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Faith And The Muse lyrics

Denn Die Toten Reiten Schnell

Original and similar lyrics
Behold this pale offering whose essence feeds your every need Entwined, divine in the sleepless heart but what's to become of me Wake the Walls of Remembrance Sing tenderness my silent ones Your eyes of wonder Shake the walls with this Severance Cry bitterness, the passionless Stained with dishonor Behold this frail offering These weighted words fall as Autumn leaves Confined and blind in the sleepless heart while an audience still deafens me Behold this grail offering A quickening kiss for those who bleed Illumination's price, it is your sleepless heart and the gift of voice that sets you free

Your Stone Walls

Some people that you lead a terrible rough life And that you keep to yourself to survive many cold nights And I'll be sorry one day if I don't keep my distance A fool to believe that I'd make a difference Well, maybe I can't deny - there's a bitterness in your eyes but I thought I would say, I'm afraid I must disagree I see your hard heart crumbling Your stone walls want to tumble in When you're looking at me And I'll be making you see another possible future Do I make you believe we got something to shoot for? Baby you know the whole world could change in a minute - If you wanted that tonight I'm your ticket It's getting me kinda high, something's powerful in these eyes Oh, in mysterious ways that controlling your destiny I see your hard heart crumbling (heart crumbling) Your stone walls want to tumble in When you're looking at me Yeah, yeah, and you know - I could change your life right here Something in your face says you want me to try And I've seen all that I have ever needed In your melting eyes No they could never lie Yeah, your hard heart is crumbling Your stone walls want to tumble in When you're looking at me And I like what I see - Come on: bring them on me Let them fall on me Let them down me Just let them fall on me See your hard heart - Stone walls tumbling I like what I see

Nothing To Hide

There in my darkest hour, Somehow you knew what I felt And just in the nick of time you Saved me from myself Didn't know I could cut through my defenses And see through the mask I figured you must want something from me, But you never asked I just had to call and you were always there I think you must have been the answer To my prayer With you I've got nothing to hide My heart is starting to pound Now the walls are tumbling down I wish I could find the words that Linger just out of reach I see myself in your eyes and Lose my power of speech I am someone now that I don't recognize It took someone like you to shatter my disguise Now I've got nothing to hide My heart's remembering to pound I can feel the walls coming down I've got nothing to hide All that I needed was you around Now the walls are tumbling down Head in the sky, feeling just like Some kind of lovesick child I finally pulled through and I owe it to you, Don't want to keep it inside I am someone now that I don't recognize Oh, I'm healing, I'm believing, You made me realize

Through Blood By Thunder

Resting by my fire.Looking deep into its flames My mind must have been somewhere else Far beyond these plains I am suddenly aware of a pair Of eyes staring at me I urn around and behold the most Ugly thing I have seen The woman standing in the glade Like a shadow in the night Points her wretched finger at me With a wretched smile And she asks me in a voice That sound as if it's been so long Since she spoke,if I seek magic Then I should come along I'm but a man.Mortal a man. But she leaves no footprins in the snow Still I follow on to where she is going For she has promised me magic if I follow on She takes me to a part of these woods Few have ever seen Where the sun surely won't reach Still the ground ominously gleams She says she's seen is coming And tha she known where I'll go But before I leave,she says There is this one thing I should know She offers me the ability To take a fatal wound Every cu by sword or spear will be Absorded by her tree-womb This magic will remain until it's Time for me to part with this mortal world And all she'll claim is my young heart I'm but a man.Mortal a man. And I'll need all the help tha I can get So I give my heart to the woman of the dark With or without it... my life is not over yet Wing of bat and lizzard eye Dust of a star fallen from the sky Tears of a virgin and the cum of a god Thirteen drops of an infant's blood A twist of a cat's spit and oil of the moon Stir for a while a very soon A salve to be applied upon the chest Close to where the heart beats strong No pains will occur when hand is pushed into my flesh She'll slowly draw my living heart out of my open chest She'll place my heart in the pit of the snake and behold the years go by Hers to keep from the moment when the time has come for me to die

Still Rainin'

JONNY LANG "Wander This World"
Second guessin' first impressions There you go again Rushing off in all directions Since I don't know when All day long you're building walls You're building walls all day Putting ceilings on your feelings When they should fly away Don't you think it's time you quit it Don't you think it's time you admit it Your heart is more worthy of trust Than the thoughts in your mind that sit there gathering dust Everything you're looking for You'll know when it's real You'll know when you've found it By the way you feel Writing down your deepest emotions With your pen in hand Your piece of paper flew out the window You watched it try and land You felt bad as it flew out of sight A part of your heart alone in the night All of a sudden you didn't mind it When you pictured that lonely stranger that would find it Everything you're looking for You'll know when it's real You'll know when you've found it By the way you feel

A Romance By The Wings Of Icarus

It Dies Today "Forever Scorned"
As the flame of the candle stands still into the biting air, and the silhouettes of a broken man crash to the floor. he rues the day he flew too close to the sun. recalling her smile as his wings melted and he descended to the depths blow. she had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold. her beauty beckoning his soul. defenseless he fell enamored by her intoxicating charm, she had spoken of things which he bagan to believe. this was not supposed to be. screamed the temptress. her lack of empathy being her only vice she constructed a heart shaped tomb. there she swore she would lay and perish. with his wings charred and the pieces of his heart lying in ruins on the floor. she had spoken of things all too impossible for hearts to behold. he dreams of a day when the candle would begin to flicker in the cold night air, perhaps then he would fly again. he will fly again

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