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Evil Dead lyrics

Global Warming

Original and similar lyrics
(Music: J. Garcia, A. Gonzales / Lyrics: J. Garcia) Few care about environment in the U.S.A. Propaganda controls, Pollutants in the atmosphere, Malathion in our air Mutant race developing, Hypodermic sewage on shorelines, Oil spills in the sea Marine life disappears, Extermination we contend, Vanishing life we see Reality's nightmare, Environmental litigations, Hazardous contamination Lost cause situation, Power plants pump the waste, Dump sites overwhelm Wildlife deteriorating. Cars polluting / All our air / Smog fills / Our lungs to hell Politicians / Don't really care / End this crisis They never will. Rapid pollution of the sea Sewage falling out of greed Global warming! Nationwide situation Harmful waste! Nuclear cultivation Garbage overflows... ..From land to shining sea We deserve what we create, In the Land of the Free Toxic waste, generations harvest Carbon dioxide in the air That we breathe In the air that we breathe! Lead: DF Global warming! Nationwide situation Harmful waste! Nuclear cultivation Nitrogen oxide, cancerous affliction We deserve what we create In the Land of the Free Ultra violet / Radiation / Groundwater / Contamination Oil refineries / Spew the carbons / Lung damage Ozone depletion! Global warming... ..Making profits all they care Global warming... ..Clean air act is not enough


ANI DIFRANCO "Imperfectly"
Pavlov hits me with more bad news every time I answer the phone so I play and I sing and I just let it ring, all day when I'm at home a defacto choice of macro-microcosmic melancholy but baby any way you slice it, I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone yeah the goons have gone global and the CEO's are shredding files and the democrans and the republicrats are flashing their toothy smiles and Uncle Tom is posing for a photo-op with the oval office klan and Uncle Sam is riggin' cockfights in the promised land and that knife you stuck in my back is still there it pinches a little when I sigh and moan and these days I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone cause all the wrong people have the power of suggestion and the freedom of the press is meaningless if nobody asks the question I mean causation by definition is such a complex compilation of factors that to even try to say why is to oversimplify that's a far cry, isn't it dear, from acting like you're the only one there unrepentantly self-centered and unfair enter all suckers scrambling for the truth exit mr. eye-contact who took his flirt and flew the coup but whatever, no matter, no fishin trips, no fishin cause momma's officially out of commission and did I mention in there somewhere did I mention somewhere in there that I traded Babe Ruth, yes I traded the only player that was bigger than the game and I can't even tell you why, cause you'd think I'm insane. and that's the truth and the music industry mafia is pimping girl power sniping off sharp-shooter singles from their styrofoam towers, and hip-hop is tied up in the back room with a logo stuffed in its mouth cause the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house but then, I'm getting away from myself as I get closer and closer home and the difference between you and me baby is I get fucked up when I'm alone and I must admit today that my inner pessimist seems to have gotten the best of me we start out sugared up on kool aid and manifest destiny and then we memorize all the presidents names like little trained monkeys and we spit into the world so many spinny-eyed TV junkies incapable of unraveling the military-industrial mystery pre-emptively passified with history book history and I've been around the world now and I can see this about America the mind control is deep here, man the myopia is steep here, man and behold those who try to expose the reality really try to realize democracy are shot with rubber bullets and gassed off the streets while the global power brokers are kept clean and discreet behind a wall behind a moat and that is all that's all that's all she wrote and my heart beats an s-s-s o-o-o s-s-s cause folks just really couldn't care-care-care less-less-less as long as every day is superbowl sunday and larger than life women in lingerie are pouting at us from every bus stop she loves me, she loves me not she loves me, she loves me not she loves me, she loves me not and 'big government should not stand between a man and his money' i mean, 'what's good for business is good for the country' our children still take that lie like communion, the same old line the Confederacy used on the Union conjugate liberty into libertarian and medicated associated with deregulation privitization we won't even know we're slaves on a corporate plantation somebody say hallelujah, somebody say damnation, cause the profit system follows the path of least resistance and the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked makes it serpentine capitalism is the devil's wet dream so just give me my Judy garland drugs and let me get back to work cause the empire state building is the tallest building in New York and I have always got the feeling you just like to hear it fall off your tongue but I remember my name in your mouth and I don't think I was done hearing it close to my ear on a whisper's way to a moan Pavlov hits me with more bad news every time I answer the phone so I play and I sing and just let it ring, all day when I'm at home a defacto choice of macro-microcosmic melancholy but baby any way you slice it, I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone

Green Heaven

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Red Hot Chili Peppers"
About this planet, there is something I know There's a very big difference between above and below A friend foe, or bro, leave your body on the floor Let your spirit fly away like the soul of a crow Here, above land, man has laid his plan And yes, it does include the Ku Klux Klan We got a government so twisted and bent Bombs, tanks and guns is how our money is spent We got V.D., heroin, greed and prostitution Tension, aggravation, L. Ron Hubbard solution Not to mention hard-core chemical pollution If you think you're just away, you're in a mental institution And that's a heart felt shame 'Cos everyone's crazy, everyone's the same So, why should only Larry, Curly and Moe be to blame Time now to take you to a different place Where peace lovin' whales flow through liquid outer space A groovin' and a gliddin' as graceful as lace A never losing touch with the ocean's embrace Diviner than the dolphin, that there is none 'Cause dolphins just-a like to have a lot of fun No one tells 'em how their life is run And no one points at them with a gun They have a lot of love for every living creature The smile of a dolphin is a built in feature They be movin' in schools but everyone's the teacher Someday mister dolphin, I know I'm go'n to meet you Back to the land of the police man Where he does whatever he says he can Including hating you because you're a Jew Or beating black ass, that's nothing new Trigger happy cops, they just like to brawl They use guns, clubs, gas, but that's not all They got puke, ridden prisons and sex sick jails Fuck the poor, if you're rich you pay the bail So support your police, support your local wars That's the way to open economic doors Why do we do it 'Cause the president's a whore We assume the position to sell the ammunition What the fuck It's the american tradition Along with going fishin' apple pies in the kitchen Isn't it bitchin' seeing dead men in ditches

Reservoir Dogs

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money) [Sheek] Fuck -- shit is real right here Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherfuckers Don't get it twisted Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Yo shut the fuck up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your ass with no mask, look at the camera like what Yeah I did it like them sick white boys the court committed To the death of me, I'm spaz like I'm on Ecstasy Drop 100 bars for real like I'm lookin for a deal If I ain't hungry, who the fuck is, I'm worse than them African kids I ain't straight til my numbers match the Motorola bid And walk the streets up in like I don't fuckin care If I ain't strapped that means I took em off my Nike Airs Get off mine, y'all talk shit like little children when I ride mine like bitched when I walk up in the building Cause I catch tans in the winter, with wild whores Jet-skiin, while you keep warm at corner stores I make it hot, floodin your block, the best way Professionally, they'll find poison in your X-Ray As I get roasted lookin at Biggie posted on my wall Takin shots of Louie til I fall Nuttin to lose, just load the clip up in the groove and kick rhymes to the poster, til I swear Big move My team, you would think was on Thorazine How we floss and don't give a fuck what it's cost-ing [Beanie Sigel] Yo, yo, pressure bust pipes, it's time to apply it now Pick out a quiet town and tie it down Make niggaz lock it down, y'all know where to buy it now Beanie Mac I supply it now My squad roll deep, in foreign cars with two seats Couple of 5's, a 6, a few Jeeps Bag enough coke to last a few weeks In case niggaz wanna test, vest and a few heats You really wanna test my name And test my game Until you have me, test my aim Y'all niggaz nuts, like testricles Hit you up in your apartment buildin vestibule Perhaps it's best for you, to keep on walkin Heat from the noggin, keep on sparkin Platinum prezzie, Bezzie, stay sparklin Cop off the lot never see me at the auction Pint of Bacardi darken, when it's hawkin Out on the strip, until I reach the margin Not tryin to meet the Seargeant, at the precinct Eatin cheese sandwiches, down for the weekend Locked up with dirty white boys and Ricans [Jadakiss] Now if I kill you I probably do ten in the box Come down on appeal then I'm killin your pops You feelin The LOX, nigga why you grillin The LOX If this rap shit don't work niggaz still in the spot You bring it to me, I gotta lose your family Gangstas don't die, they get chubby, and move to Miami Shit is deep now dog but it gets deeper Fuck it, the weather's nice and the price is much cheaper I put it on tape, you gon' buy it, I put it in a bag you gon' try it, y'all niggaz can't deny it Lot of cats still tryin to study my last bounce Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce They got me where I can't be without my large gat Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat Don't matter if I'm openin up, or headline Doin the speed limit or pushin red lines Six months in the county or fed time I'ma be the 'Kiss nigga, until it's bedtime Anything I'm on is a classic, any nigga ever had beef with, son is a bastard Anytime I spit, spit acid, L.O.X. Ruffryder you heard We got the game mastered I told you the pain was comin You wouldn't listen You tried to play me like a joke Now who got the last laugh Now take these bullets with you to hell [Sauce Money] You motherfuckers is sick, don't think Sauce the shit So many niggaz on my nuts I thought I lost my dick Picture me fallin off, I'm camera shy Hammers fly, might miss you, but your man'll die What's the difference Either way I'm stunnin your crew I fuck to win, y'all niggaz comin to lose Somethin to prove Spit it, we can have a sprayoff I lay off wet niggaz and kill em on my day off Ain't nuttin for me to bust a trey off Murder the whole month of April nigga, just to take May off Run with more Germans than Adolf, you light crews Now I concentrate on your camp, like Jews Flow hot like a heatwave bitch Whips fatter than them shits they beat slaves with I'm a meal stackin nigga who pull quick, still packin for you Phil Jackson niggaz on that Bull [Styles] I don't give a FUCK who you are, so FUCK who you are I don't care about a pretty bitch, watch or a car I don't care about your block and whoever you shot I don't care about your album and whenever it drop I don't care about your past if I did I woulda asked I'm too busy lightin 'dro with a whole lotta hash Far as this rap shit, I'm ten steps ahead of niggaz Shootin backwards, just for practice Ride or die nigga, hoppin in your casket Bout to go to hell with you, blow the L with you Tell the whole world I'm spittin let em know the shells hit you I tell niggaz quick, suck dick and get a glock My name ring bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock I'm half past seven, bust six then eleven You know me, slide my man my joint say reload me I ruffryde and pop a fella for Roc-a-Fella Jay (what the fuck) spendin mozzarella [Jay-Z] I know pop you can't stand us cause you cock them hammers Run in your crib, no prisoners, pop your grandma Locked in the slammer Nope, popped up in Atlanta Crossed up in a drop I popped up the antenna Whoa.. watch your manners when my veins pop like scanners Like raindrops you hear the thunder when I cock the cannon Big thang, big chains, ain't shit changed Get brained in the four dot six Range Shit main, switch lanes every town I hit, switch planes, bitch flipped big caine Flow with no cut, you take it in vain/vein to the brain Muh'fukas is noddin and throwin up, you know that You don't wanna owe that man He'll hit you, get the picture Kodak man Gotta, love for war, I don't floss no more I just sit on my money til I'm above the law How the fuck you gonna stop us with your measly asses We don't stop at the tolls we got EZ passes, nigga Multiple cars and divas with D-classes Iceberg sweat with I.B. on the elastic Shit, beyotch! What the fuck, ya heard me Put some more beat on that joint

Stancliff's Lament

Too old to work for wages No time left to kill Put your eggs in one basket Mind that basket don't spill You've got to be successful Just to be all right Lest the old man's ghost comes walking In the middle of the night Spend some years in the business Learn how the big boys play Marry your high school sweetheart Man don't let her get away And if it don't work out You can walk away without a stitch Wreckage in the rearview mirror Bouncing down a roadside ditch [Chorus:] It's behind you now It's behind you now The worst was over long ago Pat yourself on the back Stand up and take a bow There's voices all around you They're yelling Go Team You're sitting at the top of the bleachers Staring at a laptop screen You can't waste a minute You can't waste a one The minutes are bought and paid for At least till the job gets done [Chorus] They're holding all of your phone calls But it's no relief You're staring out the smoked glass window At the cars down on the cloverleaf And a picture of a kid with a ball glove smiling at The lense And a woman on a sailboat And all those years you just had to hope they'd bend Well you pushed so hard you bent so far That they won't either one get straight again [Chorus]

Your Glass House

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
Woke up to that familiar feeling Staring at an unfamiliar ceiling Still got your jeans on but you're topless Headache and the stomach feels nauseous Grab your shirt off the bedroom floor And trying to recollect the night before How'd you get from the bar to this mattress? And when you got here then what happened? And where's the who that lives here? In this house you wanna figure out how'd you get here But the thought got cut by nature Find the bathroom the gut got anger Here it comes can't avoid it Ain't the first time throwin' up in a strange toilet Anyone else would leave but you? You crawl back to the bed and fell back asleep All we need is because So come and party with us Take care of you when you're passed out Right there with you in your glasshouse Woke up all alone with no friends But you had to throw up again Choke up the tears and the spit Grab some tissue to wipe off your lips And everything still spins And then the chills begin And the god please kill me right now hits And you still don't know whos house this is In between leftover dry heaves You try to check out your timepiece And you should call your job But first gotta turn this hangover off You dream that it's just a dream Until the phone in your pocket starts to scream Shut it down don't wanna hear a sound Heavy is the head that wears that crown now All we need is because So come and party with us Take care of you when you're passed out Right there with you in your glasshouse Hangover ain't a strong enough word It don't describe what just occured Lookin' at a phone full of missed calls Probably all the people that you pissed off Everything seems so sour So you force yourself into the shower Standin' up brings out the stars And the whole bathroom smells just like a dive bar Can't do it better sit And let the tub be the catcher's mitt Lay down face down Thank god whoever lives here ain't around Now what you need is silence And you don't want no one to see you like this Maybe you don't recognize it But this is your home this is where your life lives All we need is because So come and party with us Take care of you when you're passed out Right here with you in your glasshouse

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