her-Yeah! Oh Generalissimo What're you gonna do with your one-man-show? Was nützt die allerbeste Propaganda Was nützt die beste Propaganda? Zu viele Häuptlinge Zu viele Häuptlinge Und kane Indianer Trotz Propaganda Der neue Sheriff so integer Im Haus der Damen da kennt ihn jeder, Den Männer des Westens wollen das eine: Hüften, Lippen schlankste Gebeine. Auch Conchita kommt ins Reine Geht's um harte Dollars nimmt sie seine. Die Stunde spielt ihr ins Budget Denn was den Indianer mordet Tut dem Häuptling net amal weh. Oh Generalissimo What're you gonna do with your one-man-show? Was nützt die allerbeste Propaganda Was nützt die beste Propaganda? Zu viele Häuptlinge Zu viele Häuptlinge Und kane Indianer Trotz Propaganda Insulana bin I kana Amerikana werd' ich a mehr kana werd'n Was nützt die allerbeste Propaganda Was nützt die beste Propaganda? Zu viele Häuptlinge Zu viele Häuptlinge Und kane Indianer Trotz Propaganda

Just Rhymin' With Biz

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live the Kane"
Biz: lt;Fonkee! Ready Fonkee! Fonkee! Ahhh... One two, one two We came here to just motherfucking do You and a crew Got my man Marley Marl in the house Can't forget my man, Lik, y'all in the house Got Fric and Frac in the house Hey-hey-hey, you got Big Daddy Kane in the house Juice Crew in the house That's right And my name is the Biz Markie And we gonna rock a little something like this... gt; One, two, whatcha gonna do I say yes, yes y'all To the beat, all Party-having people guaranteed to be like having a ball H-h-h-hey We gonna do a little something like this I say... I'm the rap promoter I start to motor Tour from New York to South Dakota Drink ginger ale or root beer soda Never get the girls with the underarm order Put me on water, I'm a good floater When I run for prez, you best be a voter Once knew a girl by the name of Rhoda I watch Star Wars just to see Yoda Or R2-D2 driving down the BQ When I buy franks, I make sure they're Hebrew When I entertain, and love to treat you Love to see a girl in a nice tight see-through Take her to the crib, turn on the Beta Watch a good flick by Arnold Schwartzenegger Maybe Commando or the Terminator Peace party people, ha ha see you later! Big Daddy, huh huh, my man my mellow Get on the mic cause you know you eat Jell-O Kane: Check it out, y'all You don't stop Keep on Well it's the Kane in the flesh Of course I'm fresh Oh you thought that I was rotten Huh, I beg your pardon To me getting paid and getting busy fall together So a man of my ambiance...never! Could I be weak, why I'm rather unique I got style, flavor, grace, and plus a different technique That I be using and not many can manage So a brother like me, I do damage Just by picking up the mic to go solo I cold turn a party on out, and oh yo I get physical, mystical, very artistical Giving party people something funky to listen to That's why the other MC's can't swing long I stomp them out just like I was King Kong Stepping on roaches, I get ferocious Supercalifragalisticexpealidocious I go on and on and on and Until the bright Shirley Murdock morning Cause I'mma pimp, hear the primp, yes the emp- Eror, bringing much terror in your era I ready, willing and I'm able, so bust a move Never use a barbershop I got my homeboy Smooth Cooling out with the clippers right around the way To keep my fresh Cameo cut every day Like that y'all, it's like that y'all It's like thata-the-that, it's like that y'all Cause I'm the prosecutor taking a stand And, I'm cross-examining you my man The judge and jury, releasing my fury The verdict that I reach for you is rather blurry You see, the name Kane is superior to many people It means King Asiatic Nobody's Equal I hate to brag, but damn I'm good And if mics were a gun, I'd be Clint Eastwood And if rap was a game, I'd be MVP Most Valuable Poet on the M-I-C Or if rap was a school, I'd be the principal Aw fuck it, the Kane is invincible To be specific, I may die one day But my rhymes will remain like a hieroglyphic It's a certain special skill that takes much practice I got it good, apparently you lack this So in turn, sit back and learn Listen close, this is for your own concern Let me show you exactly how it's properly done Lights, camera, action! A rap pro, do a show, good to go, also Cameo afro, Virgo, domino, I go Rambo Gigolo, Romeo, Friday night spend money on a ho- Tel, to get a good night's sleep I'm keeping in step Now do I come off Yep.

Set It Off

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live the Kane"
Verse 1 Let it roll, get bold, I just can't hold Back, or fold cos I'm a man with soul In control and effect, so what the heck Rock the discotheques and this groove is what's next Attack, react, exact, the mack'll move you with A strong song, as long as you groove to this I keep the crowd loud when you're hype Do damage onstage and injure the mic As I shoot the gift MC's stand stiff While my rhymes stick to you like Skippy and Jif Feel my blood fist, or my death kiss The rap soloist, you don't want none of this Supreme in this era, I reign with terror When I grab the mic believe you're gonna hear a Fascinatin' rhyme as I enchant them So let's all sing the Big Daddy anthem Go with the flow, my rhymes grow like an afro I entertain again and Kane'll never have no Problem, I can sneeze, sniffle and cough E-e-e-even if I stutter Imma still come off Cos rappers can't understand the mics I rip They sure enough ain't equipped, that's why they got flipped But my apparatus is up to status Don't ask who's the baddest, of course that is The maker, breaker, taker, my rhymes ache the head Put it to bed, so watch what is said Save the bass for the pipe and rearrange your tone Or take a loss and be forced in the danger zone Cos I get ill and kill at will Teachin' a skill that's real, you're no thrill So just stand still and chill as I build Science I drill until my rhymes fill Your head up...don't even get up The teacher is teachin', so just shut up Verse 2 Rappers, take a step back, or you will soon regret that You ever had to confront me and you can bet that I come correct, perfect, in full effect Disconnect, dissect, eject as I wreck shop Stand in command with the clan Caravan or van, we go man for man and Without further ado or any delay Mister Cee as we say, call him the DJ Mad Money Murf with the triple M Smooth the barber keepin' my flat-top trim Scoob Lover my brother, Scrap Lover my other Dancin' with the crew so allow the boys to smother The floor, and endure just for your pleasure As the microphone lord proceeds to get raw Acrobatic, Asiatic, rap fanatic I get dramatic and rhymes start flowin' automatically From me, so don't play me, obey me When asked Who's the best , you better say me I'm sendin' sucker MC's headin' north And if you still want some...set if off For you to cope is just a wish and a hope And if you are what you eat they're feedin' me dope Cos I'm just about as dope as dope can get Ultimate, legit, Kane is a perfect fit The king of my kingdom, completin' a cipher The lyrics I bring them keeps the crowd hyper As I release the masterpiece The groove will never cease until Kane says Peace So, maestro, yo, hit it Big Daddy Kane's about to come with it, cos... [I can't hold it back...]

On The Bugged Tip

Big Daddy Kane "Long Live the Kane"
Yo, on the M-I-C right about now, I go by the name of Big Daddy Kane. I got my man Scoob Lover on the side of me, DJ Mister Cee on the wheels of steel, Dre on the film and Marley on the boards. We gonna do a little something like this: [Big Daddy:] Some like it hard and some like it soft, yo, bust the groove as I set it off. [Scoob:] But wait a minute... ...yo Scoob, what's up Pardon me a moment as I interrupt. For what For this: [both singing] You like the stylish clothes we wear, and you like our flat-top style of hair. It's just those bugged out things we do that make the girles wanna stare. Like when we're chillin' with the crew. Or drinkin' that Old English brew. (both) Straight from the bottle not the cup, And it gets us more than just fucked uuuuup... And I like it yall.. it yall... like it yall... it yall. Scoob Lover, won't you hype it yall Well, I'm the S-C double-O B-L-O-V-E-R- uh. Ladies come to me, I'll be your midnight horror. Need a flat top Come to Scoob, I'm the barber. Of Da Ville. And that's right. Try to step to us, watch what you get, Cuz me and Big Daddy's not havin' it. Well, it's the Big Daddy, so all hail. Save your wack rhymes, hold your female. Pass the Old Gold, trash the ale, cash your food stamps, get the WIC out the mail. Love to eat shrimps, but I never eat snail. Eat a whole fish except for the tail. Keep food in the fridge so it don't get stale, and when there's nothing to eat, I bite my nails. So Scoob Lover, you know your rhymes are kickin', get on the mic, cuz you know you eat chicken. Now-now-now, I'm-a place a order for a Scooby snack, Not at the Chinese restaurant becuse I don't eat cats. Now who in the world can ever eat these When I'm at home, I chow down with ease, and say More beef sausage, mom, please That's right, Mommy Dukes, she feeds me swell. Coffee on the table, orange juice as well. Some of the things I say are outspoken, guaranteed to have you chokin'. Bitin' MCs are the one I'm yokin'. Kane, I'm outta here, I guess I'll use my token. I'll walk through the gate if the turnstile's broken. Big Daddy, if you're down with me, get on the mic on the count of three; One, two, three... Now I'm a black brother that's out to succeed, so step aside as I take the lead. Sexy young ladies of a light-skinned breed. *You got-you got-you got what I need!* Outstanding, kind, cool and loyal. Drove all the way to Maco just to change my oil. Cuz I'm the only child, you might think I'm spoiled. Touch the young ladies make their blood pressure boil. I got the ...hmm...hiccups, excuse me, sorry. Score a 100 Gs every time I play Atari. Put a hole in the Old Gold, blast the Bacardi. On the dance floor, hype moves I be freakin'. Makin' new steps up every single weekend. Not Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy, I'm only here to PAR-TY! Yo, check it out, check it out. Turn the music down, turn the music down. turn the music we go (here we go)... We gonna end it like this in the place yall. It's like this yall, and you don't stop. Now, the name Kane is superior to many people; it means King Asiatic Nobody's Equal. I hate to brag, but damn I'm good! And if mics were a gun, I'd be Clint Eastwood. And if rap was a game, I'd be MVP: Most Valuable Poet on the M-I-C. And if rap was a school, I'd be the principal. Aw fuck it, the Kane is invincible. To be specific, I may die one day but my rhymes will remain like a heiroglyphic. It's a certain special skill, that takes much practice. I got it good; apparently you lack this. So in turn, sit back and learn, listen close, this is for your own concern. Let me show ya, exactly how it's properly done: Lights, Camera, Action! [laughter]

It's Hard Being The Kane

Big Daddy Kane "Taste of Chocolate"
Uhh! Put your weight on it Uhh, and uh, Prince Paul, bring me on and uh Aiyyo Botch, bring me on and uh Mad Money Murph just bring me on and uh Just bring me on, yo This is a world premier and I'm here A presentation beyond compare So MC's step to the rear as I break through Girls say ooh and then skip to my loo That means dance as I get smooth with Poetic perfection that you can groove with Just like a passenger, hurry and fasten your seatbelt cause I'm about to start broadcastin the words of wisdom, so turn up the system loud and clear, I don't want no one to miss one word to be heard never blurred or slurred The preferred is absurd, all the damage that's occured As I break MC's like a lumberjack Ain't no comin back, you can't get none of that I'm not the type of MC to be merciful So if your name ain't Jermaine take it personal Cause like a vigilante I'm gonna kill off any sucker MC that tries to withstand me With the mic in my hand I start flowin then all competition flee and start goin in the other direction, run for protection Cause I can burn an MC like an erection You're too small kid, don't get involved with the verbal law for the Nation of Islam Wisdom I speak makes your head nod Showin I got the power, and that's from bein born the God But many doubt my Knowledge of Self But they're just illiterate, so I don't consider it Feedin off poison that's pollutin their mind and that's the reason I don't swine I gotta maintain, accelerate my brain and god damn, it's hard being the Kane Give it to me! C'mon! C'mon! Uhh! Give it to me! Give it here! Give it to me! Yeah.. This is the proper way man should use ink But you're at your brink and your rhymes are extinct Just like a dinosaur, but you never find a more cause mine'll keep sellin on wax like some kind of whore Let me inject this, flow of electric currency for all the party people preferrin me and spectatin like a tourist, cause you never saw this style of rap kickin like Chuck Norris But this ain't Kung-Fu, no I just brung you a style, that phony MC's were too young to digest, when I manifest, you adolescent So sit back, relax, be glad you had a lesson And this one's for your listenin pleasure Somethin for all the bitin MC's to treasure Just like a diary, for you to admire me before you're put in the Dead Poet's Society Cool as a draft, droppin math in a paragraph I laugh as the wrath break in half, your whole staff But many MC's were able to retreat Runnin like an athlete, but I got bad feet So I don't chase ya, nor do I wait to face ya Nah it ain't in my nature I just rip shop, flip-top, and watch MC's get dropped as I manifest in hip-hop Rhymes I construct are tough like a Tonka truck And just like lightnin they struck down on all the toy MC's that annoy That's how I build and destroy The poetic printer, rough rhyme inventor with a groove so smooth you can't help but get into So I'm advisin competition to flee cause I can bake an MC like Chef Boyardee Holdin my own on the microphone Cause I break bones just like sticks and stones So let it rain let it rain as I put em in pain God damn, it's hard bein the Kane! Give it to me! Get up! Come on! Uhh! Give it to me! Come on! Give it to me! Yeahhh Put in a pause, because here's the holocaust Above all laws, in effect and all yours Cause I came to blaze a taste of bass of grace A replace, erase the waste without a trace My vocabulary will just have you very dazed and amazed so I fear no adversary -- that means competition They can't even touch this, even with ammunition Break out the gauge and go into an outrage and I'ma still blow up the stage Cause this is a death threat, but don't let your sweat get in the way of your vision don't be missin when I get set to go on a rampage, start a one man rage Total destruction as I rip up the damn stage And leave it in ruins from the damage that I'm doin to prepare the atmosphere, as I put you in the mood for the Smooth Operator to start this flow And so.. I crushed and crushed and stomped the comp that tried to get fly and face the ace I put em in place Proceed em, retreat em, defeat em, delete em, and feed em, and eat em and all the rest of that good stuff, cause I don't need em Only one survivor can remain And god damn, it's got to be the Kane! Get up! Give it to me! Give it here! C'mon! C'mon! Give it to me! Uhh! Put your weight on it

Calling Mr. Welfare

Big Daddy Kane "It's a Big Daddy Thing"
[Red] Yo, whassup Big Daddy [Kane] Aiyyo whassup Red Alert I'm chillin Duke [Red] Yo do me a favor man -- pleeeeeease tell me about these big ol bubblehead girls out here [Big Daddy Kane] Well hey, you know that lady on the top floor of my buildin The heavyset one with about ten children You may remember her as a slim honey when her man name was Pimp Daddy Hustler Stack Money A big time drug dealer from around the way Slingin rocks, makin G's everyday He drove a big fat Mercedes Benz and even bought her a car to perpetrate for her friends It was a brand new Jag, with the spoiler and rag And the girl was a nag, cause all she did was just brag I mean baaaaaaaaaaad -- we know your coat cost a lot You didn't have to leave on the price tag And count the times her stomach got plump Havin baby after baby by the same old chump And then the day came, he left the dame shamed But who's to blame Y'all know the name of the game Pimp Daddy's wanted as he maxes and relaxes She can't even sue for money, pushers don't pay taxes So what's to do Oh yeah To feed ten mouths, she had to call on Mr. Welfare [Red] What Mr. Welfare Man they playin high-post with low income Check this out -- when y'all go around to the corner y'all gonna check out another episode Go like somethin like this.. [Big Daddy Kane] Hey, if you think that suck, bust this Another little story as I reminisce about an old friend of mine that was livin out of order Makin money like water (illlllll-egal) Yeah, sorta He sold drugs and robbed a lot of people But in these days and times, who lives illegal It's all about who knows the trade and who am I to knock him Homeboy was gettin paid He chose his own lifestyle to live - it was negative but his own prerogative Makin cash to flash and stash in half the trash The cops made the dash (sufferin succotash!) Because he had to do ten in the pen and then begin again to apprehend, huh But what's lost is lost, the reign is over (Huhhh, see ya!) Nice to know ya Money, no longer can he collect it Can't even get a job cause he got a jail record So what's left No hopes of a career So yeahhh, he's callin Mr. Welfare! [Red] Mr. Big Daddy Kane They don't know what time it is about Mr. Welfare Do me a favor -- open up your book to page fifteen at the top and read it off like thisssssssss [Big Daddy Kane] Here's a story of a guy who had to cop out his life for bein a high school dropout In the ninth grade he wanted to get paid but now the young brother needs government aid Because in his past he decided to cut class and run in the streets to make ends meet No shame in the game of his but silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! So when you sat on the corner with a 40 ounce talkin bout whattup Can't even pronounce your words correct, now in retrospect that's a shame - but in '89, who gives a heck There's no type of path to follow It's all about a dollar, fuck bein a scholar That's why your report card's through Like a BizMark beat, it reads eww-eww-eww-eww-eww! So now you wanna wake up and smell the coffee Lookin for a helpin hand, but get off me! I tried to tell you the deal last summer Stay in school, and get yourself a diploma Now you're on your own, tryin to make it alone No food or home, chewin on a meaty bone So what's to do since the cupboard is bare Brrring brrring! Call on Mr. Welfare [Red] Yo Kane, that's the story about my man Mr. Welfare huh [Kane] Yo like Chuck D said, how low can you go [Red] If she go any lower, she gonna have a personal problem Yo my man Mister Cee, cut it up money! * Mister Cee cuts welll-fare * [Kool DJ Red Alert] We-eh-el-el-el, el-el-elllllllfare, c'mon! Yeah Mr. Welfare He on some new stuff, what what is it He all new and improved Right Yeah, like that old Bug-Out stuff This guy, is he alright or what I think he on a mission with no kind of learnin You know what Big Daddy Kane We gonna have to take care of this matter Mister Cee, go ahead, cut it up My man Big Daddy Kane gonna see about my man Mr. Welfare alright Places to go, people to see, things to do, and you know what else to get.. see ya! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsss!

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