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Extra Prolific lyrics

O E Commercial

Original and similar lyrics
I was raised in Houston 3rd ward amongst the drama Pops was off the hook but had a bible toting mama Sunday school BTU was a must plus I'm inertia Wondering why my dad don't come to church plus he hurts her All repetition till I'm 12 years old Preacher kickin' old time religion hit me dead in the soul And now I'm up at the altar Choir blowin' that way in the water Lord help me Reminiscing on innocence this pillows soaking That's when my mom left my pops, brought me to Oakland Negativity hitting me from every angle Could've sworn the devil sent his every angel In this strange old land, I see I'm fallin' Moms keep stressing me, stop ignoring my calling But something in me keeps runnin' like I need to go They say you reap what you sow Black people what Chorus The ending has come The moonlight is gone Look up high, you'll see his arms Say not for you But still it's true Will you be waiting when he comes Romans 10 to 9 Says believe it with your mind, and Confess it with your mouth, and You will be divine, and I'm still kickin' on the altar Cause it sure hurt me when the preacher turn to me faulty y'all Made me feel more comfortable about my backslidin' G's don't get to heaven so stop hidin' Everybody that was raised on prayer is now a player You can call me a square If I don't care Then your soul's on my backside And who gonna show them kids how to act right Last days, these days be the last ones Fast ways erased cause we passion For the man there's no way we gonna get high Not by smokin' on that bomb, but up in the sky It's not hard but he gave us a chance y'all God bless every man in the sound of my voice It's the second sermon Chorus x2 As we approach another day Guide are steps when we want another way As our brothers and sisters go astray Let's intercede, on our knees and pray And as the congregation stands Black people let us all join hands Choose the right of 2 lands So we can all see the man It's the second sermon Chorus x2

Man In The Long Black Coat

BOB DYLAN "Oh Mercy"
Crickets are chirpin' the water is high There's a soft cotton dress on the line hangin' dry Window wide open African trees Bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze Not a word of goodbye not even a note She gone with the man in the long black coat. Somebody seen him hangin' around As the old dance hall on the outskirts of town He looked into her eyes when she stopped him to ask If he wanted to dance he had a face like a mask Somebody said from the bible he'd quote There was dust on the man in the long black coat. Preacher was talking there's a sermon he gave He said every man's conscience is vile and depraved You cannot depend on it to be your guide When it's you who must keep it satisfied It ain't easy to swallow it sticks in the throat She gave her heart to the man in the long black coat. There are no mistakes in life some people say It is true sometimes you can see it that way But people don't live or die people just float She went with the man in the long black coat. There's smoke on the water it's been there since June Tree trunks unprooted beneath the high crescent moon Feel the pulse and vibration and the rumbling force Somebody is out there beating on a dead horse She never said nothing there was nothing she wrote She gone with the man in the long black coat.

End Of The Age

KANSAS "Drastic Measures"
(Kerry Livgren) When the light dies down and you blood runs cold Then you know what you fear most is growing old The clock winds down and the bells will toll For the dawn that follows may require your soul (Chorus) Through the narrows there are few who pass Only the chosen enter in Seek your calling while it may be found For the sand in the hourglass is falling We hang in the balance one by one Turn from you ways the voice is calling And fear the end of the age Now the evil deed never goes unseen And the wisdom of your wise men is unclean For the pride of life and the lust for gain Is a sickness of the heart, the Mark of Cain (Chorus) Sword and shield, the right hand of power's Protecting us, directing us He'll reveal the glory that's only His own With a fire in the sky When the mountains fall and the heavens roar Then the reign of man will end forevermore And the fools who believed in their empty ways Will be witness to a world that's set ablaze

That Bullshit

Casual "Fear Itself"
The coming of the new Overlordian I I be the boy within the man so why try I never needed comp I never wanted comp I feels I exceeded the skills needed I'm rough with the stuff enough puff they got But they not the shot I got the proof Aloof type fella helluva guy I love myself and my high Roll with finks and if it's essential Yo even if it don't mean shit I will convince you Since you never been in my brain You probably never noticed the array of the pain But I gain, no pain no gain no brain no sane thoughts, will be maintained, so I keep my head on Can't be fuckin with that buddha too of-ten I'm new to that, but I'm true to that Due to mack policies, I need to know if I know This is Me-O-Mi-O-Why Chorus: Me-O-Mi-O (repeat 8x) Me-O-Mi-O I'm tryin to let the fly know, what I know I never been a shy bro, strictly getting, ends Hitting, skins, along with men, who set, trends I base my reasoning Upon Casual, having nuff seasoning And plus I please a Queen, when I choose too Never can decide which one, to give juice to, hah I'm always with a dip on a trip And if baby wanna flip, she can, skip Similar to rattles, so I apply the proper poetry used to gets flames thrown promptly, with my prowess I live a life of malice, but still I feel that I will never forget, who my pal is So now you need to learn or know like I know The info, is in Me-O-Mi-O-Why Chorus The autobiography of me Misconstrued thoughts of my pops made me be This one rude individual when my mood is in the critical stages it's pitiful the way I get the pull Flame from the mysteries, so I twist the G's that's around me Releasing frustration by clowning But now think of those who ain't exposed behind closed doors That I post more than I really do But really who's to blame? No scapegoat, I just shape dope Wishin to make over a career But will I say, when my parents say, rap won't stay Don't they know, yet they won't show, as I flow Keepin the rhymes constant, John spent, time in rhymin So I'm sure that I'm gonna get mine then The end, come dine with my family and friends And a calamity, couldn't cram the G when I be-gin Chorus

Super Geeks

Butchie Boys
Isolated, we are castaways Alone in room 220, all summer days Were reprimanded by a guy named Scott Got the grace that replaced a strike we shoulda got Butchie Whuchie was the song we sang Da Summer staff, da SEALs, Butch and da gang Uptown victory with Pop- and da boys Boca downtown just hearing the noise Da SEALs were out, da board was gone Da hooptie was crashed or so says the song Now summers over in one fact we trust Morris and Sam-Mac; Geeks or bust (chorus) *What will people think when they hear that Sam and Craig are geeks What will people do since they know that it's true I don't really care if we are labeled super geeks Cause there ain't no disguising the smell* (No we ain't into using Glade) (cause there just ain't no hiding the smell) (chorus second time through) *What will people think when they find out that Sam's a geek What will people do since they know Craig is too? We don't really care if we are labeled super geeks Cause there ain't no disguising the smell* Our lust for cleanness must be vain The other staff think we must be insane The Navy SEALS know of our strengths And to find them they sniffed for some near fatal lengths I saw Craig with a tattoo on his six pack stomach He was hanging around in his Moses tunic It took Sam a while to see who it was Time spent watching it did it just cause Butchie Wutchie is who it showed in a typical tattoo green He stood on a stool in the middle of the pantry And was hooked on Helene Our lust for cleanness must be vain The other staff think we must be insain The Navy SEALS know of our strengths And to find them they sniffed for some near fatal lengths Sam boy mac had a lot on his mind The tapes that he copied were a waste of time He did his laundry when people observed His obsession with regression hadda be curbed Nobody questioned that he was da man His Navy Seal pranks were the talk of the land Green Barettes was his group so to speak And that totally proved he was a super geek (Chorus)

Fuck Tha World

Celly Cel
[Featuring B Legit E 40 Kerry Mack 10 Rappin 4 Tay] Celly Cel At least 360 degrees And slidin' to the function Yelling 'Bump Something' Mane'gtoi Need about three with me in this spot Mixing up my driz a While they stizz up on that row but See I'm a ridah When I flash it Ain't nowhere to hide ya I'm right besides ya 'Bout to let these thangs all up inside ya It ain't no system tryin' to knock a playa But the way he lounge Even the haters in your town sing It's Going Down Rappin 4 Tay Up in the spot Fool got popped Killed a cop Jumped in a drop That was the life He lived But now it's holded Imagine your Don posted on America's Most Wanted They flowned it And locked him up for conniving Whether the strong surviving Or getting pimped by the system I still be 4 1 5 ing it down to the V With that fool Celly C E L L Shakin' it, breakin' it, movin' it With this clientele With this underground It's Going Down Celly Cel Kerry Chorus 2x: Ride with your folks (it's going down) Sideways in a cloud of smoke (it's going down) Bump until your amps blow (It's going down) 'Cuz you know it's going down for sure Tonight it goes down E-40: Uh, I'd like to, uh, dig you When I dug Biatches ask 'How deep is your love?' Grew up on deck Who put dem hickeys on your neck? Ugh, how many babies did you make Off that Keith Sweat? Don't even trip It's all labexibiali 50 Hit the clubs and that bag gem them Biatches ready Up on release 'Fore they use a cow piece You hardly war Makin', drinkin', shootin' me out It's Going Down B-Legit: I ride the Benzo Bill Clinton, Presidential Out the window Never been, though Type that get the party clown truckin' So they can hear me I keep 'em leery With twamps on the S Series And Cruise Control Gonna take 'em where them Hoochies roll If for some ho Them hoochies down in Celly, so So, when you see me double-parked Flashing hazard lights You get it right 'Cuz, man, It's Going Down Tonight Chorus: Mack 10: West Side! You know who he be who bangin' It's that killer Mack 10 Inglewood swingin' They connect gangin' And ya know that's how it go Although it ain't gonna be easy But believe me, Dogg It's gonna be off the heezy For cheesy And if it ain't her I laugh it off like a joke And I grab my AK 'Cuz I spray up anybody For my folks in the Bay On real, homeboy I'm a killer I leave their shirts soakin' No jokin' So if it's Going Down Tonight I be on the first thing smokin' So holler at me Celly Cel: It's Going Down so majorly My pager battery Stay on low cells While I'm trying to get some more mail Dodgin' hot ones Makin' liquor store runs Creepin' through the city streets Pervin' in the Mo 1 Can't get wrapped up in that He said she said What was said already did Runnin' your mouth will get you filled with lead So I stay real Soakin' that game outta the hills Ridin' with that Mazda sound Now you know It's Going Down Chorus to fade:

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