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Evil Dead lyrics

Living Good

Original and similar lyrics
White ivory towers, bestowed Holy powers, the right to take money for He - Has given permission, to take the commission, Receiving salvation through greed, This man in his new suit, His wife loyal recruit, A percent of my income they'll take, Hypocritical faggot, the crucifix you drag it, Your Holy intentions are fake! Adultress bi-sexual, not one time but several, The Bible damns to hell for this sin, If you're truly chosen, then hell must be frozen, And the Heaven's caving down from within. A scandalous frenzy, the culprits are many, Multi-millions involved in this case, A preacher vendictive, wife cocaine addicted, Blood tears running down from Her face! They've taken the palace, the diamond stud chalice, The Rolls Royce, the Palm Springs estate, We're living so well, with Religion to sell, And getting rich, Oh, God is so great Adultress bi-sexual, not one time but several, The Bible damns to hell for this sin, If you're truly chosen, then hell must be frozen, And the Heaven's caving down from within. bass: Sanchez Harmony: Garcia, Gonzales, Sanchez Send more dollars in contributions, Make donations in big amounts, In God we trust incorporated, Just add the limo' to the account, Wicked deeds that you can't hide, Justice's done your program's gone. ROB THE BLIND PRAISE THE LORD RAPE THE YOUNG MOTEL FUN ALL FOR MONEY THE ROOT OF EVIL GETTING RICH AIN'T LIFE A BITCH? LIVING GOOD ... In the name of God LIVING GOOD ... Caught in the trap. solo: Gonzales

All This Stuff Takes Time

ARLO GUTHRIE "Mystic Journey"
words and music by Arlo Guthrie It ain't so much the boredom But the fire in her soul That made her life unbearable While living in that hole Of her dark surburban nightmare 'Till she went to see the Dead And the self esteem she valued Was immediately spent And she had no one to turn to So she just turned off her mind She's a well adjusted wanderer But all this stuff takes time On the streets of old Wyoming There's a couple from L.A. They are post-environmentalists Looking for to stay 'Till their friends all come to join them In the quest for air to breathe And when it gets too crowded They will just pick up and leave Like they did in New York City When the coast seemed quite sublime It don't take much but money And money just takes time Marie is on the lounge chair Draped around the pool Avoiding almost anyone who'd Desecrate he cool It's the reason she's attractive She's already self abused And her pride won't feel the loneliness That comes with being used She's the center of the universe For which she was designed Until she wakes up wandering Why all this stuff takes time Bill died of a heart attack Beating up his wife Now he's come back as a lesbian That's looking for his wife Who is now a psychoanalyst That likes to work with plants Except of course on weekends When she likes to wear the pants She's a leather goddess minister Who works with the confined It don't take much to realize That all this stuff takes time

Prelude To Hell

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Verse 1:] Somethin' at this party don't feel right The vibe reminds me of an overnight drive But I won't complain because it's not my place And everybody got their own way to celebrate It's all the same, it's all the difference It's all about the aim mixed with the distance It's all the pain and sickness And everybody in this bitch is over privileged Its like I'm in a bad movie called "Worst Party Ever" A cameo from Snoop Dogg couldn't make it better I'm lookin' for the line for the bathroom But I'm too distracted by your awful tattoos Its not meant to offend If I neglect to pretend To be impressed with the way you're dressed And shut your mouth your breath smells like death I'm convinced this whole house is possessed A bunch of demons, all of ya'll are demons I think the dog tried to warn me and I didn't believe him But I can feel them all scheming on my feelings Now I'm about to climb out this window towards freedom Get off your chair and put your drink in the sky Anybody could be gone in the blink of an eye Spent my whole life reppin' my whole city So when I die, I'ma take ya'll with me [Hook:] Hell yeah I had a good time But I ain't tryin' to go no more Hell yeah I had a good time But I ain't tryin' to go no more

Stand Up And Fight

Unseen "So This Is Freedom?"
the 90's are almost over and hatred still runs deep ignorant fucks in police suits still rule the fucking streets the poor getting poorer while the rich stay fucking rich equality is no where in sight if you wanna win you gotta fight stand up and fight what the hell are we supposed to do? violence and despair are threating to destory the youth everyday on the news more murder more rape we're living in a dying world from which there's no escape what the hell are we supposed to do? what the fuck are we gonna do? living in a violent world with no hope for the you

Not Enough Words

Statik Selektah Playing through the broken ankles, man Never sit down, cause I'mma stand up Book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with all the shit That I'm living every day, in the mirror saying why me? Hide my eyes cause I'm sickened with the image Of using marijuana, sipping vintage for the time being My skills set is very serious, in fact Spit a wild rap, carve a steak right off the cow's back Throw it on the grill, I'm cooking in the stew Same shit that's on the grill gave me leather for the boot If they make me take the stand then I'm lying through my teeth though Ask to swear to God but in that I don't believe though My man Stevie Mo playing safety for Toledo Hustle 'til my fingers staying cheesy like a cheeto Shorty on the bed pleasuring my pee pee Smart crew TCN, lyrical graffiti Drug roll precise, like a hooker with the dice Butcher with the knife, you get tooken for your life So much to say it's so little time and shitty Killer Queens the borough, New York be the city Coming crazy out your mouth will get your split up like a philly Running through the maze like I'm Willie, you gotta feel me [Hook:] I’m moving forward cause nothing's gonna be the same Eyes blurry from the smoke, I can't see the lane Swerving heavy, bottle in my lap I'm looking for a problem so I'm modeling the gat Somebody save me, cause I don't wanna go to jail I'd rather be up in the mansion for the polo sale But I'm here, stuck inside my thoughts I'm tryna have a bag of money stuffed inside my shorts My life is like a movie, Blizzard with the shottie Hookah house on Roosie chilling in the lobby Yes I'm living gnarly, the 40 ounce of Barley Open up cigars and fill 'em with a bunch of Marley Double cut porterhouse straight from Luger's Ruger for intruders hand to hand made by the duelers Ginger ale in Knicks glasses, your style is piss mothafucka Time to flip the mattress, kick it swift as Cassius My mind is stronger than Mariusz Pudzianows Obvious to see I'm a star straight off the couch You rapping with a blouse, you get slapped up side the mouth By the Zangief look-a-like, Bronson always cooking right Spray the vinegar to tighten up a yummy Smoking got me squinting like the sky is high and sunny Attachment on the nozzle make the iron fire funny Never stop until my body diving in a pile of money [Hook] I'm already smoking like a gunshot You know the fuzzy light green, call it Dunlop, flow nun's twat Many hours, one man standing, one spot From the morning to the mothafuckin' sun drop Cause I'm one with the Earth, eyes red Mothafucka I've been blunted since birth, age 9 Mom dukes kept the gun in the purse, next to the hair spray Fuck tomorrow, money coming in the fast way [Hook]

Soon Forget

PEARL JAM "Binaural"
sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette thinks he'll get the girl, he'll only get the mechanic what's missing he's living a day he'll soon forget that's one more time around, the sun is going down the moon is out, but he's drunk and shouting, putting people down he's pissing, he's living a day he'll soon forget counts his money every morning the only thing that keeps him horny locked in a giant house, that's alarming the townsfolk, they all laugh sorry is the fool who trades his love for high-rise rent seems the more you make, equals the loneliness you get and it's fitting, he's barely living, a day he'll soon forget that's one more time around, there is not a sound he's lying dead clutching benjamins, never put the money down he's stiffening, we're all whistling a man we'll soon forget

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