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Faith And The Muse lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
A thousand dreamers crept as one Journey'd by the colder sun Knocked at the chamber's gate Yet this sleeper does not wake In the oracle overhung With careless whispers, ivystung Their tiny fingers cling to warmth A home for the love weary heart Onward sacrarium, time sojourns Polanquin leads this path adorned While reverent creatures soft prepare The slumberous beauty carried there And lay their hands on silken skin As through these veins the gods did run Two thousand arms in twilight Endless dream and endless night Past echoed ruins overgrown Small voices drift in ancient tongue Mindful to their deepest wish For a home to the love weary heart In soft embrace I now arise And search for peace in hungering eyes Thy faces change: my love renames Our starlit world, the past remains Forgotten by linnear spite One thousand pairs of second sight Who through my eyes at last may see We are divinity We choose to be


DAVID GRAY "A Century Ends"
I can see it in your eyes what I know in my heart is true that our love it has faded like the summer run through so we'll walk down the shoreline one last time together feel the wind blow our wanderin' hearts like a feather but who knows what's waiting in the wings of time dry your eyes we gotta go where we can shine Don't be hiding in sorrow or clinging to the past with your beauty so precious and the season so fast no matter how cold the horizon appear or how far the first night when I held you near you gotta rise from these ashes like a bird of flame step out of the shadow we've gotta go where we can shine For all that we struggle for all we pretend it don't come down to nothing except love in the end and ours is a road that is strewn with goodbyes but as it unfolds as it all unwinds remember your soul is the one thing you can't compromise take my hand we're gonna go where we can shine we're gonna go where we can shine we're gonna go where we can shine (and look, and look) Through the windows of midnight moonfoam and silver

And Then You Kissed Me

man, I've had a few but they wouldn't quite blow me like you you gave me your name and signed with a halo around my eye and it hit me like never before that love is a powerful force yes, it struck methet love is a sport so I pushed you a little bit more love, you're news to me you're a litte bit more than i thought you'd be a mole in my well-fed lawn you're a nightmare beating the dawn oh, it hit me like never before that love is a powerful force yes, it struck me that love is a sport so I pushed you a little bit more blue blue, black and blue red blood sticks like glue true love is cruel love red blood's a power-fuel sweet love, tasty blood my heart overfloods oh, you hit me! yeah, you hit me really hard man, you hit me! yeah, you hit me right in the heart lord, I've had my deal but I never quite knew how it feels when love makes you wake up sore with fists that are ready for more and it hit me that love is a game like in war, no one can be blamed yes, it struck me that love is a sport so I pushed you a little bit more blue blue, black and blue red blood sticks like glue true love is cruel love red blood's a power-fuel sweet love, tasty blood my heart overfloods man, you hit me! yeah, you hit me really hard baby you hit me! yeah, you punched me right in the heart and then you kissed me... and then you hit me... and then you kissed me... and then you hit me.. oh, you haunt me with your violent heartbeat at night oh, you strike me wiht your silece baby, tonight why you haunt me with your violentce baby, come hit me! you haunt me with your violent heartbeat...

I Gave You Everything

Code Red "Scarlet"
I Gave You Everything (Lew/Graham) I gave you all my time and I gave all my love to you I gave you every dime and tell me what did you do You broke this heart of mine by loving somebody new You said that love was forever you'd leave me never But where are you now Chorus: I gave you everything all that one could ever give I gave you everything you were my reason to live Everythings out of place There's an empty space In my heart And I gave you everything You took the best of me you took everything I had You took so selfishly and gave nothing in return I would have set you free if that's how it had to be Why would you lie (why, why) Why would you need to make me cry Ooh, yeah, I cried myself to sleep that night It wasn't right for you to leave me here high and dry It wasn't right to close the door without so much as a goodbye Could have blood from a stone Why did you leave me alone? Chorus

A Little Bit Lonesome

KASEY CHAMBERS "Barricades & Brickwalls"
I'm a little bit lonesome I'm a little bit blue I can't stop crying Since I lost you There's a pain in my heart Like a lightening bolt I'm a little bit lonesome It's all your fault Well everytime I wake up, I got you rolling in my head Your eyes are lookin' at me but they're seeing her instead I've got a big fat broken heart with a pain Sharper than a steel-plated knife We thanks to you these lonely blues Are the best things in my life Well the last time that I saw you she had hold of your hand You waved across the street at me so I turned away and ran When I got home I got a honktonk song I played it til my eyes went red I grabbed a glass I said 'kiss my ass' I'm gonna drink you out of my head


Intro It was a Friday night and me and my homeboys Decided to celebrate our departure from JCOR So you know us, we had to go to the strip clubs Everybody said they wanted to go to DJ's so we did. So we get up in DJ's and we got V.I.P. The owner shows us a lot of love, so he takes us To our seat and Trav orders a round of 151 and coke 4 all of us, and that's when I seen her A stallion ass like pow, Chest like bang, Lips like ew, an angel man but she had the devils eyes, I had to have her cat Verse 1 Pass me the 151 and coke cat, then later We'll find where the dope at, but hold that, I seen Somethin' so fat that I wish I could've drove back to Get my kodac Strip teaser lovin' who got the visa got it then she will Please ya nada then she don't need ya prada Gucci for leisure It's her duty to feed ya amnesia caribou and tequiza Off the turn buckle baby bubba had the booty and boobies It was a nudy so cudie was a cutie I gotta get near Her I got a mucho deniro look at her look at herself in The mirror moving like shakira Made my way to the front of the stage hunits for days The body I wanted to praise will she get with a nigga Maybe she bent over and said thanx and I whispered In her ear Chorus I love the way you make it slither baby, every night When I come thru that looks like somethin' that I Wanna run thru, (you want some ooow) you know I want you (Baby we can have fun too) (Repeat 2x) 2nd Verse Will she ask me for a lap dance? Then Trav said She too fine fat chance, boy I'm Tech N9ne I rap And I slap hands with millionaires and plus I got stacks Man She approached me slowly, holy moly, Chef Boyardees cheese And Beef ravioli hold me close nose be op, how much evil can Dough provoke (How much?) She told me nope Said this one was on her, I'm hoping I can get the chance To put in on her she slithered on me put the booty on My lap and got ta girating, was I waiting for the Pushin' grabbing and vibrating But this is really when my pupils got to dilating What kind of magical hocus pocus was I facing Over and over tried to explain it the best that I could She put her mouth on the crotch of my pants and said (hddddddd) Chorus (Repeat 2x) 3rd Verse Said she needed 400 to tip out I whip out the grip so Quick so we can dip out the trick house, told my homies Not to poke their lip out I'm going to rip out the guts and Try to throw my hip out Now it's time to trip out got at the bitch house was 3 Fine female roommates my homies missed out, took me to Her room and threw me right on the bed got right on the head What a wonderful night it was said Then along came 3, 36 double D. Sizes kissin' and lickin' On me and they comin' to do what wake my dude up but One of them bitches bit me on the neck and drew blood Then the other and the others, instead of bud lovers I'm trapped with blood suckin' mutha fuckas 4 eternity Brought me here to straight feed on a nigga all Because I said to a stripper I love the way you make it' SSSLITHER.

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